Camera Trap Chronicles: Cool Critters of New Hampshire

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Otters feasting on fish, caterwauling bobcats and more images from the Hancock Wildlife Cam in New Hampshire. From the Field Wildlife Camera Traps Conservation Science

New Hampshire’s Energy Future is Now

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Here in New Hampshire we’ve heard a recurring story about energy, specifically electricity rates. It goes like this: “ New Hampshire has some of the highest electricity rates in the country. We wondered, though, if that story is accurate or if it might be a one-sided view of reality promoted by interests that will economically benefit from new energy infrastructure. Here’s what we learned : New Hampshire’s electricity supply is reliable.

New Hampshire: Clean Energy is One of Our Primary Concerns

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While attention is fixed on the New Hampshire primary, Granite Staters of all political stripes support a clean energy future. This year, like every four years, the nation watches New Hampshire as Granite Staters pepper the presidential candidates about every possible issue. Here are four ways that New Hampshire demonstrates that we don’t just choose presidents. Bipartisan support for cleaner energy solutions is nothing new.

Farm to Closet: Do You Know Where Your Wool Comes From?

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It’s crazy warm and incredibly soft – perfect sweater material for those chilly New Hampshire winter nights. The race to produce wool in New England became so hot, it was known as “sheep fever.” Although our young country’s high demand for fine merino wool kept the pockets of many New Englanders well-lined, its effect on the landscape wasn’t so fruitful. sure does – they’ve pledged to purchase the certified wool for a new line that will debut this Fall.

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Floating ICEBERG creatively confronts global warming


In summer 2019, a surprising sight popped up on a New Hampshire lake — ICEBERG, a floating, iceberg-shaped pavilion made of locally sourced wood and recycled plastic. ICEBERG was designed and built for Beam Camp , a summer camp in Strafford, New Hampshire that teaches campers hands-on skills and creative thinking through large-scale collaborative projects selected through an annual worldwide design competition.

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Obama Gives Cap and Trade Class: Media Gets an F in Comprehension

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At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire last week, the president to tried to teach America about how cap and trade works and why we should use it to reduce greenhouse gases. Tags: News and Events Cap and trade New Hampshire reduce greenhouse gases He started by reminding us of how cap and trade has already worked to reduce SOx and NOx pollution. The [.] [ Obama Gives Cap and Trade Class: Media Gets an F in Comprehension from Green Living Ideas ].

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Please Turn Your Engine Off…

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On our drive up, we stopped at a rest area in New Hampshire where we came across this interesting sign posted in the rest area parking lot. When I got back, I decided to do some digging and get some information on the New Hampshire Idling Regulations and here is what I found: . Tagged: energy conservation, Environment, New Hampshire, no idling regulations. My husband and I recently went on vacation in Vermont.

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Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

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In less than a decade, the fungus has been identified in at least nine Eastern states, and although it affects a number of species, it's especially threatening to rattlesnakes that live in small, isolated populations with little genetic diversity, such as those found in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York.

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My office is always too cold or too hot

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But the report, based on a study conducted by the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute and the company Sightlines, also says that campus energy use has declined by only 2 percent over the same period.

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"RGGI Delivers Yet Again"

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Nine New England and Mid-Atlantic states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont) currently participate in the RGGI program, which limits power plant carbon emissions. Rachel Cleetus: Yesterday the nine states that participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) released a report that highlights the continuing success of the nation’s longest-running carbon market.

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Call for Papers | Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (EEPS) | Special Issue on Hedonic Price Method

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  The increasingly publicly available geophysical and household data provide new research opportunities for environmental economists, and at the same time, prompt re-examination and updates of existing techniques for non-market valuation.  Ju-Chin Huang EEPS Guest Editor for the Special Issue on Hedonic Price Method Professor of Economics, University of New Hampshire

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It started with a futon in a dumpster

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It was still in excellent condition, sticking out of a dumpster on his University of New Hampshire campus. It started with a futon in a dumpster. Now it's a student org that's changing the way we see waste. It started with a futon in a dumpster. Now it's a a nationwide resource that's changing the way students think about campus waste. Heck yes. Alex Freid was moving out of his dorm after his freshman year of college when something caught his eye: a futon.

When was the last time the Senate voted 91-5 on anything of substance?

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The amendment, offered by a Republican, Rob Portman of Ohio, and a Democrat, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, is backed by President Obama and has broad support among members of both parties in Congress. Were four Senators already out there campaigning for President? 

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Climate change might effect the Winter Olympics (and the ski industry)

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Much of these environmental data come from a 2012 report, “ Climate Impacts on the Winter Tourism Economy in the United States, ” by two University of New Hampshire researchers, Elizabeth Burakowski and Matthew Magnusson.  Porter Fox (the features editor at Powder magazine): Officials canceled two Olympic test events last February in Sochi after several days of temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a lack of snowfall had left ski trails bare and brown in spots.

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Recovery: Saving Loons from Lead Fishing Tackle

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A night silence settled over Big Island Pond in southern New Hampshire when we lost the whippoorwills. In New Hampshire, for example, 48 percent of dead adult birds turned in to the Loon Preservation Committee were poisoned by lead. The only states with lead-tackle regulations are New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York and Washington. A law that looked to be as good as New Hampshire’s went into effect this year in Maine.

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A Common Tragedy

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When self-regulation, weak regulation and social norms fail to address overfishing in an aopen-access fishery (like the New England Cod fishery), sometimes drastic regulations are necessary for the long-term sustainability of the fishery. gathered Wednesday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to hear the vote of the New England Fishery Management Council, which has since submitted its.

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And we get criticized for off-topic posts?

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During Saturday's Republican debate in New Hampshire, [Republican Presidential Candidate Rick] Santorum blinked 793 times while speaking for 12 minutes and 55 seconds, according to an analysis by the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. So I'm browsing the Mother Nature Network site looking for some inane or stupid or misguided environmentalist to make fun of when I see this as the lead story.

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Good News Garage

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Five years ago, Kristy, a single mother from New Hampshire, was in a tough spot. The organization works in Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, taking donated cars from people who no longer need them, and servicing them so that they can be given to low-income people in the area. She was caring for her young son and struggling to find paid work while receiving temporary government assistance.

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Counting fish can be problematic, to say the least

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The most recent example is cod ( Scientists say cod are scant; nets say otherwise ): From May 2010 to April 2011, commercial fishermen caught about nine million pounds of Gulf of Maine cod, according to the New England Fishery Management Council, earning more than $2 per pound on average. But researchers now say the survey might have sharply overestimated the number of young cod; the new data suggest the spawning population is at only about 20 percent of the rebuilding target.

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3 Countries You Must Visit if You Love iGaming

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New Jersey has been one of the first states to fully embrace iGaming, which is one of the reasons why the New Jersey iGaming industry saw a revenue surge of almost 24% from March to April 2021. Gamers are starting to look for renewable energy options and offsets as they play.

Climate change and ski season

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Only 7 of 18 resorts in New Hampshire and 8 of 14 in Maine will be. New York’s 36 ski areas, most of them in the western part of the state, will have shrunk to 9. Improvements in snow-making technology have helped resorts compensate for warming trends, and several have invested millions in new energy-efficient tower guns.

Reserve a Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid on Earth Day

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The plug-in Prius will only be available in 15 states at launch time in spring of 2012: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Hawaii although you can’t use the online system for Hawaii for some reason. Want to celebrate Earth Day by putting yourself down for a Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid capable of 83 – 87 miles per gallon?

Beware when federal officials request innovative ideas

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Here is another innovative idea, don't subsidize risky living: A string of artificial islands off the coast of New Jersey and New York could blunt the impact of storm surges that proved so deadly during Superstorm Sandy, according to a new proposal. From Maryland to New Hampshire, the storm was blamed for 159 deaths, and New Jersey and New York alone claimed a total of nearly $79bn in damage.

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Maine Town Tells Coal Plant to Clean Up Its Act

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This week's fantastic example comes from Eliot, Maine, where Tuesday night residents voted 906 to 560 to ask the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate dangerous sulfur dioxide pollution coming from the Schiller Station coal plant just across the border in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Here's a model showing how much the coal plant's pollution affects people in New Hampshire and Maine.

Recovery: Second Chance for Yankee Cottontails

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Stunned but delighted is how Dr. Robert McDowell, Director of Wildlife at the University of Connecticut, sounded when I arrived at his office to learn about New England cottontail rabbits. The non-natives, called “eastern cottontails,” are a genetic mishmash of species and subspecies plucked from Minnesota, West Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. New England Cottontail release. New England Cottontails.

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How a Maine Activist Called Out Big Coal for Being a Bad Neighbor

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This summer's grassroots effort in Eliot, Maine, against a nearby coal plant isn't a new local concern, says Sierra Club activist Kim Richards, who has been leading the fight. "I " Eliot is on the downwind receiving end of pollution from the Schiller coal plant just over the state line in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. " Kim contacted the Sierra Club's New Hampshire office, "and from there a rather powerful alliance was formed," she recalls.

Impotent roosters wreak havoc in an industry that's already a mess

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Once upon a time, there were dozens of different chickens once raised for consumption (Jersey Giants, Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire breeds, etc.). Meat consumers are worried that there won''t be enough chicken to go around, but there are much more important things to worry about. The world’s largest poultry breeding company, Aviagen Group, has encountered a problem with its roosters.

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Can You Cook With CBD Oil?

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CBD is regarded as a relatively stable botanical, but it does lose potency over time, as it degrades,” says Dr. Glen Miller, an organic chemist at the University of New Hampshire. Lots of health benefit claims are made of CBD oil (see Bokh’s post on what non-psychoative, cannabis-derived CBD is). The most popular reason to use the oil is for pain management, a boon to people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and joint pain from trauma.

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4 recent updates in Civil Rights Law

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Recent laws in states across the country are now requiring companies to offer new dads to have paid leave. New York, New Jersey, California, and New Hampshire have all put laws in place. Know your civil rights.

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The economics of Fall colors

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So using studies and estimates from similar established destinations such as New England, Neufeld reached his own conclusion — the fall season adds up to a $1 billion economic impact in the mountains of North Carolina. There are no counts of just how many visitors come each year, according to Neufeld, but judging by the number of tourists states such as New Hampshire and Maine attract — 16 million last year — the mountains of North Carolina could see similar numbers. “I

For the Love of Oysters

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Across North America, The Nature Conservancy has worked to revive oyster habitat through science-based restoration at more than 80 sites , including San Francisco Bay, Washington’s Puget Sound, Chesapeake Bay, New York and along much of the Gulf of Mexico. Prior to working for the Conservancy, she managed a research program that included a focus on restoration science at the University of New Hampshire for nearly 10 years.

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BYU 'Hybrid Blue' wins the SAE Formula hybrid competition


Pratima Kalra: BYU engineering students recently celebrated their win at the International 2012 Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Their flashy blue hybrid made them win the competition by 3/1000 points so you can well imagine how stiff it must have been.

I Have A Dream

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“From the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire, let freedom ring. From the mighty mountains of New York, let freedom ring. Though Martin Luther King Jr. may be best known for his influence on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act of 1965, he was also an early leader in the Environmental Justice movement.

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Deborah Scranton On The War Tapes

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Director Deborah Scranton is pioneering a new form of documentary. Scranton went to an army base in New Hampshire to get volunteers. Using what she calls “virtual embed,” hers is a style of film making that puts the camera in the hands of the participants and subjects of the film. Her most recent effort is called “The War Tapes,” which follows the day-to-day lives of three soldiers working in Iraq as well as their families and girlfriends back home.

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“Naturally Melt Ice Away”

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Granulated sodium chloride was first used in New Hampshire as an experimental deicing agent in 1938. This past weekend the Northeast was hit by a snowstorm, making travel and transportation near impossible. Though the roads and sidewalks have since been cleared (mostly) travel is still dicey because of the risk of falling and sliding on ice. Luckily citizens and municipalities have a “natural” tool to protect us from accidents. But is road salt healthy for the environment?

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Consumer Reports finds high arsenic level in Whole Foods bottled water


New Consumer Reports tests determined that some bottled water manufactured by Whole Foods contains potentially dangerous arsenic levels. For example, New Jersey and New Hampshire lowered their acceptable arsenic levels to 5 PPB to protect children.

Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Photo: Office of Governor Patrick)   From New Hampshire to California to Hawai’i to Montana, Governors across the country are applauding the Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever standards to clean up climate disruption carbon pollution. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick : “I applaud EPA’s new carbon rules, which will unleash clean energy innovation and reduce energy costs while protecting our environment and public health.

For the Love of Oysters

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Across North America, The Nature Conservancy has worked to revive oyster reefs through science-based restoration at more than 80 sites , including San Francisco Bay, Washington’s Puget Sound, Chesapeake Bay, New York Harbor and along much of the Gulf of Mexico. Prior to working for the Conservancy, she managed a research program that included a focus on restoration science at the University of New Hampshire for nearly 10 years.

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Submerge yourself in nature in a Getaway tiny home

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Last year, Staff co-founded the Millennial Housing Lab, an action lab composed of Harvard business, law and design school students with a mission to develop new housing ideas bespoke to the millennial generation (people born between the 1980s and early 2000s). Its wider goal is to incubate and launch new design-, business- and regulatory-related housing concepts. The Boston-based business planted their first Getaway house in southern New Hampshire, and immediately began bookings.

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SCA: Young and In Love With Conservation

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I first heard of SCA a few years ago, when one of my close friends moved up to a National Park in New Hampshire, to work with High Schools Students on trail maintenance. Putnam modeled SCA after the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a public work relief program from the 1930’s and 1940’s, as part of the New Deal. “Photo Courtesy of Student Conservation Association. All Rights Reserved.”.

What to know about choosing your backyard chicken

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Here, breed history can be a useful barometer: Hens bred in New England or northern Europe will, unsurprisingly, be better suited to harsh winters than breeds with roots in India or Indonesia, and those cold-weather birds might also overheat in a tropical climate.

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Product of the Week – EARTHTEC Apparel

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EARTHTECH is an environmentally responsible lifestyle apparel brand located in New Hampshire, USA. They create quality apparel from recycled plastic bottles. EARTHTEC takes PET & HDPE plastics (like water bottles, food containers such as ketchup and non-food containers for items like cleaning products) and puts them through a process which cleans, shreds, and melts the bottles. They then create recycled fiber from the plastic that rivals virgin polyester.

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Road Salt Increasing Salinity Of Streams

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The study used data from twenty different states, including: Alaska, Washington, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Indiana and Michigan. The United State’s Geological Survey recently released yet another study, this one focusing on the salinity of streams.