Why Don’t We Care About Thousands of Other Oil Spills?

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About 300 oils spills a year occur in the Niger Delta. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation News and Events Africa BP BP oil spill Exxon ExxonMobil Gulf of Mexico media Niger Delta Nigeria oil oil spill Shell In fact, a large one from an ExxonMobil pipe occurred on May 10th, 2010. Have you heard of it? You probably haven’t heard of it because there is practically no US or European coverage of it.

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Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa

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Tags: Climate Change/Global Warming Africa Burkina Faso Chad climate change Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia GEF Global Environment Facility global warming Great Green Wall Mali Mauritania Niger Nigeria Sahel-Sahara Senegal Sudan United Nations United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification World Day to Combat Desertification

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Drinking water in Nigeria polluted with benzene at levels 900 times above the limit

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Along with many others, this community is located in the Ogoni oil region of the Niger Delta in Nigeria, which has been plagued by environmental damage in recent years, according to UN studies. Oil exploration and production has been conducted in the Niger Delta since the 1950s but many of the operations have been suspended since the early 1990s because of local unrest, and “the oil fields and installations of the region known as Ogoniland have been dormant,” the United Nations reports. “In

2010 might be the hottest year ever recorded in human history

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Meteorologist Jeff Masters also notes that new temperature records have been reached in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Chad, Niger, Pakistan and Myanmar. Global Warming 2010 Africa Arctic sea ice Asia Chad climate change climate science global temperature heatwave India Iraq James Hansen Kuwait La Nina Myanmar NASA Niger NSIDC Pakistan Saudi Arabia scienceClimate institutions and scientists are warning that 2010 might end up as one of the hottest years ever recorded in human history.

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Music Mondays: Bombino

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At the onset of the 1990 Tuareg Rebellion Bombino was forced to flee his home country into neighboring Algeria, where he spent most of his teenage years until his return to Niger in 1997. BOMBINO.

Cute Fuzzy Adorable Baby Birdies

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baby Black Skimmer Rynchops niger baby Common Tern Sterna hirundo baby American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus … a. Is there anything cuter than precocious fuzzy baby birds? I don’t think so.

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Is There a “Forest” Under the Desert Outside of Dubai?

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Agricultural scientist Tony Rinaudo is behind one of the world’s most successful reverse desertification projects – in Niger, and now he thinks a similar underground forest might exist in the Arabian desert outside of Dubai.

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The name of our department is Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, and this story has them all.

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This looks like they are sending up the benefit/cost bat signal: Four Nigerian farmers and the environmental group Friends of the Earth took oil giant Shell to court Thursday in the Netherlands to demand a proper cleanup and compensation for pollution in the Niger Delta. pollution in three villages in the Niger Delta," it could have "major.

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Pelican Brewing Company: Brut India Pale Ale

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The recent taxonomy of India Pale Ale – more popularly known these days by its initialism IPA – is as confusing and unstable as any avian phylogeny.

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Mark Trail is lying

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Esox niger Golden shiner….Notemigonus Comics Curmudgeon: Mark Trail, 11/29/14. “If If only this person with political/economic power could see how beautiful this natural area is, surely they wouldn’t despoil it!” is a common Mark Trail trope , and is obviously completely realistic: why wouldn’t the chief executive of a possibly publicly traded corporation write off a multimillion dollar land investment when they discover that nature is pretty?

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UN applies agricultural tech innovation to improve drought resilience for farmers

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offers better methodology and covers three additional countries with 100 metre resolution data: Iraq, Sudan and Niger.

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The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft


These numbers paint a harsh picture about the inability of the Nigerian government, and the multinational oil companies in the Niger Delta, to do anything about this rampant theft.

Desert Locusts Swarm West Africa Following Gaddafi’s Fall

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Desert locusts traveling southwest from Algeria and Libya threaten to decimate crops in Niger and Mali, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations warned on Wednesday. This is not the first time that Niger has endured a locust plague.

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Giraffes Rebounding In Some Areas Of Africa

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Of the nine subspecies of giraffes on the continent, one known to the country of Niger was thought to be near extinction at the end of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Niger giraffes had a vast area they called home.

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Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains.

Why Don’t I Have Any Finches At My Feeder?

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Nyjer (also known as Niger and Thistle) is not grown in the US, though it is possible. So it’s best that when you purcase Nyjer/Niger/Thistle that you always purchase small quantities and purchase often. When trying to attract finches, it can be feast or famine.

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UNESCO to Protect Olives and Turkish Coffee as Cultural Heritage

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We love olive oil and hummus , but there is more to the Mediterranean diet than just food.

The unique travel experiences in Naples

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The monument you must see is a 15th-century Egyptian statue of Nile, located on the corner of Piazzetta Nello and the oldest Spire in San Jinaro, in San Niger.

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Black Skimmers at Cupsogue Beach County Park

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A bird such as Rynchops niger is a testament to the marvels of evolution. Black Skimmers are another of those birds, like White-breasted Nuthatches , that people can’t help but like.

How Can We Prevent or Reverse Desertification and Save Lands from Desert Encroachment?


Around 12 million trees were planted in Senegal alone and positive effects on soils are already visible in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Niger and Burkina Faso [8]. As other natural ecosystems, deserts have their own dynamics independent of human activities.

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Ecocide Law: Give Mother Nature a Voice

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The Wiwa vs Shell case in Nigeria, a twenty year legal battle which in 2009 was deemed a triumph for the winning plaintiffs but has not resolved the consequences of Shell’s actions, resulted in endemic poverty for the Ogoni people and complete environmental destruction in the Niger delta.

The Tragic Story Behind Haunting Plane-Shaped Memorial in the Sahara Desert

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18 years later, family members built a memorial shaped like a plane in Niger, to which Libya contributed $170 million.UTA Flight 772 was flying from Brazzaville in the People’s Republic of Congo, via N’Djamena in Chad, to Paris CDG airport in France.

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Finicky Finches

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The food for finches can go by a variety of names: Thistle or Niger or Nyjer (and that’s just once seed, that doesn’t include all the finch specific mixes on the market). Have you had trouble keeping finches at your feeder?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry Systems and Practices


Crop production in Niger increased by 500,000 tons per year under agroforestry practices [6]. Trees have always been important part of the countryside. When traveling through rural areas anywhere in the world you will see trees incorporated into the landscape.

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Conflict-driven hunger worsens; Middle East hit hard

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A child in Yemen.

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Earth Architecture All The Way To Timbuktu

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Located near the Niger River Delta in Mali, Timbuktu is the gateway to the vast Sahara desert. South African architects chose mud as the main building material for an $8.36 million Islamic Research Institute project in Timbuktu.

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Self Medication, Wildlife Style: How Birds and Other Creatures Use Medicinal Plants

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Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium ) is one of the plants used by starlings, along with goutweed (Aegopodium podagaria), hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium), elder (Sambucus niger), cow parsley ( Anthriscus sylvestris ) and white willow ( Salix alba ). “Not all pharmacists are human.”

Wrapping up a very good 2016

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5 Black Skimmer – Rynchops niger Ok…I have to admit that this bird probably should be much higher up this list, but more birds just kept popping up. As the year begins to wind down, I have taken to a bit of reminiscing.

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Collaborative list – June 2019

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Little Cormorant – Microcarbo niger. Black Tern – Chlidonias niger. Black Skimmer – Rynchops niger. Here comes summer. The beats have been embracing the benign weather and cruising gently into the crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer.

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Proud Mary Textiles: Prints and Color for Sustainably Sexy Summer Style

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The company works in Mali, West Africa, Guatemala, Morocco, Peru, and Niger with both women’s cooperatives and male artisans who hand paint, pattern, and weave their specially made baskets, pillows, dresses, and bottle openers. Photo courtesy of Proudmary.org.

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Into an Uncertain Future

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The crucial factor limiting the maximum baggage is the transport of the entire German population to their new home in the central Saharan desert regions of southern Algeria, Mali and Niger by camel. This may come as a surprise and it is sure to rock the stocks, yet it is an inevitable consequence of recent developments and a logic step to those familiar with European affairs: The Germans are preparing to leave the European Union. No seriously.

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Black Swifts Nesting at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

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Undoubtedly one of the most interesting aspects of Burney Falls for birders is that it is one of the few locations in California where nesting Black Swifts ( Cypseloides niger ) can be found.

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The Icebird Cometh

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Despite their voracious appetite for expensive niger thistle, they’re pleasant to have around. This fall has been an incredible one for winter finches across the eastern part of the continent.

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What is killing birds at Karla Lake (Greece)?

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Black Tern – Chlidonias niger 15. There should be thousands of birds at this time of the year, Dimitris Michalakis from the Karla Lake management authority told me.

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Five Great Animals with Even Better Scientific Names

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The species name, nigripes , comes from Latin niger for black and pes for foot. As a life-long admirer of nature and words with love in equal measure for equal topic, there is nothing that so perfectly blends my passions as the meaning of scientific names.

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African Leaders Push For Project To Stop Encroaching Sahara

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In total it would reach across eleven different African nations, including Niger, Chad, Sudan and Nigeria. Desertification is becoming more prevalent across the globe for varying reasons. One of the largest contributing factors to desertification is global warming.

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The Rose-ringed Parakeets of Heidelberg

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Heidelberg university campus, Niger, Rajasthan – they’re all the same! A Birdy New Year! This article is about the parrots we have, not the ones we wish we had. Here in Germany, we don’t wish we had. Because we never have had.

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A Clarion Call for Sahel Drought Victims

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The internationally renowned artist who regularly campaigns to improve the lives of African citizens launched an appeal to the international community to act before the food crisis unfolding in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger reaches emergency status. “We

NASA and FAO launch Collect Earth Online to track land-use and landscape changes anywhere

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SERVIR is a program jointly run by NASA and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) that co-develops state-of-the-art geospatial services to help improve environmental decision-making among developing nations in more than 45 countries, with regional hubs in Kenya, Niger, Nepal, Thailand – where much of the initial work of CEO was done – and soon a new hub in South America.

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Collaborative List – July 2019

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Black Tern – Chlidonias niger. Black Skimmer – Rynchops niger. During July, 11 beats birded 11 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Japan, UAE, Mexico, China and Saudi Arabia) and submitted 82 checklists.

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Giraffe Gaffe

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Some of the measures taken in Niger demonstrate the potential for local giraffe conservation. Up until now, the giraffe has been considered a single species.

Feed the Birds - whether it’s snowing or not!

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Individual food supplements are also available such as Niger Seed Thistle (fed as a tonic) or Kibbled Maize, ideal for smaller bird species. Although the very cold weather and snow appears to have lessened somewhat in many areas of the country, continuing to feed garden birds is critical for their survival at this time of year.

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Armed Islamists Destroy Timbuktu’s Mud Architecture

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“We’ve got the Sahara Desert on one side and the Niger River on the other – if clashes were to break out the people would have nowhere to run.” Recently I made a tiny film clip to raise awareness about the pollution surrounding the Giza Pyramids. In the comment section of that post, one of my colleagues quipped that Egypt’s newly empowered islamists would probably destroy the iconic Pharaonic structures.

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