President Obama Meets With Flood Victims in Memphis


The Mississippi River came up to Memphis last week , falling just short of an all-time high record set in 1937. Sometimes Mother Nature is a b$tch— like, for example, floods ravaging the state of Mississippi. And when you’re President Barack Obama , that means visiting the victims of those floods to bring support and hope. As the flood waters continue to rise, Obama met with local residents and emergency personnel to assess the damage this latest natural disaster has inflicted.

Dear Woman in the White Car at Margaritas Mexican Grill in West Memphis, Arkansas on July 15th, 2012.

Elephant Journal

What happened next is a slow-motion movie that creeps back into my mind at the strangest times, and in a lot of unfortunate ways, has changed me. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Travel arkansas being robbed compassion family healing mindfulness poverty trauma


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Alpha Male Monkey Mother F’er Attacks

Wend Magazine

who uploaded it has to say: This is at the cafe inside the Memphis Zoo. Click here to view the embedded video. The best video I’ve seen all morning. Here’s what the Click here to view the embedded video. The manager of the cafe told me that the alpha male monkey noticed me the second I walked in the door and started going crazy, because, as the alpha male, he feels threatened by tall males.

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That's billion, with a b

Environmental Economics

In about a dozen interviews, economists, farmers and industry officials said they expected hundreds of millions of dollars in damages including crop and infrastructure destruction in communities along the 740 miles of river that meanders from Memphis to New Orleans. I am going to estimate in the $6 billion to $9 billion range for total damages from Memphis southward to the gulf,” Mr. Hicks said.

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Cultivated Meat Likely to Make Up 40% of Future Meat Intake, say Americans polled

Green Prophet

Lab-grown meat on the market includes companies like Memphis Meats, Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms. . Consumers envision cultivated meat to be a significant part of the meat market; Study reveals compelling support among young Britons and Americans.

Tennesseans Keep Up the Pressure to Move Beyond Coal

Sierra Club Compass

The Tennessee Valley Authority's Allen coal plant, one of the biggest polluters in Memphis, is feeling the heat, thanks to a strong grassroots turnout by Beyond Coal Campaign organizers and supporters at a recent Shelby County Health Department public hearing.

Where Are You Birding This Fourth Weekend of April 2014?

10,000 Birds

Past Memphis, down Nile! Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of migrants, even Manta Rays ! Spring in the northern hemisphere is the time that the swallows come back. Indeed, La Fiesta de la Golondrinas was celebrated in San Juan Capistrano a month ago, but those swift aerialists have yet to infiltrate the northernmost reaches of their territories.

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Music Monday: Carolina Chocolate Drops

Wend Magazine

But for now, take a listen to “Memphis Shakedown” (the video above), in which Rhiannon Giddens wows festival goers with a kazoo. Click here to view the embedded video. A full album listen is a better introduction than any amount of words to describe Carolina Chocolate Drops. Part old-time string band, part New Orleans jazz, part ragtime funk–all woven together with strong, soulful gospel voices.

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Carbon Footprint – Summer Travel

Green Home Blog

You can Amtrak into Memphis which is an awesome city full of many cultural attractions, then rent an EV vehicle and start your adventure. Carbon Footprint – Summer Travel. For the remainder of the summer why not re-adjust your carbon footprint summer travel plans. By incorporating some simple steps you just may be able to do your share with minimal inconvenience while possibly saving a few bucks at the same time. Summer travel can be fun, educational and green all at once.

FedEx Launches New Fleet of All-Electric Trucks


FedEx Express, a unit of Memphis-based FedEx Corp is rolling out a fleet of 43 electric trucks in the San Francisco Bay Area , joining 53 other electric vehicles in cities across the U.S. The giant logistics-and-delivery company’s new all-electric (EV) trucks will also be deployed in several Southern California cities, suburban Washington, D.C., New York City, and in some locations in Texas.

More on Shogren

Environmental Economics

In 2012, the band won the Wyoming Blues Challenge, going on to represent the Cowboy State at the International Blue Challenge in Memphis. Make sure that you click the link in Tim's most recent post. If you don't, here is a sample of what you are missing: Shogren has become a staple of the Wyoming music scene in recent years. He is a common sight onstage at festivals like NoWoodstock, What Fest and Snowy Range.

Biblical ‘Daniel Diet’ is a healthy vegan diet in disguise, and it works


Well, researchers from the University of Memphis studied 43 subjects who tried Daniel’s way, and found positive results. Take it from the Bible – eating vegan is good for you. Huffington Post ran a piece on the ‘Daniel Diet,’ a 21-day health plan derived from Chapter 10 of the Book of Daniel. Those following Prophet Daniel adhere to a scheduled, religiously motivated “fasting” period in which fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils are on the menu.

I Have A Dream

Environmental News Network

Before his untimely death Martin Luther King was protesting basic enviromental issues like poor housing conditions in Chicago, Illinois and Sanitation conditions in Memphis, Tennessee. Though Martin Luther King Jr. may be best known for his influence on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act of 1965, he was also an early leader in the Environmental Justice movement.

“Last night at the DNC, there was a balloon drop. Bill Clinton f*cking loves balloons.”

Elephant Journal

Adult} Share Dear Woman in the White Car at Margaritas Mexican Grill in West Memphis, Arkansas on July 15th, 2012. These photos are what it looks like when you experience sudden, if brief, enlightenment via a balloon drop: These photos are hilarious. If you need more, click here. Last night at the DNC, there was a balloon drop. Bill Clinton f **g loves balloons. gizzardgullet on Reddit: “Hill, you’re having balloons, ri-” “YES, WE’RE HAVING BALLOONS.

Tennessee Activists Use Kayaks in Demand to Move Beyond Coal

Sierra Club Compass

In conjunction with the Sierra Club's release of a major report on Big Coal's water pollution last week , Tennessee activists -- using the opportunity to highlight the pollution from coal plants operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority -- took to the kayaks, floating on the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville and McKellar Lake in Memphis with signs that read, "Let's move TVA beyond coal." Sometimes it's best to take a kayak to a coal fight.

Hampton Creek races to be the first to sell lab meat


Tetrick takes the opportunity to boast his predictions of flooding grocery store shelves with their lab meat products by the end of next 2018, a solid three years before their most visible competitor, Memphis Meats. The vegan support of lab grown meat has been puzzling since day one, and now, a beloved vegan brand is further tipping the scales of justice in the wrong direction by joining the race to sell it.

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Ancient Egyptian spider art celebrating the god of weaving?

Green Prophet

Egypt at that time was divided in two kingdoms; the Upper Kingdom with its capital at Thebes; and the lower kingdom, with its capital Memphis, now Cairo. Egypt can offer more to desert tourists than camels : In the ancient land of the Pharaohs, desert-dwelling invertebrates have often been part of Egyptian folklore, including scarab or dung beetles which are known to navigate by the stars. Now spiders join the story.

“Louisville Jail humiliates Black Woman by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants.” [Adult content]

Elephant Journal

Share Dear Woman in the White Car at Margaritas Mexican Grill in West Memphis, Arkansas on July 15th, 2012. “Am I in the Twilight Zone?” ” “Hi, this the judge from courtroom 102, how are you today?” ” “This is completely inhumane.” ” For more. But this is the must-read. This judge represents the promise of America: respect for all individuals. This prison system represents the worst—abuse and neglect of the weak.

Cultured Meat Confusion: The Answer Is Veganism And Always Has Been


The Telegraph seems to think that Memphis Meats – the leader in cultured animal death – is “creating a product which even vegetarians could eat.” The cultured meat movement – or the “clean meat movement” as they like to call it – seems to be muddying the already troubled waters surrounding our societal perception of animals.

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The 20th Anniversary of the Environmental Justice Executive Order

Sierra Club Compass

EJCP has worked closely with communities in: Appalachia, Detroit, El Paso, Flagstaff, Memphis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Puerto Rico and Washington DC. On a very snowy winter's day February 11, 1994, President Clinton signed a historic executive order: EO 12898, "Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations."

David Keeps Winning: 10 Recent Victories That Will Give You Hope for the Planet

Sierra Club Compass

Tennessee: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced in August that it will retire the Allen coal plant in Memphis , which emits thousands of tons of pollutants in the air every year. That's the word I repeated over and over this summer, as news rolled in of one clean energy victory after another. These are David and Goliath campaigns, led by community groups fighting for the health of their families, for clean air and water, and for a safe climate.

Three Lessons Environmentalists Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conservancy Talk

In re-reading “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” I’m reminded of a conference I attended in Memphis a few years back. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek. A day devoted to honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., seems especially appropriate this year.

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David Keeps Winning: Game-Changing Month for Clean Energy

Sierra Club Compass

" - Tennessee: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced it will retire the Allen coal plant in Memphis , which emits thousands of tons of pollutants in the air every year. That's the word I've been repeating over and over this month, as news has rolled in of one clean energy victory after another. These are David and Goliath campaigns, led by community groups fighting for the health of their families, for clean air and water, and for a safe climate.

Big Clean Air Victory in Indianapolis

Sierra Club Compass

21 announcement that TVA's Allen plant in Memphis will be retired, the Beyond Coal campaign has helped retire 178 coal plants and 503 boilers since the campaign launched in 2010.].

Birds on Film

10,000 Birds

One of those indoor pursuits was movie-going; specifically, on Tuesday I saw West of Memphis. I haven’t been birding yet in 2013. Oh, I’ve gotten my first bird of the year ( European Starling – yay?) and a handful more ( Rock Pigeon , House Sparrow , and my first native bird, White-Throated Sparrow ), but for the most part I’ve been sticking to indoor pursuits here in chilly New York City.

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Is Light Pollution The End of Arabian Nights?

Green Prophet

When the ancient Egyptians saw Sirius rise with the sun, they knew the Nile would soon overflow its banks at Memphis. The winter constellations of Orion, Canis Major and Taurus display an ocean of stars when viewed from Semnan, Iran. What if no one had ever witnessed the beauty of a dark night sky? The ancient light of distant stars inspired Middle Eastern art, mythology and science.

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A Black History Lesson in Environmental Justice & What To Do Moving Forward

Sierra Club Compass

lead the striking of the sanitation workers in Memphis, TN, which was the civil and human rights movement that would soon become known to many as environmental racism. A new generation of kids is becoming more dependent on "fast-food" and "smart phones," rather than understanding the importance of "perseverance" and "patience."

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How Climate Change Will Rob You Blind

Eco Friendly Daily

The climate of Detroit will feel more like Memphis, TN. The effects of climate change are not just intangible results of rising ocean levels or warmer summers. They carry a definite impact that you and the global economy will feel in your pocketbook. The costs are steep and certain to strain an already unstable economy. Identifying the Costs. According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), four areas will account for some of the greatest costs incurred worldwide.

Go paperless, Go Green? Most consumers don’t believe it. It’s time for companies to quit saying it.

Green (Living) Review

Kathi Rowzie is a Two Sides guest blogger and a sustainability communications consultant with The Gagliardi Group in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s clear that just about everybody thinks “go paperless, go green” marketing is ultimately about cost savings – a perfectly legitimate corporate goal – so why not just say that? Does is make good business sense to continue making unfounded claims about the sustainability of paper (aka greenwashing) if most consumers don’t believe them?

Things To Know About Dubai

Green Prophet

Memphis Tours offers a great deal of Dubai travel packages. The Middle East is full of countries to visit, places to see, authentic markets to explore yet few destinations are able to seamlessly blend the old with the new like Dubai. One of the most populated emirates of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Dubai has become a go-to-travel destination in the Middle East. You can explore the various Dubai Travel Packages to tour and enjoy the fascinating places of Dubai. Dubai has a lot to offer.

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The Right Stuff for U.S. Water Resources

Conservancy Talk

In Memphis, the Corps recently honored the lifelong efforts of Grugett by christening a new towboat the Motor Vessel George C. There is no force more powerful than gravity at work on the Mississippi River. But for over a half century, George C. Grugett has been a close second. In fact, during the record-breaking flood of 2011, one could say Grugett and colleagues proved they could defy gravity—at least temporarily—as the U.S.

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How Palestine’s UNESCO Membership Could Affect Middle East Heritage Sites

Green Prophet

Memphis and its Necropolis – the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur. Akko in Israel is just one important World Heritage Site in the Middle East region that could suffer from the United States’ decision to withhold funding to UNESCO following the admittance of Palestine as a member state.

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What the Conservation Movement Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conservancy Talk

I’m reminded of a conference I attended in Memphis a few years back. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair.”. I’ve been thinking of these words this week, as we mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s s “I Have a Dream” speech.

The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women | PR Watch

PR Watch

But another paper to be presented at the San Diego conference by University of Memphis seismologist Stephen Horton concludes that the November quake was "possibly triggered" by nearby waste injection wells. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves. Mary Bottari. Brendan Fischer. Rebekah Wilce. Harriet Rowan. Contributing Writers Beau Hodai. Jill Richardson. Wendell Potter.

Recycle Scrap Metal and Go Green

Green Living Ideas

Almost all major industrialized cities whether it’s San Jose or Memphis or any other city have taken up metal management seriously. Recycle. The word is ubiquitous, found in leaflets, magazines, newspapers, and seen everywhere on TV. When we talk of recycling, we usually think of plastics, glass, paper, clothing, or furniture, because these are things we recycle most often. But did you know that you can recycle metal too?

Why your Skin Needs Dirt. {Sponsored}

Elephant Journal

Share Dear Woman in the White Car at Margaritas Mexican Grill in West Memphis, Arkansas on July 15th, 2012. This is a post written by Mother Dirt —an elephant partner. We’re honored to work with a company dedicated to conscious consumerism, protecting our environment, and lookin’ good while doing it. ~ Why are we having so many skin issues? In just one generation, the amount of products we use daily has grown exponentially.

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At an all-time low

Green (Living) Review

Memphis (no, not the one Tennessee), Babylon, Ur, Lagash, Nineveh, and Avaris were all the largest, richest cities in the world in their days. An assessment of practical skill levels in present day western culture by Michael Smith (Veshengro) OK! Let’s get one thing clear right from the outset. I do like technology, otherwise I would not be online and be publishing online and in E-books.

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“GOP chairman: Kids are ‘brainwashed’ on climate change.” Why? Take a look at his top 20 $$$ Contributors.

Elephant Journal

Share Dear Woman in the White Car at Margaritas Mexican Grill in West Memphis, Arkansas on July 15th, 2012. Bonus: Russian climate scientist gets choked up reporting on the potential for methane escape in the Arctic ( ). If you aren’t seeing red after seeing this… The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2012.

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Back to the Future

Sightline Daily

Janet works in a clinic that serves low-income women in Memphis, Tennessee, where top-tier birth control is available with no copay, thanks to a local foundation called A Step Ahead. Pregnant silhouette by Stefan Pasch used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 More than 80 percent of teen pregnancies are accidents.

If you missed the Women’s March, just watch this to get all the goodness in your heart.

Elephant Journal

Memphis,TN – 9k+. It’s the happiest empathy-fullest protest in histoooooorrrrryyyyy! This was the most powerful event that I’ve ever been part of. Marching alongside my hero mom, on my birthday, was an incredible way to celebrate the human spirit! Duzer! million strong, Women’s Marches crush expectations ( ). Totals still coming in: Washington DC: Numbers were estimated at around 500K—which would make this the biggest inaugural protest of all time.

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