High-Altitude Birding in Central Mexico

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One of the things I love about birding around Morelia, in central Mexico, is the wide variety of habitats I have nearby. Now, something odd happens when you go really high in central Mexico: the countryside begins to look more and more like the United States’ Pacific Northwest.

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American Oystercatchers in Mexico

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When we sailed to Mexico, I discovered a whole new species, the American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus. From Southern California, thru Mexico to Chile. The Atlantic Coast birds tend to have a bit more white on the wings and rump, than the western Mexico birds do.

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Coatepec and Xico, Mexico: Veracruz green high

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| In the Land of Chipichipi | We could feel the air cool and freshen as we began to ascend la Ruta de la Niebla, the Way of Fog, into las Alturas, the highlands of Mexico’s Veracruz state. All Coatepec Mexico North America The Americas Veracruz Xalapa Xico organic market Coatepec

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Back in sunny Mexico

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Now that we have returned to our adopted home of La Paz, Mexico, our bones are starting to thaw out from the trip to chilly Seattle. Despite seeing many of our local Bewick’s Wrens in Mexico, this well hidden House Wren is the first tick for the Baja, as well as Mexico.

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Isla Isabel – Mexico’s Galapagos

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Isla Isabel, a picturesque volcanic island situated 15 miles off Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit coast, is just such a place. Destinations boobies endemics frigatebirds Mexico Worldwide Birding Adventures Its amazing to me that there are still places on earth where wildlife is blissfully unafraid of humans. The island is half a mile wide and about three-quarters of a mile in length.

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Cattle Egrets in La Paz, Mexico

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Lots of the migrant birds are starting to return to Mexico. Birds Cattle Egret La Paz MexicoDespite the still sweltering heat of the Southern Baja Desert, that beautiful time of year has arrived! Some in great numbers, some, just a single bird or two.

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Caribbean Mexico: how to find a green hotel

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| 4 Great Tips | Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is home to some of the Caribbean’s best and most beloved resort destinations, including Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya and beyond.

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Urban birding in La Paz, Mexico

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Despite that, I have it in my head to jot down a few of the interesting things about birding here in La Paz, Mexico. Birding La Paz Mexico Migrant Birds Urban BirdingThere is little doubt in my mind, that the topic of urban birding has been well covered on this and every other birding site. What is it that makes this area different from any other urban setting, which might play host to a nice selection of migrant and non-migrant species?

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San Miguel de Allende: leading Mexico's green revolution

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact San Miguel de Allende: leading Mexico’s green revolution 30 December 10 · 6 comments | Mexico’s Greenest City? |

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North from Alaska: The Surfbirds return to Mexico

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Birds La Paz Mexico Migrant Birds Surfbirds It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was writing about the Surfbirds, and the long trip to their Alaska breeding grounds. Well, they are back.

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Raptors of Mexico and Central America: A Book Review

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Raptors of Mexico and Central America by William S. This is the first identification guide that I know of that covers Mexico (technically North America but rarely included in North American raptor guides) and Central America. Raptors of Mexico and Central America.

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Little Big Year – Week 36: Southern New Mexico hotspots.

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Not so with our visit to Bosque de Apache NWR in southern New Mexico. The second half of the week was spent near the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The post Little Big Year – Week 36: Southern New Mexico hotspots.

Birding Adventure in Mexico Part II: Durango Highway

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Mexico is great for those who love biogeography! The landscape and birds along the road continued to change, and I felt like we were traveling through Colorado rather than Mexico at this point — the various tropical species were almost all gone, replaced by Chipping Sparrow , Common Raven , Killdeer , and others. Birding durango highway mexican birding Mexico

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Trump, Twitter, Mexico, the Peso and Quidditch

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From FivethirtyEight.com : Whenever President-elect Donald Trump tweets about Mexico, the peso jumps around on international currency markets. Mexico is spending considerable reserves to defend the currency, but peso traders have come up with a cheaper solution: Just buy Twitter for $12 billion and then shut it down.

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What is Mexico’s National Bird?

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It is found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico, taking its place as one of Mexico’s official symbols. In fact, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology , “The Golden Eagle is the most common official national animal in the world – it’s the emblem of Albania, Germany, Austria, Mexico, and Kazakhstan.” Golden Eagles have a global breeding population of around 300,000 birds, 3% of which spend at least part of the year in Mexico.

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Jalisco, Mexico: on the elusive trail of organic tequila

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The colonial town of Tequila (founded by Franciscan monks in 1530) and, surrounding it, the sprawling fields of red volcanic soil planted in row after row […] Jalisco, Mexico: on the elusive trail of organic tequila is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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Birding Adventure in Mexico, Part I: Colima

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Back in early March, Andrew Spencer asked me if I would like to go birding in western Mexico with him and another friend in May. Before I knew it, it was late May, and I was on the road in Colima, Mexico with Andrew Spencer and Nathan Pieplow on a birding adventure! Boldly patterned and full of character, this endemic sparrow was the highlight of my first day in Mexico.

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Jalisco, Mexico: a fiesta of quince

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Puerto Vallarta: how to eat organic Mexico’s San Francisco: green Nayarit Ajijic: Mexican high country green Lake Chapala: Leading Toward a Green Mexico Sustainable TV?

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Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba

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M ayakoba in Mexico ’s Riviera Maya has been cited by the Rainforest Alliance for achievements in sustainable tourism, the first time that organization has so honored a tourism project. We have been working with the Rainforest Alliance since 2010 to comply with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria ’s internationally recognized recommendations for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable tourism, and we encourage other tourism properties in Mexico to do the same.&#.

Captain Mexico America

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“Tony, you’re Captain America,” a friend rejoiced. Locked in editing my recent short film, ¡Viva la Revolución!, he’s privied to my emotional presence daily. Because you’re a principled m *r.” Another buddy, struggling with a personal issue, said, “Having a conversation with you is like talking with Tony Robbins and Oprah!” I picked up my producing […].

Oaxaca, Mexico: microfinance for tourists

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So it is with the most worthy touring concept we have met in a long time— Fundación En Vía: Travel, Learn, Fight Poverty of Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca, Mexico: microfinance for tourists is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Tours Mexico Oaxaca| Fundación En Via |.

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico: world’s 1st hotel eco-microturbine

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico: world’s 1st hotel eco-microturbine is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Cancun Mexico News North America Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Resorts Riviera Maya Green Travel News Real Resorts Reuters Royal Playa del CarmenThe world's first hotel use of an eco-efficient microturbine will reduce the Royal Playa del Carmen's energy consumption by more than 48%, and also eliminates the necessity for emergency generators.

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Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in La Paz, Mexico

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The La Paz, Mexico waste treatment plant is actually quite near to town, mostly due to the residential growth creeping closer and closer. Most long time birders, at some point in their birding career, spent time at a wastewater treatment plant.

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Los Cabos: Mexico’s 1st eco-friendly festival

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The first-ever Los Cabos Greenfest in Mexico''s Baja seeks to raise awareness about saving the planet through music, fitness and wellness. Los Cabos: Mexico’s 1st eco-friendly festival is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Baja Experiences/Events Los Cabos Mexico News North America The Americas Green Travel News Los Cabos Greenfest Reuters

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San Miguel de Allende: an angelic hotel from Mexico’s Señor and Señora Verde…and mucho mas

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| The Power of Dos | It’s our first day back at our favorite place in central Mexico, and our rental’s fridge yawns empty.The weekly organic tianguis—biggest and, in our opinion, finest organic farmers market in the entire country—is still a few days away.

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Perch Wars

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This one, seen at Lake Cuitzeo in central Mexico, makes me think of a giraffe wearing a tuxedo: Now, most of the time this middling photographer can only hope to get a clear photo of a bird, not too far away, and at a good angle.

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What is the State Bird of New Mexico?

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In fact, they are central to many Mexican and Native American spiritual beliefs, and have been named the state bird of New Mexico. Birds New Mexico Roadrunner state birdI saw my first real Greater Roadrunner on a cold winter day in the Southwest. Walking along a dirt track next to a prairie, my friend and I were on the look-out for different sparrow species when a large bird suddenly darted into the clearing.

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Mexico City—How we can Help.

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earthquake acting with compassion mexico mexico earthquake solidarityExactly 32 years later, on the anniversary of that deadly earthquake, a new tragedy has struck the city. magnitude earthquake shook the capital this September 19; the death toll is still rising, 40 buildings have collapsed around the city, and videos of. Enlightened Society Spanish WAYLON: Today Only 7.1

Searching for Whoopers: New Report Showcases Gulf of Mexico Migrants

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The Gulf of Mexico is awash with migrants — at least 395 bird species are found over, in, or near the Gulf of Mexico and its coastal fringes, many of them passing through Texas on their annual migrations.

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Ecotourism in New Mexico-Where Culture and Nature Converge

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New Mexico is a place of converging cultures, a state where ranch lands border Native American reservations; where filmmakers, skiers, and artists flock; where Hispanics and descendants of Spanish conquistadors live together, along with 19 sovereign Native American nations.

Mexico City Bans Use of Wild Animals in Circus Acts


On Monday, Mexico City voted to ban the use of animals in circuses. Read More The post Mexico City Bans Use of Wild Animals in Circus Acts appeared first on Ecorazzi. They have one year to remove animals from their acts or face fines of $45,000 - $60,000.

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Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico


Read More The post Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico appeared first on Ecorazzi. Morris, an 11-month-old black and white kitty in the Mexican city of Xalapa (population: 450,000), is ready to take on the other mayoral candidates. His campaign slogan: “Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat.”

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The Promise that led me to Mexico & what I Learned.

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I asked her what she thought about gay marriage being legalized in Mexico. bravery conversational spanish gay marriage LGBTQ mexico promise show up authentically what I learned"What if she is anti-LGBT?" I thought. My heart was beating a little faster. I decided to take the risk and go deep. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) Literary Journal Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

Mexico Seeing Worst Drought in 7 Decades

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Mexico is suffering from the most severe drought its seen in 70 years. Over 70% of Mexico, including Coahuila, San Luis Potosi, Sonora, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas have been affected by the lack of rainfall and the high temperatures. Eco News mexico droughtThe drought has killed huge numbers of farm animals, has destroyed innumerable crops and worst of all – is expected to continue into 2012.

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Great Mexican Bird Names

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They tell me that in the east of Mexico, it is called Tengo-frío (I’m Cold); that works well too. Being of the Tyrant-Flycatcher family, kingbirds are simply called Tiranos, or Tyrants, in Mexico. Birding Bird names Birding Mexico Birding Michoacán Mexico Michoacán

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The Dog Who Ran the Mexico Death Race, 2015.

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Adventure Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) dog health wellness life mexico death race quotes Once you accept your own death, all of a sudden you''re free to live.

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Nature Could Help Prevent $50 Billion in Flood Damages in the Gulf of Mexico

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New science shows that restoring healthy coastal habitats – like marshes and oyster reefs – is an extremely cost-effective solution for reducing those risks. Climate Change From the Field Ideas Nature Tech Adaptation Climate Nature + People Nature-based Solutions Oceans

2018 110

Mexico discovers ‘huge’ oil field

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The field is in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico says it could be bigger than its largest oil field, Cantarell. ” The government says its investment in exploration will enable Mexico to maintain its current output in the future.

I Lost my Sister & Found my Best Friend in Mexico.

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Family Travel best friends growing up hugs mexico mother-daughter relationships sisters tearsWhile we walked, she told me of a bar with excellent drinks she had been to the other night. This bewildered me. Next she told me.

An individual transferable quota experiment in the Gulf of Mexico headboat fishery

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This is truly exciting: NOAA Fisheries has issued an exempted fishing permit (EFP) to the Gulf of Mexico Headboat Cooperative (Cooperative).  The Cooperative consists of headboat owners/captains.  The Cooperative intends to evaluate the efficiency of an allocation-based management system, using a limited number of headboats in a two-year pilot study.

PRB Coal Exports Through Mexico?

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Image by By user:Intersofia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons According to an article in a coal trade publication last week, a private firm has annonced plans to open a coal export terminal in Guaymas, Mexico.

Mexico Seeks New Homes for Over 2,000 Animals Due to Circus Ban


In light of Mexico’s upcoming ban which will prevent animals from being used as performers in circuses, the country is now faced with the challenge of finding homes for over Read More The post Mexico Seeks New Homes for Over 2,000 Animals Due to Circus Ban appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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New Water Fund in Mexico for People and Nature

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That’s why I was delighted to be in Monterrey, Mexico today to celebrate the launch of the Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund (FAMM). Monterrey—one of the most important industrial capitals of Mexico and Latin America—was spared the worst of this week’s storms.