Low Impact Natural Building in Nicaragua

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Liz Johndrow from Earthen Endeavors Natural Building is teaching communities in Nicaragua how to build sustainable and natural homes that have low carbon footprints whilst also working to empower local women. Teaching new skills with age old materials, Nicaragua Pueblo Project is the latest venture from earth builder Liz Johndrow. Nicaragua is one of the world''s more natural disaster-prone countries.

The Green Economy Reports: Nicaragua: From Blackouts to Powerhouse

Green (Living) Review

Nicaragua’s thriving, renewable energy program is one of the most ambitious in the world, despite being the second poorest in Latin America, according to The Green Economy. Princeton, New Jersey : Nicaragua’s ambitious renewable energy program promotes foreign business investment through tax incentives for foreign investors. Attractive investment opportunities, continued growth in the renewables market and prospects of decreased oil dependency make Nicaragua’s future bright.


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New England Patriots Head to Nicaragua

Eco Friendly Daily

Through a partnership between the NFL and World Vision, however, the incorrectly titled, losing team’s licensed Reebok apparel is recycled by being sent to children in Nicaragua, Romania, and several other countries.

6 Eco-Friendly Resorts Around the World For Travelers With a Conscience

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A trip to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua is a must this season, where you could be staying at the rustic and very state-of-the-art Morgan’s Rock’s bungalows. Escapes eco destinations eco lodges eco resorts eco tourism Eco Travel Grenada India Nicaragua responsible travel Tanzania travel Vietnam wanderlustIf you’re anything like us, your wanderlust knows no bounds. A perfect escape is immersion in nature, packed with a balanced mix of adventure and tranquility.

Quick Study: Do REDD+ Projects Benefit People as Well as Forests?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The projects range from dry, degraded grasslands to intact tropical forests, and from the tiny (the just 42 hectares Plan Vivo project in Nicaragua) to the enormous Noel Kempff project in Bolivia , which covers nearly 2,500 square miles. A field trip to Reserva Natural El Hatico, familia Molina Durán, near Palmira, Colombia, to take carbon measurements in an area of tropical forest, as part of a CIAT-hosted workshop on REDD+.

Alternative summit on environment and people held in Bolivia

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Some 18,000 people were on hand, including, scientists, intellectuals, lawyers and official representatives from 94 countries, among them the presidents of Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua. Business & Politics Bolivia climate summit Cop15 Copenhagen Cuba Ecuador environment summit Evo Morales Hugo Chavez Nicaragua Paraguay people summit VenezuelaPresident of Bolivia, Evo Morales, at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. Photo by Simon Wedege.


Green Earth Journey

Name: Marlon Obando Solano and Amy Shelton Shop Name: naturalezanica Shop Link: [link] Location: Louisville, Kentucky (by way of Nicaragua) Ships To : everywhere What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? Marlon began collecting and experimenting with different natural materials at a young age in the woods and mountains surrounding his family's farm in Nicaragua.

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Virtual International Clayfest 2020 – ‘building’ skills and building ‘skills’

Low Impact

How the roles of young women, dedicated training and climate-change adaptation support the earth building revival Nicaragua – with Helen Shears. It’s a highlight of the natural building calendar not to be missed.

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Study Finds Indigenous Land Management Highly Effective in Combating Climate Change

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A friend rang to say that ranchers had attacked a group of Mayangna Indians in a forest near Musawas in Nicaragua, killing one of the Indians and injuring several others. The study highlights the story of Brazil, where increasing indigenous rights to the rainforest helped cut carbon emissions by 3.2 billion tons. This article originally appeared at Equals Change , the staff blog of the Ford Foundation. The author is the director of sustainable development at the Ford Foundation.

2014 103

What do forest rights have to do with climate change?

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A friend rang to say that ranchers had attacked a group of Mayangna Indians in a forest near Musawas in Nicaragua, killing one of the Indians and injuring several others. The first time I heard about Charlie Taylor was the day he died. Charlie—a forty-year old father of seven who farmed locally and panned for gold in nearby rivers—was the one who died.

2014 103

Will COP26 be postponed?


But as of September, delegates in Kenya, Pakistan, Nicaragua and other countries were still waiting to hear about the promised vaccine. Most studies coming out on climate change emphasize the need for immediate action. But now, almost 1,600 nonprofits want to postpone the COP26 climate summit until next year. The reason? Unequal access to the COVID-19 vaccine, which could prevent delegates from less developed countries from participating. More than 200 countries are part of the annual U.N.

Elephants and Water Opossums and Wildebeests, Oh My

Nature Conservancy - Science

Get up close and personal with a water opossum and other wild critters of Nicaragua. How would a canal across Nicaragua impact the environment and the people who live there? There are so many reasons to love the flamboyant wildebeest. Photo credit: John Schinker through a Creative Commons License 2.0.

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Developing countries doing more to save climate – Developed country leadership missing

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As an example, Nicaragua, a member of the LMDC, intends to have 94% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2017 from a share of 20% in 2007. Bonn, Germany, May 3, 2013 – The Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDC) group, today, reminded developed countries that developing countries are doing more than their fair share to save the climate at the close of the first round of climate talks.

How Clay Jugs Make Polluted Water Safe

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Originally based in Nicaragua, the project has expanded to other underdeveloped countries. Cool, fresh drinking water. Westerners turn the faucet on and take it for granted that good water will flow out, but in many countries fresh water is a treasure, gained by hard work. In rural villages all over the globe, people – usually women and children – fill buckets and jerry cans from a communal faucet or from a natural source that may be over an hour’s walk away.

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Repairing Damaged Soil for Sustainable Farming


And this is not an isolated pattern: Nicaragua, Bolivia and Romania all saw rainfall and flooding reach levels of severity the likes of which had not been known for almost 100 years. It’s undeniable that there’s a worrying trend of more. frequent flooding across the world, and more severe flooding when it occurs.

2018 41

Caffé Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

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Last year, edie reported that Nero was building on its work with the Rainforest Alliance to “move beyond certification” and train-up coffee farmers across South America, having launched a farming community support initiative in Nicaragua in 2015. Italian-style coffee shop chain Caffé Nero is looking to extend an innovative coffee-to-biofuel recycling scheme beyond greater London after a successful partnership with recycling company First Mile and technology firm Bio-Bean.

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Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today. We now understand that Earth’s ability to provide the clean air and water and moderate temperatures humans need to survive is dependent upon its entire web of life working in harmony which is the reason why the importance of biodiversity hotspots grows with every new claim of the natural environment. Each species plays an important role within the larger web of life.

Copenhagen: Five Countries Agree On Tenative Climate Framework

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Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua have also expressed their anger regarding the proposed plan. Belief that a climate agreement would be met to replace the Kyoto Protocol persisted for years leading up to the climate change talks in Copenhagen. However, as the weeks grew closer to the meeting itself, countries began expressing the likelihood of no deals coming out of Copenhagen. Unfortunately, this does seem to have been the case at the end of the conference.

SNAPP: Incorporating New Types of Knowledge for Conservation Solutions

Nature Conservancy - Science

My boot camp in post-humanitarian crises was Peace Corps Nicaragua in 1996. Part of me still wants to collaborate in solving those tangible, site-based problems I experienced 20 years ago as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua.

2016 41

Electricity for Cuban mountain villages

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It is a non-profit making association which was founded in May 1992 with the goal to contribute to the energy turnaround in the Caribbean countries, mainly Cuba, but also in Nicaragua and meanwhile in South America, e.g. Venezuela and Bolivia thus replacing fossil energy sources without following the dangerous wrong track of nuclear energy Phaesun installs independent solar systems in the framework of the Karen e.V.

2014 102

The myth about a bloody October Revolution

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The Sandinistas were being demonized – and probably still are – the the powers-that-be in the US – when they had (and again have) the power in Nicaragua. Nicaragua and El Salvador were the operating ground of United Fruit Company with its own army which was, basically, a CIA force and the same goes for Cuba and other Central and South American countries where the people wanted to go a different route to that prescribed by the USA, such as Chile.

Easter gift ideas from Present Aid

Green (Living) Review

A gift of cocoa seedlings (£27) is the perfect Easter gift for a chocolate lover and can make a big difference for a farming family in Jinotega, one of Nicaragua's poorest areas. Present Aid, the charity gift shop of international development charity Christian Aid, recently launched a new website offering a range of Easter themed gifts, the proceeds of which will help to fund Christian Aid’s work to end global poverty.

2013 101

Secular democracy on the march in the Muslim world?

Green (Living) Review

This could be seen with the elections in Nicaragua and that returned Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega as president, which independent observers, including President Jimmy Carter, declared cleaner more democratic than the US elections. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The short and most simple answer to this question would be to say “hardly” but that might be as little too short.

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Climate change could make coffee extinct by 2080

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Mexican coffee fields will become “nonviable” first, followed quickly by Nicaragua; both regions are expected to lose commercial productivity by 2050. The sun may be setting on a popular morning brew. According to a new report issued by the Climate Institute, global warming will underpin an estimated 50 percent drop in coffee production by 2050.

2016 63


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The LMDC is comprised of several developing countries including the following: Bolivia, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Mali, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela) This press release is presented for your information only.

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Putting Reforestation On the Dollar Menu

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Their work in countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua hasn’t gone un-noticed. What can you get for a dollar these days? Well, a quick google search would show that you can buy any wide number of items for such a bargain. Things like cheeseburgers, music downloads and you’re favorite watered down brew can all be had for such a price.

Harry's Nuts! declared elephant friendly

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Liberation Foods is co-owned by farming groups from Malawi , Mozambique , Bolivia , Brazil , Nicaragua , Peru , El Salvador and India. Harry’s Nuts!, the Fairtrade salted nuts from Harry Hill, have been declared ‘Elephant Friendly’ thanks to the work of Fairtrade cashew farmers in India in protecting an endangered species. The snacks are available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and other outlets and the packs of cashews have an extra environmental boast with each munch.

2012 126

Shade Coffee: Not Just for the Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

Paper prepared at International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) office in Managua, Nicaragua. Left: A traditional coffee plantation. Photo by Fernando Rebêlo. Right: A shade grown coffee plantation. Photo by John Blake. By Tim Boucher, senior conservation geographer. A lot of us drink coffee. Some of us drink a lot of coffee. The daily consumption of 2.25 billion cups makes coffee the second-most traded commodity in the world! Only crude oil is ahead of it.

2013 55

The Moron – sorry Mormon – World

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The Wycliffe Bible Translators played – being a part of the CIA – an extremely great role in the destabilization of many countries in Central and South America that were led, for a while, by socialist governments, such as Nicaragua, or worked hard against the popular uprisings in El Salvador and Honduras. Mormonism: A religion based on witchcraft? by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Is the Mormon “faith” based on witchcraft?

Why We Love NYC’s Think Coffee

Eco Chic

Whether it is a small family farm in Nicaragua or a Brazilian plantation or a cooperative in southern Ethiopia, each has its own economic, social and political climate. Recently, I conducted an intern search, and since Eco Chick is one of the many companies that works virtually, that means I had to find a place to meet with all the fantastic applicants.

Insuring Nature, Ensuring Resilience

Cool Green Science

Achieving scale here would mean reduced carbon emissions, cleaner water, significant economic assistance for farming families, supply chain stabilization and an economic boost for important regional economies like Mexico, Brazil, and Nicaragua. The 2017 Global Insurance Forum brought together more than 500 global insurance executives, regulators, academics and policy makers to discuss the role of the insurance industry in building global risk resiliency. Below is the keynote speech Mark R.

2017 49

10 Best Coastal Eco-Resorts

Green Life Smart Life

Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge, Nicaragua – Going green doesn’t mean giving up luxuries at this eco-chic getaway about 15 miles north of the Costa Rica border. Summer is finally approaching. After what seems like an eternity, the sun is coming out to play and the warm temperatures have everyone dreaming of a summer vacation. Unfortunately traveling usually means an increased stress on the environment and more and more people are planning stay-cations for them and their families.

San Francisco coffee shop opens right by Golden Gate Bridge


In 1999, Equator became one of the first fair trade certified roasters, sourcing its coffee from the Soppexcca Cooperative in Nicaragua. Coffee lovers have a zillion options to grab a cup of coffee in San Francisco , but Equator Coffee’s newest location will trump all the others. Its new Round House Café has a nearly 360 degree view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Round House is part of Equator’s ongoing partnership with the national park system.

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

Green Blog

years ), Singapore (5.1), Czech Republic (5.2), Liberia (5.2), Netherlands (5.3), Russia (5.3), Nicaragua (5.4), Finland (5.5), Oman (5.6), Palau (5.6), Brazil (5.6), Uruguay (5.7), Denmark (5.8). “Australia is committed to a greedy and inhumane course of climate exceptionalism, climate racism and climate injustice.&#. We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions.

Online Resources for Low-Carbon Energy and Development

The Green Changemakers

Here it is: Low-Carbon Energy and Development Planning Tools World Bank Low Carbon Development Portal –This comprehensive website provides direct access to a wide range of low-carbon development studies at the community, city, region, national, and global levels, including low-carbon studies (both documents and models) in Brazil and Mexico, rural communities in Nicaragua, as well as Nigeria and Kenya.

Fighting Corruption Toolkit

The Green Changemakers

Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit Special Edition 2004 Teaching Integrity to Youth: Examples from 11 countries Click on the links below to download individual chapters of the Tool Kit. CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Macau SAR Mr Pig and Superman William: Ethics Education for Primary Pupils 3. Brazil Where Your Taxes Go: Fiscal Education for Citizenship 4. Colombia Working with Universities: The Cátedra Programme 5. Italy Taking Anti-Corruption Heroes into Schools 6.

CULTIVATING PEACE Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management

The Green Changemakers

CULTIVATING PEACE Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management Edited by Daniel Buckles IDRC /World Bank 1999 ISBN 0-88936-899-6 e-ISBN 1-55250-251-1 300 pp. Disponible en français / Disponible en español Conflict over natural resources — such as land, water, and forests — has for ages been widespread.

2010 40

Dr. Lyly Rojas teaches peace to business

The Green Changemakers

She was born amidst political turmoil in Nicaragua and their political views and economic conditions forced her parents to flee to the United States. Humanitarian Dr Lyly Rojas is teaching the culture of peace to business students at the University of Applied Sciences and Technology in Vienna, Austria. Her challenge to future business leaders is to make waves in the corporate world and drive a culture change.

2009 40

Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

Green Blog

At the 2011 Durban Climate Conference the US, with the help of its climate criminal lackeys Australia and Canada, again succeeded in preventing requisite international climate change action. It was reported that Island States had again pleaded with other representatives to avert “ climate genocide ” but their pleas fell on deaf ears at Durban, as at Cancun, as at Copenhagen.

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

Green Blog

Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming. In relation to carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, Net Carbon Debt is equal to the Historical Carbon Debt (from fossil fuel burning since the start of the Industrial Revolution in circa 1750) minus the Carbon Credit (the residual carbon pollution from fossil fuel burning permitted between now and zero emissions in 2050).

Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

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Although she doesn’t mention it, that campaign contributed to the formation of what might be called the anti-FTAA, a trade and cultural alliance based on solidarity – the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), which includes Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Despite their poverty, some ALBA nations have registered significant climate achievements, such as Nicaragua’s program to produce 70% of its electricity by renewable energy.

Break the Climate Stalemate Between the Global South and the North

The Green Changemakers

People’s movements around the world and a growing number of countries—including Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, and the entire African Union—have proposed requiring industrialized nations to pay their “ecological debt” through a United Nations entity. by Gopal Dayaneni, Mateo Nube Rich and poor countries are in this together. If either fails to step up, the planet is in trouble.

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