Imlay City, Michigan: Mulefoot Gastropub redefines the food culture

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A friendly guy, we soon […] Imlay City, Michigan: Mulefoot Gastropub redefines the food culture is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. All Imlay City Michigan North America The Americas United States best Michigan restaurant fine dining in the Thumb Mulefoot Gastropub organic restaurant Imlay City

NW Michigan: greening up Grand Traverse Resort

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Before Hemingway became obsessed with bullfighting, big-game hunting and deep-sea fishing, Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay region inspired his youthful imagination. T hings have gotten better for some Native Americans in northwestern Michigan. In 2008 the resort was certified as a “leader&# by Green Lodging Michigan , a state organization that encourages environmental stewardship in the hospitality industry. Lake Michigan: summer bliss in northwestern Michigan.

Say, What? Michigan Legislators Insist that Burning Tires is 'Clean, Renewable Energy'

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Michigan politicians make a mockery of environmental standards. The Michigan state legislature is playing loose with its environmental definitions, passing a bill on Thursday that qualifies the burning of solid waste as "renewable energy." " And according to the Michigan news site, , this includes the burning of tires. burning tires green living greenwash Michigan

Restoring the Reef on Lake Michigan Benefits Native Fish

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I’m on my way to snorkel Lake Michigan’s reefs, and nobody’s buying it: “There is no coral in Lake Michigan.”. You do know that Lake Michigan is freshwater, right?”. All actual comments I heard, as I traveled across Michigan to Little Traverse Bay. To understand Great Lakes reefs, you first have to take a look at the recent history of fisheries and food webs on Lake Michigan. But they have two things in common: they’re everywhere in Lake Michigan.

Farm-to-fork Michigan: Mind, Body & Spirits

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Farm-to-fork Michigan: Mind, Body & Spirits 2 September 10 · 0 comments | Green And Organic | E d Begley, Jr. The unlikely appearance of the Hollywood actor drawn to the equally unlikely appearance of Michigan ‘s only certified organic restaurant—as well as one of the nation’s greenest.

Michigan lawmaker wants to call burning tires “renewable energy”

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A Michigan house representative is trying to re-define renewable energy, with a bill that would make burning tires and other industrial solid waste count towards the state’s mandate of generating 10 percent of its energy from renewables. Aric Nesbitt introduced the bill to Michigan’s house of representatives on March 15 of this year.

Michigan Small Farm Found In Contempt Of Court, Forced To Remove Livestock

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The owners of a small rural farm located within Williamston Township, Michigan were found in contempt of court by Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina this week, because they did not remove livestock from their property. Their backyard farm struggle began before the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development ruled that the Right to Farm Act protections no longer apply to many homeowners who keep small numbers of livestock.

Invasive Species Concerns Run High For Lake Michigan And Mississippi River

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Such situations are now occurring in the Mississippi River, Chicago River and Lake Michigan in the United States. However, the fish have since proliferated greatly and have become a great threat to the waters of the Mississippi River and potentially soon Lake Michigan. The fish are gradually altering the ecosystem of the Mississippi River and experts fear it will begin occurring to Lake Michigan if actions are not taken to separate the waterways.

Indie green hotels band together to offer sustainable options for frequent travelers

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Dearborn Detroit Michigan North America The Americas United States Adoba Hotel Dearborn/Detroit Atmosphere Hospitality Management Green Travel News Reuters Stash How can frequent travelers earn free stays and other perks at cool green hotels that aren''t part of big chains? Enter the nation''s largest point-based loyalty program for indie hotels. Indie green hotels band together to offer sustainable options for frequent travelers is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, March 27

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Michigan’s governor just approved a bear cub petting zoo bill. We’ve got quite the spread of green news for you this morning. Let’s get started. Check out these 8 interesting uses for drones , including many that help protect the environment. ( MNN ). This chilly spring we’ve been experiencing? Melting Arctic sea ice may be to blame. Mongabay ). Huffington Post ). Want to save African lions ? New research says, “time to fence them in.”

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Virtue Cider sets an example for highly virtuous cider production


This best explains the approach by a small Michigan cidery and farm that has kept sustainability in mind in every aspect of its business, from the ingredients to land management to energy conservation. The Virtue cidery and farm Virtue Cider sits on 48 acres of land in Fennville, Michigan — the home of an apple orchard in the late 1800s. Business Green amazon amazon-prime animals definition drinks farm michigan organic cotton process sustainable farming virtue-cider

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Understanding NFTs and energy consumption


Eco Green auction bitcoin carbon cryptocurrency digital freshwater-fish lake michigan slovakia study system technologyNon-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are the newest players in the cryptocurrency market, and their environmental impact may surprise you. What’s an NFT?

Warming in deepest parts of the Great Lakes could be irreversible


F temperature rise per decade in Lake Michigan’s deep waters. Eco Green food freshwater-fish lake michigan nature over-the-period studyNew research published in the journal Nature Communications shows that the deepest parts of the Great Lakes are warming up. While it has been known that global warming causes increased ice melting and rising ocean temperatures, little has been said about the impact of climate change on deep lake waters.

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Meet the artists creating sustainable artwork for Nespresso’s flagship cafes


Nespresso’s parent company, Nestlé, has certainly come under fire for things like bottling water in California during historic droughts and sourcing water near Flint, Michigan in the past. Business Eco Green a-face-mask art black coffee doucet environmental joseph-alessio miami michigan nespresso post-format-gallery public art sustainable art

People living near fracking wells have higher heart attack risk


Eco Green a-higher-risk amazon-prime fossil fuels michigan oil-drilling organic cotton pennsylvania process such-as-smoking sustainable farming university york-howeverPeople living close to fracking wells are at a higher risk of being hospitalized or losing their lives due to heart attacks.

Biden chooses his climate team here are the nominees


Biden has nominated former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm for energy secretary, and he said he will appoint former Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy to lead domestic climate efforts. As Michigan’s governor, she encouraged the increased manufacturing of electric vehicles. Eco Green a-decade-ago a-have-evolved biden climate energy infrastructure michigan north panoramic park skywalk thailand tree top walk

‘Charging Room’ System Powers Lights, Phones, Laptops Without Wires

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In a move that could one day free the world’s countertops from their snarl of charging cords, researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Tokyo have developed a system to safely deliver electricity over the air, potentially turning entire buildings into wireless charging zones.

Cool retro boats restored with electric motors


For those planning a summer day on the waterways of Lake Michigan, there’s a new ecological option that will help you spend the day boating in sustainable style. Eco Green a-dock-behind cool environment green boat design michigan retro retro-boat torqeedo torqueedo

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History Of Energy Gardens

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Alternative Energy Energy Efficiency Home Energy Usage Colorado distributed energy DOE GTM Research Harvard History Of Energy Gardens Massahusetts Michigan Minnesota NREL Solar Design Associates SolarizeBefore I begin writing about energy gardens, it is incredibly helpful to understand what they are, what they aren’t, and their level of independence from whatever energy utility serves the vicinity.

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Hungary announces preemptive ban on fur farms


farms in Wisconsin, Michigan and Utah. Green a-now-shows a-rosy-picture animals country destruction european fur hungary michigan president-jairHungary’s ministerial commissioner of animal protection, Péter Óvári, announced this week that farming mink, foxes, ferrets and coypu will not be allowed in the country. These animals are not currently farmed there.

How to support environmental justice


Low-income communities and communities of color are especially at risk; think Flint, Michigan, when a 2014 policy change led to at least 100,000 people losing access to clean water. When most of us think about the environment, we tend to conjure certain images.

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, July 18

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Animals Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Green Living Invasive species North America Science Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz United States ash borer ash trees Bloomberg cars Christian Science Monitor comet of the century dinosaur fox news iowa jaws mackinaw island martha''s vineyard Michigan National Geographic new dinosaur shark hunt shark tournament Treehugger Utah Shark hunts, comets and a car-free city in America?

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Is your company a good company?


A lot has been written about Nike’s bold decision to back Colin Kaepernick, but my favorite — and the most relevant point to what we’re discussing here — comes from Jerry Davis, a University of Michigan Business School professor: “It turns out Democrats buy a lot more sneakers than Republicans. Business Eco Green companies demo environment list manufacturer michiganIs your company a good company?

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Big in 2021: American jobs created by EV companies


Biden selected former Michigan Gov. Business Eco Green amazon electric goals kansas michigan montreal north obama school white yearBig in 2021: American jobs created by EV companies Katie Fehrenbacher Wed, 01/06/2021 – 00:30 One of the big things I’m thinking about to kick off 2021 is how electric vehicles will be entwined with a U.S. recovery. Even before Joe Biden has formalized any green stimulus plans, the EV industry in the U.S.

Former Walmart exec brings ride-share technology to fresh produce transport


He needed a truck within the hour to make it on time for his delivery in Michigan or he would have lost the produce to a different retailer. Business Green a-truck-within climate change country food load michigan needs north president worldFormer Walmart exec brings ride-share technology to fresh produce transport Jesse Klein Tue, 10/27/2020 – 01:00 Hwy Haul co-founder and CEO Syed Aman knows fresh produce is the future of grocery stores.

Parsing Panera’s plan to nudge consumers toward low-carbon meals


Here’s a useful summary, courtesy of the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan: The reluctance of brands to use climate labels may be partly because it isn’t clear what consumers would do with emissions information. Business Eco Green america climate change energy michigan pepsi restaurants sarah-golden- space start walkers

Closed Ford Auto Plant to be Retooled for Renewable Energy

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One such Ford plant in Wixom, Michigan is about to be reborn as a renewable energy manufacturing plant. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Alternative Energy batteries Ford Green Collar Jobs green economy green jobs Michigan renewable energy solar As the American automobile industry dies a slow death from making cars that are unreliable and inefficient, plants in the Midwest have been closed.

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Orion is Back Building Bolt Electric Cars

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FOR the General Motors plant in Orion Township in the Detroit area in Michigan State is it. So i was astonished. Yet my great friends over at reported in the USA. All about revitalizing an old Detroit area; going EV.

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Reefs Like Zombies?

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Coral reefs, parrotfish, climate change, Michigan tourists, and, well, zombies -- the kind of surreal conversation that could probably only happen in a place like Key West. Climate Change From the Field Wildlife Coral Reefs Marine Resilience

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Chicago’s Ivy Hotel: chic green luxury, and now open

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Barely more then a block from Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s artsy Near North neighborhood, the Ivy Hotel was once an office building. Now it's the city's newest boutique hotel, and eco-chic too Chicago’s Ivy Hotel: chic green luxury, and now open is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Chicago Hotels Illinois North America Restaurants/Cafes United States Green Travel News Ivy Hotel Midwest Reuters

"Playing Football Stoned Isn't Actually the Greatest Idea"

Environmental Economics : Remember Appalachian State's historic upset of Michigan back in 2007? Here's more: In a shocking revelation, this former player told me that over half of Michigan’s defensive starters and several key offensive starters partied deep into the night the night before the 2007 Michigan vs. Appalachian State game, then smoked marijuana hours before kickoff in an effort to “see how bad we can beat up if we are stoned.”.

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Top green Italians: Piatti Ristorante, Mill Valley (Calif.)

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For example, he knows how a peach is really supposed to taste—his hometown of Grand Haven, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is [.] | Dine Sustainably Con Piacere | Who doesn’t love Italian? This is the first in a series on the best Italian-style green restaurants in northern California. Todd Shoberg knows what he’s doing. Top green Italians: Piatti Ristorante, Mill Valley (Calif.) is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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I hope no one asks for my e-mails that mention "Dan Patrick"

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I took a risk, clicked on a NYTimes article and was relieved to find that it is still free ( ): A conservative research group in Michigan has issued a far-reaching public records request to the labor studies departments at three public universities in the state, seeking any e-mails involving the Wisconsin labor turmoil.

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Personal Gardening and Farming Are Becoming Illegal

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With Michigan’s recent ban on backyard farming, along with many states regulating the amount of garden space individuals may have in their yard, the ability for Americans to grow their own food and feed themselves is becoming a thing of the past. Michigan recently announced that it has made changes to its Right to Farm Act, which allowed home owners to keep a small amount of livestock on their property without being considered a nuisance, as long as the rules of the Act were followed.

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America’s first sustainable urban agrihood is growing in Detroit

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This week, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) revealed its plans for the first Sustainable Urban Agrihood in the North End. Wait, an agrihood? It’s an alternative neighborhood growth model, positioning agriculture as the centerpiece of a mixed-use development. There are some agrihoods around the country, but in rural areas. This is the first within a city. MUFI’s agrihood spans three acres on Brush Street, a few blocks up from East Grand Boulevard.

We usually have to stretch to make the sports/environment connection

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Ohio State University and Michigan State University went into this past Thursday as contenders in the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament’s Sweet Sixteen.  Michigan State has been to 8 Final Fours and won 2 Championships, while Ohio State has made it to 11 Final Fours and come away with 1 Championship win.  Both schools have rich pedigrees related to the Tournament.

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According to traditional rules for rounding, that should be 21%

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New cars and trucks sold in the United States are getting an average of 24 miles per gallon of gasoline, the highest ever, researchers at the University of Michigan said yesterday. The average fuel-economy rating as shown by window stickers on new vehicles bought in March — pickup trucks, SUVs, minivans and passenger cars — was 24.1?mpg, mpg, the researchers found. That was up 20?percent percent from the average of 20?mpg mpg in October 2007.

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Should I be worried that I can relate?

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The rigors of teaching apparently got to Michigan State University professor John McCarthy Monday. " Reddit user TheCookieKing posted Monday (photo courtesy WILX Lansing): Background story: I was in Calc 1 at Michigan State University, and my teacher was always pretty eccentric, but today he went overboard. According to multiple sources, the math teacher stripped naked in the middle of his Calculus 1 class and started shouting obscenities.

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Lake Huron has Fish-Killing Virus

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Scientists have found traces of viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS), a fast spreading virus affecting fish, only 15 miles from where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan. Humans have nothing to fear from this virus, but unless the fish have developed an immunity to it, it could threaten the Michigan baitfish industry, which is a $4.5

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Consumers Energy’s Teri VanSumeren on the company’s Clean Energy Plan


Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest energy provider, committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 90 percent by 2040. The rest is here: Consumers Energy’s Teri VanSumeren on the company’s Clean Energy Plan. Business Green carbon emissions clean energy coal energy energy & climate greenbiz studio has-done new-energy reduce-its their-employers verge

Episode 194: California’s Newsom and Nichols, the power of diversity, actions speak louder


Plus, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm on the secret to creating clean economy jobs. Excerpt from: Episode 194: California’s Newsom and Nichols, the power of diversity, actions speak louder. Business Eco Green california creating-clean economy-jobs- granholm-on-the greenbiz 350 podcast jennifer podcast secret the-secret

A century ago, Detroit’s “potato patch mayor” knew how to ride out hard times

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The citizens of Michigan erect this monument to the cherished memory of Hazen S. A gallant soldier, an enterprising and successful citizen, four times elected mayor of Detroit, twice governor of Michigan. Nearly half of Michigan’s population was unemployed. I’d been passing by the statue here in Detroit for days now without noticing it, but today something — the gloomy weather, maybe — made me slow down and read the inscription.

A violation of my constitutional right

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The average new car now gets nearly 24 miles to the gallon, compared with about 20 mpg just four years ago, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Drive less: Americans have pumped less gas every week for the past year. During those 52 weeks, gasoline consumption dropped by 4.2 billion gallons, or 3 percent, according to MasterCard SpendingPulse. The decline is the longest since a 51-week period during the recession. The main reason: higher gas prices.

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