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From our own projects and initiatives to the broader world of businesses and nonprofits looking to make a difference for our planet, sometimes it’s clear that we’re all in this together. That’s why we want to point you in the direction of the 2009 Green Choice Awards, a project of the organization GreatNonprofits, which seeks to identify the best nonprofits according the ratings and reviews of everyday people. Kind of like Yelp, but for the nonprofit world.

How Altruism Can Save the Planet: Q&A with Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard

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There, he founded Karuna-Shechen, a nonprofit that works to provide health care, education and social services to underserved populations in the region.

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Breast Cancer Fund’s Janet Nudelman Breaks Down BPA Dangers: Heroines for the Planet

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A new report released last week by six nonprofit organizations, including the Breast Cancer Fund , tested nearly 200 food can linings for BPA and found that two out of three cans tested have the chemical in the lining.

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Quote of the Day: Frying the Planet Is Okay As Long As We Protect It.

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Quote of the Day: Frying the Planet Is Okay As Long As We Protect It From Asteroids. Were a 501(c)(3) nonprofit , and our work is mostly funded by donations. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays. Blogs Political MoJo. Kevin Drum. Blue Marble. Tom Philpott. Mixed Media. Subscribe. Support. Must Reads: America Under the Gun | How to Win Any Climate Change Argument | Sequestration, Explained | Best. Study.

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It’s Earth Day! How are you saving the planet today?

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Net Impact is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that empowers young people to create positive social and environmental change in the workplace and the world. GlassDharma has offered over 1000 free glass straws to those who have taken the Planet Care Pledge. The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, in a much different place and time. As EarthDay.org explains, “At the time, Americans were slurping leaded gas through massive V8 sedans.


The Green Changemakers

Part VI: Living the Future into Being Millions of life serving, community rooted for profit enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and public programs already exist as potential building blocks of living economies. Walking away from Empire Living Community into being A PCDF Web Essay by David C. Korten Part I: Introduction The great work of humanity at this historic moment is to negotiate a transition from an Era of Empire to an Era of Community.

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Combating Climate Change Over Tea at Harney and Sons

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Left to right: Adam Markham, President, Clean Air-Cool Planet; Selena Ahmed, Tea and Climate Change Scientist, Tufts University; Mike Harney, Vice President, Harney & Sons; Terry Kellogg, CEO, 1% for the Planet. Beyond Kombucha is a 1% for the Planet member.

Vote for The Organic Center¹s ŒMission Organic 2010¹ and help raise $10K

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Thank you for supporting healthy living for the planet and its people. As an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education organization, we envision improved health for the earth and its inhabitants through conversion of agriculture to organic methods. Tags: Food Good for the Planet Local Organic Facebook fund raiser inde[pendent Mission Organic 2010 non profit organic foods the organic center whole foods market Happy New Year!

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Is paying fair value the same as paying the full value?

Environmental Economics

Studies by the Government Accountability Office, the Interior Department ’s inspector general and nonprofit research groups have all concluded that taxpayers are being shortchanged.and we're not going to take it.  Snark warning.

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The 14-Year-Old Voice of the Climate Change Generation

Green (Living) Review

Martinez, now 14, is the youth director of the nonprofit environmental organization Earth Guardians and one of the youngest people to speak on a United Nations panel. There’s such a lack of consciousness on our planet.

Midland School at Bioneers Conference


Bioneers is a nonprofit educational organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.

First-ever interfaith “Eco Slam” happening tonight in Jerusalem!

Green Prophet

Jerusalem-based nonprofit ICSD works to catalyze movement to a more sustainable human society, working through the active leadership of faith communities.

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Let’s not make non-bovine dairy a part of our future


Dr. Park is the cofounder of CapriDairyWorld, a nonprofit organization dedicated to pushing goat milk, so we’re not surprised this whole piece ends up being one big ad. You’ve probably heard that if you’re not a baby cow, you don’t need cow’s milk.

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Tech Titans Help Protect Last Perfect Place In California

Conservancy Talk

The Dangermonds have quietly supported many nonprofits over the years, but this time they agreed to be more visible. Bequests are a great way to help build a nonprofit’s long-term strength without affecting your assets or cash flow today.

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Easy Ways to Recycle Common Recyclables


Recycling is fantastic for the planet, and an all-around virtuous thing to do. Recycling always makes sense for the planet, and you should arrange things so that it always makes sense for you, too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling


According to estimates by the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance, recycling initiatives over the past few decades have already added more than one million new jobs to the U.S. Recycling and the future of the planet. Until relatively recently, recycling was not a major.

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A Sustainable Towel That Cleans You AND The World!

Green Prophet

Can a website dedicated to crowdfunding new green businesses make a measurable positive impact on our planet? This project is affiliated with the Seattle-base nonprofit Pangea Giving, founded in 2002 following the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

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Growth hacking with CROs for impact and ecological businesses

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So with the planet getting warmer from climate change, mass extinction of species and almost every city in the world wanting to ban plastic straws and bags and disposables, we can probably all agree that something super big needs to change.

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CityLab Paris Offers Global Leaders a Chance to Reimagine and Rethink Urban Resilience

Conservancy Talk

Next week, mayors from around the world will gather together with urban experts, business leaders, nonprofits and artists for the 2017 CityLab Summit in Paris, with the goal of making cities more vibrant and livable.

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Clif Bar Family Foundation’s Seed Matters Initiative Grants Nation’s First Organic Plant Breeding Fellowships

Green (Living) Review

Together Seed Matters collaborators and nonprofit partners support organic farmers and public researchers developing seed that meets the need of the organic community – from farm to table.

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Learn How to Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash


According to current estimates, the planet’s citizens use nearly two billion ink and toner cartridges each year, and most will end up being discarded despite their potential for reuse [1]. When it comes to waste, volume matters more than size.

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How mattress companies are supporting the environment

Green Prophet

In the states with EPR laws (currently Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California), mattress manufacturers have come together to form the Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization that handles all aspects of mattress disposal. . The hunt for the ultimate (and eco) bed is on!

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Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


As unappealing as the term “wetlands” sounds, wetlands should be celebrated for their multiple services they deliver which help keep our planet and society going as well as for their extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

A Long Journey to TED

Green (Living) Review

Don't miss some details of his trip and how planting trees can restore our children's planet. Should a tree be planted for each soft drink sold in the world, it would only take us until 2014 to plant the 2 trillion trees needed to cool our planet! WeForest promotes sustainable forestry, which plays a vital role in ensuring the stability of our planet - supporting ecosystems, maintaining the integrity of soil and habitats, and providing food, employment, and shelter for local people.

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On Earth Day: Stop Junk Mail and keep trees in the forests

Green (Living) Review

41pounds.org Keeps Trees at Work Protecting a Healthy Climate by Michael Smith (Veshengro) FERNDALE, MI, April 2010: The danger of dramatic climate change underlines the need for each of us to find sensible ways we can contribute to keeping the planet healthy. The nonprofit 41pounds.org service stops your paper junk mail – and keeps more trees in the forest providing oxygen for us to breathe and absorbing carbon to cool the planet.

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App Tells You "WattTime" Is Good to Run Appliances, Plug In the Car

Sierra Club Compass

Plugging in a car is enormously better for the planet than filling up at the pump. "Since that time, the Facebook Sustainability team has been helping us to try to grow this small piece of software into a nonprofit or startup with real impact," he said.

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The Extinction of Quiet

Green (Living) Review

With his nonprofit organization, the One Square Inch of Silence Foundation, Hempton is seeking to designate a “silence sanctuary” within the Hoh Rain Forest at Olympic National Park.

Dogwood and Hastings: Sustainable Homewares Launch!

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Without nonprofit groups doing the important conservation work they do, our natural areas wouldn’t be as beautiful, healthy, and vibrant as they are. Related on Eco-Chick: Heroines for the Planet: Robin Wilson, Designer of Healthy Homes with Heart.

CHART: Which Kills More Birds, Cats or Turbines? | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

How feral felines (and their human friends) pounce on the planet Kitties, Rabies, the Plague, and You A new study shows that feral cats hasten the spread of dreaded diseases. Were a 501(c)(3) nonprofit , and our work is mostly funded by donations. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

2013 International Compost Awareness Week Poster Winner Announced

Green (Living) Review

Tigani’s design is a compelling reflection on the role of compost in maintaining a healthy planet,” said Michael Virga, USCC Executive Director. “It’s

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Put a Zebra in Your Tank: A Chemical Crapshoot?

Green Prophet

Found in the walls of plant cells, cellulose is the most abundant naturally occurring organic molecule on the planet. We don’t want to create new monocultures ,” said Sheila Karpf, policy analyst for the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit advocacy group in Washington.

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The Zombie Idea of Science Communications

Nature Conservancy - Science

Tired of national and international inertia on climate change, Foley is leading an effort focused on what he calls “planet levers” — the places and sectors where action could make an outsized impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Q&A with Andreas Merkl: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

What are your initial impressions leading an environmental nonprofit? Second, we need to make fishing efforts far more transparent — transponders on every boat, and an open source platform that makes these data available for every watchdog organization on the planet.

How To Recycle Unusual Everyday Items

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But the truth is we really are doing ourselves (and our planet!) To keep them out of landfills, drop them in the mail to Alternative Community Training, a nonprofit Missouri company that provides jobs to people with disabilities.

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TheTreeGeek.com to Celebrate Online Grand Opening from Earth Day through Arbor Day

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About The Arbor Day Foundation The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization of nearly one million members, with a mission to inspire people to plant, celebrate and nurture trees.

Israeli lab aims to hatch chicken from stem cells!

Green Prophet

There’s not enough land on the planet to raise the animals. MAF is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization founded in March last year.

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Is it Obama? Is it Gore? No! It's the Green Ninja! | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Enter the Green Ninja, the not-very-talkative martial arts master who whips up all sorts mayhem to teach young minds about carbon footprints, energy-saving strategies and gas guzzling leaf blowers, a kind of climate-bent Captain Planet , for a younger generation. Skip to Navigation.

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Chart: What Exactly (Cough) Is Beijing (Hack) Breathing? | Mother.

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Tuvalus two track athletes and one weightlifter are gunning for more than gold, reports Planet Ark. Were a 501(c)(3) nonprofit , and our work is mostly funded by donations. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays.

What Israel, the UAE and Qatar have in common

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This meeting serves as the premier gathering of domestic and international experts on climate change adaptation, and is attended by leading figures from the government, nonprofit and private sectors. “ND-GAIN

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The First Tech Accelerator For Sustainability

Conservancy Talk

And if we do—we might just save the planet. A tech accelerator for the planet Enter Techstars , a leading entrepreneurship accelerator that finds and supports high-potential technology startups. This is the first time Techstars is partnering with a conservation nonprofit like us.)

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Insuring Nature, Ensuring Resilience

Conservancy Talk

I admire how you are thinking carefully and creatively about how the insurance industry can contribute to a resilient planet. We’ll talk a little bit about what that looks like in the insurance industry and how it can make a very positive difference, both for your business and the planet.

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John McCain Goes All-In on Benghazi "Cover-Up" | Mother Jones

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Print Email Tweet Quote of the Day: Frying the Planet Is Okay As Long As We Protect It From Asteroids Software Patents: A Test Run for Bipartisan Cooperation? Were a 501(c)(3) nonprofit , and our work is mostly funded by donations. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays. Blogs Political MoJo. Kevin Drum. Blue Marble. Tom Philpott. Mixed Media. Subscribe. Support.

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Building a Broader Conservation Movement

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In 1995, for example, The Nature Conservancy partnered with the nonprofit group, Bayview Citizens for Social Justice, to defeat a proposal to build a federal prison on land adjacent to TNC’s Virginia Coast Reserve.