What’s It Like to Have Your Period in Nigeria?

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Two years ago, I received an Instagram message from a medical student in Nigeria. . “I’m I’m a medical student in my final year and I am the CEO of Youths Enlightenment Senitel, an NGO for girls in Nigeria,” the note started out. . “I

The Climate Wars Have Begun in Nigeria.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today boko haram climate change desertification kanuri Lake Chad nigeria Boko Haram arose from the disappearance of Lake Chad, which had sustained the Kanuri tribe that makes up most of the group. Poverty and social marginalization also play a major role.

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Nigeria Contemplates Nuclear Power


Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, is considering building nuclear power plants to alleviate the country’s chronic energy shortages, despite the negativity surrounding nuclear power in the aftermath of Japan’s March Fukushima debacle.

UK Company Choice Textile Ltd to Donate One Million Books to Imo State Government, Nigeria

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And while in the UK every child has access to a library, there are very few libraries in Eastern Nigeria and even where they do exist they often hold only a limited and outdated range of text books.

Nigeria Experiences Largest Oil Spill In Thirteen Years

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The oil giant Shell and the nation of Nigeria have a sordid past. A report earlier this year by the United Nations found fifty years of oil pollution in the Ogoniland region of Nigeria.

Drinking water in Nigeria polluted with benzene at levels 900 times above the limit

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Along with many others, this community is located in the Ogoni oil region of the Niger Delta in Nigeria, which has been plagued by environmental damage in recent years, according to UN studies. The UN Environment Program (UNEP) launched on the end of November 2009, an assessment of the impact of contamination from oil across the Ogoni region of the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

Nigeria- One of World's Biggest Oil Exporters , Wants Electricity at Home


The marches, scheduled for 24 October, are planned for the capital Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, the Nigeria High Commission in London, the Van Ness UDC Metro Station in Washington and the Consulate General of Nigeria in New York.

A Deeper Meaning in #BringBackOurGirls. ~ Lee Kemter

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights abduction connection equal rights girls global human rights nigeria politics world Ghandi taught that as we offer compassion and love to one another, we unite.

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Meet Coach Cass, the Millennial Face of African travel

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Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Ethiopia. Featured Heroines Africa african women black women coach cass dance Eco Travel ecotravel ethical travel Ethiopia ghana girltrek Kenya nigeria South Africa Tanzania travel uganda woman-only travel women's travel

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Bring Back Our Girls.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Inspiring (Wow) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Today Only abduction connection girls global human rights nigeria politics world

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More Deadly than ISIS: Why we aren’t Talking about Them.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only Africa boko haram france ISIS Islam Jihad Lebanon middle east nigeria terroristsThere is a group in the world whose actions are deadlier than ISIS. They go by the name Boko Haram and they have slithered their way into the number one spot globally for terror related fatalities. They are also known as the Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP).

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Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa: Why The Middle East Needs Eco-Activism

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Back in October, the popular Jordanian blogger at The Black Iris wrote that he couldn’t help but make a connection between Jordan and Shell’s oily misadventures in Nigeria. Climate climate action Nigeria oil oil industry protests Shell

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Why Don’t We Care About Thousands of Other Oil Spills?

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Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation News and Events Africa BP BP oil spill Exxon ExxonMobil Gulf of Mexico media Niger Delta Nigeria oil oil spill Shell

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Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa

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Tags: Climate Change/Global Warming Africa Burkina Faso Chad climate change Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia GEF Global Environment Facility global warming Great Green Wall Mali Mauritania Niger Nigeria Sahel-Sahara Senegal Sudan United Nations United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification World Day to Combat Desertification

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Films that Will Inspire you to Go Green!

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Learn more about the devastating effects of the oil industry in Nigeria from Clean Technica. Activism Al Gore films Nigeria oil

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Think Like a Freak

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My favorite parts were the discussion of the Japanese hot dog eater Kobayashi and his training/learning regime, why van Halen had the “no brown M&Ms” clause in its contract, and why Nigeriam spam scammers tell you they are from Nigeria. Tyler Cowen: The authors are Levitt and Dubner and the subtitle is The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain. This is a beautifully written book, as good as the original Freakonomics.

Daily Demand and Supply: On Thanksgiving, Americans are grateful OPEC can't get their act together

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"The lack of action is bad news for oil-producing countries like Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela, which depend on prices of at least $90 a barrel to meet their economic targets." OPEC countries failed Thursday to agree to a cut in oil production that was desperately sought by some member states worried about the recent drop in prices. Officials met for six hours of negotiations in Vienna. It would have been the first cut in production since 2008. via money.cnn.com.

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Billions Required To Make Deforestation Prevention A Reality


Roughly 15 percent of global emissions result from deforestation, and Nigeria, Indonesia and Brazil are a few of the largest offenders.

The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft


The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft are : Nigeria As much as 400,000 barrels of oil a day are stolen in Nigeria. This equates to losses of $1.7 billion a month for Africa''s new largest economy. This represents 7.7

Care to Hazard a Guess?

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Whatever it was it was killed by hunters in Nigeria, it had the following inscription, I assume on one or both of the rings: “9287963- Reseng Meseuom.hom @ Sweden,” and it made the internet. What do you think the “strange big black bird” that had “two rings on its legs and a phone-like tracking device manufactured in Columbia” was?

Cuckoos Tracked from England to Africa

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The birds have dispersed rather widely: Four of the birds have already crossed the Sahara; two are in southern Chad, one is in northern Nigeria and the fourth one is in Burkina Faso. Tiny satellite tracking tags allowed scientists from the British Trust for Ornithology to track five cuckoos on their 5,000 km migration to Africa.

Music Monday: MonoMono

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” From the press release: “Growing up in a royal household in Nigeria, Joni Haastrup began his musical journey performing for his brothers band Sneakers and was quickly snapped up as a vocalist for O.J. Soon after, Ginger Baker of Cream fame replaced Steve Winwood with Joni on keys for Airforce’s UK concerts in ‘71 and the success of the collaboration led to further shows with Baker as part of the SALT project before he returned to Nigeria to set up MonoMono.”

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"Benevolence sends ASU’s Obacha to Final Four"

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His good works began two years ago when he returned to his homeland Nigeria and took a few pairs of basketball shoes with him to give to children who couldn’t afford them and were playing either barefooted or in shoes worn and falling apart. The best part was when my whole family got into a game by donating four pairs of shoes: Michael Obacha, a starting forward for the Appalachian State basketball team, has made it to the Final Four.

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Ebola virus, out of control in Africa, may be in Saudi Arabia

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Originally confined to three West African countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon, the virus, found to be as much as 90% fatal in some rural areas, has now spread to neighboring Nigeria with 7 cases reported resulting in 2 deaths.

Ecocide Law: Give Mother Nature a Voice

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The Wiwa vs Shell case in Nigeria, a twenty year legal battle which in 2009 was deemed a triumph for the winning plaintiffs but has not resolved the consequences of Shell’s actions, resulted in endemic poverty for the Ogoni people and complete environmental destruction in the Niger delta.

Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Conflict and civil insecurity are also primary drivers of food insecurity in Burundi, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen and parts of Myanmar and Nigeria. Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains.

Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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now the pace quickens: USA; Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia; Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly.

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Filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh Pursues Trail of Environmental Destruction, Illness and Death in Examination of the Fossil Fuel Industry


What happens when an industry has too much power? “Greedy Lying Bastards” presents a searing indictment of the influence, deceit and corruption that defines the fossil fuel industry.

A Fridge That Needs No Electricity

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In northern Nigeria, where Mohammed is from, over 90% of the villages have no electricity. This is incredible idea is an extension of the pottery water cooling vessels used though the millennia. Chris Gupta Cool: Fridge Without Using Electricity!

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Pee power may be best alternative energy bet yet

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fuel source was previously written about when a group of high school students in Lagos Nigeria created a practical way to separate hydrogen from urine and then use it to power a generator to create electricity.

Pedal-powered recycling program allows low-income communities to turn waste into value

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One solution, which took top honors in this year''s Sustainia Awards, is currently in place in Lagos, Nigeria, and uses a household recycling service with a rewards program to solve the urban waste challenge, effectively letting low-income earn useful goods from the waste in their communities.

What happens if Ebola virus joins the Hajj to Mecca?

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Extra precautions are being taken in neighboring African countries to the primary “Ebola Zone” ones; particularly in Nigeria where a number of persons became ill when an infected liberian citizen arrived in Lagos from Liberia and later died from the disease.

Clinton Global Initiative: Ending Modern Slavery and Ensuring The Future of Food

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Left to Right): Judith Rodin, President, The Rockefeller Foundation; Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund; Akinwumi Adesina, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Federal Republic of Nigeria; Irene B.

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Loofah Plant Seeds Absorb Organic Pollutants and Heavy Metals from Wastewater


a lecturer at Redeemer’s University in Mowe, Nigeria, notes that rain water, rivers and streams are the most common direct sources of

How eco-friendly are barbecues?

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The trade in Brazil and Nigeria is linked to human rights abuses, including, in some cases, not just child labor but child slavery, much like with the mining of cobalt, illegal logging and increased emissions. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Not very unless you use charcoal from local sources.

Picathartes – Africa’s strangest birds

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It occurs from south-west Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea (both mainland and on the island of Bioko), Cameroon and Gabon. Sites in Gabon and CAR seem to be very seasonal and hit-and-miss, and Equatorial Guinea, like Nigeria, is not a recommended birding country.

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Beyond business as usual: ten principles to promote Nigerian social capitalism

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Despite its bad rap in the international press, Nigeria ? Businessman and statesman TY Danjuma has created Nigeria’s first indigenous foundation, using his personal wealth, and has hired a dynamic executive director, Thelma Ekiyor, who has international philanthropy experience.

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Arab investors and land grabbers wanted by Egypt

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Buying into established agricultural firms in food exporting countries such as Serbia, Nigeria and even China sidesteps most obstacles. Egypt plans to lease 25,000 hectares of agricultural land to Arab investors. Agriculture minister Ayman Abu Hadid made the announcement in Tunis recently.

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Bulgaria Bans Fracking After Public Protests


Bulgaria has just recently joined Brazil and Nigeria as countries in which oil giant Chevron are experiencing problems. I say this following the announcement that the US oil company has been prohibited from developing shale gas reserves via the process of hydraulic fracturing.

Gas Flaring Emissions On Rise

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Nigeria, a major gas flaring country, is said to suffer from acid rain in areas near to gas flaring sites. Gas is an extremely popular form of energy and is growing in popularity, especially due to decreasing natural gas prices. One form of gas extraction which is growing in use is shale gas.

Venezuela's Oil and U.S-Venezuela Relations


Energy Administration, two months ago the United States total crude oil imports averaged 9,033 thousand barrels per day (tbpd), with the top five exporting countries being Canada (2,666 tbpd), Mexico (1,319 tbpd), Saudi Arabia (1,107 tbpd), Venezuela (930 tbpd) and Nigeria (918 tbpd.).

Fruit For Birds

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Nyjer (aka Thistle) for goldfinches was introduced from Nigeria–someone had to experiment with that. Something has always puzzled me in my years working in the bird feeding industry: why don’t we offer more fresh fruit to birds in our yards?

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10 Most Dangerous Bad Driving Habits Around The World


3 – No exams for a license – Nigeria. This is not how it was in Nigeria. There are a ton of bad drivers out there. Some of them don’t even intend to be bad, but they are excellent at doing it anyway. These people can be from all walks of life.