Mature trees shape a leafy, light-filled home in Mexico


Five mature trees shaped the design of Casa R.A., Here is the original: Mature trees shape a leafy, light-filled home in Mexico. South of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, local architecture firm Estudio Radillo Alba has completed the Casa R.A., a family of five’s countryside home that takes its site-specific massing from the existing trees on site.

Q4 2020: Amazon, AT&T, McDonald’s and Starbucks lead the way as clean energy procurement matures


Q4 2020: Amazon, AT&T, McDonald’s and Starbucks lead the way as clean energy procurement matures Sarah Golden Thu, 01/14/2021 – 04:11 After a strange year, corporate renewable procurement deals ended on a high note, with corporations inking some of the biggest, most complex transactions to date. See the original post here: Q4 2020: Amazon, AT&T, McDonald’s and Starbucks lead the way as clean energy procurement matures.


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Is Europe’s carbon market finally taking off?


A maturing industry, increasing prices and a planned carbon tax could be spurring an explosion in the carbon market. Business Green carbon good-news greater-demand increasing-prices maturing-industry the-carbon universeMore here: Is Europe’s carbon market finally taking off?

Maturity brings wisdom when it comes to reducing energy bills – and saving the earth

Green (Living) Review

The older generation can teach younger homeowners a trick or two when it comes to practical ways of reducing energy and water consumption, a survey reveals today. Almost twice as many people in the 55+ age range (60.53 per cent) said they would turn down the heating by one degree Celsius to save energy than those aged between 18 and 34 (31.4 per cent). The older generation are also well ahead on using technology to save energy, with 41.45

Mature 103

Increasing Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Teaches Old Oaks New Tricks

Environmental News Network

Mature oak trees will increase their rate of photosynthesis by up to a third in response to the raised CO2 levels expected to be the world average by about 2050, new research shows.

Variations in Climate Conditions Affect Reproductive Success of Antarctic Krill, Study Finds

Environmental News Network

Climate conditions play a significant role in the reproductive success of mature female Antarctic krill and are a factor in fluctuations of the population that occur every five to seven years, a new study from Oregon State University has found.

Discovery Shows How Tuning the Immune System May Enhance Vaccines and Ease Disease

Environmental News Network

Jude Children’s Research Hospital have identified a biological pathway that selectively controls how key immune cells, called T follicular helper cells, mature into functional components of the immune system. Immunologists at St.

Env-Econ 101 Example of the Day: Externalities

Environmental Economics

Male mice who are exposed in the womb to bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical compound found in some hard plastics and can linings, appear to be less masculine and less attractive to females once they mature, raising the possibility that the controversial chemical could subtly affect boys in similar ways.

2011 122

Susan is praying for inflationary pressure

Environmental Economics

An optimal timing problem from The Daily Trail : if Ol’ Wally Wood is growing hardwoods, he might get a cutting in once or maybe twice in a lifetime…  Unless he inherited a stand of mature oak, and is replacing as he goes with sound forest management practices,  Susan may be waiting for a long time to get a ring on her finger….

2015 125

Building your own sustainable future

Low Impact

I’m Andy Reynolds – author, instructor, forester, promoter of self-reliance, and for the last few years I have been reflecting on our project’s progression, as it seems to have reached the stage of early maturity.

August forage of the month with Ruby Taylor

Low Impact

Mature Peacock butterfly caterpillars feeding on nettles. Nettles are a truly amazing plant. I recently found out about the ‘super food’ that is nettle seeds, and have been making the most of the nettle patch at the end of the garden ever since.

Bats can add the Empire State Building to their BatMap GPS

Green Prophet

For the first time in history, researchers at Tel Aviv University tracked fruit bats from birth to maturity, in an attempt to understand how they navigate when flying long distances. Bats are like your boyfriend. They might not be good at reading maps because they focus on landmarks.

2020 69

The IOC creates an Olympic Forest

A Greener Life

However, climate experts would be keen to point out that the forest will not be able to offer climate impacts straight away and will need to become mature before it offers carbon sequestered benefits. . Photo credit: IOC. By Anders Lorenzen.

The American Woodcock, And Why We Should Be Cutting More Trees

Nature Conservancy - Science

Up through the early part of the 20 th century, mature forest was a scarce commodity. A whole different suite of bird species nest in mature forest where woodcock spend their days feeding, such as wood thrush, red-eyed vireo and black-throated-blue warbler. Mature forest nesters: wood thrush (MJ Kilpatrick), black throated blue warbler ( Steve Maslowski, USFWS / Flickr CC license), red-eyed vireo ( Kelly Colgan Azar / Flickr CC license), worm eating warbler (MJ Kilpatrick).

2017 71

"Pros And Cons Of Going To Grad School"

Environmental Economics

Can experience college life anew as mature, wizened 26-year-old. America's Finest News Source: While graduate school is often touted as a way to specialize in a given field and increase earning power, opponents argue it can put students into debt without helping them get better jobs. Here are some pros and cons of going to grad school: PROS. Gives the job market a few years to bounce back. Opportunity for more specialized student loan debt.

2015 164

Composting: explaining the carbon-nitrogen ratio

Low Impact

However, all ratios tested (from 20:1 to 30:1) resulted in compost maturing at 80 days. If you read much about composting , you’ll soon come across the terms carbon:nitrogen ratio (often shortened to C:N ratio). Everything you put in your compost has a different C:N ratio.

Can burning biomass be sustainable?

Low Impact

The normal growth pattern of a tree follows an S-shaped curve: growth is slow when the tree is young, accelerates steeply as it starts to mature, then slows down as it ages and stops when it dies. Slower growing trees reaching maturity are more often felled for timber than for fuelwood.

Is Your Company Ready To Compete For Cleantech Funding?

Michael Grossman

Although the curve for cleantech companies might not be as steep in the coming decade for reasons that run the spectrum from public opinion shifting on man-made climate change to maturing technologies, this cluster is still a harder sell for investors. The Battle for Cleantech Funding.

2020 56

Old-Growth Forests Keep on Sucking Carbon

Eco Friendly Daily

It has long been believed that mature forests, while storing vast quantities of carbon, do not actually continue to take more out of the atmosphere–the total carbon in the system was thought to be constant. Researchers in Guangdong Province found that the amount of carbon stored in the soil of a mature forest increased by 68% over about 24 years.

Succession Planting: Keep It Coming

Green (Living) Review

Catalog descriptions and seed packet instructions offer each vegetable''s vital statistics, including when to first plant in spring, how many days the variety takes to reach maturity, how much space it requires, and if it is frost-tolerant. Carrots, beets, and other vegetables with an intermediate maturation time may be sown in spring and again in late summer for fall and winter harvests. A smart succession plan means fresh food from spring until snowfall.

2014 105

Clean tech is better for economic growth than fossil fuels (take that, Big Oil!)

Green (Living) Review

The general idea is that clean technology as a whole is a lot less mature than the old dirty industries that it aims to replace, and so there''s more innovation low hanging fruits to be harvested, and advances by one lab or company can more easily spillover to others. Coal power plants might be getting incrementally better over time, but they are pretty mature. Anti-greens often try to make economic arguments against the big spring-cleaning that our civilization is going through.

Paint It Black: A Strangely Perfect Color For Your Bedroom

Green Furniture Home Design

Looking back, I can see that the teenaged me had the right idea, but none of the knowledge or matured design sense to make it really work well. When I was a sulking teenager, more than anything in the world I wanted to paint the walls of my bedroom black. My endlessly patient parents actually let me do it, and I set out on a very messy weekend-long paint journey that ended.well, let’s just say, it didn’t look very professional. But it WAS black, so I got my wish.

2015 122

Amazingly Cool Bookshelves and Book Storage Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

But as my tastes matured, I found myself wanting to display my 20 years of book collecting in a way that fit my house perfectly, so I spent months searching online, in stores and at estate sales to find the perfect bookcase. I am a BIG collector of books. Not only do I love to read, but I love the aesthetic of books on a shelf.

2015 122

Championing diversity and inclusion requires courage, provocation, smart goals


Cultivating a culture of inclusion is easier said than done even in organizations with mature programs. And with the workforce shifting dramatically in recent years given the rise in technology and four generations learning to work together, the task remains for most diversity and inclusion leaders, quite monumental. Read more from the original source: Championing diversity and inclusion requires courage, provocation, smart goals.

London neighbors create 'instant' permaculture gardens for each other

Green (Living) Review

Whether it's showing us vegan organic agriculture , mature forest gardens , no-dig market gardening or regenerative agriculture through holistic grazing , the series has introduced some wonderful ways to manage land that don't just "do less harm," but actually heal the soil and renew biodiversity too. I've gotta say, I've been loving the Living with the Land video series from Permaculture Magazine.

5 Reasons to Love Sea Turtles for World Turtle Day

Cool Green Science

Mature female sea turtles can lay clutches of 50-200 eggs, depending on the species. It can take decades for a sea turtle to reach sexual maturity. Photo: © Don Whitebread. By Darci Palmquist. Sea turtles are arguably one of the coolest creatures on the planet – what else has four flippers, a streamlined shell for swimming and a lineage as old as the dinosaurs?

2014 88

"How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies?"

Environmental Economics

percent of global GDP), cut global CO2 emissions by more than 20 percent, and cut pre-mature air pollution deaths by more than half. David Coady, Ian W.H. Parry, Louis Sears and Baoping Shang: This paper provides a comprehensive, updated picture of energy subsidies at the global and regional levels.

2015 178

Ashhole update

Environmental Economics

Such visits have become more frequent as the emerald ash borer spreads through central Ohio, where it is expected to kill nearly every mature ash tree by 2018. I wonder if any NC State economists think this one is exaggerated ? Several dead or dying ash trees dot lawns along Canterbury Road, but only one has drawn the attention of Upper Arlington city arborists. Last week, Jim Lekoy and Scott Conover pointed to a dead limb in one backyard that hangs over a set of power lines.

2013 131

Green Products

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Whether products are touted as green, environmentally friendly, eco, or whatever or not consumerism is still consumerism and bad for the Planet. Also many of those products are not at all as “green” as they are claimed to be.

The Measurement of Environmental and Resource Values – Third Edition

Environmental Economics

As the field of nonmarket valuation has become more mature, researchers have developed increasingly sophisticated econometric tools.  From the RESECON listserv: I have been very gratified by the reception that the second edition of this book has received; and I appreciate the many requests that I have received to undertake another revision of the book to reflect recent developments in the field.

2013 116

Succession Planting: Keep It Coming

Green (Living) Review

Catalog descriptions and seed packet instructions offer each vegetable''s vital statistics, including when to first plant in spring, how many days the variety takes to reach maturity, how much space it requires, and if it is frost-tolerant. Carrots, beets, and other vegetables with an intermediate maturation time may be sown in spring and again in late summer for fall and winter harvests. A smart succession plan means fresh food from spring until snowfall.

2014 103

Building and Remodeling with Sustainable Materials

Green Home Blog

Fortunately, green has reached a new maturity, and the building industry – whose technology stalled in the 20 th century with the advent of double pane windows – is finally beginning to see the necessity for sourcing products that offer the hope of renewability, sustainability, and global temperature modification through reduced energy use and a concomitant reduction in GHGs. Building and Remodeling with Sustainable Materials.

2013 109

The Most Colorful Trees in The World

Green Earth Journey

This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones From Wikipedia: Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus, the Mindanao Gum, or the Rainbow Gum. It is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Its natural distribution spans New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi and Mindanao. Now, this tree is cultivated widely around the world, mainly for pulpwood used in making paper.

2010 100

What Is Megafauna: The Definition and Examples of Living and Extinct Species


Some common characteristics of megafauna: megafauna have a long period of parental care a long period until sexual maturity long gestation only a few offspring. Megafauna are the planet’s largest animals.

The Green Buzz: Tuesday, January 28

Cool Green Science

Warmer seas are causing species of fish to mature earlier, stunting their maximum length by up to 29% in the North Sea ( The Guardian ). In today’s green news, a glimpse into ancient forest management and bad news for the big fish and the small fish. Indigenous peoples have been carefully managed the rainforests of Asia for 11,000 years by seamlessly clearing pockets of vegetation for agriculture, new findings reveal. Mongabay ).

2014 60

Green hotel in Cancun? No problema!

Green Traveler Guides

Once matured, the turtles are released back into the wild—and guests can help release the turtles. | Green Travel News |. ‘T is the season to hit the beach, where the sun is warm and the drinks are cold. Cancun , Mexico , is such a place, and now at last you can stay green. The JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa has launched several new eco-programs, from stepped-up recycling to a new reverse osmosis water treatment plant that turns waste water into clean drinking water.

2011 143

Fall Garden Planning

Green (Living) Review

Replace spring-planted crops with new plantings that mature in fall. Fall Planting To determine starting dates for your fall garden plants, check the “days to maturity” in the seed catalog or on the seed packet. Add an extra week or two to factor in fall’s shorter day lengths, which delay plant maturity. Now is the time to plan for a productive fall garden. Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy fresh, nutritious cool-weather crops this autumn.

Here’s Why Market Research Is Key To Your Company’s Success

Michael Grossman

If a company is savvy, they'll conduct this process once they've left the lab, but even mature companies can benefit from a redirect or sharpening of their message. Two words no CEO of a seven or eight-figure company ever likes hearing from me are "market research," as in, "I feel it would be helpful to clarify our value proposition, our strategic advantage, and our audience if we conducted some market research.".

2020 40

Hempcrete: The green material seeking legalization for eco friendly construction


It can breathe four times more carbon dioxide from trees during its rather quick growing cycle of 12 to 14 weeks; and takes just four months to mature when compared to regular trees that take an average of 20 years to mature. Pratima Kalra: Hemp has a contradicting character, on the one hand it is almost a miracle plant that has immense capacity to absorb good amounts of carbon dioxide, and on the other hand its source is rather scandalous.

Hemp 74

Gardening and Mindfulness

Green Prophet

As we mature and become older, some of our beliefs change over time. Gardening and getting dirty, for health. How does mindfulness help with gardening? It turns out that mindfulness is not reserved for meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises.

Mature 101

Tips For Small Property Gardening

Green (Living) Review

With a maturity rate of about 25 days, the radish is ready for harvest far earlier than the carrot so instead of thinning the carrot patch and dispatching a useless product, we are giving the carrots much needed space while putting a garden-fresh item on our plates. Upon first glance, limited gardening space can seem like an insurmountable obstacle in regards to mass food production, but, with a little creativity, it is far easier than one may imagine to produce reliable crops.

2017 101

Exploring a beautiful, 23 year old food forest in New Zealand (Video)

Green (Living) Review

Exploring the beautiful-looking, 23-year-old, 2-acre food forest created by Robert and Robyn Guyton on the South Island of New Zealand, the video is worth watching just for the sheer beauty of what a mature food forest can look like.

2016 101

Aztec-inspired eco home sits lightly on the land in Mexico


The clients had carefully selected the sloped site for its unique micro-climate, abundance of mature trees and proximity to a pyramidal Aztec ceremonial center.