Oh Maryland, My Maryland (sung with despair)

Environmental Economics

CBF: Sad Day for Maryland. ANNAPOLIS, MD)—Alison Prost, Maryland Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), issued this statement following Governor Hogan''s withdrawal Wednesday of the Phosphorus Management Tool and nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction regulations: "This is a sad day in the long fight to make Maryland waters clean enough for swimming and fishing. Press Statement. January 22, 2015.

Oh Maryland, My Maryland (sung with despair)

Environmental Economics

CBF: Sad Day for Maryland. ANNAPOLIS, MD)—Alison Prost, Maryland Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), issued this statement following Governor Hogan''s withdrawal Wednesday of the Phosphorus Management Tool and nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction regulations: "This is a sad day in the long fight to make Maryland waters clean enough for swimming and fishing. Press Statement. January 22, 2015.


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What is the State Bird of Maryland?

10,000 Birds

It’s true that many know the bird because of Baltimore’s baseball team, but the species’ history with Maryland goes back much further. In 1947 , Maryland made the oriole its state bird. Birds Baltimore Oriole Maryland state birdWe all know the feeling. We’re birding in the summertime, when a beautiful whistling calls catches our attention. We turn our eyes and binoculars to the canopy, where we peer through the thick, green foliage.

Maryland Pride

Environmental Economics

These uniforms made the game almost unwatchable [Insert joke about unwatchable Maryland football games]. I've been managing to not give Tim the business about the goings on in college football but I've been pushed to the edge: The bright color schemes created by Under Armour and other manufacturers reflect current off-field fashion trends. “We We are seeing a surge of luminous, bright colors for menswear,” said Giang Cao, the menswear editor for Fashionising.com.

I went to Maryland and all I got was crabs

Environmental Economics

Crabs are plentiful so far this year in Maryland, but that doesn't mean there'll be enough to go around on Independence Day weekend, when nearly every patriotic Marylander, it seems, dreams of feasting on the state's official crustacean.   But on the 4th of July, Marylanders are crab nuts. 

Maryland Bill Says Pit Bulls Are Not “Inherently Dangerous”


The Maryland General Assembly overruled a state high court ruling that claims pit bulls are an “inherently dangerous” breed of dog. Read More The post Maryland Bill Says Pit Bulls Are Not “Inherently Dangerous” appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News president obama Rebecca Corry

Maryland Declares All Pit Bulls ‘Inherently Dangerous’


The Maryland Court of Appeals rules all pit bulls 'inherently dangerous,' while some argue against the new law. Read More. Animals News Top News

Celebrating a Huge Offshore Wind Victory in Maryland

Sierra Club Compass

The winds of change brought some great progress to Maryland this week when the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 passed through both houses of the legislature. This victory comes after three years of hard work by thousands of activists who know that Maryland can be a national clean energy leader. "We The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland was a major champion of the task force. Congratulations to everyone in Maryland who worked so tirelessly on this bill.

Maryland Study Shows Increasing Air Pollution Worsening Drought


A study via the University of Maryland (UMD) indicates that particulates – a unique component of air pollution – cause drought by affecting the cloud formation mechanism that creates rain. In one sense, the study is a no-brainer, because even a child knows that clouds bring rain.

Million Year Old Groundwater in Maryland Water Supply


A portion of the groundwater in the upper Patapsco aquifer underlying Maryland is over a million years old. A new study suggests that this ancient groundwater, a vital source of freshwater supplies for the region east of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, was recharged over periods of time much greater than human timescales.

Inside a Typical Recycling Center -Montgomery Maryland Recycling Facility


The video shows how the Montgomery County Maryland Recycling Facility in suburban Washington, DC, serves as one of the first links in the recycle-reuse chain. On Earth Day, time to think about what we trash. From the ACS , check out the latest video that reveals the journey recyclable materials take beyond those blue curbside bins. Take a tour of a typical recycling center to see out how these facilities sort the mountains of recyclables they receive everyday.

Government Approves Wind Farm Off Ocean City

Wind Power Ninja

The Obama administration opened Maryland’s coast to offshore wind farms Monday and is seeking bidders to erect more than 300 turbines in a 206-square-mile area off the coast of Ocean City. The move makes Maryland the second state in the nation, after Delaware, to have reached this stage in off-shore wind development. Roughly 300 spinning turbines could power about 30% of Maryland’s energy needs, according to Gov.

Environmental Economics: Rock snot*

Environmental Economics

Maryland is about to become the first state to enforce a ban on a type of footgear the organism uses to hitchhike from stream to stream: felt-soled fishing boots. " Maryland fishery regulators say didymo, short for Didymosphenia geminata, can smother aquatic insect larvae such as mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies that are favored food for trout.

When the Freedom to Communicate is Stolen: Journalist’s Home Raided.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks anger civil constitutional rights congress department of homeland security federal marshal service freedom of the press freedoms cannot be guaranteed government scandal homeland security laws signed by bill clinton lies to congress maryland state police mikhail bulgakov quote ms hudson pulitzer prize

NASA Radar Helps Conservationists Study Songbird Migrations

Nature Conservancy - Science

But researchers on the Delmarva Peninsula in eastern Maryland and Virginia have found a solution: work with NASA to use existing tools for conservation purposes. A technology that is detecting rain drops is gathering a lot of data that are not being used,” says Joe Fehrer, the Conservancy’s Coastal and Lower Shores project manager in Maryland. “As The Conservancy helped NASA locate and secure a site near Newark, Maryland.

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Follow Me Down the Brood X Tunnel: A Reading List

Cool Green Science

Brood X is finally here and every time I step out of my suburban Maryland home during daylight, I hear them singing.

Cleaner Cars -- It's Time to Act - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

I went to pick-up my son from school yesterday evening, which brought me to the busy corner of Georgia and Forest Glen Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland, at 6:00 pm. Compass. « COP 18: The Before and the Beginning | Main. Indias Coal Illusion » Cleaner Cars -- Its Time to Act. I had a few minutes to wait, which left me with some time to stand in the darkness and ponder the endless stream of headlights heading north (and south).

Depressed? Get Some Fresh Air

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Personal Fitness depression high energy dance Maryland United States University of Maryland

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“Pastry” Gun Control…Seriously!?

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Free Content to Partners Funny Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Family Featured Today gun control josh welch maryland lunacy pastry gun controlZero tolerance for ‘pastry’ guns? So, just what is this world coming to?

2013 57

For America’s Birthday, Take Your Party to a Park

Conservancy Talk

And just the day before, during a long drive up to Maryland’s Nanjemoy Creek to help with a Conservancy-led kayak trip, I’d had plenty of time for reflection. Featured Post 1 Kids Protected Areas The Nature Conservancy United States 4th of july Americans children nature Daniel White get outside hiking independence day kids Maryland National Parks natural treasure nature preserve New Mexico recreation rivers shenandoah national park this land is your land Utah Virginia

John Whitehead's 2013 NIT Bracket Challenge! (Second Round)

Environmental Economics

  Here is the second round (hint: pick Maryland):  Loading Who would've thought that round 2 started today! I haven't even recovered from UK's first round loss yet. 

2013 122

Massive Water Main Break Underscores Water Challenges – and Solutions

Conservancy Talk

A few days ago, a massive water main break just outside the Washington, DC city limits released 60 million gallons of water in a 30-foot geyser over the Maryland suburbs. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek and find more of his writing on The Huffington Post.

Water 56

Efforts to Reduce Pollution

Eco Friendly Daily

The Maryland Department of the Environment proposed a limit for how long chicken manure can be stored on farms. Environment Green News Fishing for Energy Maryland ocean pollution Spain trees Managing and reducing pollution will always be a concern, because there are so many sources of waste. When you limit the trips you take in your car, decrease your consumption of meat and recycle your garbage, you are making a positive impact on the environment.

“The iPod of Windpower”

Eco Friendly Daily

Our “local retailer” turned out to be a horse farm situated on a thirty-acre plot in Western Maryland, USA. For about $8,000, not including government grants for green energy and state of Maryland rebates, should we buy a Skystream, it should pay for itself in about five years. Wind Power Aermotor Maryland residential Skystream wind power windmill

I'm Goin' Downy F@#$'n Oshun Hun*

Environmental Economics

For all my Maryland friends: Flushing out foul language. Maryland’s most popular beach town bans bad words. A recent study showed Maryland is the second most foul mouthed state in the country—but the new signs send a different message. When you go to Ocean City this summer, you’ll see the signs up and down the boardwalk. Watch your words the next time you head to Ocean City. Signs reading “No profanity, please” will soon be posted on every block of the Boardwalk.

Environmental Economics takes over AEA Executive Committee

Environmental Economics

 *I had the pleasure of being taught Environmental Economics by Maureen during my PhD studies at the University of Maryland.  OK, that's an exaggeration, but at least an environmental economist is an AEA Executive Committee VP candidate.    Congrats Maureen Cropper*!

2018 100

Where I am today

Environmental Economics

2017 100

Don't ever let your wife meet your girlfriend

Environmental Economics

  As you also know, I grew up in Maryland, lived there for 25 years and went to the University of Maryland for graduate school.    In my 43 years, Maryland sports and the Atlantic Coast Conference have been synonymous.  Uh oh : The University System of Maryland's Board of Regents will meet at 9. If Maryland goes from the ACC to the Big Ten, Rutgers of the Big. As you know, I'm a big sports fan. 

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Kp Org Hawaii

Conservation Hawaii

Virginia Maryland Washington DC. Kaiser Permanente health plans around the country. Top-Notch Doctors Who Do Whats Right for You. Tour Kp In Hawaii. Whatever fitness center you choose you can earn a 200 reward. Kp org hawaii.

How 'bout dem O's

Environmental Economics

Observations:  1) The first paper I ever wrote in college (at the University of Maryland, Ballmer Counny), for my freshman writing class, was titled "How 'Bout Dem O's."    2) I talk like the banker when in Ohio, but the customer when I travel back to Maryland.    This video is an almost perfect depiction of my Maryland family. For those of you who have never heard me speak.

2014 138

Fear the Turtle!

Environmental Economics

Maryland Terrapins It's fitting, then, that this edition crown a new. what's that, Maryland fans? The 2013-14 season -- when Maryland went 17-15 -- wasn't so long ago. Which means Maryland fans, who have gone from 17-15 and five transfers to title contention in 18 months, will spend the 2015-16 season cheering for a player who spent the first three years of his career at Duke. No-Longer-Way-Too-Early Top 25 1.

2015 148

Do the Right thing, Charles County

10,000 Birds

Here’s hoping that Charles County, Maryland, stands up to the feral cat mafia and moves ahead with plans to require cats be licensed and special “animal fancier” licenses be required for those who harbor ten or more cats on their property.

2011 180

Quote of the Day: UMBC?

Environmental Economics

Freeman Hrabowski, President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; AKA UMBC. “We’re known as an academic university. It’s a place for smart kids. And when you add the success of soccer, now it’s cool to be a student-athlete.”. via www.washingtonpost.com. That's from H. I graduated from UMBC in 1991. I like to think I went to an academic University.

2014 153

Daily Demand and Supply: Baltimoronomics

Environmental Economics

From John, via Newmark's Door, via Slate comes this intriguing story of the real origins of Maryland Blue Crabs: Lots of local [Maryland] diners have a taste for blue crab. So the market demands that crabs [from Louisianna] be shipped not to crabless parts of America but to America's crab-production heartland [Maryland]—the place where the secondary and tertiary elements of the crab economy are in place, and the finished product has maximum value.

Oyster Reef Restoration: Is a benefit/cost ratio of 7.6 worth it according to Trumponomics?

Environmental Economics

WJZ out of Baltimore, Maryland has a cool time lapse video of the impact that Oysters can have on water clarity in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Here's the story : The Oyster Recovery Partnership in Maryland is trying to spread the word about the natural filtration powers of oysters. Both of these tanks were filled with water and algae from the Severn River in Maryland.

2017 109

Friday Beer Post

Environmental Economics

OK,it's Thursday, and this is about vodka, but being from Bawlmer (Baltimore) I couldn't pass this one up: On Monday – which was Maryland Day, for those of you not from the Old Line State – Philadelphia Distillers officially launched its new vodka, the Bay, which is flavored with “traditional Chesapeake seasoning,” an apparent relative of Old Bay.

Beginning of Spring Beer Post (for Tim)

Environmental Economics

My wife is a Marylander and she is obsessed with blue crabs and Old Bay, so we have tried many food items with Old Bay. The typical approach is just to pour a ton of the spice in or on everything, so I was a little skeptical when I heard that Flying Dog was putting out an Old Bay-seasoned beer (Dead Rise Summmer Ale). However, it's really good. It's a nice refreshing ale with just the right hint of Old Bay. Look for it on taps and in the store.

2015 185

Second round NIT Challenge: results and semifinals

Environmental Economics

even Maryland!):  Here is the form for the semifinals: Loading This must be the most poorly run NIT Challenge in the country. I've managed to miss the first game of the second round and the entire quarterfinals (I blame autocorrect). Don't you wish those entry frees weren't nonrefundable? Here are the second round results: The updated standings are (that's right, I picked every second round game correct.

Oyster Reef Restoration

Environmental Economics

But the world’s largest man-made oyster reef is in Maryland. The reef in the creek is the foundation of Maryland’s bid to resuscitate its troubled oyster population, overfished to near oblivion for decades and attacked by a couple of killer diseases as vicious as the bubonic plague. That’s why Maryland went through so much trouble to build 10 reefs where fishing isn’t allowed and stock them with more than 1 billion oysters.

2015 170

PhD programs in US economics departments with fields in environmental economics

Environmental Economics

University of Maryland. I was recently advising an economics student about PhD programs in US economics departments (straight econ, not agricultural or other departments) with fields in environmental economics. I excluded ag econ because of the more limited teaching opportunities at the non-RI university (other than East Carolina University and Appalachian State University, who would hire an aggie in an economics department?):

Natural Resource, Environmental & Ecological Economics Postdoctoral Fellowships | SESYNC

Environmental Economics

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), located in Annapolis, Maryland, invites applications for two-year postdoctoral fellowships to begin between May 1 and October 1, 2016. The SESYNC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program brings early-career scholars to SESYNC to: undertake individual research projects, participate in the Socio-Environmental Immersion Program, which immerses scholars in theory foundational to understanding socio-environmental systems, and.

John, don't you still have some eligibility left?

Environmental Economics

Spinal Tap had better luck with drummers than Maryland is having with its quarterbacks. The Terps have now lost their top four quarterbacks to season-ending injuries, including three in the past two weeks. The latest casualty, true freshman Caleb Rowe, tore his ACL in last weekend's loss to Boston College. Coach Randy Edsall said freshman linebacker Shawn Petty, who played quarterback in high school, will move under center Saturday against Georgia Tech. via sportsillustrated.cnn.com.

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SESYNC Postdoctoral Socio-Environmental Immersion Program 2015

Environmental Economics

Appointments will be through the University of Maryland, and fellowship awardees must be based at SESYNC’s facilities in Annapolis, Maryland. The SESYNC postdoctoral fellowship provides an annual stipend, full University of Maryland employee benefits, and a small annual travel allowance to attend meetings or to meet with collaborators. William Burnside Postdoctoral fellow National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) University of Maryland (410) 919-4992.

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