Greenpeace against Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

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The first nuclear energy plant in the United Arab Emirates goes online on the Gulf Coast east of Qatar. In a desert region full of oil, and well unlimited sunshine, Abu Dhabi still plans to go ahead and build a nuclear energy site despite the risks.

Nuclear power and the environment

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Is nuclear energy green - and perhaps the answer to our energy needs? Some advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

Nuclear Waste Storage and Disposal Problems


Here’s the bottom line on nuclear waste: it’s incredibly toxic, incredibly dangerous, and if you’re among the 99 percent who aren’t employed by the nuclear energy industry, you don’t want it stored anywhere near your home. Even if you work in nuclear energy you may not want it near your home, whether you feel free to admit it or not. Safety measures aside, nuclear waste makes people skittish, and that is understandable. Where is nuclear waste stored?

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Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


The etymology of the word “nuclear” comes. This is of course because nuclear energy was discovered after experimenting with reactions of uranium atoms and neutrons. But it is interesting to think that just as the reaction that creates nuclear energy is found in the nucleus of uranium atoms, the controversy over the continued use of nuclear energy is at the core of practically any discussion about it. What is nuclear energy? Nuclear feedstocks are finite.

7 Reasons Why Nuclear Waste Is Dangerous

Nuclear energy is an affordable, efficient and reliable option of generating power for many countries. But the dangerous side of the nuclear waste still casts a shadow over its widespread use. Nuclear waste has been described by Michael Stothard as “the most destructive and indestructible waste in history.” For example, a newly designed nuclear waste repository in France must remain sealed for at least 100,000 years once its filled [1]. What is nuclear waste?

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Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown – 4 years later

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Iran’s aggressive nuclear energy program seems to be constantly in the news these days; while other regional countries, including Jordan, have nuclear power ambitions of their own. As the fourth anniversary of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown is commemorated by Japan last week, the world may still not have learned the entire lesson of that tragic event. Statistically, the facts and figures of the need for nuclear reactors , are evident.

Understanding Jordan’s Nuclear Ambitions

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My interest in Jordan’s nuclear ambitions began at work –– researching if green energy is commercially available in Jordan. It’s coming from Saudi Arabia, from Iraq and from Egypt,” said Basel Burgan, head of anti-nuke lobbyists The National Campaign to save Jordanians from the Nuclear Project, in an article in the Dominion. “We At the gym, someone leaves a brochure on the treadmill: “Invest in Nuclear: Jordan Nuclear Power Plant Project.”.

Britain's independent nuclear deterrent

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The subjects of Her Majesty – for there is no such thing as a British citizen – and the rest of the world are told time and again that the Trident missiles on the nuclear submarines based at Faslane, at Gare Loch, are Britain's independent nuclear deterrent. Those weapons are not an independent nuclear deterrent as they are US missiles and while on UK ships are under US control. See how independent this British nuclear deterrent is.

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Jordanians Step Up Nuclear Protests

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Anti-nuclear campaigners in Jordan have staged another protest against the nation’s plans to build a nuclear reactor. Around a month ago, Jordanians held a protest in Amman against the government’s plans to build a nuclear station which they remarked posed more risks than potential positive impacts. Wearing gasmasks and surrounded with mocked-up radioactive nuclear waste barrels, the campaigners insisted that nuclear power was dirty, unsafe and a security threat.

International Day Against Nuclear Tests


Most people are opposed to the use of nuclear weapons, … The post International Day Against Nuclear Tests appeared first on Earth 911. Here is the original: International Day Against Nuclear Tests. Eco against-nuclear appeared-first earth eco-watch first-on-earth international nuclear weapons people-are tests the-use

Nuclear Updates from Jordan, Egypt and the UAE

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From growing protests in Jordan and Egypt to the first ever approved plant in UAE – we have the latest on nuclear from the region. Jordan’s nuclear ambitions , which have faced a particularly rocky time over the years , encounters more drawbacks. Not only was the nuclear programme declared ‘hazardous and costly’ by a parliamentary committee last month , there is now a growing wave of protest against the nuclear plant.

‘Our Jordan is Not Nuclear’ Say Greenpeace Activists

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Campaigners step up their lobbying for a nuclear-free Jordan as the final decision with regards to the chosen firm approaches. The Jordanian government will pick the firm which will build Jordan’s first nuclear station in May. Greenpeace campaigners in Jordan have urged the government to consider “the dire risks” the proposed nuclear project will have on current and future generations. Nuclear reactors can never be safe.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to fund nuclear reactor in Wyoming


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are teaming up to turn an old Wyoming coal plant into a billion-dollar nuclear reactor. “Nuclear power is clearly a part of my all-of-the-above strategy for energy.” Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to fund nuclear reactor in Wyoming.

Nuclear crisis in Japan

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Smoke is seen here coming from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant where several people have been reported injured following an explosion at the site. In the aftermaths of the massive and devastating earthquake that hit Japan yesterday a nuclear crisis has unfolded in the country. Yesterday Japan officials declared a state of emergency at two nuclear power plants in the Fukushima Prefecture. You can continue to follow our updates about the nuclear crisis in Japan here.

Nuclear? Non, Merci

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While recent events in Japan have the world all twitterpated about nuclear power, the facts remain the same. Nuclear power is not economic in terms of return on investment. While it is true that older plants create significant free cash flow, new plants are too expensive to build, resulting in negative returns on investment. That is why nobody has broken ground on a new plant in the US, because even with loan guarantees, plants need direct subsidies to make them work economically.

Protest Against Nuclear Power In Jordan

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Protesters in Jordan are campaigning against the country’s plans to build a nuclear reactor which they state carries more risks than positive impacts. Despite the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear station and Germany’s bold move to shut down all nuclear reactors by 2020, it seems the Middle East is still set on a nuclear future. For more on Jordan and nuclear power see: Jordan Explores The Nuclear Option.

Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

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Jordan is now months away from announcing the company they have selected to construct the country’s first nuclear reactor. Despite growing protests against the country’s nuclear plans from residents and environmentalists , the Jordanian government is pressing on with its nuclear programme. The Jordanian government wants to build a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor as part of its efforts to end its heavy dependence on energy imports.

UAE Stands By Its Nuclear Plans

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Despite the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, the energy minister of the United Arab Emirates states that they will stick by their nuclear energy plans. With Jordanians taking to the streets to protest the dangers of developing nuclear power and the recent nuclear accident in France following hot of the heels on the Fukushima disaster , you would think that the Middle East would be seriously re-thinking any nuclear plans. Who Needs 11 Nuclear Plants.

Nuclear is Not The Way

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I hope the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is listening. The DGEIS seeks to examine the environmental costs of spent nuclear fuel. During the meeting, dozens of concerned citizens spoke about problems associated with nuclear waste. There’s no real justification for the creation of high level radioactive waste,” said Diane D’Arrigo of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. “We’re We need to move beyond nuclear energy,” DuBois continued.

Radioactive Material Was Stolen From an Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant

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A search is underway to find whoever stole a safe containing radioactive material from Egypt’s first nuclear power station. . While hundreds of protestors surrounded the El Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt last week, someone managed to sneak in and steal some of its radioactive material. Located on the Mediterranean Sea , the Dabaa nuclear plant still under construction was the scene of violent protests as 500 Egyptians showed up to demand its relocation.

King Abdullah: Israel is Disrupting Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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Does placing Israel in the same camp as the anti-nuclear movement in Jordan have negative implications for the success and popularity of the campaign? There is now a new plot twist in the Jordanian nuclear ambition saga. King Abdullah has accused Israel of disrupting Jordan’s nuclear programme. Speaking to Ynet News, he remarked: “When we started going down the road of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, we approached some highly responsible countries to work with us.

Greenpeace Assesses Jordan’s Energy Future Without Nuclear Option

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The report demonstrates Jordan’s potential to achieve full energy independence through renewable sources whilst campaigning against kingdom ambitions to develop nuclear energy. “This report shows the renewable power scenarios that can be implemented in Jordan without the need of a nuclear power plant. [It Image of anti-nuclear protestor via Greenpeace Jordan facebook page.

Turks Ask Their Leaders to Say “No to Nuclear”

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Two years after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan, the Turkish government is moving ahead with nuclear power despite public opposition. Hundreds of Turkish activists formed a human chain across a bridge over Istanbul’s Golden Horn on March 10, the day before the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the world’s second biggest nuclear energy accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Turkey not ready for nuclear?

The Nuclear Meltdown of George Monbiot

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Sadly, few of those descriptors apply to the George Monbiot who is now championing nuclear energy. Until quite recently, Monbiot was unequivocal that nuclear energy was not worth the risks. Here he is in 2005 : “…nuclear power spreads radioactive pollution, presents a target for terrorists and leaves us with waste that no government wants to handle.&#. He was also certain that nuclear was not the optimal solution for climate change mitigation.

Nuclear Power – A Solution?

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And this is at the heart of the UK’s recent resumption of their nuclear energy program. Other countries have been quick to respond, with Sweden’s Liberal Party also keen to promote reinvestment in nuclear power. In the new UK plan, nuclear power is seen as a way to lower emissions and reduce fossil fuel power generation. The changing focus has given nuclear energy a new competitive edge. Most existing UK nuclear plants are scheduled for decommission by 2023.

As US Nuclear Reactors decay…

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It relates to the slow gradual decline of the US nuclear power sector. I’ve never been in a US nuclear plant, but people whom I know who have (pro-nuclear mind) paint a bleak picture. Now my (again pro-nuclear) colleagues are keen to stress that they see no safety issue here as despite the age of machinery in such plants, though old (like those in the UK) these plants are maintained in implacable condition, floors often swept spotless sort of thing.

Reconsidering the nuclear option

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Fukushima N-power plant explosion Sat 03-12-11 In the light of the events of mid-March 2011 following the earth quake and the tsunami in Japan nuclear power generation should be seriously rethought. At least two nuclear power stations in Japan were in danger of experiencing core meltdown after this event and a full nuclear alert was in force around those two locations with thousands of people being evacuated from their homes. It is not an option.

Turkey Goes Ahead With Nuclear Reactors

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Forty years in the making: Turkey still intent on building the country’s first nuclear reactor on this serene spot on the Mediterranean Coast. Despite the insanity and the imminent meltdown of Japan’s nuclear facilities now going from bad to worse, countries in the Middle East are announcing their clear intentions to stick with nuclear programs. Energy Black Sea Cypress Israel Japan Mediterranean Sea nuclear Turkey United Arab Emirates

Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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From overstretched contractors exposed by Wikileaks to Japanese criticism over the poor selection of the reactor site, Greenpeace is raising serious questions over Jordan’s nuclear plans. Despite ongoing protests from green campaigners , it seems that Jordan is now determined to go down the path of nuclear power. The other being the poor location of the nuclear reactor so close to a water-poor, bustling metropolis. Problematic Nuclear Industry.

What You Need to Know About Nuclear Power


This article is the fourth in a six-part series that explores … The post What You Need to Know About Nuclear Power appeared first on Go here to read the rest: What You Need to Know About Nuclear Power.

Nuclear safety expert explains why he became anti-nuclear and pro-solar

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The Italian nuclear engineer and safety expert Cesare Silvi explains why he left his former pro-nuclear stance for solar and other renewable energy sources: “I soon came to the conclusion that neither international cooperation nor technological advancements would guarantee human societies to build and safely run nuclear reactors in all possible conditions on Earth (earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, wars, terrorism, climate change, tsunamis, pandemics, etc.).

Nuclear Piranhas Eat Their Own

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We already know that the nuclear industry is quite comfortable colluding with governments to deceive the public or spying on environmental groups so that senior executives are sent to jail or lying to regulators to cover up radioactive leaks that are contaminating groundwater. So, it should come as very little surprise that the nuclear industry has the same ‘flexible’ view on ethics, legality and basic decency when dealing with its own people.

Could Intense Solar Flares Meltdown Nuclear Reactors Everywhere?

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A massive solar flare, like small one shown in this photo , could cause the world’s 440 commercial and 300 plus research nuclear reactors to melt down simultaneously. But the real danger we might all face from such an event could be the total meltdown of the reactors the world’s 440 nuclear power plants as well as another few hundred “research reactors&# as some onlines sources point out. Dr. Helen Caldecott: Fukushima Nuclear Crises Much Worse Than Chernobyl.

Who Needs 11 Nuclear Plants?

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Egyptian environmentalists urge officials to reconsider their plans to acquire 11 nuclear power plants. Egypt’s military intends to acquire 11 nuclear power plants. This comes soon after press reported that government officials expressed concern about a potential radiation leak at the Anshas nuclear power plant just outside Cairo. At a recent seminar in Cairo, officials openly discussed the country’s nuclear energy program.

A critical analysis of future nuclear reactors designs

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Once upon a time I used to be a fan of nuclear energy. As far as I saw it, nuclear energy was the silver bullet solution to all of our energy problems and more. Notably the fact that most of the economic figures in support of nuclear power (a couple of typical delusions you’ll find here and here ) come straight out of Hogwarts school of magic, wizardry….and and economics (more realistic appraisals of nuclear economics can be found here and here ).

I think I've always wanted to be contaminated by nuclear material

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Sure, that box of glowing rods marked by a giant radiation symbol is probably full of radioactive material, but wouldn’t it be embarrassing if a team from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission came out and found a bunch of gag novelty items or something like that ? Comics Curmudgeon: Mark Trail, 9/10/15. Let’s all take a minute to appreciate what a thoughtful nature journalist Mark Trail is.

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Fukushima Nuclear Plant Suspected of Actual Meltdown

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As Japan’s post earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant environmental crises pass the two month mark, ongoing events have been reported at regular intervals by Green Prophet, including news that measured radioactivity in seawater near the plant indicated radioactivity up to 1,250 times above normal. Yes we’re a site that focuses on the Middle East, but the Japan nuclear event is huge, and will affect all life on this planet. Business & Politics Energy Japan nuclear

Nuclear Power: The Facts & The Fiction

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There are few issues in the environmental movement as polarizing as nuclear power. On one hand, nuclear provides a huge, baseload energy source that has no real carbon footprint. On the other hand, it’s easy to see why people are against it: just this week a senior nuclear expert advised that California’s nuclear power plant should be shut down, and the ongoing news about the effects of radiation in Fukushima is scaring people off using nuclear energy altogether.

Who is responsible for nuclear cleanup? Lead attorney Tony Merchant weighs in

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Earlier this year, Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) began moving closer to selecting a location for the new Deep Geological Repository (DGR) they have been tasked to build. The DGR will be the final storage facility for the more than 48,000 tonnes of nuclear waste Canada has been accumulating over the past 65 years. The post Who is responsible for nuclear cleanup? Sponsored Posts Canada cancer Chernobyl cleanup costs military Nuclear Tony Merchant

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Mutant Fukushima Butterflies Should Discourage Middle East Nuclear

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Researchers who collected and studied 100 pale grass blue butterflies from the Fukushima prefecture following last year’s nuclear meltdown have discovered serious mutations resulting from exposure to radiation. The butterflies, which were collected two months after the March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl , had abnormalities in their legs, antennae and abdomens, as well as dents in their eyes.

Sun Salutations! Germany’s Siemens Pulls Out of Nuclear Energy

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Siemens CEO Peter Loscher on nuclear energy: “This chapter is closed for us” German industrial giant Siemens, already a leader in developing renewable energy projects and sustainable future residential communities has announced that it will phase out its participation in building equipment for nuclear power plants. Löscher told Der Spiegel: “The chapter (of building nuclear plants) is closed for us.

Plans For Turkey’s First Nuclear Power Plant Revealed

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Located in the southern province of Mersin, on the Mediterranean Sea, the Akkuyu nuclear plant has been controversial since it was first proposed in the 1970s. The meltdown at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant last year didn’t stall Turkey’s plans to build its own nuclear reactors. Like many Middle Eastern countries, as Green Prophet reported , Turkey announced its intent to continue full-speed with its nuclear power program.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to fund nuclear reactor in Wyoming


The billion-dollar reactor promises renewable energy and lots of jobs for Wyoming. But not everybody is convinced the project is a good idea