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Energy Drinks: A Dangerous Experiment. In 2011, a 14-year-old girl unexpectedly died after drinking two 24-ounce cans of Monster brand energy drink. The FDA subsequently shared that it was investigating five reports of deaths that involved the Monster brand energy drink. Since 2009, 13 wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against 5-Hour Energy, another brand of energy drink. Join me as we dive into this very heated debate about the safety of energy drinks.

Geothermal Energy Pros and Cons


They used this naturally available source of warm water for cooking, bathing and to keep warm [1]. Without knowing, they had been utilizing the immense reservoir of our planet’s internal heat. Heat that is a great source of thermal energy. Geothermal energy is energy contained beneath Earth’s crust. A connection of the words ‘geo’ and ‘thermal’ simply refer to the origin of this energy, where ‘geo’ stands for earth and ‘thermal’ for heat. Energy

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Solar Flare Super Storm Could Put Middle East in Darkness

Green Prophet

The sun, our most important source of natural energy, light, and even nutrition could one day also become our worst enemy if intense solar magnetic ‘super storms’ cause massive power blackouts. More about solar super storms and their effect on our planet: Solar Flare and Geomagnetic Storm Spares Earthlings. Energy Lifestyle & Culture Burj electricity grid power plants solar stormCould we survive a massive blackout caused by a solar super storm?

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Earthship Biotecture to introduce sustainable homes for urban cities


Sonia Renthlei: We’ve seen houses made of wood and concrete but a house constructed entirely out of natural and recycled materials is something else altogether. Such a home was built by Michael Reynolds, a self-sustainable abode that aside from using natural and recycled materials, also has the ability to generate its own power, water and food.

Microbes and genetic engineering team up to offer a green hope


B.Sameer Kumar: Our planet is a very finely balanced ecosystem and a small change can trigger consequences that could only be apparent after several decades. The way microorganisms interact with our planet is one of the less studied ones till recently. Our giant planet owes a lot to these tiny beings as they absorb excess greenhouse gases, decompose waste in both aerobic and anaerobic fashion and perform many wonders that elude the naked human eye.

Building a Low Carbon World

The Green Changemakers

This vision of the hopeful, positive, and inspiring possibilities of an environmentally and economically intelligent future by design draws inspiration from the astonishing effectiveness of natural systems. Cradle to Cradle Design as opposed to ³cradle-to-grave² offers a new paradigm for human activity that creates a sustaining relationship with the natural world by emulating living systems are effective, cyclical, synergetic, and regenerative.

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