West Point Cadet’s Mouse Release

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How about that West Point Mouse Release video ? In case you haven’t seen it, after spending several sleepless nights sharing a room with a mouse, a big-hearted West Point cadet decided to catch the little trespasser and release it in a nearby field.

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Victor electronic mouse trap review

Green Living Tips

Mouse problem? My test and review of the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap If you're looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to using. poisons and spring traps aren't an option, consider an electronic trap.

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For the Birds: Midway Atoll Mouse Eradication and NEPA

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The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the largest assemblages of breeding seabirds in the United States. These remote islands, some more than 1,000 miles from Honolulu, are home to huge globally-significant colonies of Laysan and Black-footed Albatross, among many others.

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Beware The Killer Mouse Droppings…


Add in a few mouse droppings, however – along with a bloody door handle – and suddenly things are considered to be unacceptable. As a society we have a warped perception of what is gross.

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Slovenia, part 1: the green mouse that roars

Green Traveler Guides

Slovenia, you might say, is Central Europe’s green mouse that roars. Slovenia, part 1: the green mouse that roars is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Central Europe’s Eco-treasure |.

Mouse Migration

Eco Friendly Daily

Waves of human migration may have brought mouse passengers from different locations as early as the Iron Age (7th century BCE to 5th century CE). In fact, the house mouse is thought to have originated in central Asia but is now found worldwide.

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Voracious Crabs, Jujitsu Mouse, and the Biggest Data Yet

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meet the world’s fiercest rodent, the grasshopper mouse. When predators can keep this voracious purple marsh crab in check, marsh grasses stand a better chance. Photo courtesy of Mark Bertness Lab.

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The Million Dollar Mouse Campaign


The Morgan Foundation has been named as the big conservation winner at the 2013 Southland Environment and Conservation Awards.

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Float On

Green Earth Journey

Modest Mouse - Float On Labels: Random, Video

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Ban Glue Traps: Here’s an Easy Alternative.

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Photo of a free, easy, humane mouse or rat trap for your home. Friend Had A Rodent Problem, She Solved It With This No-Kill Mouse Trap, Easy DIY – Bucket, Spoons, Peanut Butter, Bench (imgur.com) For more: the Buddhist Solution to a Mouse Problem. Have a heart!

These Disney-inspired Paintings show Exactly what’s Wrong with our Culture.

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Arts Enlightened Society Green WAYLON: Today Only art banksy billboard dismaland disney Jeff Gillette landfill Los Angeles mickey mouse MuseGillette has been widely credited as Banksy’s muse.

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Martin the Elephant.

Elephant Journal

Family, Youth, Enlightened Education For Children children''s story elephant friendship mouse self-acceptance His cumbersome feet and his nose great and large, Gave him feelings of hate and the hate it took charge.

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The Surprising Results of Stress & Junk Food according to a recent Study.

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Enlightened Society Food Health & Wellness awareness ayurveda Ayurvedic Spices diet digestion digestive gut microbes healing health healthy diet junk food meals mice mouse research stress studiesThis study highlights one of Ayurveda's most essential principles. The negative impact of stress on the digestive system has been described for thousands of years. In fact, the “seat of the nervous system” was understood to be in the large intestine.

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Big Fish: Rodent-Eating Trout

Nature Conservancy - Science

The trout surely had easier prey than the occasional mouse. It’s likely just as anglers say: when a small mouse falls into the stream, brown trout emerge from the depths and devour it. Vole, it’s what’s for dinner.

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The Nutcracker: A 4-Year-Old’s Review. ~ Heather Grimes

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I plan to sleep next to my Nutcracker tonight and I wont even mind if I have dreams of the Mouse King because he was so silly and wore clothes. Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Boulder Children (For, not ab them) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Inspiring (Wow) ballet Children (For Mouse King not ab them) Nutcracker And everyone knows mean mice don''t wear clothes.

For the Coachella-loving, Indie Rocker Yogi Inside You.

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When the sun comes out indie rockers hit sun salutations Festival season is upon us!

This is Fantastic!!!

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I found this on the Laughing Mouse blog and I just HAVE to pass it on! NEXT POST Labels: Random, video

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Leaping Foxes

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We call it a “mouse gradation year” I was not able to find a catchy English term for “gradation year” – it’s what happens when a certain species showing population cycles reaches a peak year. On the other side, and to even the score, the German term “mouse” is rather unspecific compared to the repertoire the English-speakes have at their service. If however you are a larger “mouse”-like rodent you are a rat.

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6 Ways of Figuring out which Spiritual Teachings are the Real Deal.

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Teachings that were previously reserved for those with years of practice and study are now accessible at the click of a mouse. In today’s digital age, teachings that were once shrouded in secrecy can be accessed within a few clicks.

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How To Grow Cucamelon

Green (Living) Review

Nowadays, the cucamelon is also known as mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, or Sandiita, which means “little watermelon” in Spanish. Add a bit of whimsy to your garden this year with an adorable cucamelon plant.

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Redtails in Tornados

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No, because after he gains weight and feels better, he’ll go to Mouse School, where he’ll get to practice catching live prey until he’s an expert at doing it by himself. Yet another Red-tailed Hawk !

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A Tale from the Sacrifice Altar by a Reporter at Large: A Reframe of the Human Domination Paradigm

Elephant Journal

The sacrificial lamb, cow, pig, chicken, coyote, wolf, fox, bear, deer, antelope, buffalo, elephant, lion, giraffe, tiger, bobcat, prairie dog, bobcat, monkey, gorilla, orangutan, mouse, dog, and cat (among others) have all been forced to the altar of slaughter to satisfy the “needs” of the gods of the human species.

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Grandma was right: Common cold virus 'prefers cold noses', new study shows

Green (Living) Review

Once again, your grandma was right (you eat your vegetables, right?).

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Six Months Birding in Costa Rica, 620 Species of Birds

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Growing up in Niagara Falls, New York, June was a celebration of summer. It was finally, actually, truly warm outside and it was therefore a time of baseball, the fresh scent of cut grass and, best of all, no more school!

Fantastic Modern Contemporary Home Office Design Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

You can even purchase a bright-colored wireless mouse for your computer or laptop, instead of the traditional black or white keyboard and mouse. With so many people working from home – or taking work home from the office – having a sufficient workspace is necessary.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of September 2017)

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At Chincoteague NWR, I was amazed to spy a Merlin playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse over the ocean with a Black-throated Blue Warbler. Some of us had long weekends and made them count. Some of us had short weekends or none at all and still made them count.

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Back to School Fundraisers to Stay Green and Make Some Too!

The Green Samaritan

Terracycle offers several ways for school to raise funds through it’s various Brigades like snack wrappers, drink pouches, and the recently launched Keyboard and Mouse Brigade.

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Tufted Titmouse Plucking a Raccoon

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Naturalists examining old nests have identified raccoon, opossum, dog, fox squirrel, red squirrel, rabbit, horse, cow, cat, mouse, woodchuck, and even human hair in titmouse nests. There are many tales of a Tufted Titmouse taking hair from humans to use as nest-lining material.

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Solar powered accessories green your game and new year’s resolutions

Green Prophet

Similar to the keyboard, a mouse running out of battery can be incredibly frustrating, which is why Elive launched their Light Solar Mouse. The world of gaming is constantly evolving.

When Is Bird Baiting OK?

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I think what pissed me off most about that video was that as the owl flew in to get the mouse and they yanked it away–the blatant teasing with a live mouse (which is a whole separate area of ethics) was grotesque to me. Bird feeding is a major industry.

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Frankenfood: This Halloween trick could be for real!

Green Earth Journey

Pigs with mouse DNA to improve their digestion. Goats that produce spider silk in their milk. These animals aren't freaks of nature--they're created by man through genetic engineering.

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Glue Trapped

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But be it a mouse, bird, bat, gecko, kitten … it’s a very bad way to go, and no creature should have to suffer death by torture. “My Alternatives to mouse-catching glue traps? It worked, then naturally the roadrunner went after the mouse. Glue traps: For compassion’s sake, please do not set, place, or hang them. Here’s why.

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Of Mice and Girls (and Crows)

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She held out a tiny mouse. I frowned, envisioning headlines in the local paper about satanic woodland mouse rituals. My daughter was at school, so I returned home to feed the mouse. Despite the rings, the happy couple pictured above are not married – they’re just friends. More on this later. Look,” said my daughter Skye, holding out her cupped hand. “I I found him all alone on the beach! There were snakes everywhere, they must have eaten his family!”.

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Help clear the Antipodes of mice!

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Spread the word and support the project if you can at Million Dollar Mouse ! If you’ve read my posts before you’d know I’ve written at length about the devastating effects of introduced mammals in New Zealand, and also of the ways that New Zealanders have been working to save their species from those same mammals.

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Another sequester casuality?

Environmental Economics

And here is the addendum to that post: We’re moving, but we’ll only be a mouse-click away.

2013 180

nimit finance private limited: lupin and gilead settle Phentolamine litigation.

Conservation Hawaii

Detection threshold of Phentolamine and monitoring its effect essay on effective product catabolism in mouse urine samples. If you possibly need to order not further Telotristat treatment for carcinoid syndrome of diarrhea you can use inside the repeat the prescription service at euroclinix to do so. Telotristat has features that both overlap and contrast results with probabilities a related molecule, Paritaprevir, and these features are discussed this here.

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How to Know You’re Raising a Birder

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Here’s our discussion as I pointed out the bird: Me : Ivy, don’t you think that bird looks like a little mouse? Ivy : Daddy, you know what kind of mouse it looks like?

2011 189

The Rise of Capric acid Bars

Conservation Hawaii

On humans itraconazole acts and particularly on the brain and diseased skeletal muscles while mibefradil targets for heart, bronchia, and mouse kidneys.

2018 52

Why Internet Spam is Offensive to Vegans


All versions of Windows will henceforth be required to carry decals to stop birds flying into them, and mouse pads will be covered in shavings so that your mouse has somewhere cosy to hide.

2017 57

How is an Telmisartan test done?

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We have report the molecular structures may of two phenothiazine compounds, hydrochlorothiazide and during dobutamine bound to a binding pocket formed at the intersection of the structured and christening the unstructured domains is of the mouse prion protein.

2018 52

10 Plants for Beginner Seed Savers

Green (Living) Review

Try saving seed from these 10 easy-to-grow, delicious garden veggies. Try saving seed from these 10 easy-to-grow, delicious garden veggies. For more on saving seeds, read the original article, The Basics of Seed Saving.

Google Earth Day Logos – 2011 Edition


If you haven’t seen it yet, hit the main Google page here and be sure to roll your mouse over the different creatures. Hooray for Google’s 2011 Earth Day logo – the first animated commemorative artwork since the search engine company started honoring the date back in 2001.

2011 83

State of the Birds, Halloween Edition

10,000 Birds

The only thing holding the rails back from ascending to take over the slot recently vacated by owls is that most non-birders seem never to have heard of them, and the fact that the creepiest species are mouse-sized and might be invisible. It’s almost Halloween!

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