Land and Sea Bridge To Connect Saudi Arabia and Egypt

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Conservationists in Egypt have however raised concerns about the possible destruction of coastal and marine environments in the process of building the bridge. Smaller proposals to build artificial islands and bridges in the region have been criticized in the past for their potential environmental damage to the coastline and marine life. However, there should to be clear balance between the environment costs and the economic benefits and at the moment that balance is missing.

Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

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Blue Growth by Design —which she and I are discussing this week at The Economist’s World Ocean Summit—incorporates conservation principles into ocean development plans to ensure growth in marine and coastal regions is sustainable. Maria brings to TNC more than 30 years of public service in Europe, most recently serving as the European Union Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, a role through which she worked toward marine conservation and sustainable blue growth.

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Why oil and gas companies should buy whales hearing aids

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Whales, the earth’s largest marine mammals, have had more than their share of ecological problems in all parts of the world’s seas and oceans. One of their biggest risks is noise in marine habitats caused by drilling for oil and gas. . Those in unlikely marine habitats such as the Eastern Mediterranean, where a rare grey whale was sighted. Whales communicate and find their way by emitting sounds to one another as well as off marine objects such as reefs.

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Sign to Save Lebanon’s Turtles! Ancient Naqura Coast on Mediterranean Sea At Risk

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Lebanese environment campaigners are calling on nature lovers far and wide to help them protect an important piece of their natural heritage along the Mediterranean Sea. Travel & Nature Kolaila beach Lebanon Mansouri beach marine conservation marine environment marine protected areas Mediterranean Sea Naqura cliff Unsustainable development

Israel’s Mediterranean Seacoast Severely Threatened by People

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Why have dolphins and other types of marine life almost disappeared from I srael’s shores? And why are projects such as deep water energy drilling and desalination threatening to make the eastern Mediterranean an area increasingly devoid of most marine life? The answer appears obvious, as well as foreboding, in a recent comprehensive report on the state of the marine environment in Israel’s section of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Dubai Marine Life At Risk After Devastating Shark Catch

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The Arabian Gulf marine ecosystem took a devastating hit this week after a pregnant great hammerhead shark was landed and forty-five pups gutted out of it in a Dubai fish market. Travel & Nature extinction Marine ecosystem marine environment marine protection SharksA five-metre-long female shark and its litter of forty-five hammerhead pups was found dead at the Diera Fish Market in Dubai.

Why Dolphins Have Disappeared from Israel’s Shores

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Although grey whales have occasionally been spotted in the Mediterranean and bottle nose dolphins are often seen following commercial fishing trawlers , neither of these marine mammals are now commonplace in the Mediterranean; especially along Israel’s shoreline. While this sighting was good news for marine biologists, it was also noted in the article that an unusually large number of carcases of dolphins and whales have washed ashore, with a total of 16 already found by mid August.

Will Submerged Atlantis Super Volcano Cause Giant Tsunami?

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The Mediterranean Sea basin, especially that bordered by Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel will soon have a new Marine Center that will help to reveal some of the secrets of this ancient and historical body of water. More about issues affecting the Mediterranean, including earthquakes and volcanoes: I srael’s Marine Center Will Reveal Sea Secrets. Travel & Nature Greece marine environment Volcanos

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Haiti Declares Its First Marine Protected Area

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Earlier this month, the Haitian government decreed its first marine protected area located in the south coast of Haiti. The decree states the marine and coastal region in the southwest of the southern peninsula has been declared protected area under the name “Natural Protected Area of Managed Resources of Port-Salut/Aquin.” The Nature Conservancy along with the United Nations Environmental Program, helped create the building blocks for this marine protected area.

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A Classic Case of Whodunit Arises Over Toxic Waste In Lebanon

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Business & Politics Water greenpeace kerosene spill marine environment Mediterranean Sea pollution salmonellaGreenpeace is taking industry to task for releasing factory-generated effluent into the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast. Environmental activists have stopped up a pipe that is gushing toxic waste into the Mediterranean Sea.

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Jellyfish Attack on Israel Power Plant A Clear Sign of Global Warming?

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According to marine biologists, two of the main reasons for such a large number of jellyfish are global warming causing sea temperatures to rise and resulting in a reduction of some fish species; and over-fishing which eliminates many of the jellyfish’s natural predators. Travel & Nature animals marine environment Mediterranean SeaNew Mediterranean jellyfish invasions are causing big problems for coastal power plants.

The Red Sea is Filled With Tiny Treasures – Saudi Researchers Intent on Discovery

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On the coast and half way between the two extremes of the Red Sea, KAUST has access to a significant wealth of undiscovered treasures floating- no, better – marinating right in front of them. Here are two examples of how these little animals can become pivotal for the advancement of marine science. The Extremophiles: The deep-sea anoxic brines of the Red Sea are considered to be one of the most remote and extreme environments on Earth, while remaining one of the least studied.

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Can World’s Oceans Become Extinct?

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Over fishing, especially of predator fish species like bluefin tuna and numerous shark species could cause a drastic change in marine ecosystems. According to Dr. Rogers, the world’s oceans are in a “critical state&# and could even become devoid of most marine life by the end of this century. Sharks, a major marine predator, caught for soup. Climate Travel & Nature environment marine environment oceans

Tourism website for sustainable marine management

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Tourism website for sustainable marine management 30 March 11 · 0 comments | Green Travel News | I n the wake of devastating floods, cyclones and radioactive leaks, a special website has been launched to help coastal communities and tourism operators find ways to help marine environments recover.

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Cyprus Researcher: Protect Sea from Natural Gas Drills

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Drilling for undersea gas in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone may have serious impacts on marine life. Now it appears the university researchers like Dr. Constantinos Hadjistasou of the University of Cyprus, are expressing fears that drilling for natural gas in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEC) does pose “serious threats to marine flora and fauna.” Energy Travel & Nature Cyprus marine environment natural gas

Abu Dhabi beach gains Blue Flag award

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Green Prophet has recently reported on schemes to improve Abu Dhabi’s environmental record, especially amongst its marine habitats, and to educate local schoolchildren about conservation. But the Emirates region also faces ongoing challenges to the marine environment, including illegal shark fishing. Travel & Nature Abu Dhabi arabian gulf Blue Flag environment environmental education marine conservation marine environment marine protection pollution United Arab Emirates

Hope Amidst Dubai’s Marine Destruction

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Listed as vulnerable on the International Union of Conservation’s (IUCN) list of endangered species, it is unknown what killed the juvenile male dugong , though piles of construction materials and half-built towers hint at the dangers marine life face along Dubai’s glittering shoreline. While Ecoventure covers dunes and wadis, Tawasul has been providing children hands-on experience of the vibrant marine life that is threatened by rampant development along the Gulf since 2002.

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NATO’s Steel Fish To Protect Med from Oil Spills

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The “sea robots&# , a creation by NATO’s Undersea Research Centre (NURC) , headquartered in La Spezia Italy, will be able to give enough of an advanced warning of a sudden oil leakage of spill, as well as detect the motors of boats and other marine vessels that illegally enter protected marine areas. Israeli Marine Ecologist Says Mediterranean Needs More Environmental Protection.

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Fossil Fuel Fast Facts

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HTML clipboardHow much of the world's petroleum products wind up in marine environments? How much coal is used for each person in the USA annually? What's the connection. between natural gas and our food? Find out the answers to these questions and.

Why we should support small fishing boats over super-trawlers, Part 1

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I was worried about the impact that eating fish was having on the marine environment. Slow Food showed me that you can’t have a protected environment without engagement from humans. But what small-scale means to me is a lower impact on the environment.

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Analysis: G7: old pledges rehashed

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The £500 million fund, financed by the UK government, aims to support developing countries to protect the marine environment and reduce poverty and will run for at least five years. The G7 participants pose for the G7 family photo. Photo credit: By ??????????, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia.

Ship Carrying Thick Black Bitumen Sinks off Oman’s Pristine Coast

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Unlike Egyptian authorities, however, who frequently attempt to cover up oil spills in the Red Sea , the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs responded swiftly and openly to the crisis. “We have formed a team of environmental experts to monitor the impact of the cargo spill from the ship,” Sulaiman Bin Nasser Al Akhzami, a senior official at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, said on Sunday. Image via Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.

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Moving Red Sea fish farm cages shows positive eco results: new study

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A new study looks at what happened to the Red Sea marine environment when fish cages were moved to the Mediterranean Sea. The Eilat fish farms were located offshore there for more than 20 years, and their removal came after they caused severe damage to natural marine life in the areas where the fish cages had been placed. Charney School of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa.

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Researching the deep of the sea with “Deep Heart” station

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A first-of-its-kind deep-sea research station placed 50km (31mi) from the Israeli shore called DeepLev which combines “deep” with the Israeli meaning for heart which is “lev” Reaching a 1.5km depth (~1mi) it is set to shed new light on the eastern Mediterranean marine environment and the implications changes in this ecosystem hold for humans. Still, the ecological, physical and chemical processes underlying marine ecosystems remain largely unknown.

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University of Barcelona develops innovative wind prospecting system


The system specially designed for marine environments is based on a hot air balloon that has a module with the meteorological sensors. We are well aware that wind energy will mainly be developed for marine environments in the future. Pratima Kalra: An innovative wind prospecting system has been designed by the faculty of the University of Barcelona.

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Egypt is protecting its people and its economy from the devastating impacts of sea-level rise

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These coastal protection measures will reuse existing dredged materials that would have otherwise been deposited in the marine environment. Children run after each other with kites flying along Egypt’s Nile Delta. Families and friends enjoy the scenery as they enjoy an afternoon picnic.

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When the levee breaks: Ocean hero killed in electric scooter accident

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Another blow to the marine environment this week – after learning that the massive oil spill continually washing up on shore on Israel’s beaches is most likely eco-terror from Iran : this time it’s personal and someone I interviewed as a hero to our seas ––.

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1st sustainable seafood restaurant on SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf

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The San Francisco Seafood Watch Alliance has signed on Fog Harbor Fish House on Fisherman’s Wharf —which means the 220,000 meals it serves to visitors yearly with be prepared with only “ocean-friendly&# seafood, and that customers will be told why this is important for the future of the world’s marine environments. | Green Travel News |. O ne of America’s most-visited seaside tourist attractions finally boasts a sustainable seafood restaurant.

Flora and Fauna: Definition, Importance and Examples


First and foremost, plants balance carbon dioxide and oxygen in the environment. Native flora supports animals by providing essential services to the environment like fertilizing soil and filtering water. Further reading: What Effect Keystone Species Have on an Environment.

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Deja Vu

Environmental Economics

It is metal, so it can't be a permanent solution in a marine environment, DOT said. Remember the new inlets ? A temporary manufactured bridge will be installed across the largest breach at Hatteras Island, restoring traffic on N.C. 12 within a month, Gov. Bev Perdue announced Friday.

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Gentle Kuwaiti Marine Activism (VIDEO)

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But a new video narrated so eloquently by Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak, a Kuwaiti Phd candidate studying Gulf marine ecology at the University of British Columbia, provides a glimpse into a less-celebrated segment of society – one that we really need to support. Hit the jump to enjoy, for just a few minutes, the power of one woman who has taken it upon herself to help restore the Gulf’s marine ecosystem to its pre-Gulf War glory. . Gulf marine conservation overfishing

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International day for biological diversity

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On the UN International Day for Biological Diversity, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) calls for a greater awareness of the threats to marine biodiversity as without life in the ocean there would be no life on Earth. The first global census of marine life (which ran from 2000 to 2010) has logged 250,000 species; yet in its final report, the census team suggested that for every species known, there are at least four yet to be discovered.

Celine Cousteau partners with Contiki Holidays

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Cousteau will help educate staff and travelers of the Toronto-based youth travel company about environmental issues, particularly those affecting marine ecosystems. “Contiki‘s choice to help protect the marine environment is a cause which deeply resonates with me.”. Tourism website for sustainable marine management. Eco-adventure News Celine Cousteau Contiki Holidays marine conservation Ocean Futures Society sustainable marine management

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Intelligent Robotic fish detect pollution zones to safeguard marine life


They are designed to blend with the marine environment, without interfering with its working or causing any disruption to its ecology. Pratima Kalra: Under the BMT managed program, SHOAL; researchers have developed and delivered a robotic fish with artificial intelligence that can detect and identify pollution in aquatic areas.

Going Green Ends With Water from the Sea

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With several other desalination plants under construction on the shoreline south of Tel Aviv, we can expect major changes in the marine environment, if careful existing safety measures aren’t enforced. With the major changes being led by business conglomerates, that see water as a valuable resource in the future, they’re not sure these business groups have the marine environment high on their list of priorities.

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Mauka to Makai: Community Conservation from Mountains to Oceans

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His name was Bert Weeks, and he was a Hawai’i Marine Fellow for the Conservancy. I mentioned that, as a fish biologist, I was aching to “take our work into marine waters”, and was especially interested in learning about Hawai’i’s locally-managed marine areas. Do you get to focus your fellowship on any marine conservation project you like?” It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a marine conservation project.

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Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


River and marine pollution. Water pollution is degraded water, toxic to humans or the environment [4]. Oil tank and rig disasters account for around 10 percent of marine pollution [21]. . Further reading: How Do Oil Spills Affect the Environment. 8 River and marine pollution. As mentioned in the introduction, many power plants discharge very hot water into nearby waters, which reduces its oxygen and modifies the natural marine environment.

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Advanced Recycling: What, When and How to Scale?


Speakers discuss the state of the market and highlight the potential for transformational technologies to turn waste plastics back into new materials, decrease reliance on fossil fuels and curb the flow of plastics into marine environments. Advanced Recycling: What, When and How to Scale? What is the state of the advanced recycling industry, and what will it take to get it to scale?

Stop Being Plastic


This results in killing many marine animals and heavily disturbing marine and terrestrial biodiversity. This does not only kill marine animals, but also introduces plastic into our food chain through seafood. Plastic is harmful to all living creatures and also to the environment where we live. We need to end the plastic pollution that is increasing day by day, otherwise the marine environment as well as the terrestrial environment are in a very high risk.

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This island home has a green roof seeded with native, drought-tolerant plants


The site itself is part of the San Juan Islands National Monument, characterized by its sensitive shoreline and marine environments. Lone Madrone is a 1,600-square-foot vacation retreat located on a rocky, south-facing shoreline on Orcas Island, a horseshoe-shaped islet in the San Juan Islands archipelago off Washington state.

Galapagos cruise earns double green certification

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E coventura , a family-owned company of eco-friendly expedition vessels in the Galapagos , has earned Rainforest Alliance verification in recognition of its commitment to conserving the environment and supporting local communities. In 2008, the company was presented with the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism – Best in a Marine Environment Award. | Green Travel News |.

Masdar Launches the Seychelles’ First Renewable Energy Plant

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Masdar built eight turbines that can operate in low wind conditions on two different islands; they are connected by three kilometers of subsea cables and are designed to function well despite the highly corrosive marine environment. The Middle East’s leading clean energy developer, Masdar has launched the very first renewable energy plant to be built in The Seychelles – the 6MW Port Victoria Wind Farm.

Arab action on shark finning, and body parts trade is too little, too late

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As reported in the Gulf News, delegates from the UAE, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Somalia, Syria and Comoros met in Dubai recently to sign a historic agreement and attend a workshop organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in association with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water. Whether or not local fishermen and marine sea products traders will take these actions seriously remains to be seen.

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