New Jersey’s First European Golden-Plover

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Yesterday, Saturday, 19 July, an apparent European Golden-Plover was found in a sod field in western New Jersey in Pittsdown, which is in Hunterdon County. Fortunately, some able and capable birders refound the bird early this morning and reported it to the listservs so I abandoned my fruitless seawatch on the coast of Queens, hopped in my trusty Ford Focus, and raced west through Brooklyn, Staten Island, and across New Jersey.

What is the State Bird of New Jersey?

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Mentioning New Jersey often raises a snicker or a run down of all the drama and negative stereotypes that swirl around the Garden State, most of which are typified by the MTV hit show, “Jersey Shore.” ” While certain New Jersey decisions may be dubious, their state bird, the American Goldfinch, is a beautiful choice. Birds american goldfinchs New Jersey state bird


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The American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of New Jersey: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

And, if the first book in the series, the American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of New Jersey by Rick Wright (author) and Brian E. As a birder who frequently birds New Jersey (and sometimes works and lives there), I am so happy that New Jersey is ABA state number one! The text ends with a description or transcription of the bird’s song or call, whichever vocalization the birder is most likely to hear in New Jersey.

Birding the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Bayonne, New Jersey

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Sometimes my job, which is for a New Jersey-wide labor union, requires me to meet in Bayonne, across the Hudson River, which at that point is indistinguishable from New York Harbor, from Staten Island. To get there from Queens I have to drive through heavy commuter traffic down into Brooklyn, cross the Williamsburg Bridge into lower Manhattan, drive across Manhattan to the Holland Tunnel, and then drive the New Jersey Turnpike to Bayonne.

New Jersey’s Pine Barrens Are Not At All Barren

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The pine barrens of New Jersey look rather plain and boring if you only see them while driving past on the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike. By the time urban and suburban sprawl started to reach New Jersey’s pine barrens they were largely protected and today over 1.1 millions acres are protected as the Pinelands National Reserve where development is controlled by an agency called the New Jersey Pinelands Commission.

An Early Spring Day Birding Sandy Hook, New Jersey

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We were four intrepid birders heading out of New York City to the wilds of New Jersey for birds, birds and more birds. ” Sandy Hook, our destination, is park of Gateway National Recreation Area like many of my favorite New York City birding locations. It curves up towards New York City from the east coast of New Jersey, and forms the southern boundary of Lower New York Harbor. … Trips New Jersey Sandy Hook

"Exxon Mobil Settles With New Jersey Over Environmental Damage"

Environmental Economics

billion in damages from  Exxon Mobil Corporation for the contamination and loss of use of more than 1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes, meadows and waters in New Jersey has been quietly settled by the state for around $250 million. The lawsuits, filed in 2004, had been litigated by the administrations of four New Jersey governors, finally advancing last year to trial. From the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, Docket No.

The Birds of New Jersey: Status and Distribution – A Review by a Sometime Jersey Birder

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It’s tough being a New Jersey birder. Jersey has always gotten a bad rap in general (the smells of the turnpike, the Jersey shore, the governor), and in the world of birding, the state often seems to be symbolized by two words: Cape May. During the past week, for example, birders have been flocking to a backyard in northwest New Jersey to see a Common Chaffinch.) The New Jersey Bird Records Committee (NJBRC) documents 465 species of natural origin.

Northern Lapwings in New Jersey – A Before Work Caper

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Back on 14 January Larry and Shari Zirlin were fortunate enough to come across an amazing three Northern Lapwings in a field in New Egypt, New Jersey, while out looking for a pair of reported Sandhill Cranes. I had been wishing I could get to see them but between family and job it just wasn’t working out for me to make the 90-minute ride to New Egypt. … Trips lapwings New Jersey Northern Lapwing rarities Twitching

Costs of beach nourishment in New Jersey

Environmental Economics

Cornelia Dean: New Jersey has embraced this approach with gusto. Farrell , a professor of marine geology at Stockton College of New Jersey, said that since 1985 80 million cubic yards of sand had been applied on 54 of the state’s 97 miles of developed coastline: a truckload of sand for every foot of beach. Stewart C.

New Jersey kids doing hydroponics? forghedaboudit!

Green Prophet

There are green things growing in a New Jersey public school, a small shift from the traditional farming that gives the “Garden State” its nickname. A newly installed lab within the school greenhouse will help teach a new crop of children to grow food without soil. In an interview with the Montclair Times, she said the idea for a hydroponics lab arose last summer during discussions about new learning initiatives.

Juvenile White Ibis in New Jersey

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There were a host of great shorebirds in New York’s Orange County on Thursday early in the day but reports of roads being flooded out and the rather long distance, almost two hours travel from Queens, made that idea a reject. I had been hearing of the White Ibis in northern New Jersey for a couple of days and when I checked into its exact location I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was about ten miles from my job.

New Jersey gets its first LEED-certified hotel

Green Traveler Guides

E lement Ewing Hopewell , a new eco-chic boutique hotel, has earned a coveted LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Located in the central New Jersey town of Ewing , it is the state ‘s first LEED-certified hotel. New Jersey gets its first LEED-certified hotel is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Certification Hotels New Jersey News Element Ewing LEED| Green Travel News |.

Threatened Bats Find a Slice of Paradise in New Jersey

Nature Conservancy - Science

Protected forests, like the one at High Mountain Preserve and others yet to be found, give bats that were devastated by white-nose syndrome room to reproduce and recover. From the Field Wildlife Bats Bioacoustics Disease & Parasites Mammals Protected Areas Research Technology

Parts of New Jersey under Martial Law

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) NEW JERSEY, November 4, 2012: It has been confirmed by the Ocean County Sheriff Department, and others, that certain areas of New Jersey are under Martial Law following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. There have been forcible relocation of citizens from the Barrier Islands, and some towns, including Jersey City, are imposing a curfew and arresting people for being still being out of doors as early as 7:00 PM.

Martha Stewart Wants More Protection for Pigs in New Jersey


Martha Stewart wrote an open letter to New Jersey lawmakers, urging them to ban cruel gestation crates for breeding pigs. Read More The post Martha Stewart Wants More Protection for Pigs in New Jersey appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News chris christie martha stewart

New Jersey Mayor Rescues Abused Dog via Twitter Tip (Again!)


Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey, rescues another dog via a Twitter tip. Read More The post New Jersey Mayor Rescues Abused Dog via Twitter Tip (Again!) appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News cory booker

World’s Largest Vertical Farm in New Jersey to Produce 2M Pounds of Produce


Start-up Aerofarms is currently building what Read More The post World’s Largest Vertical Farm in New Jersey to Produce 2M Pounds of Produce appeared first on Ecorazzi. Newark, NJ is not known for its extensive farming grounds but it just might be in the future with the help of vertical farming. Eats Healthy Living Lifestyle News Science Top News

NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s Lose-Lose Move for New Jersey

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Photo: Bob Jagendorf). New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is doing whatever he can to prevent his state from supporting clean energy jobs and climate action. RGGI has already helped create thousands of jobs in New Jersey while curbing carbon pollution from power plants -- and it’d be a key way in which the state could meet the new carbon standards established by President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. "People

Yellow Spring Beauty: Meet the Rare Wildflower of New Jersey

Conservancy Talk

hammondiae ) is a tiny wildflower protected by The Nature Conservancy — and found only in a few secluded patches of wet meadow in the northwest corner of densely populated New Jersey. This is the only place on the planet, the only place in the universe, that we know it occurs,” says New Jersey State Botanist David Snyder. I love seeing new things, and it’s hard not to fall in love with these little guys.

New Jersey Steps Up Efforts to Protect Dolphin Populations


Due to the reported deaths of over three hundred wild dolphins this summer, and the continuing spread of the virus that will surely cause more deaths, the state of New Read More The post New Jersey Steps Up Efforts to Protect Dolphin Populations appeared first on Ecorazzi.

New Jersey vegan eatery serves up Bernie Sanders themed fare


Let all vegan Bernie fans REJOICE on this day, for we have been #blessed with the new Bernie Sanders Burger. According to CBS Philadelphia , the New Jersey restaurant Wildflower has just dropped the dish in their Millville location. Store owner Eric Nyman says, “ Bernie seems to be open to considering new things and growing and extending his consciousness.

New Jersey SPCA Hires Forensic Veterinarian to Fight Animal Abuse


In what we hope will be an inspiration for a new CSI-like TV series, the NJSPCA just hired their very first forensic veterinarian. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

Congratulations, Cory Booker! Victory in New Jersey Senate Race

Sierra Club Compass

That’s why the election results from yesterday’s special election in New Jersey were such a welcome sign. Booker will bring a breath of fresh air to the Senate and carry on the strong environmental legacies of past Senators from New Jersey like Frank Lautenberg, Bob Menendez, Clifford Case, and Bill Bradley. It is very important to New Jersey that our leadership stands for science, stands with the consensus of the New Jersey people."

Brigitte Bardot Speaks Out Against New Jersey Bear Hunt ‘Carnage’


Actress and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot is outraged with the New Jersey bear hunt that she has called “scandalous carnage.” ” According to AFP, Bardot wrote a letter to Governor Read More. Animals Causes News Top News brigitte bardot

Bon Jovi To Open Charity Restaurant In New Jersey


As a nod to his homeland, Bon Jovi’s restaurant will use local ingredients from New Jersey farms. After last week’s announcement about opening a homeless shelter for teens , Jon Bon Jovi is back in the news helping the underprivileged yet again. The planning board in Red Bank, NJ gave Bon Jovi’s plan to convert an auto repair shop into a restaurant a thumbs-up. Funded again through the JB Soul Foundation, the restaurant would serve people whether they can pay or not.

After Sandy, We Need a Climate Champ Like Cory Booker in New Jersey

Sierra Club Compass

This year, New Jersey and the United States lost an environmental hero with the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg. Throughout his long career in Congress, Senator Lautenberg worked tirelessly to protect our air and our water here in New Jersey and across the country.   In Washington, Booker will follow in the tradition of New Jersey’s other Senators with a strong record on the environment like Lautenberg, Bob Menendez, Clifford Case, and Bill Bradley. 

Chris Christie rejects 93% of New Jersey & 100% of pigs.

Elephant Journal

Jon Stewart: just let the pigs turn around, you craven political animal you. The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook. Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Funny Green Health & Wellness

Dead Zone Potential Off Coast Of New Jersey

Eco Friendly Daily

Both of these scenarios appear to have occurred off the coast of New Jersey in the Untied States and have caused a large algae bloom. But the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently noted a large algae bloom stretching at least 100 miles situated off the coast of New Jersey. In addition to the cold water nutrients, recent storms in New York have caused large amounts of pollution to enter the waters.

Whiskered Tern at Cape May

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… Trips Cape May doggerel New Jersey poetry terns Twitching vagrant Whiskered Tern The recent hubbub in the northeastern United States in terms of rare birds has been all about the Whiskered Tern at Cape May, the third record of this species for North America. All three of those records are from Cape May. You can read more about this awesome bird here. All I really need to say is that I got to Cape May, saw the bird, and was happy.

2014 201

Enhance! Enhance!

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Northern Cardinal , Blue Jay , Northern Mockingbird – not drawn to scale but completely ok for New Jersey. Destinations Camp Crystal Lake escaped birds introduced species New JerseyBirders deal with the summer doldrums in a number of different ways – some turn to herping, and others to dragonflies; some travel, and others patiently watch the garden for fledgings and second nestings.

2018 105

Snowy Owl vs. Peregrine Falcon

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The video above, taken yesterday at New Jersey’s Stone Harbor Point by Tom Johnson , is pretty awesome. Birds Bird Behavior falcons New Jersey owls Peregrine Falcon Snowy Owl He was simultaneously filming with two different devices so the video starts with the wide-angle view and then starts over again with the closer look.

2013 213

The Nature of the Meadowlands: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

I think every naturalist in the United States knows the outlines of this urban tale: The pristine marshes of New Jersey are poisoned by pollution, toxic waste, pig farms, and probably every single way in which human beings can destroy the environment. Bruce Springsteen lyrics about “the swamps of Jersey” from his popular song Rosalita didn’t help matters.) This is the fable of the New Jersey Meadowlands and it is all true. Reviews books Meadowlands New Jersey

Review 165

Wild Pollinator Habitat Benefits Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

The results from our New Jersey study can easily apply to other regions growing similar crops with similar weather conditions, and New Jersey makes a good benchmark because agricultural revenues in the state are an important economic driver: farm revenues reached $1.12 This table shows the value of production attributable to wild pollinators in New Jersey (based on average prices and yields, 2007-2011).

Warbling Vireo at Van Saun Park

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Their fondness for open woods means that they often adapt well to breeding in parks and it was Van Saun Park in New Jersey’s Bergen County that I found the individual shown in this blog post. Birds New Jersey Van Saun Park vireos Warbling Vireo“If I sees you I will seize you and I’ll squeeze you ’til you squirt.” ” -Every Warbling Vireo to every caterpillar ever Warbling Vireos are not much to see.

2012 192

Wild Turkeys at Flatrock Brook Nature Center

10,000 Birds

Flatrock Brook is in the the city of Englewood, New Jersey, just across the George Washington Bridge from New York City. They were gone from New York State from the 1840s until around 1948 and in New Jersey from the mid-1800s until they were reintroduced in 1977.) Birds Bergen County Flatrock Brook Nature Center New Jersey turkeys

Turkey 165

Spotted Sandpiper at Van Saun Park

10,000 Birds

The bird in these photos was foraging in the pond at the south end of Van Saun Park in northern New Jersey, a place I often stop to bird briefly on my way to work. Birds Bergen County New Jersey shorebirds Spotted Sandpiper Van Saun ParkSpotted Sandpipers are cool little birds, easily identified by a host of field marks and behaviors.

2012 181

Seaside Sparrows Feeding Young at Cape May National Wildlife Refuge, Two Mile Unit

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Last weekend we had an extended family weekend at a beach house in Wildwood, New Jersey, just north of Cape May. Birds Cape May New Jersey saltmarsh Seaside Sparrow sparrowsAnd while I would have liked to have spent hours exploring the various birding hotspots in Cape May proper, I compromised and instead explored the saltmarsh and dune scrub habitat at the Two Mile Unit of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge.

2017 100

Turtles of Brigantine

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According to the Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of New Jersey (link is a PDF) there are thirteen species of turtle that can be found in the state, so I have already spotted just under a third of the turtle species that there are to see in the Garden State. Unfortunately, I have not managed a decent photograph of a Snapping Turtle in New Jersey yet, so you will have to be happy with shots of only three of the species I have spotted.

2011 187

Spring Migrants at Bayonne Park

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On Wednesday morning I had a meeting in Bayonne, New Jersey for my job and as is my wont I left my house in Queens early to beat the traffic and therefore found myself with a little over an hour to kill before my meeting. Rather than do my usual stroll on the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway by the Bayonne Golf Club I thought I would try someplace new that John had recommended and made my way to Bayonne Park on the west side of Bayonne, on the edge of Newark Bay.

2012 181

New Study: Coastal Nature Reduces Risk from Storm Impacts for 1.3 Million U.S. Residents

Nature Conservancy - Science

coastline, according to a new study just published in the journal Nature Climate Change. 16% of Immediate US Coastline at ‘High Hazard’ Risk; Florida, New York and California Benefit the Most from Coastal Habitats. Coauthored by scientists with the Natural Capital Project and The Nature Conservancy, the new study offers the first map of where natural habitats reduce coastal-storm risk for lives and property values along the entire U.S. Storm, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

New Jersey Birds and Beyond: A Brief Book Review

10,000 Birds

To that list, I would like to add New Jersey Birds and Beyond , by Sue Puder. New Jersey Birds and Beyond showcases about 180 bird species commonly found in New Jersey, from Great Blue Heron to Red-winged Blackbird, as well as some exceptional visitors, such as the Cape May Ivory Gull. The book is organized by habitat, with chapters on the Jersey shore (the longest section); Grasslands, Meadows, and Marshes; Woodlands and Lakes; and Pine Barrens.

Birding Bayonne – Building a Hudson County List

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Ever since part of assignment at work has involved me spending time in Bayonne, New Jersey, I have found time before or after meetings to get out for short birding outings in a couple of the parks with better habitat in Bayonne. My most recent outing netted me three new species for my Hudson County list – Nelson’s Sparrow , Blackpoll Warbler , and Golden-crowned Kinglet. … Trips Bayonne Hudson County listing New Jersey

2012 173