Staying at an Eco-lodge in Myanmar

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Arkan eco lodge, Myanmar. When planning a trip to Myanmar, you should consider your accommodation choices carefully. . To get a Myanmar visa for US citizens , you need to provide information about your first few nights’ lodging. Also, camping in Myanmar is not permitted.

Incentivizing Tree Planting in Myanmar

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can nature-based solutions stand the test of time in Myanmar? From the Field Asia Pacific Forests


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Saving Myanmar’s Timber Elephants

Nature Conservancy - Science

Logging elephants are an incredible part of Myanmar’s history — but they’re also key to help reduce the negative impacts that logging can have on the forests. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Forests Mammals Myanmar forests expedition

Deciding the Fate of Myanmar?s Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

After decades of overharvesting, Myanmar’s forests teak are at a crisis point. From the Field Acoustics Asia Pacific Biodiversity Forests Myanmar forests expedition Research Science Impact ProjectBut with recent political change comes great opportunity.

In Pictures: A Journey Through Myanmar?s Great Teak Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

A week spent living and working in an active logging camp deep in some of Myanmar’s best remaining teak forests where people are working to save their most valuable natural resource, before it’s too late. From the Field Forests Myanmar forests expedition Photography Sustainability

Illegal Logging & Energy Shortages Pressure Myanmar’s Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

Facilitated by organized crime, illegal logging threatens to destroy Myanmar’s forests. From the Field Asia Pacific Energy Forest Carbon Forests Myanmar forests expeditionBut a national energy crisis and the ensuing fuelwood demand pose an equal threat.

Muslims in Myanmar Forced to Two Child Limit

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A rapid population growth of Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine state has caused the authorities to cap the number of children the Muslim community can bear, limiting the number to two. The new controversial ruling in Myanmar is the first in the world to limit child bearing based on religion. Lifestyle & Culture family planning Muslims Myanmar Religion

Can Myanmar Balance the Risks and Rewards of Hydropower?

Nature Conservancy - Science

And how, as much as any country, Myanmar stands poised to benefit from adopting them. Like most countries, Myanmar thus far has not relied on a long-range investment plan for hydropower development; initial projects have often not delivered full rewards but have certainly underscored hydropower’s risks, including social and environmental impacts and conflicts. For Myanmar, hydropower offers potential for both great rewards and great risks.

Poachers Are Killing Asian Elephants for Their Skin

Nature Conservancy - Science

Already besieged by habitat loss, Myanmar’s wild elephants face a new threat — poachers who hunt them for their skin. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Forests Mammals Myanmar forests expedition

2018 62

Burmese roofed turtle is rescued from extinction


But in 2001, one Burmese roofed turtle was spotted in markets in Myanmar, sparking interest among scientists. From this point forward, efforts to save the endangered species were put in place by scientists in collaboration with the government of Myanmar. Since the sighting of a surviving turtle in Myanmar about 20 years ago, the population of the turtles has been increased to about 1,000, thanks to serious conservation efforts.

Electrofishing Threatens A Rare Dolphin-Human Partnership

Nature Conservancy - Science

Myanmar’s river dolphins have learned to fish cooperatively with humans. But illegal electrofishing threatens this rare partnership. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Endangered Species Fisheries Mammal Watching

2018 60

2010 might be the hottest year ever recorded in human history

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Meteorologist Jeff Masters also notes that new temperature records have been reached in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Chad, Niger, Pakistan and Myanmar. Global Warming 2010 Africa Arctic sea ice Asia Chad climate change climate science global temperature heatwave India Iraq James Hansen Kuwait La Nina Myanmar NASA Niger NSIDC Pakistan Saudi Arabia scienceClimate institutions and scientists are warning that 2010 might end up as one of the hottest years ever recorded in human history.

2010 78

New US government rule allows drilling in forested land


Eco Green climate change defense-council drilling fossil-fuel myanmar rule species turtleA new rule published by the U.S. government legalizes oil and gas drilling within forested land. This action threatens forest ecosystems, reversing decades of work to protect forested areas. For over 50 years, a public participation system has helped protect critical ecosystems and other natural resources. The U.S. has over 193 million acres of forested land spanning 47 states.

2020 28

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today. We now understand that Earth’s ability to provide the clean air and water and moderate temperatures humans need to survive is dependent upon its entire web of life working in harmony which is the reason why the importance of biodiversity hotspots grows with every new claim of the natural environment. Each species plays an important role within the larger web of life.

Solar-powered plane’s round-the-world journey underway!

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After stopping in India, the plane will head to Myanmar and China before flying over the Pacific Ocean and across the United States and southern Europe to eventually arrive back in Abu Dhabi in approximately five months. We’ve all heard of the benefits of solar power and the emergence of innovative new projects that are making use of the sun’s energy. But one is soaring above the rest of them – a solar-powered plane attempting to fly round the world!

2015 76

Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Conflict and civil insecurity are also primary drivers of food insecurity in Burundi, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen and parts of Myanmar and Nigeria. Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains.

2019 57

Tribe of Tigers

Eco Friendly Daily

A number of individual parks make up the complex, which lies along the border with Myanmar. In Myanmar, intact forests are contiguous with the protected regions in Thailand, offering an invaluable resource for both elephants and tigers. A new study has found that as many as 2,000 tigers could happily survive in a park in Thailand. Currently, only about 720 tigers live in the area – 18,000 square kilometres (6,900 square miles) known as the Western Forest Complex.

Local Communities Defy Southeast Asia’s Largest Proposed Coal Plant in Indonesia

Sierra Club Compass

In fact, as the largest proposed coal plant in Southeast Asia, this single project would emit more carbon pollution than the entire nation of Myanmar. Photo Credit: (c) In the tropical waters off the coast of Indonesia, a storm is brewing. In the face of intimidation and human rights abuses by police and government representatives, five villages are standing united against a proposed 2,000 MW coal-fired power plant in Batang, Indonesia.

Leaded gasoline finally phased out worldwide


In 2016, North Korea, Myanmar and Afghanistan stopped selling leaded gasoline, leaving only a few countries (including Iraq, Yemen and Algeria) still producing the gasoline. Leaded gasoline is no longer used anywhere in the world, according to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). Algeria, the last country left using leaded gasoline, finished its stockpile in July.


What Is Forest Resilience & What Does it Means for Conservation?

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Last year I was in the famed Golden Teak forests of Central Myanmar. Myanmar was known for the rigor of the forest management system perfected under British Colonial rule. For centuries timber from these forests not only framed the templed cities of Southeast Asia but also found its way into furniture in North America and yacht decks in the Mediterranean. Yet in recent years mismanagement of the forest had taken its toll.

2015 64

Massive Coral Bleaching In Andaman Sea

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The Andaman Sea borders Thailand, Myanmar, northwestern Indonesia and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Coral reefs are a vital aspect of our world’s oceans and the ecosystems which rely upon them worldwide. Thousands of fish and other creatures of the sea rely on coral reefs for living, eating, hiding and overall daily life. Global warming unfortunately can and potentially will have major impacts on all of the world’s coral reefs.

Conference On Tigers Held To Save Them From Extinction

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The countries in which these creatures still roam wild include: Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, China, Myanmar, India and Nepal. Tigers are one of the most majestic creatures on this planet and is also one of the best known worldwide. However, the tiger is also well known for being endangered, as it is animal outlined in many organizations’ conservation plans.

Nepal 55

How Well are the World’s Rivers Protected?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Can Myanmar Balance the Risks and Rewards of Hydropower? To what extent are the world’s rivers protected? In 2010, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) set a 17 percent target for the protection of ‘inland waters,’ including rivers. Given that freshwater systems are widely acknowledged to be among the most threatened systems worldwide, it was an accomplishment for countries to commit to a global conservation target for them.

2016 62

Blue Carbon, Cocoa Agroforestry, & Bioacoustics: Meet the The 2017 Science Impact Project Class

Nature Conservancy - Science

Biodiversity and forestry in Myanmar. Over the next 10 years, Myanmar will undertake a nationwide reforestation program to restore biodiversity, invigorate its timber industry, and promote sustainable carbon sequestration. He will now use this innovative technique in Myanmar to measure and monitor the biodiversity of these reforestation projects.

2017 40

Storms in the 21st Century: Tracking Sandy

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After a relatively quiet two years, during which a cyclone in Bangladesh killed 3,000 and left 800,000 displaced – events that repeated like mirror images in Myanmar and the U.S. Storms in the 21st Century: Tracking Sandy. Hurricane Sandy Climate scientists warned us several years ago that increasing global warming would set off a chain reaction of bad weather called a negative feedback loop – defined as, “The worse it gets, the worse it gets.”.

2012 109

Russian Tiger Summit Predicts Tiger Extinction By 2022 If More Is Not Done

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The countries which still hold small tiger populations include: Russia, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam and Indonesia. A century ago, an estimated 100,000 tigers roamed in the earth in the wild. However, in the past seventy years three subspecies of tigers have become extinct, the Bali, Caspian and Javan. There are currently only 3,200 tigers left, which many expect to become extinct in the near future.

2014 59

Plastic Bag Bans around the World


Myanmar (2009). Since the late 1970s, plastic bags have. become a staple and an iconic image of shopping. They are such common place that people expect them to be readily available and think little of throwing them away or even discarding them on the ground. The reality is that over the past 40 years plastic bag usage has skyrocketed and has caused drastic problems for natural ecosystems. Plastic bags are often eaten by animals, causing them to choke and die.

2018 47

Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


Myanmar. Myanmar [19]. Pangolins are small nocturnal creatures. who quietly roam through forests and savannahs eating termites and ants. They are solitary and easily frightened. Naturally shy creatures, they are seldom seen. Yet those dealing in the profitable illegal trade for them have been terribly effective in finding them.

2018 65

Lost Snakes, Returning Snails & Jellyfish Locomotion

Nature Conservancy - Science

Myanmar’s pending cease fire jeopardized by skirmishes over illegal logging. Jellyfish are uniquely efficient swimmers, according to a new metric that compares across different sizes and body shapes. Photo credit: Andrew Morrell /Flickr via a Creative Commons license. By Marty Downs, Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller, Lisa Feldkamp and Cara Byington of the TNC Science Communications team.

2014 65

Tetra Pak® veröffentlicht aktuellen Nachhaltigkeitsbericht

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Das Engagement von Tetra Pak für ein Schulmilchprogramm in Myanmar, das im Juni 2013 gestartet wurde, hat beispielsweise dafür gesorgt, dass 45.000 Schüler über drei Jahre mit Schulmilch versorgt werden. Tetra Pak®, weltweit führender Anbieter von Verarbeitungs- und Verpackungslösungen für Lebensmittel, hat heute seinen Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2014 veröffentlicht.

2014 102

Interactive Digital Mosaic to Be Shown at Thousands of Events Worldwide

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Examples of stories collected so far include a mountaineer in New Zealand who reported on receding glaciers and an organization in Thailand who installed solar panels at a refugee camp on the Myanmar border. WASHINGTON, DC, April 15, 2013 (WORLD-WIRE) -- Earth Day, April 22, is one week away. The theme of Earth Day 2013 is The Face of Climate Change.

2013 117

The Coral Killing Fields: Indonesian Reefs Are Perishing As Temperatures Rise

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The destruction was first noticed in May, when temperatures started to spike across the Andaman Sea from the northern tip of Sumatra to Thailand and Myanmar. Coral reefs are facing acute dangers from global warming and the warming up of the seas. That’s no secret. But just how deeply can the effects penetrate ocean waters and hit the corral is being witnessed in the seas around Indonesia. Indonesia’s Aceh province is one of the richest in terms of coral density.

Fight Crime By Getting the Lead Out

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Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Myanmar and Yemen are still using leaded gasoline and many others have lead contaminated plumbing, soil, paint and household products. ” But several nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Myanmar and Yemen are still using leaded gasoline and many others have lead contaminated plumbing, soil, paint and household products.

2013 78

The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

This is legal logging, and I’ve seen it first hand in Borneo, Sumatra, mainland Malaysia, China, and Myanmar. Not long ago, the questions and answers conservation and environmentalism faced seemed straightforward: Should we save the whales? Should we be ok with frogs having three legs? Should rivers run free? Should rain have acid in it? Should rivers burn? But today, the flattening of the earth has made being a thoughtful earth steward a lot harder.

2015 85

Why Are Elephants Endangered Species?


Illegal trapping of elephants from the wild continues to supply the tourist and lumber trades (for use as work animals) in Thailand and Myanmar. There is no more iconic symbol of wildlife. conservation than the noble elephant that marches the plains of Africa and the jungles of Asia. However, while the elephant is admired everywhere for its intelligence and emotional complexity, it is under assault from all sides and is tragically facing extinction.

2018 56

Tamarind Village: Chiang Mai green

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We soon become friends, and her personal introductions to leaders in hill tribe communities, especially in Myanmar , provide one of the most important experiences in my 20+ years in the environmental and social justice movements. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

2010 161

Getting Dams Right

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Look back to 2011, for example, when Myanmar’s government indefinitely suspended the Chinese-backed $3.6 By Mark Tercek, President and CEO; and Giulio Boccaletti, Managing Director of Global Freshwater. Over the next 20 years, most key decisions affecting the future of the world’s great rivers will have already been made, including where dams are built to store water and generate hydroelectricity.

2014 63

Valuing Nature: Q&A with Gretchen Daily

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Gulf Coast states; Guiding development planning in British Columbia, Mozambique and Myanmar; Managing corporate risk in sourcing decisions for Unilever; Informing impact assessment and permitting for the Colombian Ministry of the Environment; Making smart transportation loan decisions by the IDB across Latin America; and Targeting REDD+ investments in forest restoration for IUCN and country governments in Africa.

2015 82

How Business Leaders Can Help Save the Planet—and Lead a Joyous Life

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I can think of at least two hydropower dams that were legally authorized—in Chile and Myanmar—but the advance environmental work and broad coalition building didn’t happen. Let’s face it—solving today’s environmental challenges requires unprecedented leadership. That’s why I was pleased to be a panelist a few weeks ago at the Global Private Equity Conference hosted by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC).

2015 64

Critters on Camera, Demon Oil and Uber Efficiency

Nature Conservancy - Science

Elusive red pandas caught on film in Myanmar , but how long will their habitat last? A red panda (Ailurus fulgens) at Duisburg Zoo. Photo © PictureWendy/Flickr. By Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller, Lisa Feldkamp and Cara Byington of the TNC Science Communications team. We find tons of cool conservation and conservation science stuff on the Internets — and share the best of it with you every week in The Cooler : Biodiversity & Wildlife.

Bearly there

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million hectares around the upper Yangtze, Mekong and Salween Rivers, near the Myanmar and Tibet borders. Black bears are a problem in parts of China. In the Three Parallel Rivers area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, hunting has been banned since the 1990s. The bear population has grown to about 300 individuals, and hunger is driving these animals to raid agricultural crops and kill sheep. As one might imagine, local residents are not thrilled with large predators roaming the neighbourhood.

2014 43

Climate change disasters doubled – eating up world’s food security

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“This year alone, small-scale farmers, fisherfolk, pastoralists and foresters – from Myanmar to Guatemala and from Vanuatu to Malawi – have seen their livelihoods eroded or erased by cyclones, droughts, floods and earthquakes,” said FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva.

2015 57

Chiang Mai Green: Tamarind Village

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We soon become friends, and her personal introductions to leaders in hill tribe communities, especially in Myanmar , provide one of the most important experiences in my 20+ years in the environmental and social justice movements. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

2011 116