New Mexico's families of color already feeling climate change's effects


In hot, dry New Mexico, climate change is already playing out. In Albuquerque, New Mexico’s biggest city, the International District, where many families of color live, is a heat sink. And it’s hitting people of color especially hard, say climate change experts. Too much concrete and not enough vegetation traps heat. Several organizations are planting trees in lower income areas of the city, but it will be a while before saplings can provide shade. “As

New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved » New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power. Recently the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission chose to continue the state’s leadership on clean energy investments when it approved a measure on solar power : The Public Regulation Commission (last month) approved a new way.for utilities to calculate renewable energy costs but kept the current price caps that limit the impact on consumers. Compass.

New Mexico’s families of color already feeling climate change’s effects


In hot, dry New Mexico , climate change is already playing out. In Albuquerque, New Mexico’s biggest city, the International District, where many families of color live, is a heat sink. Related: Environmental racism in America “As it gets hotter, heat sinks will affect mental and emotional health,” said Joan Brown, executive director of climate justice organization New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light, as reported by NM Political Report.

10 Amazing Fall Foliage Photos

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9) Aspen woodlands showing fall color in the Coniferous Forest Zone of the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. Photography The Nature Conservancy United States aspen trees autumn leaves autumn photo bear rocks fall foliage fall foliage image fall foliage photo fall leaves fall photo fall trees Georgia grand teton maple trees nature image nature photographer nature photography nature picture New Mexico photography West Virginia Fall is a season for color lovers.

Cool Green Scientist: Anne Bradley

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The view from Anne Bradley’s favorite hike at Tsankawi in Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico. Anne Bradley is The Nature Conservancy’s forest conservation program director in New Mexico. Is there a “graceful” transition we can facilitate to a new norm? New Mexico wouldn’t be such a rich place without those deep roots. Interview by Darci Palmquist, senior science writer.

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Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Southwest

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Food and Cuisine Green Business Green Lifestyle Organic Arizona California farm-to-table food farm-to-table restaurants Nevada new mexico organic farming southwestStop at some of these farm-to-table restaurants in the Southwest on your next drive through, and savor the terroir while you help to support a more resilient and sustainable food system. The post Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Southwest appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, May 2

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Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Green Living International North America Science Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States ban on drilling ban on fracking Bloomberg drilling drought exxon pipelines Farm Bill fracking Grist Huffington Post importing trash Missouri New Mexico Norway npr oslo pegasus rhino poaching South Africa Treehugger The green news this morning has me wanting to move to Norway. Say what?

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The Green Buzz: Friday, November 1

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New Mexico’s “kid cages” — necessary for protection against wolves or just a publicity stunt? Animals Oceans & Coasts The Green Buzz Antarctica daily news green news malayan tiger manatee marine reserve Mongabay nat geo National Geographic New Mexico Pacific Ocean science world report The Huffington Post tiger Treehuger wolves

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The Green Buzz: Monday, January 27

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First case of its kind : Courts will determine whether or not, by repealing greenhouse gas regulations, the state of New Mexico has violated its public trust duty to protect the state’s atmosphere. ( Los Angeles Times ). A new four-episode Hulu sitcom produced by Chipotle, “Farmed and Dangerous,” will seek to educate consumers about factory farming using satire.

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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, July 23

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What SeaWorld thinks of the new “Blackfish” documentary. ( Animals Birds Climate Change Environmental News Global Warming The Green Buzz daily news dolphins environmental news green news Huffington Post Green iberian lynx nat geo National Geographic New Mexico NY Times orca rufous-necked wood-rail seaworld smithsonian Today’s Green Buzz makes us want to reach out and hug an animal. To save the Iberian Lynx , we must address climate change.

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Earth Day 2013 Recap: Picnic Superlatives

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Best Picnic-Inspired Challenge: Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fifteen New Mexico artists accepted the challenge and created wildly imaginative art (that’s a picnic basket under the fairy dress!). Most Inspirational Picnic: New York City. New Yorkers shared their pledges for Earth at the Green Festival in NYC. A huge Earth Day thank you to everyone who participated and made Picnic for Earth a worldwide celebration. From Washington, D.C.

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Military Plans Huge Solar Undertaking - Compass

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SolarCity and Balfour Beatty Communities, LLC announced earlier this week plans to hook up 4,700 military homes with solar at Fort Bliss, Texas, and the adjacent White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) in New Mexico. Compass. « Canadian Clean Energy Initiative Under Attack | Main. Ohios Next Big Decision -- A Clean or Dirty Energy Future? » Military Plans Huge Solar Undertaking.

Straw Bale Home: Completely off grid and self sufficient


Living in the wild desert, where temperatures vary between extremes is a challenging task, and to uniquely suit the circumstances, Edge Architects from Taos, New Mexico, has designed a high desert home that will make living in the desert not only more convenient, but also greener. All thanks to firms like Edge Architects, who are upbeat about giving new dimensions to sustainable living. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account?

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PhD programs in US economics departments with fields in environmental economics

Environmental Economics

University of New Mexico. I was recently advising an economics student about PhD programs in US economics departments (straight econ, not agricultural or other departments) with fields in environmental economics. I excluded ag econ because of the more limited teaching opportunities at the non-RI university (other than East Carolina University and Appalachian State University, who would hire an aggie in an economics department?):

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I can't wait for ESPN to begin covering this 24/7

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Bracketology plus: Eight teams competing in this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament—Colorado State, Connecticut, Mississippi Valley State, New Mexico State, Norfolk State, St. Bonaventure, Southern Mississippi, and Ohio Universities—have academic-progress rates below 925, according to a report released today by the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Where is the congressional outcry over price suppression (or whatever the opposite of price gouging is)?

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Another ten states -- Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia -- also have gas for less than $2. Data from price tracker shows that three states -- Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio -- have at least one station each selling regular gas for less than $1.90 a gallon. Cheap gas is most frequently found at stations in Oklahoma, which was the first state to break the $2 a gallon mark on Dec.

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Attorney: Facebook power deal could be “sea change” for renewables

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Throne was retained by Facebook to guide the social media giant through negotiations with Public Service Company of New Mexico and the state’s regulatory process, though he told his audience at the Santa Fe Public Library’s Southside branch that he was making his presentation as a private attorney and not on Facebook’s behalf. Those special rates could in turn attract new businesses to the state and add new solar and wind facilities to the power grid.

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The Green Buzz: Friday, September 6

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The world’s largest volcano has been discovered, it’s roughly the size of New Mexico. I’m pretty sure you won’t be taking a stroll along the train tracks after reading these stories. Discovery ). A train crash in Australia was caused by a huge infestation of millipedes. ( The Atlantic ). Did fracking cause more than 100 earthquakes in an Ohio town that had never had one before? Grist ).

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First Of Its Kind Solar Power Plant Opens in United States

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This week a new solar power factory opened in New Mexico owned by the Schott Solar company. The plant has invested millions of dollars to the local economy in New Mexico and hundreds of jobs. The plant is welcome news to the local economy in New Mexico and the future of solar in the United States. The factory is considered unique as it will produce photovoltaic panels and thermal receivers for solar power plants.

Major U.S. Companies Collaborate On Solar Plant Purchases

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The company is already an owner of a solar energy project in the state of New Mexico. The New Mexico Cimarron solar farm is equal to 30 megawatts of energy generation. Renewable energy investment increased in 2011 in the United States, making the U.S. the world leader in renewable investments for the year.

Virtual International Clayfest 2020 – ‘building’ skills and building ‘skills’

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We are blending academic talks, vocational talks and skills workshops , our usual approach to bring different voices, new perspectives and discussion to the world of earth building, research, training, engineering, business and architecture.

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Top Five Affordable Destination For Fall 2018

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Wear Sombrero In New Mexico – The Land Of Balloons. Travelling outdoors in New Mexico is truly fantastic. New Mexico is ultimately a destination for those who fancy Hot Air Balloon travel in Fall. Time to tip-toe towards New Mexico! There is not really a specific season to travel. However, some places might be shining their glorious splendour in certain specific seasons!

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Transmitting Alternative Energy In U.S. May Become Easier

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In a recent news conference, the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, announced a plan to build an energy routing station in the state. The station, currently being called the Tres Amigas Super Station, would be located in Clovis, New Mexico. The United States’ has the potential to produce enormous amounts of alternative energy in the form of wind and solar energy. However, one major issue with the production of such energy is the location of the best sources.

New Solar Facilities Planned For American Southwest

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Xcel Energy and SunEdison recently announced an agreement to install five solar energy facilities in New Mexico. Xcel is hoping these facilities will help them meet New Mexico renewable energy standards as well as assist in the economy of the state. The popularity of solar energy is growing around the world. Numerous major installments have been made in past months from China to the United States.

Going Green Off the Grid

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As each new generation emerges amidst the digital whirlwind technology that keeps expanding beyond our control (hello Apple’s 6 iPhone versions in five years) it is no wonder they take this planet for granted. Going Green Off the Grid. Inside an earthship at Greater World. Being plugged into everyday society can be daunting for some. It is this trapped, unsustainable way of life that takes all good green intentions and throws them out the window.

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Climate Brothers (this would be a great show on HGTV. sell your flood prone home at a bargain price or raise it and keep living there)

Environmental Economics

There is a neat profile in the NYTimes on the brothers Nordhaus: Robert Nordhaus, a prominent Washington energy lawyer, and William Nordhaus, a Yale economist, who learned to love the outdoors while growing up on a New Mexico ranch, have taken leading roles in figuring out how to protect the environment.  will justify the new regulation is with an analysis showing that the economic benefits of the climate change rule would outweigh the costs.

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I'm voting for Kentucky as the worst college football state

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The most spirited "competition" in college football this season might be between those ancient gridiron antagonists — the state of New Mexico and the commonwealth of Kentucky — over which state with multiple FBS programs is producing the worst caliber of football. Get ready for a Jax State (FCS) upset today in Lexington (can you believe the game is on ESPNU ?):

Who am I to clarify Econbrowser? but.

Environmental Economics

If the species makes the list, its 800,000 acre habitat in the shinnery oak sand dune communities of southeastern New Mexico and southwestern Texas would receive protected status.

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Music, Snow Days and a Kind of Time Travel: 10 Songs for Your Winter (Outdoor) Playlist

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Soon I’m drifting like snow from song to song, letting memories and imagination transport me to past winter days– from hallowed ground in the Old Dominion to harrowing near-mishaps in New Mexico. Take Me Out — Franz Ferdinand > Florida Mountains, New Mexico We’re stepping gingerly across a snowy scree slope when I make the classic mistake: I look down. Urgent Message: Flight Canceled.

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Finding comfort and love in a plague

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Unless you live in corona “light” countries such as Israel, New Zealand, or Australia, you might not be meeting true love or escorts in Auckland any time soon. Love is a minefield in good times. In bad times, love might make a bit more sense.

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What can rule-bending alternative builders teach us about smarter shelters?

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In my neck of the woods here in southwestern New Mexico, I know a number of people who are living in alternative dwellings that would probably drive a city building inspector or code compliance officer absolutely nuts, but which fit their own needs perfectly.

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The Animas River Brings to Light Issues, Vital Value of Rivers

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The wastewater plume spread from the Animas River in Colorado into the San Juan River in New Mexico and Utah, affecting more than 100 river miles and resulting in a five-day shutdown in irrigation and drinking water withdrawals. And five cities, including Durango and nearby Aztec and Farmington, New Mexico, turned to alternative drinking water supplies until the toxic pulse flowed downstream, beyond municipal water intakes.

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Gila River Confidential

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Mogollon potsherd from the Conservancy’s Gila Riparian Reserve in New Mexico. I am standing on a terrace of land above the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico, not far from Silver City in terms of geography, but centuries away in terms of time. Every time I found a new potsherd, I picked it up, touched the worn, broken edges with my finger tips and then, very carefully, put it back exactly as I had found it.

Record-Breaking Summer Across United States For Temperatures And Drought

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Louisiana has not been as hard hit in the drought department, however, the state of New Mexico did not escape the drought. New Mexico has been battling severe wildfires this summer along with 72.19 The Oklahoma Dust Bowl is a well-known event in the United States, an event triggered by severe drought in the state of Oklahoma. In 1934, Oklahoma averaged 85.2 degrees Fahrenheit between June and August and has topped the list for warmest on record in the U.S. since.

How trust can be a practical tool for positive change

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Being able to trust can create a powerful foundation for reframing how we see the world and taking more purposeful actions in our lives, discovers Jini Reddy at the Findhorn New Story Summit Is trust the secret ingredient in the recipe for creating a brave new world? I was attending the New Story Summit, a week-long global gathering aimed at creating new narratives around ecology, social justice and the economy. Trust led to a new model, hitherto unthinkable.

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California May Get Its Emission Standard Afterall

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These other states are: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Washington. Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency rejected a request by the California government to allow a state-wide car emissions standard below the national standard.

So You Think You Might Like Home-Based Geothermal Energy?

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These geothermal fields currently exist in California and Oregon, with more across the Pacific Northwest as far inland as Montana in the north and New Mexico in the south. Furthermore, on new installations, payback can be as fast as three years, thanks to a federal residential renewable energy credit (in the form of a personal income tax credit) which pays for 30 percent of a homeowner’s system costs without any limitation.

How Avangard Innovative is working to scale post-consumer resin recycling


Avangard Innovative has piloted and is now scaling its recycling work by building post-consumer resin facilities in Houston, New Mexico and Nevada. Business Green avangard clancy heather-clancy mexico perez recycling resin-recycling still-present How Avangard Innovative is working to scale post-consumer resin recycling Since Avangard Innovative came onto the recycling scene 30 years ago, the company has expanded its presence to 11 countries.

Southern NV Water Authority wants to ban useless grass


Related: New study suggests it’s time to replace modern, grassy lawns Instead, these spaces could grow succulents, cacti and other drought-tolerant plants that require only one-quarter of the water that nonfunctional turf needs.

Pharmaceuticals Detected In Fish Across United States

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The researchers also tested fish in a pristine area in New Mexico, the Gila River Wilderness Area. In the pristine area in New Mexico, the fish tested contained no traces of contamination. Researchers Bryan Brooks and Kevin Chambliss were given a $150,000 grant by the EPA to test for pharmaceutical and chemical traces in fish. The two researchers conducted their study on fish in rivers near wastewater treatment plants in the United States.

Fracking Studies Reveal Need for Standard Reporting Requirements on Spills

Nature Conservancy - Science

The most recent study , published today in Environmental Science and Technology , examined state-level spills data to characterize the frequency and cause of spills associated with hydraulically fractured or “fracked” wells at 31,481 wells in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Pennsylvania. North Dakota reported the highest spill rate, with 4,453 incidents, followed by Pennsylvania at 1,293, Colorado at 476 and New Mexico at 426.

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10 National Monuments You’ve Never Heard Of

Nature Conservancy - Science

Also called sky islands, these high-elevation mountains on the southern Arizona-New Mexico boarder are biodiversity hotspots because they sit at the convergence of four ecological regions: the Sonoran Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, the Rocky Mountains, and Sierra Madre Mountains. El Malpais National Monument , New Mexico. Río Grande Del Norte National Monument , New Mexico. We are redesigning Cool Green Science and want to hear your ideas for the new site.

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My Place is Fire

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While working wildfires in New Mexico, I started to see the benefits of controlled burns ,” he says. “We’ve ” Suddenly, Jeremy, who’s on his way to a fire training event in New Mexico, realizes he left his red buffalo on his desk in Salt Lake City. “Some people feel a connection to their hometown or birthplace. For me, my place is fire.

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