Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


The etymology of the word “nuclear” comes. This is of course because nuclear energy was discovered after experimenting with reactions of uranium atoms and neutrons. But it is interesting to think that just as the reaction that creates nuclear energy is found in the nucleus of uranium atoms, the controversy over the continued use of nuclear energy is at the core of practically any discussion about it. What is nuclear energy?

Greenpeace Blasts Turkish Nuclear Energy Institute Over Negligence

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As Turkey moves to build its first nuclear power plant , there are troubling signs that the country’s nuclear energy institute is not monitoring nuclear hazards carefully. zmir Province contains high levels of radiation, according to Greenpeace Turkey, yet the Turkish Nuclear Energy Institute (TAEK) said the source of the radiation could not be found and pronounced the area safe. Adding to worries about nuclear energy.


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Sun Salutations! Germany’s Siemens Pulls Out of Nuclear Energy

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Siemens CEO Peter Loscher on nuclear energy: “This chapter is closed for us” German industrial giant Siemens, already a leader in developing renewable energy projects and sustainable future residential communities has announced that it will phase out its participation in building equipment for nuclear power plants. Löscher told Der Spiegel: “The chapter (of building nuclear plants) is closed for us.

Nuclear energy might see increased opposition after Japan crisis

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The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan has sparked new life in the nuclear energy debate in many countries. And the fear for possible nuclear accidents in other countries forces politicians to reconsider and review their current energy policy stance. The continued protests against nuclear energy in Germany has seen an upswing during these past days. The photo shows the second hydrogen explosion at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi No. 3 reactor in Japan.

Global warming heats up a renaissance of nuclear energy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Global warming and the BP oil spill have helped rehabilitate nuclear energy in the eyes of the public – and even in the eyes of a fair number of environmentalists. Environmentalist on the nuclear bandwagon? They even do not seem to realize that we cannot afford nuclear. However, they keep harping on, nowadays, about that nuclear-power does not give off CO2 and such emissions. In the USA Dominion Energy Inc.

Maritime Nuclear Energy May Still Be Worthwhile – To a Point

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Russian nuclear icebreaker 50 Years of Victory : Can spend many months at sea. With the nuclear power plant crisis in the Chernobyl reactor in 1986 and now the recent Japanese nuclear crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant many people are still wondering if there is any possible good use for nuclear energy , especially when it can create “dead zones&# in areas surrounding the damaged reactors, as in case of both Chernobyl and Fukushima, affecting both people and animals as well.

Wind power continues to beat nuclear energy in China

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China has been the world’s largest consumer of energy since 2009 when the country surpassed the US. The majority of the energy which is produced and consumed in China comes from dirty fossil fuels. According to numbers from the International Energy Agency (IEA), about 78 percent of the total electricity generated in China between 2004 and 2010 came from coal. To combat this, China is investing heavily in more sustainable and cleaner energy sources.

Nuclear Plant Closures in Germany Could Signal a Nuclear Energy Exit

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On all environmental channels and even others, the topic of the day remains the nuclear disaster that’s seems to be growing worse each day in Japan. Other countries around the world have taken the disaster as a warning signal and have either ordered fresh audits on their nuclear plants or ramped back future plans. It has also been the target of anti-nuclear protests, so the move could draw a few votes her way.

Greenpeace activists protests against nuclear energy in Sweden

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Today Greenpeace activists protested against recent political plans to introduce new nuclear reactors in Sweden. Dressed as different renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and water, and with the help from a old fire truck the activists managed to cross the security fences surrounding the Swedish nuclear plant. Once inside some of the activists managed to get up on the roof of the reactors, casting new light on the lack of security at the Swedish nuclear power plants.

French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon on ecology and nuclear energy

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He also wants a return to full pensions for everyone from the age of 60, a 20% increase in the minimum wage, a cap on maximum salaries and the nationalisation of big energy companies. You announce a referendum on nuclear power; what is the strategy of the Left Front? Jean-Luc Melenchon: First, get out of carbon energies, which are the source of the greenhouse effect and of the climate bifurcation which will soon run its disastrous course.

Nuclear energy: Is it good or bad?

The Green Changemakers

A primer to atomic power’s hottest topics By Victoria Schlesinger Like a neutron colliding with an atom, two factors are igniting Americans, and particularly environmentalists, into reconciling a messy question: Do we or don’t we want to develop nuclear power? Eight years of the Bush Administration’s heavily pro-nuclear policies with billions in government subsidies have roused the ailing nuclear industry. Accept for maybe nuclear power. Tags: Energy

2008 40

Nuclear Waste Storage and Disposal Problems


Here’s the bottom line on nuclear waste: it’s incredibly toxic, incredibly dangerous, and if you’re among the 99 percent who aren’t employed by the nuclear energy industry, you don’t want it stored anywhere near your home. Even if you work in nuclear energy you may not want it near your home, whether you feel free to admit it or not. Safety measures aside, nuclear waste makes people skittish, and that is understandable. Where is nuclear waste stored?

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Nuclear power and the environment

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Is nuclear energy green - and perhaps the answer to our energy needs? Some advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown – 4 years later

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Iran’s aggressive nuclear energy program seems to be constantly in the news these days; while other regional countries, including Jordan, have nuclear power ambitions of their own. As the fourth anniversary of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown is commemorated by Japan last week, the world may still not have learned the entire lesson of that tragic event. Statistically, the facts and figures of the need for nuclear reactors , are evident.

Turks Ask Their Leaders to Say “No to Nuclear”

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Two years after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan, the Turkish government is moving ahead with nuclear power despite public opposition. Hundreds of Turkish activists formed a human chain across a bridge over Istanbul’s Golden Horn on March 10, the day before the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the world’s second biggest nuclear energy accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Energy Nuclear energy

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to fund nuclear reactor in Wyoming


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are teaming up to turn an old Wyoming coal plant into a billion-dollar nuclear reactor. “We think Natrium will be a game-changer for the energy industry,” Gates said in a press briefing.

As Japan Nuclear Plants Meltdown, Israel To Build “Safe” One in the Desert

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Japan’s damaged nuclear facilities are reaching even more critical radiation leakage levels , and the country’s population is becoming more concerned about the effect of radiation their own environment as well as that outside Japan. Despite this reality, energy spokespersons in other parts of the world still talk in favor of nuclear energy as a “clean and safe&# fuel, as compared to fossil fuels like oil and coal.

Japan 72

Canada, Japan, Russia and France Bid to Build Jordan’s First Reactor

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There’s no stopping Jordan: it will build a nuclear reactor outside of Amman despite risks. In an unstable situation in good times, it’s surprising to learn that Jordan (with its plentiful sun) is intent on building its first nuclear reactor, for what it believes to be a source of nonpolluting, sustainable energy. In the wake of Chernobyl , and now Japan’s nuclear saga , the inability for humanity to learn from its past leaves me dumbfounded.

As Japan Nuclear Plants Approach “Meltdown” What Can the Mideast Learn?

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Radiation from damaged reactor cores at Japan’s Fukushima Diiachi nuclear power plant now appear to be reaching dangerous proportions according to statements being issued by governmental authorities and assessments being made by nuclear energy safety analysts. Energy environment Japan Nuclear energyJapanese soldiers prepare for the worst. The China Syndrome? Is the worst yet to come?

Japan 76

Can Nuclear Power Ever Be Justified For Environmental Reasons?

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Jordan looks into the advantages of nuclear and we debunk the ‘green’ arguments for going nuclear. Whilst Turkey reassesses its own nuclear plans following a devastating earthquake, Jordan is still exploring the pros and cons of going radioactive. A recent meeting held in Amman brought together various NGOs, experts and academics for the 4 th International Symposium on Nuclear Energy. So can nuclear power ever really be justified on environmental terms?

Jordan Terminates Uranium Mining License with French Firm AREVA

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” And if there is no uranium to supply their nuclear power plants, is there still a future for Jordan’s nuclear ambitions? ” The Jordan Atomic Energy Commission has previously claimed that local uranium will be used in the planned nuclear energy reactor. “As Fukushima and Chernobyl have shown, nuclear power poses an unacceptable risk to the environment and to human health,” Greenpeace said in a statment.

Jordan Jumps Forward on Energy Development

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Jordan hits a fork in the energy development road: each route inciting ardent support and dissidence. Environmental activists united in protest for a second time in six months urging public debate over Jordan’s emerging atomic energy program. Over two dozen anti-nuclear activists protested near Prime Minister Awn Khasawneh’s Amman offices last Saturday, in vocal reaction to a government policy statement reaffirming Jordan’s commitment to nuclear development.

Radioactive Material Was Stolen From an Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant

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A search is underway to find whoever stole a safe containing radioactive material from Egypt’s first nuclear power station. . While hundreds of protestors surrounded the El Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt last week, someone managed to sneak in and steal some of its radioactive material. Located on the Mediterranean Sea , the Dabaa nuclear plant still under construction was the scene of violent protests as 500 Egyptians showed up to demand its relocation.

Demand For Water To Double By 2030 In UAE

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Can Nuclear Energy & Water Conservation Mix? The UAE recently announced that they would be sticking by plans to build four nuclear reactors by 2017 to ensure they meet rising demands for electricity. The rising demand for energy can be attributed to inefficient energy subsidies which keep prices artificially low and also the energy-intensive process of water desalination. For more on water issues in the UAE see: Nuclear-Powered Water For UAE.

UAE 77

Demand for “Anti Radiation” Pills and Vaccine Grows Despite Limited Protection

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This is due to the ongoing crisis of the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants in northeastern Japan, which if not fully contained soon could wind up being a serious threat to not only Japan’s local environmen t, but even as far away as the USA and Canada. Energy environment health Israel Japan Nuclear energyChecking radiation levels. Will potassium iodide work?

2011 72

‘Our Jordan is Not Nuclear’ Say Greenpeace Activists

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Campaigners step up their lobbying for a nuclear-free Jordan as the final decision with regards to the chosen firm approaches. The Jordanian government will pick the firm which will build Jordan’s first nuclear station in May. Greenpeace campaigners in Jordan have urged the government to consider “the dire risks” the proposed nuclear project will have on current and future generations. Nuclear reactors can never be safe.

Japan Radioactivity in Sea Water 1,250 Times Above Normal as Radiation Levels Approach Those of Chernobyl

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Is the Japanese nuclear radiation crises getting better, or getting worse? It depends on who is reporting the ongoing events at the Fukushima nuclear reactors, which were heavily damaged by the 9.0 Energy Water Israel Japan Nuclear energy TurkeyJapan’s PM Naoto Kan apologizes to his nation, and to the world, concerning radiation leakage at Fukushima reactors.

Japan 79

Could Intense Solar Flares Meltdown Nuclear Reactors Everywhere?

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A massive solar flare, like small one shown in this photo , could cause the world’s 440 commercial and 300 plus research nuclear reactors to melt down simultaneously. The sun, that intensely hot ball of gases located 93 million miles from plant earth, has been the subject of numerous articles here, but mostly for good: for harnessing solar energy in an Israeli kibbutz for instance , as well as in other parts of the Middle East.

Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

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Jordan is now months away from announcing the company they have selected to construct the country’s first nuclear reactor. Despite growing protests against the country’s nuclear plans from residents and environmentalists , the Jordanian government is pressing on with its nuclear programme. The Jordanian government wants to build a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor as part of its efforts to end its heavy dependence on energy imports.

Jordanians Step Up Nuclear Protests

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Anti-nuclear campaigners in Jordan have staged another protest against the nation’s plans to build a nuclear reactor. Around a month ago, Jordanians held a protest in Amman against the government’s plans to build a nuclear station which they remarked posed more risks than potential positive impacts. Wearing gasmasks and surrounded with mocked-up radioactive nuclear waste barrels, the campaigners insisted that nuclear power was dirty, unsafe and a security threat.

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans For 100% Switch To Renewables

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Following plans to transform Mecca into a solar city, an influential member of the Saudi Royal family has announced even more ambitious renewable energy plans for the country. Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, founder of the King Faisal Foundation and one of the state’s top spokesmen, said he wants to the country to switch completely from fossil fuels to renewable energy. “No country can ban itself from any one form of energy,” he said.

Man-made climate change is one of the UK's biggest threats

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"That is why, unlike 13 wasted years of Labour, we are building the first nuclear power station for 30 years in our country. He also quoted the energy minister Michael Fallon answering a question about climate change: “You are not going to draw me on that. Long-term investment like high-speed rail, long-term investment like nuclear power, long-term investment like fixing our economy. climate change fracking green living nuclear energy

2014 103

Jordan Suspends Its Nuclear Plans Amid Controversy

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After a busy week of debate and controversy, MPs in Jordan have supported a parliamentary committee recommendation to suspend Jordan’s projected nuclear programme. It’s certainly been a busy week for Khaled Toukan who is commissioner of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission. Then a recording alleged to be of Toukan emerges in which he calls those against the nuclear programme “donkeys and garbage men.” For more on Jordan’s nuclear plans see: .

Jordanians Hold Vigil for Fukushima

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On the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Greenpeace volunteers gathered in Amman to hold a vigil. The event was organised to show solidarity with those who has suffered due to the Fukushima incident and all those who has has been placed in danger due to the use of nuclear power. At around 6.30pm, 40 sky lanterns were released by Jordanians citizens and Japanese students to remember the nuclear disaster which began to unfold exactly one year ago in Fukushima. “We

Taste-testing the latest versions of Beyond and Impossible burgers


Business Eco Green beyond meat family google nuclear energy plant-based trees vegan warren-buffett world-nuclearConsumers are no longer willing to make do with a sad, desiccated bean burger at the family barbecue. With the plant-based meat sector up 45% last year to $1.4 billion (according to Good Food Institute ), the meatless burger wars are serious business. Companies have honed their offerings, making them ever more meat-like.

Experts at US-Arab Policy Conference debate Mideast’s future as global energy supplier

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Does the rapid expansion of new technologies like fracking threaten the future of eco-friendly energy alternatives such as wind and solar energy? An energy panel held on the first day of the Oct. Shihab Kuran, president of Sun Edison Advanced Solutions, and Kevin Book, co-founder of ClearView Energy Partners LLC. The panel was moderated by Randa Fahmy Hudome, general counsel for the American-Egyptian Strategic Alliance and former associate deputy secretary of energy.

2013 68

The Middle East Nuclear Power Boom Without Toxic Waste Strategy

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Last week, the government of Saudi Arabia announced that it would go ahead with its nuclear energy ambitions and invest more than $100bn in building 16 nuclear reactors over the next two decades. At a time when other countries like Japan or Germany are looking for exit strategies from nuclear energy production, Saudi Arabia and its rich GCC neighbors, as reported by Green Prophet, continue to push on with their nuclear program.

Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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From overstretched contractors exposed by Wikileaks to Japanese criticism over the poor selection of the reactor site, Greenpeace is raising serious questions over Jordan’s nuclear plans. Despite ongoing protests from green campaigners , it seems that Jordan is now determined to go down the path of nuclear power. The other being the poor location of the nuclear reactor so close to a water-poor, bustling metropolis. Problematic Nuclear Industry.

Turkey Expected To Cancel Nuclear Plans After Massive Earthquake

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Although the temblor didn’t shake the Black Sea region of Sinop, which was some 800 kilometers northwest of the epicenter, it may have stalled plans to build a nuclear power plant (NPP) there. The Korean nuclear industry now expects the Sinop NPP to be canceled, news agency dongA reports. Nuclear ambitions. After the devastating earthquake that rocked Turkey’s southeast on Sunday, however, the Korean nuclear industry expects Turkey to drop the Sinop NPP.

Protest Against Nuclear Power In Jordan

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Protesters in Jordan are campaigning against the country’s plans to build a nuclear reactor which they state carries more risks than positive impacts. Despite the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear station and Germany’s bold move to shut down all nuclear reactors by 2020, it seems the Middle East is still set on a nuclear future. For more on Jordan and nuclear power see: Jordan Explores The Nuclear Option.

Plans For Turkey’s First Nuclear Power Plant Revealed

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Located in the southern province of Mersin, on the Mediterranean Sea, the Akkuyu nuclear plant has been controversial since it was first proposed in the 1970s. The meltdown at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant last year didn’t stall Turkey’s plans to build its own nuclear reactors. Like many Middle Eastern countries, as Green Prophet reported , Turkey announced its intent to continue full-speed with its nuclear power program.

UAE Stands By Its Nuclear Plans

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Despite the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, the energy minister of the United Arab Emirates states that they will stick by their nuclear energy plans. With Jordanians taking to the streets to protest the dangers of developing nuclear power and the recent nuclear accident in France following hot of the heels on the Fukushima disaster , you would think that the Middle East would be seriously re-thinking any nuclear plans.

Nuclear Fears: Myths and Reality – A Physicist Talks Straight About Japan

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Physicist and guest blogger Susan Goodman puts the Japan nuclear news in proportion to non-scientists. Perhaps in the west we still retain some false sense of culpability for the discovery of nuclear fission. Something has to explain the irrational, overhyped, disinformation that has pervaded much of the western media since Japan’s cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami triggered the crisis in a clump of that nation’s nuclear reactors.

Japan 66