10 Reasons Why Should We Ban Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are a convenient way to carry. In fact, it is estimated that up to 10 million plastic bags are used every minute around the world [1]. 300 to 700 plastic bags pass through the hands of an average American in just one year [8] and a survey of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs concluded that the average household in the United Kingdom stores around 40 plastic shopping bags at home [2]. Plastic bags.

Jordan bans plastic bags, joining Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE

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The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) announced plans to ban the use of plastic bags starting next year. The ruling also applies to plastic containers that come in direct contact with food products (think take-away and deli counter sales). The action seeks to safeguard public health and address excessive use of disposable plastic products.“The Overusing plastic in direct contact with food transfers unhealthy chemicals to the food.” Want a plastic sack?

The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment

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The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment: - Well over a billion single-use plastic bags are given out for free each day. Production Costs: - The production of plastic bags requires petroleum and often natural gas, both non-renewable resources that increase our dependency on foreign suppliers. The toxic chemical ingredients needed to make plastic produces pollution during the manufacturing process. -

Plastic Bag Degradation – What You Should Know


One trillion plastic bags are used and. Most of these bags are made from petroleum. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 12 million barrels of oil are used annually to make plastic bags [1]. The manufacturing of plastic bags adds many tons of carbon and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere as well [2]. Of the one trillion bags used, less than five percent are recycled [3]. Do plastic bags ever decompose?

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Do you still get plastic bags at the grocery store?

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you still get plastic bags every time you go to the grocery store then, I am sorry, you really don't care about people or the Planet. While it may be that the plastic bags aren't really made from virgin oil – they are made from naphthalene, a byproduct of petroleum refining – they are still an environmental problem. They are a hazard, in fact, to marine life and they also do not look very nice festooning trees and hedgerows.

Microplastics in our lungs linked to Covid-19 surge?

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A new study by researchers from Utah State University show that microplastics , the tiny bits of plastic that pervade our oceans and now the stomachs and bodies of marine life, and ultimately us –– has found a new route into our body: through the air we breath. BioSphere Plastic.

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Microplastics in the sea a growing threat to human health, United Nations warns

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More than a quarter of fish in markets in Indonesia and California contain plastic particles Millions of tons of tiny debris from plastic bags, bottles and clothes in the world’s oceans present a serious threat to human health and marine ecosystems. Global plastic production has increased dramatically in recent years. Between 2004 and 2014, the amount of plastic produced rose by 38 per cent, the report said.

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Help the Environment by Avoiding These Single-Use Plastics


Our air, water, food, wildlife, the nature we go to the very ends of the globe just to adore, is being abused by nonessential plastics that are devastating a very essential life source that we fully depend on to not only exist, but to thrive. Single-use plastics are over-flooding the landfills, suffocating the seas, harming a variety of animals and even affecting our own bloodstream with toxic microfibers. What are single-use plastics? Plastic bags.

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The Great Atlantic Ocean Garbage

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Researchers carried out a two decade study in areas of the Caribbean and the North Atlantic off of the US coast – the longest study on record of plastic marine debris conducted in any ocean basin. The majority of specimens found were plastics used to make consumer items, as well as a bevvy of plastic bag remains, all no more than 1 cm across but large in number in some areas. February 25, 2010 at 2:11 pm by Katie M.

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Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Human Health


the mantra of “plastic is fantastic” shaped our environment to the extent that today plastic really is all around us. Food and beverage containers, cosmetic and toiletry containers, pens, car interiors, your laptop mouse, toys, bags, packaging, floors, shoes and your cellphone screen. Materials that do not readily look like plastic include plastic polymers or resins like Styrofoam and food can liners. In short, we are constantly exposed to plastics.

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Tons of trash left at picnic sites by Israelis after Passover

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The following video (in Hebrew) from the Channel 12 news site gives some indication of the amount of trash left behind, including picnic grills, folding chairs, and mountains of throwaway plastic dishes and utensils. As much of the beach litter includes throwaway plastic bags, bottles, straws and dishes, some of it gets washed out to sea, resulting in a danger to marine life. Jordan Talks Plastic Waste: Action Wanted!

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Biodiversity – Definition, Importance and Major Threats


Nature’s balance is dependent upon diversity of life – biodiversity. Our understanding of our planet is shifting to a view of Earth as a single living organism with all of life’s diversity and life processes interdependent.

The Dire State of Plastic Pollution


This space could be yours, if you do not mind the fact that it is made of microscopic plastic. Despite its name, it is not a blanket of floating plastic bags and soft drink bottles; instead, it is an area where tiny plastic particles suspend in the water column, making it extremely challenging to clean up. The GNPGP came to be not as a single event of massive rubbish dumping, but due to the convergence of marine pollution brought together by oceanic currents over time.

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Record high amount of microplastic found on seafloors


While garbage patches composed of plastic bags, bottles and straws are old news, scientists say the floating plastic doesn’t even account for 1% of the 10 million tons of plastic that wind up in the oceans annually. The new study seems to confirm what scientists have suspected: much of that plastic is deep down on the seafloor. This is the first time scientists have directly linked currents to plastic concentrations on the seafloor.

China plans to phase out single-use plastics by 2025


billion denizens, China also produces the largest quantity of plastic. In fact, the University of Oxford-based publication Our World In Data (OWID) has documented China’s plastic production rate at 60 million tons per year. Three avenues are currently available for plastic waste disposal: recycling , incinerating or discarding. Only an estimated 20% of global plastic waste is recycled, 25% incinerated and a whopping 55% is discarded, according to OWID.

Greek oil spill creates black plague on Israeli beaches

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So when Andreas Weil, a then new immigrant to Israel from Sweden wanted to change how Mediterranean marine education and health was managed by Israel, he didn’t whine or point fingers. They don’t want to hear you telling them to pick up plastic from the street.”.

Repercussions Of Tsunami Continue As Debris Adds To Pacific Ocean Woes

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A majority of the garbage found there is plastic products, including bottles and grocery bags. Plastic waste is becoming more widely known for its impact on the environment, leading to many locations in the United States and abroad to enact some type of plastic bag ban. But plastic bags are not the only issue. If so, it would be a massive and expensive undertaking, however, likely beneficial to the marine life calling the Pacific home.

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15 Practical Tips for Sustainable Travel

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You will find yourself buying three or four plastic water bottles each day and doing so contributes to toxic wastes. Don’t throw food wrappers, plastic bags, water bottles, etc. In the beach, don’t ride a jetski where there are corals or other marine life. Bring reusable shopping bags. When shopping for souvenirs or getting some produce from the local market, use reusable shopping bags and cut down the harmful use of plastic bags.

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Paper or Plastic? No Clear Winner

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So I am the girl who tries really really hard to not forget her reusable bags but there are definitely times when I am checking out and DOH!! As I walk out of the grocery store I find myself scoffing at the plastic bag shoppers…don’t they know better, don’t they care about the environment?? The short little teaser in the email says “Trick question: paper or plastic?” The plastic bag takes up less space in the landfills and takes less energy to make and to recycle.

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Tips on how we can save our oceans

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For many years the earth’s oceans and marine life have largely been exploited by people. In addition, pollutants such as methane and nitric oxide are destroying the marine plant life on a large scale, the reducing the ocean’s capacity to restore oxygen. The most commonly found items in beach-cleanups are plastic bags and other plastic accessories.

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Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


Long, long ago our planet was just a rock, a shell that had cooled over its molten hot interior, devoid of life. With water and then sunlight, came life. Vegetation took hold, decayed, creating topsoil and more life. Single-celled life formed and from these simple cells, more complex life forms evolved. . Our planet needs water to maintain life. River and marine pollution. Plastic bottles on the beach. 8 River and marine pollution.

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7 of the Saddest Wildlife Stories From the Middle East

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The Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) has taken huge strides to protect the marine environment in one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations, and it was them that raised the alarm when four bottle nose dolphins were discovered awaiting transfer to a dolphinarium in a tiny, private swimming pool. Dubai Marine Life at Risk After Devastating Shark Catch.

The Main Causes of Land Pollution


Severely polluted land completely devoid of life. Land pollution, whether it is a barren space where nothing can grow but a few weeds or a site that harbors garbage and debris, like old tires, gas cans and plastic bags is an aesthetic drain. . This has further consequences for us as part of the web of life. The web has been broken when the biodiversity that enables life has been destroyed. Liners are generally simply thick plastic and deteriorate over time.

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Tackling Plastic Pollution: Facts and Solutions


Plastics are cheap, durable and versatile, and that has made them highly useful in product manufacturing and development. billion metric tons of plastic [1] have entered the world’s business and consumer supply chains, mostly in the form of single-use items destined for disposal. Plastics currently represent about 10 percent of the total waste generated by human activity across the planet [2]. Causes and effects of plastic pollution. Problems with plastic in the ocean.

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September is Coastal Cleanup Month with a new look for 2020


Ocean pollution, particularly plastic from inland as well as boating activities, has become a massive environmental issue in recent years. Animals are harmed by items like six-pack rings and plastic bags. Plastic in the waterways begins to break down into microplastics, which marine animals ingest. Beach and coastline cleanups have been a focus of many caring citizens and environmental groups for decades.

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How To Go Green in 48 Hours or Less

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If you do not live in an area that provides recycled waste collection separate your glass, paper and plastic and drop them off are your nearest recycling centre. When you next go shopping take along with you eco friendly recyclable bags as this will help stop the problem of millions of plastic bags spilling into the ocean killing our marine life.

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Eco-Vegan Daily Download - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

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Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Eco-Vegan Daily Download: Dogs, Beauty, Revolutions, & Plastic A local vegan blogger in LA nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award - how sweet! There are many great organic vegan brands out there, but they come in plastic tubes. I just have to find a good small glass or metal container for it that I can carry in my bag, and I need to buy some candelilla wax.

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Reckless Driving Kills 3 Emiratis Every Day

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Engineer and entrepreneur Mohd Shahnawaz started the Suraya Foundation in memory of his young sister whose life was snuffed out by a reckless driver.

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Israel Approves New Licenses For Mid-Sized Solar Fields.

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image via: Hamed Saber] Spring is celebrated as a time of renewal and regrowth among many religions and cultures that originated in… Read more articles » Lifestyle & Culture » Oil and Gas Producer In United Arab Emirates Launches Marine Life Book A new book titled, ‘Pearl in the Gulf’ was recently published by the oil and gas production company The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO).