Finding Your Next Natural Product

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Switching to natural products can be incredibly beneficial for your overall health. If you aren’t accustomed to choosing natural or organic bath and body products, it might feel a little overwhelming to walk into your local natural store and see how many options there are.

Kelp for Corn? Illinois Scientists Demystify Natural Products for Crops

Environmental News Network

Corn growers can choose from a wide array of products to make the most of their crop, but the latest could bring seaweed extract to a field near you. Illinois Scientists Demystify Natural Products for Crops


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How to Buy Organic Food and Natural Products at Wholesale Prices

Eco Chic

Shopping for good-for-you and family products and organic food can often be expensive, particularly around the holiday season when we’re all doing more shopping than usual. We want to share a little-known trick to getting huge discounts on organic food and natural products. Wholeshare gives you access to amazing savings on high-quality products by building a shopping community.

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Use Natural Products to Clean Your Home

Green Living Ideas

Use Natural Products to Clean Your Home. Tags: Housecleaning chemical cleaning products chemicals Environmental Protection Agency natural cleaning products Paint strippers people believe that keeping the home clean maximizes health. While this might be true in theory, research shows that clean houses are increasingly co-related with lowered immunity in families.

Natural Products for Dog and Cat Lovers Who Want a Healthy Home

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Clean + Green makes a series of all-natural pet stain and odor removes that work well without harsh chemicals or perfumes. The products are made with ingredients that and are non-toxic, biodegradable, and will not damage the ozone layer. Clean + Green’s products are individually formulated to address specific odor and stain problems for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. HomeSoul dog lovers dogs eco-home health natural products for pets

Natural Products Expo West: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eco-Vegan Girl

What I love most about the Expo is getting to meet the people behind the products. Not to mention, they have retail packaging now and will be in all Whole Foods and hopefully other natural markets - finally!!!! Earth Balance Natural Spreads Ener-G Foods Humane Choice Mary's Gone Crackers (they have new vegan cookies, and Mary was there!) And I thought yesterday was fun.

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Natural Products Expo West: Friday, March 12, 2010

Eco-Vegan Girl

Today I went to Natural Products Expo West for the first time and it was amazing, and overwhelming. Tofurky had the most memorable product - frozen vegan pizza with Daiya ! I saw some beautiful glass bottles by Takeya - a great product to buy, especially if you read my post on plastic bottles ! I tried to avoid trying products unless they were package-free, but it was hard.

2010 61

Bringing Natural Products to the Masses with SEED Body Care

Eco Chic

Natural products just don’t work as well.” Perhaps this blanket statement was a bit more accurate a decade ago, but natural body care products have made incredible strides lately and as far as I’m concerned, many of them work even better than conventional products. And perhaps most importantly, the feel of the products is so similar to that of conventional products, people won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything.

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Sustainability teams need forestry and natural resource experts


Fully seizing nature-based solutions requires companies to hire those who study natural systems, natural products and their interactions with societies. Original post: Sustainability teams need forestry and natural resource experts. Business Green and-carbon and-their complicated exploring-the-complicated interactions natural-products rest-on-companies smartphone-sales

How the infrastructure bill will enable more sustainable farming


Business Green and-water charging-ports complicated direction directly-address exploring-the-complicated farming-but funding-for increased-internet natural-products smartphone-sales will-helpThe new infrastructure bill doesn’t directly address sustainable farming but funding for increased internet access, EV charging ports and water infrastructure will help farmers make moves in this direction.

10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds and Tea Bags


Eco bones-on-frigid cleaning-your coffee-tea frost furniture natural-products with-all your-noseIf Jack Frost is nipping at your nose this winter, you’re probably reaching for that favorite hot beverage to warm your bones on frigid days.

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Maven Moment: Safe & Natural Baby Products


They were born in … The post Maven Moment: Safe & Natural Baby Products appeared first on Earth 911. Read the original post: Maven Moment: Safe & Natural Baby Products. Eco appeared-first children earth first-on-earth had-four inspire maven maven-moment natural products were-bornMy mother-in-law Lucy had four children.

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San Francisco Now Has Its Own Natural Beauty Store: Credo Beauty

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Credo has been called the “Sephora of natural beauty,” seeking to achieve the same array of seemingly endless makeup options—but with an eye towards personal and planetary health. The all-natural beauty supply company includes over 70 brands (including some of our top Eco Chick brands like XX and XX !). Healthy swaps, a system that will help you replace your makeup staples with a similar, more natural product.

Read more - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Friday, March 11, 2011 Eco-Vegan Products at Natural Products Expo West: Thursday, March 10, 2011 Its the moment Ive been waiting for - Natural Products Expo West! You can visit many blogs to learn about eco or vegan products at Expo West, but I am to show you the healthiest and most sustainable options.

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4 Summer Hair Problems Solved, Naturally: Eco Chick Tested

Eco Chic

Over the last month, I have tested out a few new products to solve four of my distinct summer hair problems: Frizz, Flat curls, Shine, and Moisture. Green + Glam Waves Sea Spray is an all-natural, lightly scented way to get your curls—flattened by hats, perspiration, or blasted by wind—back to their curly loveliness. I don’t have naturally shiny hair, so I love the ability to add some in. How I got longer, stronger, thicker hair, naturally.

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Green Product Marketing in Entertainment Media Event at Green Spaces NYC

Eco Chic

Daddy Van’s, one of the many brands Green Product Placement works with. Green products — as healthy and wondrous as they are — often do not have the mainstream appeal to take them to the next level. She and her business partner, Lisa Dietrich, have 35 plus years combined in the industry, and have assembled a team at Green Product Placement that is poised to put green products center stage in TV and movies in 2012.

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Big Hair, Naturally: Green Beauty for Drag Queens & Makeup Fiends

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It doesn’t take a can of Aqua Net (gross) to achieve this look: your basic tools are a rat-tail comb, a big round brush, a blow dryer and some natural volumizing products. Aveda has a fantastic line of hair products called ‘ Pure Abundance ‘ that works wonders on fine, limp hair, adding texture that will make the styling process a lot easier. But the single, most effective hair product you can use to boost volume and keep it that way all day is hair powder.

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Eco Chick is Now Part of Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle (Woohoo!)

Eco Chic

Here’s what Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement has to say about why Tom’s is reaching out to work with bloggers (it’s because they really care about what we all—and you all—think of them): Tom’s of Maine has been in business for over 40 years, and we have always loved to talk to the people who buy and use our products. Health Is Beauty fluoride-free natural deodorant natural products partnership soap tom''s of maine toothpaste

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How to Be Eco-Friendly - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Thursday, March 10, 2011 How to Be Eco-Friendly At Events like Natural Products Expo West I attend a lot of events that are about being green, healthy, and/or vegan. For example, Natural Products Expo West is a fantastic event but its unbelievable how much packaging it thrown away during and after the show.

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Expo West 2011 - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Thursday, March 10, 2011 Expo West 2011: Finding the Latest & Greatest Organic, Healthy, and Green Products Im currently blogging live from Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. Stay tuned for my daily reports on my favorite products. And truly eco products for home, body, and pets. Ill be interviewing the people behind the products and sharing that with you.

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Natural Mosquito Repellent - Lemon Balm

Green Earth Journey

Check out these lemon balm handmade all natural products from Etsy. This is a very informative read, I came across it on Stumbleupon. I highly recommend clicking HERE and enjoying the read! HERE are a few more uses on lemon balm. Click on each picture to see more information. Lemon Chiffon Soap and Candle Gift Set Buggy Be Gone Balm in a Tube Eco-Friendly Lemon Balm Herbs in a Box

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History of the use of medicinal plants

Low Impact

The Women’s Farm and Garden Union formed the National Herb Growing Association in 1916, and by 1917 most of the needs were met, demonstrating the value of home production and the importance of self sufficiency.

Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016: winners announced

Green (Living) Review

The winners of the coveted Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016 were announced yesterday (Monday 18 April) at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show; which took place at ExCeL London. The awards, which celebrate the standout brands and products of the year, were hosted by Natural Products News ; in association with the Soil Association.

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Recycling and Proper Disposal Keeps Mattresses Out of Landfills

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E-waste can potentially leak into the soil and water supply while other products like mattresses can be difficult to dispose of because of size and materials. Yet these large household products are made almost entirely of recyclable materials. Recyclable Mattress Components Mattresses are a complex, multi-layered product. Polyfoam and Memory Foam: Foams are not the most environmentally-friendly product. Reducing waste takes many forms.

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Video Interview with Bob's Red Mill About Health and Sustainability

Eco-Vegan Girl

While at the Natural Products Expo West this year I had the opportunity to interview the founder, president and face behind Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods: Bob Moore himself! He spoke about the importance of whole grains in the diet, his vast gluten-free offerings, organic options, where his ingredients come from (how far from the base near Portland, OR), and the sustainability of the company.

2011 69

Ionize Away Them Thar Spots and Stains

Green Home Blog

He became very concerned with the number of harmful or dangerous chemicals becoming more and more part of the products we use daily. His strong personal convictions and his creativity made him look for natural alternatives. He developed several processes for different industries but always with the same ulterior purpose: to improve the capability of a product while making it healthier for the consumers and cleaner for the environment.

10 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


Recycle & buy recycled products. Consume less & choose sustainable products. Use natural products. Burning of fossil fuels for energy production releases potent pollutants such as: Sulphur dioxide. When you save energy, whether it is at home, at work, or while you are traveling, you are reducing production of many polluting substances as well as carbon emissions that make the air dirty and cause global warming.

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5 Beauty Products That Are Good for You AND the Environment

Eco Friendly Daily

Beauty products have come a long way since the seventies and eighties. Today, many of the manufacturers have a renewed focus on “All-Natural products. Listed below are five beauty products that are safe not only for you, but also for the environment.

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The Natural and Organic Awards 2013: Winners announced

Green (Living) Review

The winners of the coveted Natural & Organic Awards 2013 were announced in The Champagne Suite at Novotel London West, after the close of business of the first day of the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show. Now in its eighteenth year, the annual awards brought together over 430 industry professionals to recognise and celebrate the standout brands and products of the year. The Natural and Organic Awards 2014 will take place on 13 April 2014.

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How to Care for Furniture without Chemicals


You want to keep your furniture clean and as new-looking as possible, but you don’t want to do it with any chemically based products. Baking soda is naturally absorbent, so it’ll capture the unwanted scents that have taken up residence in your furniture. So many chemical-free products have their place in your cleaning arsenal, but none is as valuable as vinegar. Together, these all-natural ingredients can help restore your wood furniture to a shine.

2018 41

Eco Chick’s Best Natural and Organic Products for Dry, Curly Hair

Eco Chic

These are my top personally-tested natural products to keep your hair moisturized for Summer! Tags: Uncategorized Beauty Hair hair products nontoxic Organic From shampoos to treatments. Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner from Amazon Beauty. Griffin Remedy Daily Shampoo. Bioethique Hair Conditioning Mist. Morocco Method Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel. Neem Hair Oil from Dr. Hauschka. Steam Hair Oil. Ojon Restorative Hair Conditioning Treatment.

Central California’s Paso Robles: 5 great green to do’s in wine country

Green Traveler Guides

Its five luxuriously appointed guest rooms are cleaned using natural products and provided with fine natural bath amenities. The spa uses organic and natural products. Earth-friendly products and gifts make for good browsing in the market area of Thomas Hill Organics in downtown Paso Robles. | Sipping, Eating, Doing |.

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Expo West 2012: Best Of Day 1 (Video) - Vegan, Organic and Gluten-Free Products

Eco-Vegan Girl

Join me on my first day of Natural Products Expo West in this video, featuring the latest products from: - PROBAR - Pure Bar - Artisana - Purely Elizabeth - Beanfields - The Brooklyn Salsa Company - Califia Almond Milk - Bambooe - Navitas Naturals - Earth Balance - VEGA - Inner-Eco - OMG! It has begun!

2012 43

Debunking Some Green Myths

Green Home Blog

Not all “naturalproducts are natural. In Melaleuca’s case, it’s natural, environmentally friendly laundry soap contains a breakdown product of linear alkyl sodium sulfonates (LAS for short). Tagged: Cleaning , ecofriendly , environmental products , green cleaning , green products , health , household products , natural , non-toxic. Debunking Some Green Myths.

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Natural & Organic Products Europe 2016 marks best ever show with 10% increase in attendees

Green (Living) Review

Renowned for attracting a who’s who of buyers from across the health, beauty, food and eco-living categories, Natural & Organic Products Europe – Europe’s leading natural and organic products show – welcomed a record 10,226 total attendees from 86 countries through its doors last month on 17-18 April at London ExCeL. These are very exciting times for natural and organic and I cannot wait until next year’s show already!”

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Expo West 2012: Best Of Day 2 (Video) - Vegan, Organic and Gluten-Free Products

Eco-Vegan Girl

Friday, March 9, 2012 was officially Day 1 of Natural Products Expo West , though a lot happened on Thursday as well.

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Product Review: South of France Spa Naturals Skincare

The Green Samaritan

Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Product Review: South of France Spa Naturals Skincare October 8, 2010 Headquartered right here in my hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina I had the pleasure of meeting with South of France Spa Naturals to learn more about and try their line of skincare products. rm I don’t care for South of France products at all.

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Killer Fungi

Green Home Blog

If serious enough, toxic black mold reactions can suppress the immune system, leaving sufferers unable to use their body’s natural mechanisms to ward off sickness. And, while we normally recommend using safe, all-natural products for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, once toxic black mold is discovered you may have to throw out the rulebook and use mold-inhibiting paints and cleaners which advertise themselves as mold killers. Killer Fungi.

2012 100

Paint everything Green!

Green (Living) Review

It penetrates the surface – giving a longer life span • Easy to maintain – a simple wipe of the surface with linseed oil • Natural product – leaving no harmful waste residue • No paint failure – no build up on the surface so allowing moisture to escape • Protects buildings – it preserves wood very well In addition, linseed oil paints now have a similar drying time to modern paints and a high gloss finish can be achieved by applying more coats.

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I’m in: Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden joins Natural & Organic Products Europe’s seminar line-up for 2016

Green (Living) Review

Top business women Deborah Meaden is to co-host a Natural Beauty & Spa Theatre seminar at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show, which returns to London ExCeL this weekend on 17-18 April. Surviving and thriving in the natural baby care industry: a start-up story’, will also feature entrepreneur Amy Wordsworth, founder of Good Bubble, who received a £60,000 investment boost from Meaden after appearing on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den series last year.

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What Are CBD Gummies and How Do They Work?

Green Prophet

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid derivative of cannabis. It doesn’t matter what form CBD comes in, all products provide the same health benefits. Many users of CBD have even stopped taking their prescription and over the counter drugs because CBD provides much better results as a 100% natural product. In places where cannabis is available, THC products including gummies are also available.

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Millenials Snap Up Houseplants To Relieve Stress

Green Prophet

This is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings.” An interesting twist on the plant-purchase phenomenon is potential use of technology on a supremely natural product. Big businesses are blaming millenials for “killing” lucrative markets: breakfast cereals, chain restaurants, and home ownership are some.

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Product of the Week – All Natural Lip Balm

The Go Green Blog

Avoid nasty chapped lips this Valentine’s Day by using an all natural lip balm. Natural Lip Balm is usually made from natural products like beeswax , honey or peppermint. Vitamin E & shea butter are also all-natural moisturizers often used as a main ingredient in many lip balms, just check the label to make sure the other ingredients aren’t harmful. It’s eco-friendly & will keep your lips moisturized without using any harmful additives.

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