A Critical Look at Peak Oil Catastrophism

The Green Changemakers

by Toby Hemenway There is no doubt that oil is running out. Our demand for oil is unchangeable and is not significantly affected by price. We are so badly addicted to oil that we will watch our civilization collapse rather than change our behavior. Significant oil conservation is not possible in the time frame needed. Even with conservation, demand will be more than oil plus alternatives can possibly meet.

Palms Up To Palm Oil

Eco Friendly Daily

Demonstrators have been focusing their efforts on commercial users of palm oil. Now seemingly ubiquitous in many countries, this oil has various uses – and it is vying with soybean oil for the title of “most widely produced vegetable oil”. Conservation concerns centre on palm tree monocultures, with their attendant environmental repercussions. Palm oil comes from the fruit of the African oil palm, Elaeis guineensis.