Chinese hoax? Fake news?

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This is on the front page of today's NY Times : Global temperatures have continued to rise, making 2016 the hottest year on the historical record and the third consecutive record-breaking year, scientists say. Of the 17 hottest years ever recorded, 16 have now occurred since 2000.

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Which Enzyme Companies Made News in 2014?

Living Green & Saving Energy

The concise summaries of information about key news from the movers and shakers in the enzyme industry last year may be a good guide for what to expect in the coming year. And each news highlight has […].

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Big BP news

Environmental Economics

The DOJ announced that the Trustees in the BP Deepwater Horizon NRDA case have proposed to accept the settlement in principle with BP. The numbers appear to be pretty much the same as previously announced , with additional payments of $500 million for unanticipated restoration (in addition to the $232 million originally announced), $350 million for NRDA costs, and $250 for response costs, lost royalties, and a False Claims Act investigation (see this consent decree document ).

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Checking the news

10,000 Birds

The next thing is starting the computer to check the news. And the first news web site is… eBird. And the “regular” news sites?

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More Pigou Club news?

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" It seems like it is going to take a long time before the Republican Party will be included in a  More Pigou Club news  post.  I skimmed the Republican Party Platform [ PDF ] to find out if it says anything about climate change. It kind of doesn't except for this line: We oppose any carbon tax. I'm reminded of Mankiw's essay on " the key role of conservatives in taxing carbon."

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When is bad news good news?

Environmental Economics

In related news, I cancelled more classes this year due to bad weather (i.e., Tim, please explain: The worst U.S. drought in more than five decades is forecast to raise farm profits to a record $122.2 billion this year as higher prices and insurance payments outweigh crop losses from the dry conditions. Income will rise 3.7 percent from a revised $117.9 billion in 2011, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday in a report on its website. The forecast is up from $91.7

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Birding News from Costa Rica at the Start of the Pandemic

10,000 Birds

The post Birding News from Costa Rica at the Start of the Pandemic appeared first on 10,000 Birds. How quickly things can change.

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Good News?

10,000 Birds

New York City killed less Canada Geese this year than any year since they started rounding the geese up and slaughtering them. The cullings have happened every year since the 2009 emergency landing of a US Airways plane in the Hudson River after the plane struck geese and was disabled. Not only that, but the breast meat of the geese will be donated to food pantries. Asides

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This Week in Bird News: Hawaiian Edition

10,000 Birds

News endangered species endemic birds Hawaii Hawaiian Crow Kaua’i new caledonian crow tool useIn the popular imagination, Hawaii is a tropical paradise. (No, No, not a magical place— you’re thinking of Tahiti, Agent Coulson.) But it’s not always so wonderful for native flora and fauna.

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Some, er, good news for economics majors

Environmental Economics

The Upshot (why do they only give me a Yahoo! option when I want to subscribe to their feed): Graduating into a recession is unlucky. The bad luck haunts young people for years, studies have shown, affecting their salaries , employment prospects and even their health and happiness.

Is it Real News?

Elephant Journal

In TedEd’s Lessons Worth Sharing, Damon Brown reminds world news consuming citizens of the potency of skepticism, critical thinking, and the importance of the breadth and depth of researching when we’re following current events. It’s a matter of news literacy.

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Breaking News

Green Earth Journey

Before dawn this morning, a small team of climate and Native Rights activists rappelled from the US observation deck at Niagara Falls.

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Shocking News!

10,000 Birds

The ABA Bird of the Year for 2012 will not be Green Heron. I’m not allowed to say what it is until 20 March but, really, does it matter if it isn’t the finest of North America’s avifauna ? Asides

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Env-Econ: Real or Fake News?

Environmental Economics

Apparently when it comes to Alternative Energy Blogs, we are the 9th ranked blog in the 'News' category.  

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Any News is Good News?

10,000 Birds

The winner of this year’s Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for worst opening sentence to an imaginary novel is about birds and windmills. Sure, it is not a scientific treatise, but anything that brings attention to this issue is good, right? And, wow, what a horrific sentence Sue Fondrie wrote: “Cheryl’s mind turned like the vanes of a wind-powered turbine, chopping her sparrow-like thoughts into bloody pieces that fell onto a growing pile of forgotten memories.&# Asides

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The Volt Report - Informative Environmental News

Hug a Tree with Me

The thought that eighty percent of the world’s energy usage comes from fossil fuels is staggering and disheartening, however, that number use to be a lot higher. Before alternative energy was seriously thought of, almost 100 percent of our energy consumption came from fossil fuels.

Good news? Bad News? You be the judge

Environmental Economics

In a headline news world, sometimes it's tough to figure out what is going on: CNN : Economy picks up speed. Fox News : US 4Q GDP expands more slowly than anticipated. News : U.S. Drudge : REAL GDP COLLAPSE: 1.7% FOR YEAR. Washington Post : U.S. economy grew at fastest pace in 18 months. LA Times : GDP grows 2.8% at year's end but rate falls short of expectations. NY Times : U.S. Recovery Slowly Gained Speed in Late ’11, Data Show.

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Cue that breaking news headline music!

Environmental Economics

The long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada moved a significant step toward completion Friday as the State Department raised no major environmental objections to its construction.

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Good News for UK Birds (and Birders)

10,000 Birds

News Arctic Tern Atlantic Puffin Common Tern Conservation England Great Britain Natural England Roseate Tern Sandwich Tern United KingdomSome of Great Britain’s most cherished seabirds just got an added layer of protection.

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Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed (again)

Wend Magazine

More on Fox News and their passionately misinformed legion of followers. From ThinkProgress: Fox News Viewers are the Most Misinformed: A Seventh Study Arrives to Prove It — and Vindicate Jon Stewart! From PlanetSave: Fox News Boss Ordered Staff to Make Climate Change Seem Doubtful.

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A Post Chock-full of Bird News

10,000 Birds

… because my husband and I have done some migrating of our own, from Chicago to Philadelphia, over the past few weeks, and bringing 10,000 Birds readers the freshest and best bird news sadly had to take a back seat to packing, driving, unpacking, and furiously scouring Craigslist for Ikea furniture. So without further ado, here’s what’s been going on the past few weeks in bird news.

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Big Online Birding News

10,000 Birds

Two big bits of online birding news! The American Birding Association has announced the launch of Birding News , which will be their takeover of the functions that have long been provided by It is unclear if will be taken down or if it will redirect to Birding News but, either way, this is exciting news for the ABA!

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Migration and More: A Bird News Update

10,000 Birds

With fall migration well underway everywhere, it’s a good time to see what’s flying in bird news. News Audubon Bahamas California Condor Egypt European Kestrel geolocator Ghana International Bird Rescue logging migration power lines Prothonotary Warbler September 11th Tribute in Light

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Andean Condors On The News

10,000 Birds

I just read on the news that about 20 Andean Condors (Vultur gryphus) were poisoned in Chile. The birds were observed crashing into the rocks high in the Andean mountains near a hydroelectric power plant. Other birds were seen crash landing. As Chilean officials and volunteers rescued 17 birds they noticed the birds were foaming from the beak. Another sick condor and two dead ones were found nearby.

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BREAKING NEWS: California Oil Spill update

Sustainability Ninja

More updates to follow — Agricultural News Agriculture Eco News california california oil spill featured oil oil spill Refugio Beach Refugio Beach oil spill spill

The opposite of encouraging news

Environmental Economics

In coming years, Ohioans likely can count on continued poor employment growth, little in the way of pay increases, and more health-care costs shifted to them. via

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Whooping Crane News

10,000 Birds

While the ultralight aircraft leading a flock of young Whooping Cranes to Florida may again take to the skies , that good news is tempered by the effects of the drought in Texas , which has already led to the death of at least one Whooping Crane there. It’s a mixed bag for our most charismatic of North American waders this week.

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Good News Garage

Green Earth Journey

Luckily, someone stepped in to help her with her dilemma: Good News Garage , a local nonprofit group. Everybody needs help in different ways, so I try to give it forward", ” she told Good News Garage.

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The Good News. {Video}

Elephant Journal

Sometimes my heart needs some good news: here is the story of Zalushka, a Siberian tigress in captivity. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) captivity liberation Russia Siberia Zalushka

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Bad News for On-Line Classes

Environmental Economics

Online classes are already common in colleges, and, on the whole, the record is not encouraging.

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Good news for the Wood Stork

10,000 Birds

I was happy to read that the wood stork ( Mycteria Americana ), a bird near and dear to me, was down-sited from the status of endangered to threatened species. On June 25, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is down-listing the wood stork from endangered to threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The wood stork was listed as endangered in 1984, because the Florida population was dropping at an approximate rate of 5 percent per year.

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Bad tenure news for Indiana Jones

Environmental Economics

The departmental committee has met to decide on Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones tenure, and the news is not good. In his nine years with the department, Dr. Jones has failed to complete even one uninterrupted semester of instruction. In fact, he hasn’t been in attendance for more than four consecutive weeks since he was hired.

Positive News Sites & Apps for the Weary News Consumer.

Elephant Journal

It can be difficult to avoid the stress and the compassion fatigue that comes with the onslaught of bad news. But so often, we forget that the onslaught of bad news often comes because of an undue focus on negative news stories by the media. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Literary Journal apps awareness balance change family good news happiness Happy Apps happy news healing Health & Wellness life mindfulness news news consumer politics positive news site weary website

BBC Breaking News—Ummm, Breaks Down.

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Enlightened Society Funny bbc news bbc newsroom breaking news clown humor Huw Edwards laughter laughter therapy lighten up live live television UK

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Good News for South Georgia Island’s Pipit Population

10,000 Birds

While this is happy news for any parents, and wonderful news for any threatened species (these Pipits live only on Antarctica’s South Georgia Island and number only 3,000-4,000 pairs), it’s tremendous news for those trying to eradicate rats from the island. News invasive species rats South Georgia south georgia pipit A bird species battling an onslaught of invasive rats just got a glimpse of hope. Researchers say that South Georgia Pipits have hatched chicks.

Apparently climate change is real (or maybe this is just FAKE NEWS)

Environmental Economics

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Nate Makes the News!

10,000 Birds

home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Nate Makes the News! Nate Makes the News! By Corey • March 13, 2011 • 4 comments Tweet Share It is not every day that a local newspaper covers birding at all, so the fact that The Chapel Hill News ran an article on Nate ‘s Triangle Big Year is pretty cool. 4 Responses to “Nate Makes the News!&#

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Bad News for Ridley Terminal

Sightline Daily

Here’s just a sampling of the recent news suggesting that Ridley’s facing serious long-term troubles: Cancelled shipping contracts. The news rocked Coalspur’s stock price, forcing the company to admit that it might fold soon if it can’t find new funding.

2014 112

The Good News about Breakups.

Elephant Journal

I know for sure that if it weren’t for my failed relationships, I wouldn’t have succeeded in. Health & Wellness Love accepting change breakups destructive relationships embracing change endings and beginnings healing independence personal growth romantic love silver lining

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A Great Big Messy Pile of Bird … News

10,000 Birds

Bad news at the poo ponds: birds may take a turn for the worse from all that Prozac in our waste. News banded stilts Bird Conservation climate change flight Great Bustards Hermit Thrush Pale Male research Zebra Finches Hello folks, and happy weekend! After weeks lost to work, stressing about work, stressing about not having work, and working on trying to get work, it looks like all my efforts have actually worked.

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George’s Long Farewell: Why One Snail’s Death Became International News

Nature Conservancy - Science

The death of a colorful snail named George draws international attention over the plight of vanishing species. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Endangered Species Invasive Species

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Can my students now use The Onion as a legitimate news source?

Environmental Economics

invaded Iraq, a news outlet predicted the war would be a colossal disaster that would ultimately destabilize the Middle East and fuel the rise of anti-Western forces willing to die for a fundamentalist cause. And the satirical news site nailed it. In March 2003, soon after the U.S.

Chaos is Good News.

Elephant Journal

Chaos can be our leverage to insight, our awakening to what is really going on. Last week, I was almost hit by a car. A woman pulled up to the busy street my street intersects, aiming to turn right on red. I noticed she wasn’t noticing me. I am a driver, too; sometimes, and as […].