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10,000 Birds

They do breed in the Balkans, in Montenegro and Greece where I observed them, as well as in Bulgaria and Romania. Although some sub-populations have shown recent increases (including in Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey), this species’s population is suspected to have decreased rapidly over the last three generations… “Former declines were primarily caused by wetland drainage, shooting and persecution by fishers.

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Birding Sarajevo or the sentimental journey home

10,000 Birds

The series of birding workshops and meetings continued across the map, through Ulcinj, Montenegro, then Samobor, Croatia and Stip (described here ), North Macedonia, leading to Brussels, the unofficial capital of EU. Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease …. Gotta take that sentimental journey. Sentimental journey home. Sentimental Journey – Ella Fitzgerald (1947).

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Checking the news

10,000 Birds

Interestingly, up to the mid-20th century, they did breed in the mountains of Montenegro, at 1400 m / 4600 ft, before the tourism development of the area, but Belgrade lies in the lowlands (at 70 m / 200 ft). I start my day with a coffee, a strong Turkish coffee without sugar – it is the stuff that makes the chest hair grow, as one UK friend of mine has put it. The next thing is starting the computer to check the news. And the first news web site is… eBird.

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Serbia self-drive birding tour planning

10,000 Birds

He made a whirlwind tour of some of the best birding areas in the country, from the Karajukica Bunari peat bog in the extreme southwest (by the border with Montenegro) all the way to the Slano Kopovo Crane Sanctuary in the northeast. This October, a previously unknown name shined in the eBird alerts in Serbia: Raphael Nussbaumer.

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UN Launches Climate Change Resilience Project In Western Balkans, Turkey

Green Prophet

In addition to Turkey, the countries set to benefit from the project are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, and Kosovo. The incidence and intensity of natural disasters, such as the flash floods last month that killed 12 people in Samsun, Turkey , are expected to increase as climate change intensifies.

Welcome to the Blue Heart of Europe

Conservancy Talk

While it happened to be the beautiful aqua-blue Soča River in Slovenia that they chose, it could just have easily been the Tara River in Montenegro, the upper Neretva River in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Vjosa in Albania, or any number of other rivers and streams in the region — they all share the quality of being dream-like, beautiful and largely a secret to most of the world.

Weekend Reading 2/6/14

Sightline Daily

I was delighted to see in it, too, that Nina Montenegro, the Portland-area artist who generously drew up our weekend reading illustrations (both the rain and sun versions we now swap out seasonally) had a piece featured near the front. Recently-dismissed public official Catherine Mater may be the most interesting person in Oregon right now.

Weekend Reading 1/24/14

Sightline Daily

Editor’s note: Sightline is excited to feature the work of artist Nina Montenegro, of ghosttide.com , as the new series images for Weekend Reading. Check back later in the year to see the summer reading graphic, too! Jeanette. A concise summary on why we need a new measure of progress to take the place of GDP. Obviously, the only thing anyone cares about is Richard Sherman.

Will Submerged Atlantis Super Volcano Cause Giant Tsunami?

Green Prophet

This especially pertains to Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro, Cyprus, France, Italy; and also for countries further away. Santorini’s quaint town of Thera actually sits on rim of a super volcano. The Mediterranean Sea basin, especially that bordered by Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel will soon have a new Marine Center that will help to reveal some of the secrets of this ancient and historical body of water.

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Butterflies or business - Europe can have both!

Green (Living) Review

The six West Balkan countries are cooperating countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The European Environment Agency (EEA) on November 30, 2010 released its fourth Environment State and Outlook report — SOER 2010 — a comprehensive assessment of how and why Europe’s environment is changing, and what we are doing about it.

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New Science: Time to Step Away from the Ecological Footprint?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Indeed, according to the EF, many countries — from China to Montenegro to the United States — and the planet itself are in chronic and accelerating ecological overshoot. Image credit: Mikael Leppä /Flickr through a Creative Commons license. By Bob Lalasz, director of science communications, The Nature Conservancy. How sustainably are we using Earth’s natural resources? First: Can we even answer the question?

Tourists Not Terrorists: The Middle East Can Capitalize on World Eco-Travel Trends

Green Prophet

One the other hand, Montenegro’s “while beauty” has earned it recognition as a real winner in this year’s survey. The three winners from the Middle East/MENA region are Tunisia, Bahrain and Qatar in new survey on tourism trends.

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

Green Blog

“Australia is committed to a greedy and inhumane course of climate exceptionalism, climate racism and climate injustice.&#. We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions.

Reading the evolution of places

The Green Changemakers

The interaction of urban space and the same sun shows historical variance in the United States and Montenegro. [link] This article is a collaboration of two people who have never met, one, an architect in Venezuela, Ana Maria Manzo (reachable via her blog, the place of dreams ), and the other, an environmental and land use lawyer in the United States, Chuck Wolfe, founder of myurbanist. Below, they provide intercontinental guidance for reading urban evolution.

Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

Green Blog

At the 2011 Durban Climate Conference the US, with the help of its climate criminal lackeys Australia and Canada, again succeeded in preventing requisite international climate change action. It was reported that Island States had again pleaded with other representatives to avert “ climate genocide ” but their pleas fell on deaf ears at Durban, as at Cancun, as at Copenhagen.

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

Green Blog

Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming. In relation to carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, Net Carbon Debt is equal to the Historical Carbon Debt (from fossil fuel burning since the start of the Industrial Revolution in circa 1750) minus the Carbon Credit (the residual carbon pollution from fossil fuel burning permitted between now and zero emissions in 2050).

Is Population a Problem?

The Green Changemakers

by Maywa Montenegro Will 9 billion people max out the Earth's natural resources? Or is overconsumption the real planetary threat? Three experts discuss the Gordian knot of wealth, fertility, and environmental impact — and why making do with less stuff matters so much. The number of people on Earth is expected to grow from 6.5 billion to about 9 billion by 2050. That much is relatively uncontroversial.

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