Get Your Home to Smell Great Naturally

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Opt for Mrs. Meyer’s room freshener in Geranium, Lemon Verbena, or Lavender instead. (I’m I’m fond of Mrs. Meyer’s vegetable wax candles. HomeSoul clean Mrs. Meyer''s natural nontoxic spring wellness

Make Spring Cleaning Not Suck: Friends, Food and Fabulous Scents are Key

Eco Chic

I love using Mrs Meyers cleaning products because (most importantly) they work well, but also, they smell divine! HomeSoul Uncategorized aromatherapy dusting healthy home Mrs. Meyer''s paraben free phthalate-free scrub scrubbing spray spring cleaning

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Ode to Joy: a Mother's Day post

Eco-Vegan Girl

She too gets excited about natural cleaning products (especially Mrs. Meyers ) and loves to buy me eco-friendly clothing. I wouldn't be who I am today without the influence and support of my mother, Joy.

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Is That Vegan? Surprising Products (Dryer Sheets and Tattoos?) with Animal Ingredients

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I just bought the basil-scented soy candle from Mrs. Meyers. All Mrs. Meyers cleaning products are vegan, by the way. Source. I really don’t know how vegans did it in a pre-internet era. That’s how I constantly check everything that I buy, eat, or wear.

Dry Bar - an almost green blow dry salon

Eco-Vegan Girl

Some green products like Eco Awesome by Love Peace And Planet (not vegan though) Mrs. Meyer's products in the bathroom CFL's in lighting fixtures I'll see if I can find out any more details about how they're eco-friendly.

Save Energy this Holiday Season

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We’re fond of Mrs. Meyer’s vegetable wax candles. Dazzling and delightful lights. Cold and cozy winter days. The holiday season is upon us but so too is our struggle to save energy. Herewith, some super simple energy savings tips for the merriest of seasons. Go with LED.

Detox Your Bedroom and Make Your Sleeping Environment a Safe Haven

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day has a nice selection of natural detergents that are very effective. Never underestimate a good detox. Removing toxins from our lives gives us a renewed lease on life. We feel lighter, happier, more energized, and restful in the evening.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Chemical Exposure Before You Even Think About Getting Pregnant

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The bottom line : Look for purveyors of non-toxic and safe ecological cleaning products such as Ecover, Mrs. Meyer’s or Method. Image courtesy Flickr User Trocaire. I have never been pregnant and I do not have any children.

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