Nashville Teens Mapped Their Daily Routes—And Got a New Bike Lane as a Result

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In Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, city planners are responding to demands for better neighborhood mobility and bicycling infrastructure. Tennessee North Nashville was once a “mobility desert”: A highway dissected the neighborhood, and public transportation left many areas without service. They developed suggestions for connecting North Nashville to the rest of the city, eventually sharing their findings with urban planners.

Check into Virgin Hotels, get a Tesla ride

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Chicago Green Travel News Illinois Nashville New York New York City North America Tennessee The Americas United States Chicago green hotel Tesla at Chicago hotel Virgin Hotels Chicago Virgin Hotels Nashville Virgin Hotels New York | Green Travel News | Starting today, Virgin Hotels is shuttling its guests around Chicago in a top-of-the-line, red Tesla Model S, the premium electric vehicle that is also the quickest-accelerating four-door vehicle— 0-60 in just 3.2

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1 against Western Kentucky University in Nashville, that opportunity is very much available. Scott Ramsey, the president and CEO of the Nashville Sports Council, says ticket sales for the 9:15 p.m. Travel from Lexington to Nashville (gas only): $75 (426 miles, 20 mpg, $3.50/gal; i.e., $0.18/mile). Sometimes the economics isn't all that difficult: If you would like to attend Kentucky's season-opening football game Sept.

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"How Coastal Cities Are Preparing For Climate Change"

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Nashville, TN : Making a concerted effort to keep their perimeter 435 miles from the nearest ocean. With zero chance of a carbon tax in the U.S. here are some important examples of adaptation: With experts predicting that the effects of global warming could be catastrophic in the next 50 years, here are some ways that coastal cities are addressing the challenges of rising sea levels: Bar Harbor, ME : Officials urging residents to stockpile vintage charm in case of emergency.

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Public Transit Is a Deciding Factor for Millennials in the Workforce

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The survey covered three cities with mature transit systems: Chicago, San Francisco and New York; four cities where transit networks are growing: Minneapolis, Denver, Charlotte and Los Angeles; and three cities making plans to grow their systems: Nashville, Indianapolis and Tampa-St. The trick for Nashville and its peers will be hanging onto to those residents while attracting other talented young people.

Carbon Footprint – Summer Travel

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Visit places like Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Nashville, Ruby Falls and more. Carbon Footprint – Summer Travel. For the remainder of the summer why not re-adjust your carbon footprint summer travel plans. By incorporating some simple steps you just may be able to do your share with minimal inconvenience while possibly saving a few bucks at the same time. Summer travel can be fun, educational and green all at once. Here are a few ideas that may help you get started.

This design alliance is paving the way for a better future


With locations in San Francisco and Colorado and new ones launching in Minneapolis, Seattle and Nashville, the GFDA hopes to become a nationwide movement. The environmental problems facing the world certainly weren’t created by one person, one company or even by one country.

Greenways: The New Front Porch

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I have friendly little conversations like this on our greenway in Nashville all the time. I doubt our city ever anticipated this when it began creating Nashville’s 65 miles of paved, off-street greenways just 21 years ago. Like many cities in America, Nashville began building its greenway network mainly because it was trying to improve our health and preserve the beauty of open space. Yes, greenways are great places to exercise. But they also have other benefits.

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Lots More Electric Vehicles Coming Soon to Massachusetts

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The growing company has e-bus contracts with transit agencies in a number of other cities, including Nashville, San Antonio, and Tallahassee. Though there are no leaves on the trees yet, my home state of Massachusetts became a greener place to live this week.

Tennessee floods represent worldwide climate crisis


Early in the year, torrential floods in Nashville killed at least four people. At least 21 people have been reported dead and more still missing following heavy flash floods in Tennessee. The floods occurred last weekend as a result of a heavy downpour in Middle Tennessee. Some parts of the state witnessed up to 17 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. As a result, streets turned into rivers, leading to massive property destruction and loss of lives.

How Do Conservationists Target Dams for Removal?

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Sevenmile Creek dam in Nashville before and after removal. Richland Creek in Nashville after dam removal. When most environmentalists think about dams, they think of the big hydropower and irrigation projects: massive amounts of concrete backing up miles of river. But there are small dams around the world that have their own environmental impacts. They cut off the migrations of fish and other aquatic species, and impact stream temperatures.

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Tennesseans Keep Up the Pressure to Move Beyond Coal

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Last month, activists took to their kayaks at McKellar Lake in Memphis and the Cumberland River in Nashville to mark the release of the Beyond Coal Campaign's major report (pdf) on water pollution from Big Coal and to demand a new direction for the state's energy future. -- Brian Foley.

The Other Home Court Advantage

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Over the next month, the Boston Bruins will fly to Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville and Philadelphia to compete at “away games.” ” All told, NHL players (along with their coaches and trainers) generate about 7,500 tons of carbon emissions per year between their flights and bus tours as they travel to one another’s cities.

SurvivalSeeds4Patriots Ships More Than 3.5 Million Tomato Seeds

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Nashville, Tenn. : More than 23,000 people recently responded to an offer for a complementary packet of 150 heirloom tomato seeds from SurivalSeeds4Patriots, producer of the Liberty Seed Vault. If more U.S. home gardens include tomatoes this summer than in the past, SurvivalSeeds4Patriots might be one of the reasons. The company announced today that over the past several weeks it has shipped 23,456 packs of tomato seeds to people who responded to an offer for a complementary sample packet.

Tennessee Activists Use Kayaks in Demand to Move Beyond Coal

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In conjunction with the Sierra Club's release of a major report on Big Coal's water pollution last week , Tennessee activists -- using the opportunity to highlight the pollution from coal plants operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority -- took to the kayaks, floating on the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville and McKellar Lake in Memphis with signs that read, "Let's move TVA beyond coal." Sometimes it's best to take a kayak to a coal fight.

Country Music Artist Turns to Inspirational Music this Christmas

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Jim Sheldon is Reaching People this Christmas with a Positive Message with his Latest Hit "I Belong" By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Nashville, TN Dec 2011 : Inspirational Country star Jim Sheldon is hitting the road with new single “I Belong to Jesus,” as part of Putting God First Ministries, with a groundbreaking music video.

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Kansas City approves free public transportation for all


The new legislation has already garnered attention and praise outside of Missouri, with advocates in Nashville, Portland and Toronto seeking similar measures in their respective cities.

Waiting out the Warming

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So far, 2012 has broken heat records, with Nashville getting its all-time high reading of 109 degrees (°F; Fahrenheit). Waiting out the Warming. climate change The summer has been quite a bit hotter than usual. Instead of air-conditioning during the day and windows open after dark to catch those errant breezes, it’s been AC 24/7. I’m probably going to see the next utility bill and have a stroke.

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Life of Grass depicts global reality of food production


The amazing pieces were showcased at Nashville’s Museum of Art and Cheekwood Botanical Garden. Sonia Renthlei: The artistic ability of humans never ceases to amaze. Dexterous and filled with creativity, there are those who thrive on constructing seemingly impossible art pieces. One such designer goes by the name of Mathilde Roussel has created stunning grass sculptures that actually grow.

Soles4Souls & Permara Collaborate to “Share the Perfect Pair"

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Program Aims to Distribute Antimicrobial Socks with Millions of Donated Shoes Dakota Dunes, SD, April 2012 : Permara , a leading antimicrobial technology company based in the Midwest, is partnering with Soles4Souls , the Nashville-based charity responsible for providing over 17 million pairs of shoes to people in need in 127 different countries since its founding 2005.

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It Began with Thistles: The Way of Tea and Justice

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Magdalene is a residential program in Nashville, Tennessee, for women who are survivors of sexual abuse, trafficking, prostitution, or life on the streets. Becca Stevens is an Episcopal priest and the founder of Magdalene , Thistle Farms , and Thistle Stop Cafe. Thistle Farms is the line of natural bath and body products, created by Magdalene residents and graduates, and Thistle Farms teaches job skills and helps fund the Magdalene program.

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KFC partners with Beyond Meat for vegan chicken nuggets


The sample menu also featured Beyond Meat Fried Chicken boneless wings covered in Nashville Hot, Buffalo or Honey barbecue sauce to tingle taste buds. KFC and plant based meat creator Beyond Meat recently shook things up in the quick service restaurant industry by whipping up a limited one-off test sampling of its Beyond Fried Chicken for select fans in Atlanta, Georgia on Aug.

Fly North Young Bird

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The Nashville warbler is an insectivore that prefers second-growth forest. It’s official – birds in parts of the US are moving further north. Researchers at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry have found evidence that a wide variety of birds have been gradually shifting northward. The study looked at 83 species, all of which traditionally breed in New York state.

Five Endangered Species Recoveries You’ve Never Heard Of

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It was on the outskirts of Nashville, under everyone’s nose. More than 40 species have been officially recovered by the Endangered Species Act. Some, like bald eagles and peregrine falcons, have received a lot of publicity. Here are five lesser known – but no less interesting – stories of recovery. Related Articles. Recovery: Saving the Lake Erie Watersnake, A Lesson in Outreach. By Ted Williams. 10 Top National Wildlife Refuges To Explore. By Matt Miller.

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Politicians Challenged To Step Up Global Warming Efforts

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Washington, Nashville’s Wilson Mall, the Rhode Island church where John F. November 3 marked exactly one year to the 2008 presidential elections, and to ensure politicians have the environment on their mind as they continue their campaigns, global warming rallies will be held across America as part of the Step It Up campaign.

Singing Against Mountaintop Removal

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In an effort to make this wish known, a Music Saves Mountains concert is being held on May 19 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. Mountaintop removal is a cheap way to extract coal from mountains. However, it causes irreparable damage to mountains, and it also negatively affects the nearby land. This method of coal mining isn’t new and has been happening in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee for quite some time.

Go a Deeper Shade of Green

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We at the National Trust for Historic Preservation have embraced this belief in every aspect of our work… But did you know that there is a sustainability track at the National Preservation Conference in Nashville, the National Main Street Center’s latest issue of Main Street News asks “ How Green is Your Main Street? ” I saw this post by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, written by Priya Chhaya and wanted to share it with our readers.

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Innovative Bridgestone Guayule project could be sustainable breakthrough for rubber industry

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About Bridgestone Americas Tyre Operations: Nashville, Tenn.-based Bridgestone has unveiled plans for an extensive research project aimed at developing a renewable, sustainable alternative to the natural rubber tree currently used by all tyre and rubber manufacturers. The project is dedicated developing Guayule (pronounced Why-u-lee) as a commercially viable, renewable source of high-quality natural rubber and as an alternative to the Hevea tree.

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Weekend Reading 5/23/14

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How Vancouver, BC, got some of the most expensive real estate in the world, even though its per-capita income is like Reno or Nashville’s: globalist 1 percenters hedging their investments, according to the New Yorker. Serena. To the girl who can never recall even her close friends’ respective birthdays (sorry, guys!), this is absolutely unfathomable: remembering, as an extreme sport.

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How To Green Your Electronics

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Link source: [link] How To Green Your Electronics by Jacob Gordon, Nashville, TN on 03.22.07 TH Exclusives ( how to green your life ) What’s the Big Deal? Yes, electronic devices are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, especially as they get smaller and smaller. We use them as tools and toys to communicate, work, enjoy media, and be expressive. Being green with electronics doesn’t mean living in a teepee listening to truckers squalk on the old short-wave.

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How to make a mask with fabric to wear or donate


Vanderbilt University Medical Center is accepting hand-sewn masks, but only if people can deliver them in person in Nashville. Crafters began making fabric masks when the public learned that COVID-19 was causing a major shortage of personal protective equipment. But since the CDC changed its recommendation on April 3 to urge that everyone wears a mask when leaving the house, sewing machines around the world have been working harder than ever.

If consumers don’t understand the Smart Grid, can utilities sell it?

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Utilities should look at three approaches to building community support for Smart Grid roll outs: Social Media: Using Twitter and Facebook, utilities should look to top utility heavyweights like Duke and Nashville Electric Service both of whom have active grassroots campaigns designed to build followers, engage their customers and communicate everything from outages to demand response events. I believe the Smart Grid is an eventuality.

Feeding the City Series

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1 Three projects that are watering Detroit's ‘food desert' 11 Colin McCrate wants you to eat your yard [AUDIO SLIDESHOW] 3 Philadelphia's urban-farming roots go deep -- and are spreading wide 9 Would a Walmart solve West Oakland's and Nashville's food problems? The Feeding the City series is a string of articles appearing in Grist Magazine that will explore the many alternative food systems taking root in major cities around the country.

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Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon

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It is part of the B-cycle family of bike shares covering more than 15 locations, including Fort Lauderdale/Broward County in Florida, Nashville, Houston, and Boulder. When New York City opened registration for its much anticipated public bike-sharing program on April 15, 2013, more than 5,000 people signed up within 30 hours. Eager for access to a fleet of thousands of bicycles, they became Citi Bike members weeks before bikes were expected to be available.