We have 5 Months to Save the World!

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Humans are not the prime reason for the planet’s existence and if we do not survive the next shift, it will be a tragedy in our eyes and simply a symptom of a natural cycle for.

13 Reasons to Frack Off.

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Fracking increases the supply of oil. Green Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) environmental degradation fracking Gasland Josh Fox keystone pipeline LNG oil dependency plummeting oil prices Natural gas crowds out investment in renewables.

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Saudi Oil Wells May Run Dry By 2030

Green Prophet

According to a 150-page report by Citigroup, Saudi Arabian oil could dry up as early as 2030 which is a lot sooner than previously thought. That’s the news coming from a report by Citigroup which states that Saudi Arabia could be an oil importer by 2030.

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More Bad News about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

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As long as we remain dependent on oil, oil spills will happen not matter what the PR firms of BP, Exxon, Shell, etc. tell us.

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Saudi Arabia Goes “Green” To Celebrate National Day

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Saudi Arabia, rich in oil has upped its environmental policies in efforts to prevent depletion of the liquid gold. Lifestyle & Culture faith green holidays Islam and environment mosque oil dependence politics Saudi Arabia solar power

The Middle East and the Unending Quest for Stability (Op-Ed)

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We don’t have a crystal ball, but oil supply is always a concern when conflict arises in oil-rich countires(sic), which may well trigger high gas prices and increased environmental dangers,” he adds. ” For years, the West supported its chosen strongmen dictators to keep its oil supply flowing and everyone understood that. Energy Arab Spring conflict Economic growth oil dependence oil industry oil prices

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Guide To Durban Climate Talks and The Oil-Rich Middle East

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Gulf States have been drilling oil for decades now. Can we really get them to co-operate at the upcoming climate summit in Durban and re-think oil? Saudi Arabia relies heavily on oil and so any attempt to limit its use (to cut carbon emissions) is seen as a threat to its economy.

Ending The Oil Age

Green (Living) Review

Big Oil’s days are numbered – but the industry could still take us all down with it. From divestment to disruption, Jess Worth explores how the transition to an oil-free future is being hastened. Because the Rockefeller fortune owes its very existence to oil.

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Sarah Silverman Support Galapagos Solar Funding


“With your help, we will reduce the oil dependency of the Galápagos by building a green, clean solar

Masdar Unveils Plan for a 100% Renewable Energy Micro-grid

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MI and RIST jointly unveiled their conceptual design for the renewable energy micro-grid, which is slated for eventual construction on an island in the oil-dependent Gulf nation.

Will plug-in cars emit less carbon?

Eco Friendly Daily

As with every new technology touted as part of the solution to oil dependence these days, the answer seems to be, “It depends.”

The death of the modern car park

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Moves like this to lower car use also have the advantage of lowering oil dependency, contributing to falling prices on the commodities market , which have dropped by as much as 77.48% in the last five years according to trading platform IG.

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Eco-Resolution for July: Driving Down Fuel Consumption

The Green Samaritan

In the the midst of summer and day 78+ of this disaster, it is even more important to reflect on our on personal oil dependence and ways we can drive in a more fuel efficient manner.

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What Tesla can learn from Israel’s Better Place post-mortem

Green Prophet

He had enough chutzpah to convince investors to bet nearly $1 billion on his grandiose plan to free Israel from the shackles of oil dependency. What if we could apply the charisma, imagination and marketing genius of Steve Jobs to help promote green technology?

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9 Cleaning Guides to Keep Your Home Green

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Oils work like magic. Use essential oils depending on your needs. Olive oil can also be used by combining it with vinegar in 2:1 ratio. Add 1/2 cup of beeswax and 1-½ cups of olive oil to keep your wooden furniture from drying out.

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Energy Experts Tell Arab World ‘Solar is the Future’

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Countries such as Egypt and Lebanon as well more oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are already building up their solar power resources. Energy oil independence renewable energy social change Solar Energy solar power

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Inflatable Solar Canopy to Power the Arabian Peninsula?

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He does point out, however, that within the next forty years, crude oil production will shrink to one-third of current levels, which could potentially cripple oil-dependent economies in the Middle East, not to mention global oil supplies.

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Reflections in Oil

The Green Samaritan

And then that brought us to the oil disaster. “Mom, do you think he’ll be OK from the oil?&# As we looked out on the clear, blue water only 30 miles or so from the Gulf Stream, we could not help but wonder if oil would actually reach these shores too.

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Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute Files U.S. Patent for Advanced Battery tech

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The Masdar Institute is sited within the first eco city in the world – based on a futuristic rethinking of our carbon dependent civilization. Masdar Institute makes first foray into advanced lithium battery technology.

Could America’s 250 Percent Tariff on Chinese PVs Help the Mideast?

Green Prophet

Will oil-dependent U.S. Detroit automakers were blindsided twice by high oil prices. Certainly those in the oil industry should cheer for anything which raises the cost of solar in the US and removes solar’s threat as a competing energy source there.

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Is a Green Economy Possible?

Living In a Toxic World

I recently watched the documentary A Crude Awakening and it does an excellent job of summarizing the relationship between peak oil and economic and social collapse. Many of us are aware of the oil dependency we have but the pervasiveness of oil in our economic system is not something we consider often. In thinking about developing a green economy the oil dependency must be considered. Fundamentally, oil cannot be a part of a green economy.

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Why China Could Prove to be the Better Place for EVs

Green Prophet

That is because Chinese officials really get climate change and peak oil. “We Yet it does all this while using only 10% of the oil. Could China’s totalitarian government advance disruptive technology better?

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Peak Oil & our governments are so quiet

Green (Living) Review

In the case of some of the findings of the British ITPOES it was several years before people in the UK finally became aware of some of the reports on Peak Oil drawn up by the Taskforce.

Talking Carbon Taxes, Free-Enterprise Style

Sightline Daily

Recognize the full costs of our oil dependence: A carbon tax means accountability for the true costs of energy , attaching the national security, health, and environmental costs to carbon-based fuels like oil. Every spike in the price of oil has put our economy in a recession.

Iran Quit Dirty Energy Subsidies And Survived

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There was life before oil. The “mission&# found that there is life after oil. With Peak Oil Looming, Gulf States Consider Ending Fuel Subsidies. And life will go on when it’s all used up. Iran becomes an unlikely leader by ending dirty energy subsidies.

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U.S. Finalizes New Fuel Standards

Eco Friendly Daily

Dependence upon foreign oil has been a long standing controversial issue in the United States. In addition to not wanting to be dependent upon oil from across the world, oil dependence in general is considered a disadvantage in a future likely to have limited supply.

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U.S. EPA Approves Use Of E15 Fuel; Major Groups Concerned

Eco Friendly Daily

Biofuels are expected to play a major role in freeing countries from the crutch that is foreign oil dependence. Greater dependence on the fuel will put further pressures on all areas involved, including the land which it is grown.

Obama Administration Raises MPG Standard

Eco Friendly Daily

Dependence upon foreign oil has been a long standing controversial issue in the United States. In addition to not wanting to be dependent upon oil from across the world, oil dependence in general is considered a disadvantage in a future likely to have limited supply.

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Active Transportation for America

The Green Changemakers

By making active transportation a viable option for everyday travel, we will cost-effectively reduce oil dependence, climate pollution and obesity rates while providing more and better choices for getting around town.

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India, Oil, And Electric Vehicles

Sierra Club Compass

I''ve written on the threat coal imports pose to energy security and CAD in the pas t, but the biggest threat from fossil fuel imports is clearly oil. I recently caught up with Anand Gopal of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to discuss how India tackles this oil import crisis.

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Argan Oil: Expert Estimates About 20,000 Trees in Israel

Green Prophet

Nah, that goat thing isn’t done anymore… Our recent post about Israeli argan oil caused a few ripples over the Internet. Solowey if the more abundant yields will bring down the price of this fabulous oil. Some are toasted, and their oil is for culinary use.

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Positive Energy Conference Reports

The Green Changemakers

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Keep Cup – A new alternative to the paper cup

Green (Living) Review

From an environmental standpoint, while still oil dependent, the cup has a low energy embodiment, is reusable, unbreakable and, as the end of its life, recyclable.

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No, Canada – There is No Ethical Oil

Green Prophet

Lobbying group EthicalOil.org is challenging Saudi Oil on the basis of women’s rights. Now, I am as feminist as they come, but the civil rights of women living now in Saudi Arabia are insignificant, ethically, compared with destroying the climate our civilization depended on.

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Six reasons why the Keystone XL pipeline project should be rejected

Green Blog

The Keystone XL pipeline would not reduce foreign oil dependency. Contrary to popular opinion, Keystone XL would have increased domestic oil prices. And the environmental concerns about oil leaks are justified. Nebraska objects to the Keystone XL pipeline as they are concerned over potential oil spill accidents in the Ogallala Aquifer area, which supplies water to a large portion of US farm land.

Senegal – A Case for Self Sufficiency in Energy

Eco Friendly Daily

Blame it on the rising global oil prices whose effect can be seen all around the world. This African democracy’s power output mostly comes from oil dependent plants running on imported fuel. Solar energy is growing its tribe.

Wind power breezes through 5GW mark

Green (Living) Review

Small is beautiful should be the watchword here as well and our energy security, especially for a world after cheap oil, depends on wind and solar on every roof and small CHP plants on every city block.

Pedal Power Makes Resurgence on Zimbabwe’s Road

Eco Friendly Daily

Zimbabwe’s lesson teaches us that if all of us adopt cycling in a more involved manner much of our oil dependence can be curtailed. Then we will have not only an environmentally sensitive society less dependent on oil but also a healthier one.

Preventing Light Pollution

Eco Friendly Daily

Wasting energy produces many problems, oil dependency, environmental effects, and health effects just to name a few. Growing up in a smaller city in Canada I’ve always had the pleasure of looking up in the sky and seeing a beautiful black sky full of stars.

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Leviathan and Solaris Synergy Imagine if the Water for the Shower.

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After all Israel is really on the front lines of the danger of oil dependence, located amid spreading unrest in Libya and other Middle Eastern countries, while oil prices begin their rise once more. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

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Why the Middle East Should Definitely Support America’s Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

Green Prophet

The right wing has long maintained that America should reduce its oil dependency on the Middle East. The 1500 mile pipeline would transport heavy crude oil (or bitumen) evacuated from Northern Alberta’s tar sands to Texas refineries. Oil addiction.

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Finding Common Ground on Climate Change

Sightline Daily

The most popular benefit for this groups is “freeing us from dependence on foreign oil”—66 percent. By freeing ourselves from oil dependence , we will have a stronger economy.

Lesson Plans: The World without Oil

The Green Changemakers

[link] LESSON ONE: Oil Crisis: Get Into The Game A global oil crisis has begun. Oil usage worldwide has increased to where the oil supply can only meet 95% of it. Begin the inquiry into the effects of less oil in our lives. Goods and services that depended on cheap oil are failing. LESSON FIVE: Oil Dependency Among Nations The oil crisis has caused some nations to reconsider their foreign policy objectives – and to aggressively seek to acquire oil.

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