All Vegan Butcher Shop Coming to Minneapolis and Beyond


Imagine a world in which you can walk into a butcher shop and pick up fresh teriyaki jerky, smoky ribs, pepperoni, Italian sausage, smoked cheeses, and more… and it’s all Read More The post All Vegan Butcher Shop Coming to Minneapolis and Beyond appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Siblings Open World’s First Vegan Butcher Shop in Minneapolis


Minneapolis is about to be home to what sounds like an oxymoron: the world’s first vegan butcher shop. The Herbivorous Butcher, which is set to open this Saturday, is the brainchild Read More The post Siblings Open World’s First Vegan Butcher Shop in Minneapolis appeared first on Ecorazzi.


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Elephant Academy’s Director Talks Sunday Mornings in Minneapolis & her Weekly Pancake Fix.

Elephant Journal

Get a peek at Minneapolis with Elephant Academy Director, Molly as she talks about her Sunday mornings, her weekly {vegan} pancake fix, and gives you a view of her neighborhood. Find out more about the Academy: How do you apply? Simple. Your application is waiting for you: Apply with a partner-in-crime and save yourselves […].

Chewbacca Mom Sings: A Call for a Better Place.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Non New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) black lives matter Candace Payne Chewbacca Mom death emotions empathy facebook fear hope Minneapolis minnesota news Philando Castile protesting song violenceThe updates I received went from uplifting and positive to downright frightening.

2016 63

CAT Chewbacca Mom Sings: A Call for a Better Place.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Non New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) black lives matter Candace Payne Chewbacca Mom death emotions empathy facebook fear hope Minneapolis minnesota news Philando Castile protesting song violenceThe updates I received went from uplifting and positive to downright frightening.

2016 40

Daily Demand and Supply: Marginal Cost Pricing

Environmental Economics

Traveling to Minneapolis yesterday and today. Upon arriving in Minneapolis yesterday, and not knowing much about the city, I took a cab to my hotel. Price $40.05 plus tip. Upon leaving this afternoon I noticed a light rail running through the city. After a 1/2 mile walk to the closest terminal I purchased a ticket back to the airport. Price $1.75. Lesson: I'm a crappy traveler

New study says Rotterdam is one of the dirtiest cities in the world

Green Blog

According to the study the top 9 "dirtiest" cities in the world are: (1) Rotterdam in the Netherlands with 29,8 tonnes per capita, (2) Austin in USA with 24 tonnes, (3) Denver in USA with 21,5 tonnes, (4) Washington DC in USA with 20 tonnes, (5) Minneapolis in USA with 18 tonnes, (6) Calgary in Canada with 18 tonnes, (7) Menlo Park in USA with 16 tonnes, (8) Dallas in USA with 15 tonnes and (9) Stuttgart in Germany with 12 tonnes per capita.

Friday beer post: A frothy mug of jobs?

Environmental Economics

Phil Miller: With the stroke of a pen Wednesday morning, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. And it complements Minneapolis’ burgeoning local food economy that is creating new businesses and even more jobs.”.  How many non-locals would have come to Minneapolis anyways?  My guess is that most of the tap room visitors will be folks from the Twin Cities area (not just Minneapolis) who would have spent time in Minneapolis anyways.

2011 133

“I Love Starting the day with a Badass Sky.”

Elephant Journal

Birchwood Chef Marshall Paulsen Cooks for Woody Harrelson


When Woody Harrelson needed a chef to cater to his raw vegan diet while on location in Minneapolis, Birchwood Cafe’s chef Marshall Paulsen was up to the challenge. Paulsen spoke Read More The post Birchwood Chef Marshall Paulsen Cooks for Woody Harrelson appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News woody harrelson

Friday beer post

Environmental Economics

This time of year, Minneapolis attorney Kate Bischoff is a busy woman. "I Good advice: Thanksgiving kicks off holiday party season, and at office holiday parties around the country, this means co-workers will make merry and mischief. "I often represent clients who are handling the aftermath of a holiday party when it has gone off the rails," Bischoff says. Bischoff says meting out alcohol at parties using vouchers can limit some liability at the office holiday shindig.

2014 153

Fourth Annual Internet Cat Video Festival Breaks Attendance Records


The 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival, hosted by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, went out with a meow! last week. The fourth annual event brought in over 13,000 feline fanatics to Read More The post Fourth Annual Internet Cat Video Festival Breaks Attendance Records appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Feral Cats in American Cities

10,000 Birds

The other day, Minneapolis, Minnesota passed a feral cat ordinance. Let’s start with Minneapolis, because that is what sparked my interest. From the Star Tribune : Feral cats win a round at Minneapolis City Hall. … The ordinance would allow Minneapolis residents to establish cat “colonies” where abandoned and wild cats can be fed but also vaccinated, neutered and identified in an effort to humanely cut their population and control disease.

2013 203

Things Every Home Owner Should Know About Testing

Elephant Journal

Radon testing in Minneapolis is one of the only ways to know whether your home has high levels of radon or not. However, what exactly is radon and why is it dangerous to health? Radon is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas that is produced by decaying uranium. Radon is found in all soils and […].

Crow Roosts

10,000 Birds

We have a large crow roost in downtown Minneapolis it takes forever for them to finally settle into sleep. Have you ever gone to look for a American Crow roost in the United States? In winter, crows gather by the thousands for form large roosts and sleep in the winter time. Some will travel as far as 20 miles during the day to forage, but return in late afternoon. It seems that more and more, American Crows are choosing to roost in urban areas.

2012 168

KEEN Kicks Off a Recess Revolution

Wend Magazine

The tour will move across the country throughout the summer months, making its way from Portland to San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denver and D.C. KEEN is bringing recess back–encouraging people of all ages to take a break from their desks and computers and get outdoors for a break, regularly. The Portland-based company is doing this through its Recess Revolution tour , which will kick off at Director Park in PDX this Friday, May 27th from 11 to 3 in the afternoon.

2011 152

As I lay blogging

Environmental Economics

Even if those parents worked from home, they might not have been as productive, said Tony Madden, regional economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Lots of busted pipes around here: Hunkering down at home rather than going to work, canceling thousands of flights and repairing burst pipes from the Midwest to the Southeast has its price. By one estimate, about $5 billion.

2014 138

Not to brag, but "13 out of 13"

Environmental Economics

Phil Miller: Here' s a short - 13 questions - economic literacy quiz produced by the Minneapolis Fed.  It's from 1998 but the questions are still relavant.  Bonus:  there's even a sports economics question.  How did you do?   How do you stack up against others ? via Click on the "stack up against others" link to see how a national sample of the general public did in 1998.

2011 122

Vegan Butcher Shop to be featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives


His iconic 1967 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible visited the Minneapolis hot spot which has seen tons of media attention since opening. The Herbivorous Butcher has made it on to the popular Food Network travel show Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. That’s right, vegan fare is about to become part of “flavortown.”. VegNews reports that last week, the shop closed down to feed Guy Fieri, the notoriously meat-hungry host and restauranteur with an infamous collection of bowling shirts.

Top 25 National Wildlife Refuges for Birding

10,000 Birds

Others may be perfect for a free morning on a business trip to Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, or Las Vegas. There are more than 550 national wildlife refuges in the United States, with at least one in every state and one within an hour drive of almost every major American city. Many were specifically established for migratory birds and are strategically positioned along one of the four major North American migration flyways.

Storm Damage and Birds

10,000 Birds

In June, storms hit Minneapolis very hard. On my way, I managed to flag down a Minneapolis Park and Recreation truck. I am fluent in bird. I can tell what bird territory boundaries are in my neighborhood or when an American Robin has spotted a bird eating hawk and when House Sparrows are agitated by Blue Jays are raiding their nests. I can even tell when a bird needs serious help. Some friends had come by to help me lift my window unit air conditioner into my window.

2013 201

These Neighbors Got Together to Buy Vacant Buildings. Now They’re Renting to Bakers and Brewers

Green (Living) Review

The intersection of Central and Lowry Avenues in northeast Minneapolis is bustling. Though the model is new and small, it holds outsize potential for the many neighborhoods whose downtowns are controlled by faraway landlords or retail chains.

2017 119

How Neighbors Turned Unused Buildings into a Thriving Community Hub

Green (Living) Review

After years of brewing at home, Evan Sallee and his partners at Fair State Brewing, Minnesota's first consumer-owned beer cooperative, were finally ready to open a taproom in Minneapolis. They needed a spot that could accommodate brewing, with a storefront that invited people in off the street. That combination was hard to find until they looked at a space on Central Avenue in the city's Northeast neighborhood. At first they thought it wouldn't work.

2017 119

Dispatch From A Post-Carbon World: Planting The Seeds For A More Resilient Future

Green (Living) Review

Whenever I buy grapes imported from Chile, fill my gas tank with fuel sourced in the Persian Gulf, or select underwear made in Thailand at a department store headquartered in Minneapolis, I can’t help but wonder how much longer we can all go on like this.

Hey,, it isn't hard to adjust for inflation!

Environmental Economics

Using the top 30 costliest hurricanes ( Table 3a ) and the Minneapolis Fed's inflation adjustment calculator , I was able to do the calcutions in less than 10 minutes (including correction of a mistake or two). Any ranking of monetary events over time is subject to serious measurement error unless the nominal dollars are adjusted for inflation. Movie rankings typically make this mistake, without inflation adjustment, Avatar is the highest grossing.

2011 130

Most Bike Friendly Cities

The Go Green Blog

Even though Chicago has more than 110 miles of on-street bike lanes, more than 30 miles of marked shared lanes, many miles of off-street paths (including the 18.5-mile Lakefront Trail), more than 12,000 bike racks, and sheltered, high-capacity, bike parking areas at many CTA rail stations; we’re still out ranked by Minneapolis MN, Portland OR, Boulder CO, Seattle WA, Eugene OR, San Francisco CA, Madison WI, New York City NY, and Tucson AZ.

Made in France: Létol Organic Scarves Have That Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Eco Chic

– Key north boutique (Minneapolis, MN). A gorgeous turban look at The Retreat Costa Rica with my Létol scarf! . I can’t get enough of my Létol organic scarf : Maybe it’s the unusual pattern combination (my Sophie scarf contains 12 different patterns, plus a giraffe scene!), or maybe it’s the supersoft fabric, which feels so gentle against my neck.

Hey, Who You Callin’ a Weed?

Green Home Blog

Dunsmoor is quoted as saying that his mother loved dandelion greens so much that – arriving in what would later become Minneapolis, Minnesota – she saw no dandelions and so sent “back East” to Maine for a packet of seed. Hey, Who You Callin’ a Weed?

2013 109

Hilton Hotels to Share Food Waste in Hungry Egypt

Green Prophet

Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Orlando and Kansas City in the United States. Hilton Worldwide has launched a pilot program to distribute surplus food to community organizations that feed the poor in Egypt.

Egypt 87

Just In Time for Christmas

Green Home Blog

of 1981, a blanket of heavy, wet snow more than a foot deep was responsible for the collapse of the Minneapolis Metrodome’s roof. Just In Time for Christmas. … It’s still green here in the Upper Midwest, and natives are starting to grouse about the lack of snow. After all, what is winter for if people can’t run their snowmobiles, ice fish on a mere two inches of ice, and slide around empty parking lots at top speed to demonstrate how slippery snow is!

2012 109

Top Ten Travel Tips Keep Holidays Safe

Green Home Blog

Is it Minneapolis? Top Ten Travel Tips Keep Holidays Safe. Fly stress free Some of us are the designated “go to” family members who yearly put on a spread for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or both (groan). Some of us are luckier, having escaped these 48-hour cook/serve/clean up food marathons, either by serving terrible or tasteless food the only time we were asked, or simply by claiming we couldn’t cook more than toast.

2012 109

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder from Lakeland – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Minneapolis, MN Imported into the UK by Lakeland Ltd, Cumbria Lakeland Ref 51368 I must say that I do love those little devices of one kind or other that then turn those otherwise horrible plastic (Soda) bottles into something useful and usable and the Soda Bottle Bird Feeder is no exception here. Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Made in the USA by McNaughton Inc.

2010 100

Printing an electric car on the world’s largest 3D printer

Green Prophet

Nasdaq: SSYS), headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel, is a leading global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. While online hightech companies might seem to be on the money, investors are hungry for new advances in physical products. But developing them takes years, and lots of money. There is a lots of waste in the prototyping stage in terms of time, materials, and money.

2014 87

Embracing Your Future: Natural Swimming Pools

The Alien Next Door

The first public NSP in North America was built in 2014 by BioNova in Webber Park , Minneapolis. NSP-Ecohome You step out of your Point Grey house and stroll down to the Hydrogenase Hub at Kits Beach in Vancouver. You ’ re heading out to visit your ecologist friend Michael, who has been renovating his property on Galiano Island. You helped him design his place, which included an outdoor natural swimming pool.

2014 155

KidWind Provides A Hands-On Renewable Energy Course

Green Living Ideas

I’ve been passionate about educational programs for sustainability from sustainablog’s earliest days, so I wasn’t surprised at all to discover that I’d written about Minneapolis-based educational company…. What better way to encourage more renewable acceptance than having kids learn about it at an early age? This great program works with kids across the United States in 2014, including some international events.

Is Jon Stewart finally going vegan?!


The Herbivorous Butcher, the Minneapolis, Minnesota based vegan butcher making headlines all winter, published a photo of Stewart sampling some of their fine goods, with the following comment on their Facebook: . Is it FINALLY happening?! Might Jon Stewart be making the vegan commitment we’ve all been keeping our fingers crossed for?

2016 53

Target opens recycling centers in all of its 1,740 Stores

Green (Living) Review

Minneapolis based Target (NYSE: TGT) announced recently that it is rolling out a massive nationwide recycling initiative with recycling centers at the front of each of its 1,740 stores in the United States. Those recycling stations will accept aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers, plastic bags, MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges.

2010 113

Public Transit Is a Deciding Factor for Millennials in the Workforce

Green (Living) Review

The survey covered three cities with mature transit systems: Chicago, San Francisco and New York; four cities where transit networks are growing: Minneapolis, Denver, Charlotte and Los Angeles; and three cities making plans to grow their systems: Nashville, Indianapolis and Tampa-St.

Hate Negative Campaigns?

Sightline Daily

Indeed, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, running in a ranked-choice system, explicitly asked voters who preferred another candidate to make her their second or third choice. Voters in American cities that used ranked-choice voting, such as Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, were one-third more likely to report less negative campaigns, compared with voters in winner-take-all cities. Original Sightline Institute graphic, available under our free use policy.

2015 87

What Are Food Trucks Impact On the Environment, Neighborhoods

Green Home Blog

In Minneapolis (Minn.) Food trucks, more commonly known as food carts, are mobile units that sell food, usually a particular kind of food like hot dogs, pizza, or Tex/Mex. Foodies, or groupies of these food carts, are people who make it their business to know all about particular kinds of food and promote that type to their friends and acquaintances.

"Relax," said the night man

Environmental Economics

Another note: Our 7:23 pm flight to Minneapolis was delayed so we missed our connection to Missoula. Craig Newmark: You kinda think they would have figured it out by now. But no, they haven't. Airlines and academics have been trying for years to determine the fastest way to load planes.      via

2011 116

A not so traditional Secret Garden

Green Life Smart Life

A secret garden on the rooftop of Minneapolis Target Center , home of NBA Minnesota Timberwolves is making the view from up above beautiful. This is a great opportunity for Minneapolis and will be even greater when hopefully this fad starts catching on nationally. The Minnesota heat which reaches 140 degree won’t be such an inconvenience anymore. The 2.5

2009 44

Green Your Halloween with National Costume Swap Day

The Green Samaritan

This year, official Green Halloween events will be held in almost 20 cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Austin, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle and Phoenix.

2010 144