Wind farms: "In the end, the economics trump Trump"

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From the NY Times :  Last fall, five turbines in the waters of Rhode Island — the country’s first offshore farm — began delivering power to the grid. Last year in Massachusetts, Gov. Wind power has finally become viable for a number of delicately interlaced reasons. million for the lease, which still awaits final signoffs, far more than the $16 million generated by all earlier offshore wind auctions combined.

Study: Offshore Wind Energy Capable Of Powering East Coast

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According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the United States has at least 4,150 gigawatts of potential wind energy along the coastlines. Despite this, the country has yet to establish their first offshore wind farm, making them decades behind some European nations. The project expected to be the first, Cape Wind off of Massachusetts, is still facing legal battles and an unclear completion time. billion project would include 130 wind turbines.


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Study: Wind Turbines Cause Temperature Changes On Ground

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Wind farms have been the center of debate for years, including the recent controversy regarding the offshore wind farm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wind farms have also come under debate regarding whether their locations can cause adverse health impacts or be too loud to tolerate. However, a new study concerns itself with the placement of wind farms due to temperature changes they can cause. Environment Wind Power

U.S. Government Promises Quicker Offshore Wind Project Reviews; Potential Sites Named

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The Cape Wind project is an offshore wind farm planned for off the coast of Massachusetts. In order to prevent major projects such as the Cape Wind project from being held up with very lengthy review processes, the government is now promising to drastically increase the review speed. government also announced their intentions to give four separate offshore wind farm leases by the end of 2011. Environment Wind Power

U.S. Still Not Tapping Into Major Offshore Wind Potential

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The United States continues to struggle to launch their offshore wind sector. It has taken years to get the Cape Wind project off of Massachusetts, expected to be the nation’s first offshore wind farm, to be finalized and approved, only to have it meet continual legal battles. The project has yet to be constructed and it is not yet known when the wind farm will be operational. Despite the slow establishment of the offshore wind sector, the U.S.

Cape Wind EIS Released

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A project entitled Cape Wind is hoping to be the first offshore wind farm in the United States. The location selected is near the coast of Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts. The planned offshore wind farm would include 130 wind turbines and would begin construction in 2010. If all goes well the wind farm would be operational in 2011. Alternative Energy Wind Power

State Of Virginia Looking To Be First In U.S. Offshore Wind Energy

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After years of struggling to become the first offshore wind farm in the United States, Cape Wind in Massachusetts is still battling to be first. After receiving governmental approval and the first federal leases for offshore wind in 2010, the farm is waiting to be built. Cape Wind is looking as though they will be the first utility-scale once operations begin at an unknown date. Wind Power

Who's Killing Renewable Energy?

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A promising offshore wind energy project has languished on the East Coast for 15 years—and its enemies range from a Koch brother to the Kennedys. In 2001, Jim Gordon, a Boston-based energy entrepreneur who played a critical role in the development of natural gas–fired power plants in the 1990s, was searching for a way to produce energy on the East Coast. He began working on what would become the Cape Wind Energy Project in Nantucket Sound, off the Massachusetts shore.

Estée Lauder shows the planet beauty is more than skin deep

Green Prophet

The company signed a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) for 22 megawatts of wind power from the Ponderosa wind farm in Oklahoma to cover more than half of the company’s electricity footprint with renewable energy technologies.

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Clean Energy: Making Better Economic Sense and Keeping the Heat On During the Polar Vortex

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Clean energy continues to make the news nationwide as solar and wind power continue expanding at an exponential rate. was in the grips of a sub-zero "Polar Vortex,"  wind energy kept the power on in Texas : Sufficient generation and higher wind output from West Texas wind farms boosted the state's electric supply Tuesday compared to Monday when the grid operator declared an emergency as power plants shut unexpectedly, reducing supply.

Ontario, Canada, Goes Coal-Free

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Today, Ontario retired their last coal-fired power plant.   What's more, the steps Ontario has taken over the past decade to retire its five coal-fired power plants is a great guide for the U.S. The province demonstrated that the cheapest source of power is efficiency, or reduced demand. With a clear roadmap and and balanced incentives wind power quintupled over the past 6 years in Ontario. While coal has powered the U.S.

Clean Energy Continues to Break Records, Lead the Way - Compass

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Here are two headlines from the past week that blew me away (no pun intended): #1- Wind was the top new energy source to come online in 2012. #2- The statistics from the American Wind Energy Association are phenomenal. There more than 60,000 megawatts of wind power online now, which is enough to "power the equivalent of almost 15 million homes, or the number in Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio combined." Compass.

Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy

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Green Recovery – A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy (pdf) was prepared by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, under commission by the Center for American Progress and released by a coalition of labor and environmental groups. For example, constructing wind farms creates jobs for sheet metal workers, machinists and truck drivers, among many others.

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A Radical Approach to the Climate Crisis

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Bolivia, and Ecuador, states run by socialists who are beholden to very powerful, autonomous grassroots movements, are still very dependent on petroleum revenue. Mitigation means moving toward clean energy sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal kinetic power. It means closing coal-fired power plants, weaning our economy off fossil fuels, building a smart electrical grid, and making massive investments in carbon-capture and -sequestration technologies.