Greenpeace calls on NZ tuna brands to stop destructive fishing


Greenpeace is calling on New Zealand brands to follow the lead of overseas canned tuna sellers to stop sourcing fish caught using methods which kill sharks and turtles. “This move by Princes and ASDA increases pressure on the rest of the global tuna industry to improve sustainability.

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87 Percent of Snapper Is Mislabeled, Study Says | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

from Tel Aviv /Wikipedia Trust salmon, maybe red snapper, but not tuna. These are the lessons a nervous seafood eater could glean from a new study by the marine-life advocacy group Oceana. 94 percent of white tuna in the study was mislabeled. Skip to Navigation.

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If You Want to Go Quickly, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

Conservancy Talk

Now we are taking that concept to the waters of Palau, and to one of the most valuable fisheries in the world – tuna. The Nature Conservancy has purchased a year’s worth of fishing rights (400 vessel days) in Palau’s longline tuna fishery.

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UN Says Aquaculture Could Solve Fish Collapse

Green Prophet

Catching wild fish in the sea is now threatening to deplete many fish species from the world’s seas and oceans, including illegal tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Food & Health aquaculture Egypt fish fishing Gaza Israel marine life United Nations

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From My Inbox- GreenPeace Australia Pacific

Green Earth Journey

Dear Reader, When you tuck into your tuna salad, you may not realise that the canned tuna sold to you is destroying our oceans. Canned tuna is Australia’s biggest selling seafood item. Yet none of our canned tuna brands use tuna that’s caught sustainably.

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Live Blog: School Children Pledge To Save UAE Fish

Green Prophet

Asked to make a statement about the message they would like to spread to the world, one boy says, “the sea’s life depends on you,&# to which Mr. Sumaila responds that indeed three billion people in the world get 15% of their protein from the sea.

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Roadkill on the Ocean Highway: Can Experimental Fishing Reduce Sea Turtle Bycatch in the Pacific?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Seventeenth and eighteenth century mariners’ logs recorded traffic jams on that undersea highway. Large tuna purse seine fishing boats in Pohnpeian waters. The Conservancy is working on tuna fisheries reform in the Western and Central Pacific, home to 60 percent of the world’s tuna.

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Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

Green Prophet

AI and robotics can play a major role in environmental projects, such as preserving wildlife and fighting climate change, developing a better life for humans altogether. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are no longer vague terms used to describe futuristic technology.

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Can World’s Oceans Become Extinct?

Green Prophet

Over fishing, especially of predator fish species like bluefin tuna and numerous shark species could cause a drastic change in marine ecosystems. Sharks, a major marine predator, caught for soup. Climate Travel & Nature environment marine environment oceans

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Sushi nukes? Watch what imported Japanese fish you eat

Green Prophet

Do you like to eat imported sea fish, especially those like supposedly banned Bluefin tuna ? Whether this marine borne radioactivity reaches other oceans, including the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf, has not been determined.

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Arab action on shark finning, and body parts trade is too little, too late

Green Prophet

Andrea Pauly, an Associate Program Officer for the Convention on Migratory Species Secretariat , said that sharks play a vital ecological role as “filter feeders and top predators in the marine environment” to keep the oceans healthy.

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The Dire State of Plastic Pollution


The GNPGP came to be not as a single event of massive rubbish dumping, but due to the convergence of marine pollution brought together by oceanic currents over time. Its existence spreads harm to marine life and the people that depend on it.

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Hope Amidst Dubai’s Marine Destruction

Green Prophet

Listed as vulnerable on the International Union of Conservation’s (IUCN) list of endangered species, it is unknown what killed the juvenile male dugong , though piles of construction materials and half-built towers hint at the dangers marine life face along Dubai’s glittering shoreline.

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Searching for Whoopers: New Report Showcases Gulf of Mexico Migrants

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’ve spent the morning chasing the last wintering Whooping Cranes on the Texas coast with Jorge Brenner, the Conservancy’s associate director of marine science for Texas. Marine migration is a similar process and it’s just as diverse as bird migration, if not more.”.

Mediterranean Agency Could Avert Offshore Marine Disasters

Green Prophet

The Zalul Environmental Association and the Department of Marine Geosciences at Haifa University offered the proposal for the “Sea and Shore Authority”. And the enormous intake pipes suck in marine life. Toxic carbons would permeate the sea, decimating marine life.

Science Comes to the Rescue of Endangered Fish

Eco Friendly Daily

Every year millions of tons of fish die and are discarded by commercial fishing operations as unwanted catch, called bycatch, and hundreds of thousands of marine animals, including turtles, sharks and dolphins are also killed through destructive fishing practices.

Sustainability is Sankey’s vital ingredient

Green (Living) Review

A Restaurateur and fishmonger whose eatery has been praised for its “outstanding commitment” to protecting the marine environment has spoken about the pitfalls of sustainability. Owner Matthew Sankey said he has always supported sustainable fishing and been aware of the effect the industry has on the seas and on marine life.

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U.K. Designates World’s Largest Marine Reserve

Green (Living) Review

territory in the middle of the Indian Ocean, as a no-take marine reserve. This declaration will make it the largest marine protected area in the world, totaling more than 210,000 square miles (544,000 square kilometres), an area twice the size of the U.K. As a fully protected marine reserve, all extractive activities, such as industrial fishing and deep sea mining, will be prohibited in the Chagos.

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Reckless Driving Kills 3 Emiratis Every Day

Green Prophet

Engineer and entrepreneur Mohd Shahnawaz started the Suraya Foundation in memory of his young sister whose life was snuffed out by a reckless driver.

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“We Are Not A PR Stunt” – Marine Protection Organisation On Corporate Sponsorship

Green Prophet

The Emirates Diving Association (EDA) based in Dubai has been working hard over the last couple of years to protect the marine environment, collect data to track changes in coral reefs in the United Arab Emirates and also to end shark finning.

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David de Rothschild Talks Adventure And Plastic With Green Prophet (Exclusive)

Green Prophet

Scattered throughout your fantastic book Plastiki are deeply alarming facts related to plastic and how the accumulation of it impacts marine life (and ultimately us). I was really disturbed by the amount of marine mammals each expedition encountered.