New York Suburbs Still Run on Oil: How One Family Broke Its Oil Dependence Without Breaking the Bank

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The post New York Suburbs Still Run on Oil: How One Family Broke Its Oil Dependence Without Breaking the Bank appeared first on Green Living Guy. New York City is a modern cornucopia of lights, emblazoning a landscape rife with excitement and opportunity.

Saudi Oil Wells May Run Dry By 2030

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According to a 150-page report by Citigroup, Saudi Arabian oil could dry up as early as 2030 which is a lot sooner than previously thought. The high consumption of oil in the Gulf nations for air-conditioning and desalination means that oil wells are likely to run dry a lot sooner than expected. That’s the news coming from a report by Citigroup which states that Saudi Arabia could be an oil importer by 2030. Saudi Peak Oil Could Affect World in 2012.

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The Middle East and the Unending Quest for Stability (Op-Ed)

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We don’t have a crystal ball, but oil supply is always a concern when conflict arises in oil-rich countires(sic), which may well trigger high gas prices and increased environmental dangers,” he adds. ” For years, the West supported its chosen strongmen dictators to keep its oil supply flowing and everyone understood that. Energy Arab Spring conflict Economic growth oil dependence oil industry oil prices

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Saudi Arabia Goes “Green” To Celebrate National Day

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Saudi Arabia, rich in oil has upped its environmental policies in efforts to prevent depletion of the liquid gold. Lifestyle & Culture faith green holidays Islam and environment mosque oil dependence politics Saudi Arabia solar powerSaudis raise flags and wear green to celebrate 81 years of their eco-kingdom.

Guide To Durban Climate Talks and The Oil-Rich Middle East

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Gulf States have been drilling oil for decades now. Can we really get them to co-operate at the upcoming climate summit in Durban and re-think oil? According to Gustav Boethius, a researcher at the Middle East Institute who is interested in energy security and climate change in the Gulf nations, unless oil-rich countries are presented with an alternative route to continue their economic development they will struggle to support a climate deal.

Ending The Oil Age

Green (Living) Review

Big Oil’s days are numbered – but the industry could still take us all down with it. From divestment to disruption, Jess Worth explores how the transition to an oil-free future is being hastened. Because the Rockefeller fortune owes its very existence to oil. The Rockefeller story is also the story of the rise and fall of the first ‘oil major’. climate change green living oil

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The Green Economy Reports: Nicaragua: From Blackouts to Powerhouse

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International organizations such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and many NGOs support the government’s work, hoping to reduce poverty and foreign oil dependency. Attractive investment opportunities, continued growth in the renewables market and prospects of decreased oil dependency make Nicaragua’s future bright.

Will plug-in cars emit less carbon?

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As with every new technology touted as part of the solution to oil dependence these days, the answer seems to be, “It depends.” ” The Electric Power Research Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council studied the expected emission reductions from using plug-in hybrids between 2010, when they’re expected to hit the market, and 2050.

The death of the modern car park

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Moves like this to lower car use also have the advantage of lowering oil dependency, contributing to falling prices on the commodities market , which have dropped by as much as 77.48% in the last five years according to trading platform IG. We thought we’d never get to say it, but car parking may be becoming dead. It’s already happening in China. It’s become kind of a cliché that there’s never enough parking spaces no matter where you go.

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Eco-Resolution for July: Driving Down Fuel Consumption

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Eco-Resolution for July: Driving Down Fuel Consumption July 6, 2010 Of course, I didn’t realize that when I designated the eco-resolution for July as the month to practice driving more efficiently to conserve fuel and reduce carbon output , would there be the worst oil spill and environmental disaster taking place ever.

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Talking Carbon Taxes, Free-Enterprise Style

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Recognize the full costs of our oil dependence: A carbon tax means accountability for the true costs of energy , attaching the national security, health, and environmental costs to carbon-based fuels like oil. Every spike in the price of oil has put our economy in a recession. We want to have more diverse energy resources so our economy won’t be so vulnerable to the oil market… It’s a no-brainer.”— Recognize the Full Cost of Oil Dependence.

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Is a Green Economy Possible?

Living In a Toxic World

I recently watched the documentary A Crude Awakening and it does an excellent job of summarizing the relationship between peak oil and economic and social collapse. Many of us are aware of the oil dependency we have but the pervasiveness of oil in our economic system is not something we consider often. In thinking about developing a green economy the oil dependency must be considered. Fundamentally, oil cannot be a part of a green economy.

What Tesla can learn from Israel’s Better Place post-mortem

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He had enough chutzpah to convince investors to bet nearly $1 billion on his grandiose plan to free Israel from the shackles of oil dependency. Just as Thomas Edison tried nearly everything under the sun before he settled on a carbon filament for his incandescent bulb , Agassi’s team studied everything from railed slot-cars to air powered cars as they searched for a path out of Israel’s oil dependency.

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Energy Experts Tell Arab World ‘Solar is the Future’

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Countries such as Egypt and Lebanon as well more oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are already building up their solar power resources. Even so, overall progress is patchy and with some nations such as Jordan embracing nuclear and Israel still considering oil shale it seems the message hasn’t quite reached all ears. Energy oil independence renewable energy social change Solar Energy solar power

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Inflatable Solar Canopy to Power the Arabian Peninsula?

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He does point out, however, that within the next forty years, crude oil production will shrink to one-third of current levels, which could potentially cripple oil-dependent economies in the Middle East, not to mention global oil supplies. MIT student Otto Ng proposes to solar-power the Arabian peninsula with more than 10,000 square kilometers of Powerscape – a tensile solar-collecting canopy comprised of inflatable mirrors.

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Reflections in Oil

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Reflections in Oil June 29, 2010 Returning from a really nice family visit to Florida, a few reflections to share… At a neighborhood lake in Orlando, my son Jack with Audubon bird directory in hand to id the local flock, saw a soda can floating in the lake. And then that brought us to the oil disaster. But what about my personal dependence on oil?

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9 Cleaning Guides to Keep Your Home Green

Environmental News Network

Oils work like magic. Use essential oils depending on your needs. Olive oil can also be used by combining it with vinegar in 2:1 ratio. Use a cloth to wipe wooden furniture rubbing off scratches, or use warm olive oil to prevent other wooden materials such as rattan from cracking. Add 1/2 cup of beeswax and 1-½ cups of olive oil to keep your wooden furniture from drying out. If you don’t want to worry about mixing, use coconut oil as an alternative.

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Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute Files U.S. Patent for Advanced Battery tech

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The Masdar Institute is sited within the first eco city in the world – based on a futuristic rethinking of our carbon dependent civilization. Chalk another one up for Abu Dhabi’s eco initiative, that stands out in the oil-dependent Middle East that has demonstrated its ability to think ahead to the coming post-oil age. Masdar Institute makes first foray into advanced lithium battery technology.

Active Transportation for America

The Green Changemakers

By making active transportation a viable option for everyday travel, we will cost-effectively reduce oil dependence, climate pollution and obesity rates while providing more and better choices for getting around town.

Could America’s 250 Percent Tariff on Chinese PVs Help the Mideast?

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Will oil-dependent U.S. Detroit automakers were blindsided twice by high oil prices. Certainly those in the oil industry should cheer for anything which raises the cost of solar in the US and removes solar’s threat as a competing energy source there. Isn’t oil dumping more of a threat to the solar industry? President Obama recently begged Saudia Arabia to dump shiploads of oil into the US market.

Positive Energy Conference Reports

The Green Changemakers

2008 40

Why China Could Prove to be the Better Place for EVs

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That is because Chinese officials really get climate change and peak oil. “We We get a huge push by the government for national security reasons, both due to oil dependency and emissions problems in the cities,” Dan Cohen, vice president of strategic initiatives at Better Place, told The Jerusalem Post. Yet it does all this while using only 10% of the oil. Could China’s totalitarian government advance disruptive technology better?

2011 77

Six reasons why the Keystone XL pipeline project should be rejected

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The Keystone XL pipeline would not reduce foreign oil dependency. Contrary to popular opinion, Keystone XL would have increased domestic oil prices. And the environmental concerns about oil leaks are justified. Nebraska objects to the Keystone XL pipeline as they are concerned over potential oil spill accidents in the Ogallala Aquifer area, which supplies water to a large portion of US farm land.

Peak Oil & our governments are so quiet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In October 2010 the Peak Oil 2010 conference was held in Washington,DC,and it came, though mostly made up of oil companies, to the same conclusion as did the British Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security and that is that we are running out of the black stuff and that rather faster than thought. For that very reason we must go into transition now and move over to a non-oil dependent society and community.

Finding Common Ground on Climate Change

Sightline Daily

The most popular benefit for this groups is “freeing us from dependence on foreign oil”—66 percent. Freedom from dependence on foreign oil again came out on top, this time by a much wider margin—48 percent—compared to only 14 percent for “saving resources for our children and grandchildren,” and 11 percent for providing a better life for their kids and grandchildren.

U.S. Finalizes New Fuel Standards

Eco Friendly Daily

Dependence upon foreign oil has been a long standing controversial issue in the United States. In addition to not wanting to be dependent upon oil from across the world, oil dependence in general is considered a disadvantage in a future likely to have limited supply. President Obama stated: “These fuel standards represent the single most important step we’ve ever taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”.

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Iran Quit Dirty Energy Subsidies And Survived

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There was life before oil. The “mission&# found that there is life after oil. In so doing, rather than bring Iran to its knees, as large oil corporations would have us believe would be the case, ending subsidies strengthens the overall economy and raises the quality of life for a greater number of its citizens. With Peak Oil Looming, Gulf States Consider Ending Fuel Subsidies. And life will go on when it’s all used up.

Iran 69

U.S. EPA Approves Use Of E15 Fuel; Major Groups Concerned

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Biofuels are expected to play a major role in freeing countries from the crutch that is foreign oil dependence. Greater dependence on the fuel will put further pressures on all areas involved, including the land which it is grown. The most popular biofuel to date is ethanol, which is manufactured from corn. Currently, in the United States it is approved to be included as up to 10 percent of fuel for vehicles.

Obama Administration Raises MPG Standard

Eco Friendly Daily

Dependence upon foreign oil has been a long standing controversial issue in the United States. In addition to not wanting to be dependent upon oil from across the world, oil dependence in general is considered a disadvantage in a future likely to have limited supply. The new standards are expected to reduce dependence on foreign oil and reduce oil use in general significantly.

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India, Oil, And Electric Vehicles

Sierra Club Compass

I''ve written on the threat coal imports pose to energy security and CAD in the pas t, but the biggest threat from fossil fuel imports is clearly oil. I recently caught up with Anand Gopal of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to discuss how India tackles this oil import crisis. Justin Guay: Can India do without oil? Anand Gopal: India has great opportunities to substantially reduce, or at least, stabilize oil consumption.

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Argan Oil: Expert Estimates About 20,000 Trees in Israel

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Nah, that goat thing isn’t done anymore… Our recent post about Israeli argan oil caused a few ripples over the Internet. Solowey if the more abundant yields will bring down the price of this fabulous oil. Another factor is the image, the romance of Morocco’s Berber-made argan oil, which we don’t compete with. But we aim to produce a cold-pressed, pure, organic oil with an affordable price, hopefully within the next 5 years. 1/2 cup Argan Oil.

2011 83

Keep Cup – A new alternative to the paper cup

Green (Living) Review

From an environmental standpoint, while still oil dependent, the cup has a low energy embodiment, is reusable, unbreakable and, as the end of its life, recyclable. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Only recently arrived from Australia in Britain the “Keep Cup” is the alternative to the paper cup or the polystyrene cup for takeaway coffee. Keep Cup”, made from polypropylene is a far better alternative to the paper- or the polystyrene cup than the “I Am No Paper Cup” ceramic offering.

2009 100

No, Canada – There is No Ethical Oil

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Lobbying group is challenging Saudi Oil on the basis of women’s rights. A Canadian lobbying group is claiming that Canada’s oil is somehow more “ethical” than Saudi Arabian oil because the Saudis don’t just destroy the climate we evolved to live in but also abuse women’s rights. Nobody in the oil business has any business calling themselves “ethical.”

Lesson Plans: The World without Oil

The Green Changemakers

[link] LESSON ONE: Oil Crisis: Get Into The Game A global oil crisis has begun. Oil usage worldwide has increased to where the oil supply can only meet 95% of it. Begin the inquiry into the effects of less oil in our lives. Goods and services that depended on cheap oil are failing. LESSON FIVE: Oil Dependency Among Nations The oil crisis has caused some nations to reconsider their foreign policy objectives – and to aggressively seek to acquire oil.

2010 40

Wind power breezes through 5GW mark

Green (Living) Review

Small is beautiful should be the watchword here as well and our energy security, especially for a world after cheap oil, depends on wind and solar on every roof and small CHP plants on every city block. When the cheap oil is gone and renewables have to bring in every bit of electricity we will be in deep trouble if we do not have ways and means of storing the power for use when the wind does not blow or the sun has gone to bed.

Parking Break

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A parking market raises the price of driving (especially driving alone), which will reduce driving (especially alone) and, with it, air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, emissions of greenhouse gases, traffic congestion, crashes, and consumption of oil (and the spills, pollution, and military entanglements that oil dependence entails). This is the season climax, the culmination, the big reveal. Previously on Parking?

2013 84

Senegal – A Case for Self Sufficiency in Energy

Eco Friendly Daily

Blame it on the rising global oil prices whose effect can be seen all around the world. This African democracy’s power output mostly comes from oil dependent plants running on imported fuel. With the steep ascent in oil prices has come the resultant graph of high electricity prices. With diminishing oil returns and the global stranglehold over supplies each country must look towards a state of self sufficiency in energy. Solar energy is growing its tribe.

Pedal Power Makes Resurgence on Zimbabwe’s Road

Eco Friendly Daily

Zimbabwe’s lesson teaches us that if all of us adopt cycling in a more involved manner much of our oil dependence can be curtailed. Then we will have not only an environmentally sensitive society less dependent on oil but also a healthier one. It is a lesson all countries around the world would do well to emulate. Perhaps, the reasons for Zimbabwe’s bicycle revolution are different.

Preventing Light Pollution

Eco Friendly Daily

Wasting energy produces many problems, oil dependency, environmental effects, and health effects just to name a few. Growing up in a smaller city in Canada I’ve always had the pleasure of looking up in the sky and seeing a beautiful black sky full of stars. I remember watching the moon through a telescope with such clarity that you could almost touch it. For college and now work I had to move to Toronto, which is one of Canada’s biggest cities.

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Why the Middle East Should Definitely Support America’s Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

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The right wing has long maintained that America should reduce its oil dependency on the Middle East. Considered the root of the last war in Iraq and a compelling reason for Gaddafi to hold on so tightly to power over Libya’s oil fields , Republicans have pushed through a series of catastrophic measures to promote energy self-sufficiency in the United States. None of this can happen without oil and most of us are completely hooked. Oil addiction.

2011 78

10 principles for livable transportation by Jan Gehl & Walter Hook

The Green Changemakers

ITDP is an international organization founded in 1985 by my friend Michael Replogle to “promote environmentally sustainable and socially equitable transportation worldwide” and to “work with city governments and local advocacy groups to implement projects that reduce poverty, pollution, and oil dependence.”

2010 40

Book Review: A No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change

Green Prophet

To Get A Kosher Delivery Truck From Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn Home Study to Green Your Education Editor of Arabic Environmental Magazine Scoops Top Eco Prize Negev Oil Shale Plant To Shut Down, Switch To Natural Gas UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change Checks And Balances:Keeping Buildings Pearly Green From Design To Operation Eco-Sexy Nutrition: An Apple a Day Increases Lifespan by 10% Did GlassPoint Get the Glass House Idea in the Middle East?

Negev Oil Shale Plant To Shut Down, Switch To Natural Gas | Green.

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has plans to replace its Mishor Rotem oil shale plant with more viable natural gas. Initially installed in 1978 as a pilot project, the Mishor Rotem oil shale plant will soon be shut down. – which purchases the energy generated by approximately half a million tons of oil shale each year – sites a low profit margin as a major cause behind the move.

2011 58