Low Oil Prices = Less Oil Drilling

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A few years back, when most oil industry analysts thought that oil prices would remain in the $100-per-barrel range for the foreseeable future, domestic oil companies found that they could earn a healthy profit by fracking “ tight oil ” out of shale rock formations.

Shell suspends Arctic oil drilling for the year

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) February 27, 2013 Royal Dutch Shell announced that it was setting "pause" on its exploratory drilling activities in the Arctic for 2013. Shell's operations are currently under review by the federal government after the oil company suffered numerous setbacks during last year's opening attempt to drill exploratory wells in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, including running its drilling rig aground on Sitkalidak Island in southern Alaska in late December.

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What is a California beach town willing to pay to avoid oil drilling?

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I can't resist: On Tuesday, the residents of Hermosa Beach are going to vote yet again on an oil and gas drilling initiative — whether to allow a contract with the energy company E&B Natural Resources Management to proceed despite a current drilling ban. A vote to block the drilling would come at an unusual cost: $17.5 But if it gets us out of this constant, constant oil issue we’ve had hanging over us for 30 years, I think it’s money well spent.” 

Opposition to Oil Drilling Begins to Boil in South Florida

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Last month, more than 100 people protested at the Naples Pier, erecting a symbolic oil well in front of Governor Rick Scott's beachfront home. Hughes Company leased over 100,000 acres at the Naples site and submitted a drilling proposal.

Beware of Deep Sea Oil Drilling


This is a story told by US photographer John Wathen who bore witness to the Gulf of Mexico deep sea oil disaster. Its helpful for any of us who are threatened by deep sea oil drilling-everywhere.

Obama Plan Extends Highly Risky Offshore Oil Drilling


The Obama administration announced plans on Thursday to dramatically expand offshore oil drilling, including in the Arctic and the heart of critical habitat for polar bears.

Bo Derek Leads Campaign Against Oil Drilling in Amazon’s Yasuni National Park


The actress/activist is now the ambassador in the campaign against oil drilling in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, part of the Amazon rainforest. Last month, we told you about Bo Derek joining in the fight against the shark fin trade, calling it a “global environmental crisis.” ” Now, she is leading another environmental cause.

Obama defends wildlife refuge from dirty oil drilling

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Two days later, however, the administration released its new five-year offshore drilling plan, which opened up more of the Atlantic coast and the Arctic Ocean to dirty fossil fuel development - and potential disaster. Mining, drilling, road development, and the construction of permanent structures - all of these things will be prohibited, effectively preserving the area and its ecosystem. Oil travels a long way. The only way to win is not to drill

Ecuador's Yasuni National Park Challenge -Succeeds in Creating a Crowdsourcing Model to Prevent Oil Drilling


Ecuador challenged the world to provide sufficient resource to the country such that it would not need to develop the oil reserves beneath Yasuni National Park, and it could leave its forests untouched. billion revenue being lost by not mining the oil. Extracting the oil would yield $

Newly Discovered 600-Mile Coral Reef Under Oil Threat.

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The confirmation astonished oil companies, scientists, and environmentalists as corals normally thrive in clear, sunlit, salt water. Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Alex Myles BP climate change coral reef environment green oil oil drilling total

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Salazar approved arctic oil drilling plan as he prepared keynote at Copenhagen

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plan to drill for oil off Alaska's northwest coast as early as next summer. In a move revealing of the US agenda at Copenhagen, the Department of the Interior has endorsed drilling for fossil fuels in the climate-effected ecosystems of the Arctic, where global warming already impacts Alaska Natives and entire villages are in danger of losing their lands and way of life.

Total Oil Says Oil Drilling in Arctic is Too Risky -Shell Decides Money More Important


Energy companies should not drill for crude oil in Arctic waters because the environmental risks are too high, Total SA Chief Executive Officer Christophe de Margerie told the Financial Times on Wednesday. Oil on Greenland would be a disaster.

Price of Oil Leads to More Off Shore Drilling

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Following the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf, the Obama Administration put a temporary halt to approving any new deep water oil drilling operations until a system was in place that would prevent a similar incident from ever happening. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar has opened up the deep waters for oil drilling with a new set of safety regulations. Government / Industry BP oil spill Offshore oil drilling

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What is Fracking?

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This is the practice of disengaging domestic oil and natural gas, known as ‘shale’ oil or gas, due to it being in-between deep seated rock that was long thought of as impossible to recover. Tagged: eco-friendly , fracking , oil drilling , shale oil , What is Fracking?

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Lego ditches deal with Shell over Greenpeace oil spill video

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Lego announced a break in its 50-year partnership with Royal Dutch Shell, a split sparked by an anti-Arctic drilling video produced by environmental activists Greenpeace. As effective as the Lego campaign has been, it won’t stop Arctic drilling.

TIMELINE: Shell's Year of Arctic Screwups | Mother Jones

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1, 2013 3:06 AM PST Tweet James.Stringer/Flickr; ReneS/Flickr Last August, Shell got a long-awaited go-ahead from US regulators to begin exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic. Arctic 1, Shell Oil 0, for 2012 Season The season unfolded badly and the oil giants $4.5

LWCF Funding: A Hidden Gem in the President’s Budget

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Now, the President has said in his 2014 budget proposal that, rather than going away in two years, the promise of LWCF can be realized by ensuring that off shore oil and gas leasing fees go for their intended purpose at the fully authorized level of $900 million a year.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, October 17

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The home to nearly a quarter of endangered mountain gorillas seems like a great place to drill for oil, right? Welp, the shutdown is over. Any lasting effects in the science world? We’re here to report. The world’s largest fast food enterprise is taking a green step forward in the world of trash. Environment News Service ). The damaging effects to science because of the government shutdown will continue to last. Scientific American ).

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Lucy Lawless Fights Deep Sea Drilling


The actress is urging people to sign a Greenpeace petition to fight deep sea oil drilling off the coast of New Zealand (where Lawless is from). When it comes to fighting for the environment, Lucy Lawless is a real-life warrior princess. The petition, which calls for using clean energy and ending coal industry expansion, already [.]. Causes Environment lucy lawless

The Threat to the Amazon’s birds

10,000 Birds

Oil extraction near Napo River a. The latest news from IUCN Redlist regarding birds is not good.

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Dutch Court Grants Greenpeace Right to Stage Peaceful Protests Against Shell


Royal Dutch Shell has failed in its bid to win a sweeping injunction against two offices of Greenpeace, a setback to the company’s attempt to end protests by the environmental group over Arctic oil drilling.

Greenpeace Boards Nordica in Campaign to Show Perils of Arctic Drilling


In an effort to prevent destructive oil drilling in the Arctic, dozens of Greenpeace Nordic activists have boarded and occupied a Shell-contracted icebreaker in Helsinki harbour as it prepared to leave for the Alaskan Arctic.

Israel to Drill for Oil in Underwater Nature Reserve Illuminates Schizophrenic Government Policies

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An absurd situation where one ministry approves the marine reserve and and another gives a license for oil drilling. Environmentalists like our friends at Zalul (an NGO whose name means clear) are against drilling at this proposed marine reserve.

Your organic fruits and veggies might have been irrigated with fracking wastewater

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But the same rules do not prohibit farmers from irrigating their crops with petroleum-laced wastewater obtained from oil and gas wells — a practice that is increasingly common in drought-stricken Southern California.

Brockham: letters reveal oil firm warned at least twice it didn't have planning permission to drill new side-track well

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A row over unauthorised oil drilling in Brockham, Surrey [1] continues as newly obtained documents confirm the oil and gas company Angus Energy was warned by Surrey County Council as far back as September 2016 that it would need planning permission to drill a new well on site.

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Sightline on Shell’s Presence in Oregon

Sightline Daily

For those following the controversy of Shell’s Arctic drilling program, here’s a look at the role of Northwest ports—first Seattle, now Portland —in hosting the oil drilling fleet vessels: a 45-minute interview on KBOO , a community radio station based in Portland.

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Greenpeace boats violently rammed by Spanish Navy during peaceful protest, one activist hospitalised

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Two Greenpeace activist have been injured following a peaceful demonstration against oil drilling in the waters off the Canary Islands. It''s another reminder of the lengths governments will go to protect the oil industry from peaceful protesters."

Kiwis Arrested by Armed Russian Coast Guard on Peaceful Greenpeace Protest ship


The Russian Coast Guard has boarded the Greenpeace International ship Arctic Sunrise and arrested the 25 activists on board, including two New Zealanders, following a protest against Gazprom’s Arctic oil drilling operations.

There are a number of ways to fulfill your campaign promise of $2-a-gallon gas

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" She doesn't say how she'll make it happen, but she's a big proponent of more domestic oil drilling. drilling deeper and farther out) and new technology. Also, most all of these things would need to occur world-wide since the oil market is global.

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Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise detained in Spain following oil protest

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in Spain has detained the Arctic Sunrise, a ship operated by Greenpeace International, while an investigation is completed into the peaceful anti-oil drilling protest, which took place in the waters off Canary Islands this past weekend.

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Polar Ice Melt Enables Crew to Row to Magnetic North Pole

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This, of course, lends itself to considerations of oil drilling and opens up shipping routes through the North-West passage. Global climate change is melting sea ice in the Arctic ocean–making more of the sea accessible than ever before.

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Greenpeace"Motley Crew" Ship Sets Sail to Protect Fragile Arctic


“The Arctic Ocean is at threat from climate change, oil drilling and destructive fishing. The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise will depart on Friday for a month-long expedition in the icy Arctic as part of the environment group’s new campaign to save the pristine region.

TBT: The second Earth Day post at this blog (10 years ago today)

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" The top five myths are 1) "Economic growth harms the environment," 2) "Emissions are devastating America's air quality," 3) "The evils of oil can easily be replaced with renewable energy," 4) "Humans will die of thirst, in the future we will have no more freshwater [sic]," 5) "America is losing its last pristine forest lands," 6) "40,000 species go extinct every year." " "Oil is the lifeblood of the American economy."

NZ Goes to the Polls Tomorrow


There is also some real opposition to National's support for oil drilling and for fracking. New Zealanders go to the polls tomorrow and it looks like John Key will bring the National Party through despite the fact that their policy on state asset sales has a lot of opposition.

WATCH: Greenpeace Activists Arrested For Climbing Aboard Oil Rig


With 50,000 signatures in hand, they hopped into an inflatable boat off of the organization’s ship, the Esperanza, then climbed the ladder into the oil rig. The petition asks to see the oil rigs emergency response plan.

Eight More Detained in Russia After Arctic Oil Protest


The eight will join 22 others, including a freelance videographer and freelance photographer, detained on Thursday following a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling.

Greenpeace International Ship Nears Murmansk Port as 30 Activists Await Possible Charges


The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is close to arriving in the port of Murmansk after being boarded by Russian authorities last week following a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling.

Shell announces plans to drill for Arctic oil this summer

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Shell has announced that they intend to revive their oil drilling plans in the Arctic waters of off Alaska. It’s estimated that around 24 billion barrels of oil can be extracted from Alaska – potentially being the biggest oil reserve in the world.

NZ Police Leave Greenpeace on Noble Discoverer While 48,000 People Email Shell CEO


In a bid to protect the Alaskan coastline from oil drilling, Actor Lucy Lawless and six Greenpeace New Zealand activists have settled in for an overnight stay onboard Shell’s Arctic-bound drillship the Noble Discoverer in the port of Taranaki, New Zealand.

Tense Standoff as Greenpeace International Activists Take Action Against Gazprom in Russian Arctic


Just days after occupying Gazprom's Prirazlomnaya oil platform in the Pechora Sea, Greenpeace International is again taking peaceful action to stop the company from putting the final touches on its platform to begin Arctic oil drilling.

Cairn Energy - Huge Risks and No Oil


On September 13th 2011, Cairn Energy admitted that two more of the wells it has drilled this year off Greenland’s Arctic coast had come up dry.

"Shell's Arctic Drill Rigs Not Up to the Task "-Greenpeace


This latest setback for Shell could prove fatal to the company's plans to explore for Arctic oil this summer.

Lawless Gets Stuck into Shell As Activists Get Community Work and Shell Continues Its Path of Destruction


Film and TV star Lucy Lawless and seven activists were today convicted and sentenced to 120 hours community service each for attempting to stop an Arctic-bound oil drilling ship last year.