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Climate Tech Weekly is a newsletter covering innovations, emerging technologies, startups, funding mechanisms, alliances and people driving the climate tech movement. Here is the original post: Introducing our Climate Tech Weekly newsletter. Business Green behavior-and climate funding-mechanisms moves-markets- newsletter-covering others-haven people-driving price-climate risk-sufficiently tech-movement- weekly what-investors

Sherry Larkin describes the BP oil spill "economic loss research for the state of Florida" in the May AERE Newsletter

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The AERE Newsletter is available here: [link

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Eco-Vegan Newsletter

Eco-Vegan Girl

I've been thinking about doing a newsletter for a while and would love to know if you'd like to receive it. If you're interested, please give me your email address below and when the newsletter is ready you'll be the first to receive it! Loading

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Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles Newsletter Adds New Column

Green (Living) Review

Kovels’ newsletter to offer tips on “new uses for old stuff.” Repurposed lampshade frame Cleveland, OH, June 10, 2013 : “ New Uses for Old Stuff ” is a new monthly feature starting in the June issue of the newsletter “Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles,” which will continue to give collectors current information on sales, auctions, trends and reproductions.

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The premiere of the GreenBiz weekly newsletter about sustainable food systems


Read more: The premiere of the GreenBiz weekly newsletter about sustainable food systems. We’re in a crisis that is also an opportunity. Business Green battle Eco food made-from plus-practical the-battle the-food time-for

EvG Newsletter, Plus New Site Is Near Completion!

Eco-Vegan Girl

The other good news is that I'll finally be sending out a weekly newsletter, as you have been requesting since last fall. Subscribe to the newsletter mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name * Last Name * How Often Do You Wish To Receive It? The redesigned EvG site is near completion and you're in for quite a treat because it is sooooo much better than this one! Stay tuned.

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Welcome to a new era of ESG and sustainable finance


Welcome to a new era of ESG and sustainable finance Joel Makower Thu, 01/21/2021 – 01:30 Adapted from the premiere issue of GreenFin Weekly, a free e-newsletter focusing on trends in ESG and sustainable finance. What a moment to launch a newsletter on ESG and sustainable finance. Here are just a few storylines we’ll be following in this newsletter: The convergence of standards: This is No.

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Monopoly - Official Trailer

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From the Funny or Die Newsletter: Monopoly - Official Trailer - watch more funny videos

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Free Newsletter: The Low Carbon Agenda


I don't know how many readers of Eco-living also read my Sustainable Business Blog , but you may be interested in my brand new newsletter: The Low Carbon Agenda. Aimed at businesses and organisations, it is all about reducing your carbon footprint and exploiting the business opportunities in the Low Carbon Economy. You can see the first issue and sign up to future issues here.


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link] [link] I could go on but this is only the first edition of my newsletter Why am I getting spam from the "Fox School of Business, Temple University"? Childishly, I replied to I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments. Here are some of my papers that I'm sure you'd like to read!

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Teaching with blogs

Environmental Economics

I've been reading Jennifer's blog lately since she asked me to write a piece for the CSWEP newsletter on teaching with blogs. In that essay (?) I promised to do more of this in my senior seminar course this spring

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The new phonebooks are here!

Environmental Economics

In other words, Tim and I have an essay in the latest AERE Newsletter. From the inbox: Here is a link to the May issue of the AERE Newsletter. If you are not, it used to be that the most recent newsletter was made available after 6 months or so. I hope you take some time to look it over. Read about plans for the upcoming AERE Summer Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada this June with nearly 300 members attending—a great turnout!

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£3.3 trillion fossil fuels subsidies by G20 countries since Paris Climate Agreement

Low Impact

But it’s much, much worse than that – governments are massively subsidising the fossil fuels industry, as explain below (and here’s their latest newsletter, with more info and ways you can get involved).

I signed the PACE petition

Environmental Economics

Hat tip: November 2014 AERE Newsletter  (note the link to JEEM in the sidebar. Petition to reinstate the Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures (PACE) survey: We, the undersigned, agree that the Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures (PACE) survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau is a valuable resource for research and policy analysis.

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Green Earth Journey

They also have a company blog for their latest information as well as a newsletter you can sign up to receives special offers and tips on how to stay eco friendly! Christmas shopping for your dog(s) to look forward to??? Look no further than your eco friendly pawluxury. Pawluxury provides treats , collars, leashes , toys , beds , health products , bath items , apparel/gear and travel items. And all of this is on their easy-to-navigate and beautifully laid out website!

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12 reasons why industrial-scale agriculture is driving environmental destruction

Low Impact

Public engagement via farm open days, volunteering, box scheme newsletters and other means, facilitates this understanding. In this article, the LWA’s Horticulture Campaigns Coordinator Rebecca Laughton explains why we have to produce and trade a greater percentage of food locally.

Like Us on Facebook and Win an Organic Cotton Dress

Green Prophet

First, tell us in the comment section at the end of this post why you think that buying organic clothing made in accordance with fair-trade principles is so important, then “Like” us on Facebook and help us get to 6,000 likes by July 15th, and finally, sign up for our newsletter to get the best in environmental news from the Middle East and North Africa. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter for access to stay abreast of their awesome green happenings.

Examining Conventional Wisdom

Green Home Blog

Each week they send out an online newsletter with info direct from the farm. Newsletter subscriber Joanna C. Sign up for the newsletter at Examining Conventional Wisdom. By: Andy Griffin. Andy Griffin and his wife Julia work a small farm near Watsonville, California. This commentary originally appeared in farmletter #134 on June 21, 2002.

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4 ways to scale regenerative ag


This article was adapted from the GreenBiz Food Weekly newsletter. Sign up here to receive your own free subscription.This week, I want to talk about one of the most exciting options we have for reforming our food systems and tackling climate change: regenerative agriculture. See more here: 4 ways to scale regenerative ag. Business Green adapted-from and-tackling creating-opportunity food receive-your reforming-our renewable energy weekly

The complexities of composting


This article is adapted from GreenBiz’s weekly newsletter, Circular Weekly, running Fridays. Subscribe here.These days, recycling gets all the attention.

Friday beer post: whatever happened to Stroh's?

Environmental Economics

It had something to do with due diligence, and Bill Coors,” says Benjamin Steinman, longtime editor of newsletter Beer Marketer’s Insights. My first beer was Stroh's: In August 1989 the Stroh Brewery Co. was in retreat. The company that had treated employees like family laid off 300 people, one-fifth of its white-collar workforce. “I I had to let go four of the five people in the marketing research department.

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Blah, blah, blah

Environmental Economics

From our college newsletter ( Continuum ): When Tim Haab took the reins as chair of the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics on October 1, 2010, he knew he'd face some challenges-- challenges "that most everyone in higher education is facing these days."

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Another sequester casuality?

Environmental Economics

I guess I'll continue to get my DC environmental news from my local Tea Party newsletter Even a name change couldn't save the blog formerly known as Green, Inc  (at least I can finally let go of my irritation at the name change ): The Times is discontinuing the Green blog, which was created  to track environmental and energy news and to foster lively discussion of developments in both areas.

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We're a "Top 50 Alternative Energy Blogs"

Environmental Economics

But investing in green energy can be a tall order , as there are numerous companies that offer dozens of different clean energy solutions [for more alternative energy news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter ].  In case you missed it: Alternative energy has been a hot topic in recent years, as it has been heavily debated in both the political and investing world.

Come study sustainability at THE Ohio State University

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  Learn more about this pioneering major and how to enroll, sign-up for our newsletter, like us on facebook, and start following us on twitter and pinterest by visiting [link Blatant self-promotion alert: New undergraduate major in sustainability at Ohio State. Students who have a passion for sustainability can put their passion into practice by enrolling in Ohio State’s new major called Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) ( [link] ). 

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How Cleantech Companies Should Announce Their Exciting News

Michael Grossman

I track dozens of cleantech companies on Google, subscribe to all sorts of newsletter lists, and follow even more cleantech companies on LinkedIn so that I can keep up with industry news. Not every threshold achieved deserves a megaphone, so while new patents might be worth the cost of putting out a press release on a media wire service, less engaging stories like the latest hire or the move to a new building would be better suited for a newsletter or blog post to a narrower audience.

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Topic: Oil prices. Discuss

Environmental Economics

From the WSJ 360 (the interdisciplinary newsletter) email: FOCUS ARTICLE>>  Economics/Supply-Demand-Price Surging Oil Prices Bite Demand by: By Benoit Faucon and James Herron Date: Apr 13, 2011  SUMMARY: The highest oil prices in 2½ years have begun to trigger some deterioration in demand, oil producers and consumers said, a surprising fallout from the disruption in oil production that has resulted from unrest in the Middle East.

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From My Inbox-Sigg Bottles Discount

Green Earth Journey

In future newsletter editions, we'll do our best to bring you useful information, special deals, interesting tidbits about our Swissness, humorous anecdotes, amazing bottle adventures and of course a heads-up about our latest products. In honor of Earth Day we've teamed up with our good friends at 1% For The Planet.

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A history of the Exxon funded CVM debate makes it to twitter. in case you are missing it, there is a more recent BP funded CVM debate @Undercoverhist

Environmental Economics

  Other than this: Whitehead, John C., "Natural Resource Damage Assessment … May be Hazardous to Your Health," AERE Newsletter 36(2):32-38, November 2016.  [ Download Aere newsletter november 2016 finalmv revised -essay ]. 1/ Looooong tweetstorm on use of contingent valuation method in Exxon Valdez case & what it says on how economics science & expertise work Beatrice Cherrier (@Undercoverhist) June 25, 2017.

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After Cyber Monday, here comes a new spotlight on e-commerce shipping


This article is adapted from GreenBiz’s newsletter, Transport Weekly, running Tuesdays. Subscribe here.How many Amazon packages were rapidly shipped to your home this week thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday?For For many of us, plenty. And those big cardboard boxes with tiny items inside are just one of the more visceral problems associated with the rapid rise of on-demand online shopping. .

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Why didn't I think of that?

Environmental Economics

You'll be able to find the picture of the day on my office door, daily demand and supply in my class or hallway conversations, stuff about my kids on facebook, you can ask me at conferences about what I had for dinner and I'll be starting a daily e-newsletter (i.e., Blogging is a pain. Every day it is the same old thing. picture of the day, daily demand and suppy, talk about my kids and what I've been eating, make fun of Tim.

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How about "cut, cap and balance over the business cycle and don't rule out tax increases if they are needed"?

Environmental Economics

From the inbox, from my Congresswomen's email newsletter: Is the bill that passed Congress the one I would have picked?    Absolutely not.    I wanted more spending cuts and a stronger commitment to a balanced budget amendment. My reply via webpage form: Hello, Thanks for your recent email explaining your views on the debt crisis. I'm interested in the balanced budget amendment but don't see how that can be accomplished without raising taxes.

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Call for Papers: AERE@SEA

Environmental Economics

From the AERE Newsletter ( PDF ) with two minor edits (the submission deadline has been moved back to 3/10 and there are no discussants): The 87th Annual Meeting of the SEA will be held in Tampa, Florida at the Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, November 17-19, 2017 (Friday through Sunday).

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Barefoot Bloggers Help You Write to Save the Planet

Green Prophet

For a limited time our new book is discounted 50% to to newsletter subscribers if you register for our weekly newsletter. Four years ago when I started Green Prophet I wanted a space to share the good green news from the Middle East – news that usually gets lost in conflict or context. Today our news team have inspired change makers to connect with each other to start new green initiatives.

How to start a community garden: Part 3

Low Impact

Be sure to: Continue to keep everyone regularly informed – through a newsletter or website, for example.

Eco Bible gives ethical green compass to the woke generation

Green Prophet

Sign up to this newsletter if you want to get an alert and we will let you know when the book is available. .

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"Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries"

Environmental Economics

March 11, 2008,  My contribution to the NCAEP Newsletter. FYI, 28 centuries is 2800 (28 x 100) years: The worsening of tidal flooding in American coastal communities is largely a consequence of greenhouse gases from human activity, and the problem will grow far worse in coming decades, scientists reported Monday.

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CSWEP tackles economics blogs

Environmental Economics

From the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession webpage : The Winter 2012 CSWEP Newsletter is now available online.    Jennifer Imazeki has organized terrific articles around the theme of Using Social Media in Economics. The articles an introduction by Imazeki, "the impact of economics blogs" (McKenzie and Ozler), "teaching with economics blogs" (Whitehead) and "using social media for self-promotion" (Connelly).

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program

Green Home Blog

Eco-Newsletter – This is a great way to mix the eco-message with training for future journalists, photographers and more. Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program. Fortunately many schools, from public to private, are incorporating environmental teaching into their curriculum. Children learn from a very early age how to turn a light off when they leave a room, not to litter and what recycling means.

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Can this app solve our coffee cup problem?


This article was adapted from the GreenBiz Food Weekly newsletter. Sign up here to receive your own free subscription.This week I want to talk about our coffee cup problem. Nearly two in every three Americans drink coffee, and many of us grab a cup to go. That’s a lot of cups. Because most disposable cups can’t be recycled, it’s also a lot of waste headed to landfill. And that’s just one drink in one country.

Nature’s Nectar Zambia: Socially Conscious Honey & Wax Project


Stay up to date with what we are doing by signing up for our newsletter on our website, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Deforestation around the world is. happening at an alarming rate. Trees being cut for timber products, clearing land for agriculture, and charcoal making are some of the main reasons in the developing world. But, in Northwestern Zambia trees are being cut for another reason; making beehives.

Why ‘climate tech’ is the new cleantech


This article is adapted from GreenBiz’s weekly newsletter, Transport Weekly, running Tuesdays. Subscribe here. I have the sad claim to fame of being one of the journalists most associated with the bubble and bust of Silicon Valley’s tortured love affair with cleantech. It perhaps wasn’t the most advantageous career move, but it was an interesting ride to follow, and I’m betting the ride ain’t over yet.

Episode 249: 30 Under 30 honorees share revelations, big oil pivots


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