Can World’s Oceans Become Extinct?

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Over fishing, especially of predator fish species like bluefin tuna and numerous shark species could cause a drastic change in marine ecosystems. Sharks, a major marine predator, caught for soup. Climate Travel & Nature environment marine environment oceans

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Hope Amidst Dubai’s Marine Destruction

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Listed as vulnerable on the International Union of Conservation’s (IUCN) list of endangered species, it is unknown what killed the juvenile male dugong , though piles of construction materials and half-built towers hint at the dangers marine life face along Dubai’s glittering shoreline.

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Arab action on shark finning, and body parts trade is too little, too late

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Andrea Pauly, an Associate Program Officer for the Convention on Migratory Species Secretariat , said that sharks play a vital ecological role as “filter feeders and top predators in the marine environment” to keep the oceans healthy.

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Sustainability is Sankey’s vital ingredient

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A Restaurateur and fishmonger whose eatery has been praised for its “outstanding commitment” to protecting the marine environment has spoken about the pitfalls of sustainability. Owner Matthew Sankey said he has always supported sustainable fishing and been aware of the effect the industry has on the seas and on marine life.

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“We Are Not A PR Stunt” – Marine Protection Organisation On Corporate Sponsorship

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The Emirates Diving Association (EDA) based in Dubai has been working hard over the last couple of years to protect the marine environment, collect data to track changes in coral reefs in the United Arab Emirates and also to end shark finning.

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