Madagascar’s Lost and Found

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Madagascar, however, has had more than its fair share of extinct or lost species and Madagascar Pochard was firmly on this list. However numerous expeditions failed to produce any evidence of the bird and in 2006 the IUCN reclassified Madagascar Pochard as “possibly extinct”. Then rumors leaked out that at this same site the mythical Red Owl could easily be seen, Madagascar Serpent Eagle was breeding and other rare birds and lemurs abounded. Birding Africa Madagascar

Evidence of earlier humans in Madagascar is unconvincing but interesting

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But here I want to note, and for now, dismiss, a find from Madagascar. It was always thought that humans first inhabited the island of Madagascar about four or five thousand years ago or so. That would change our thinking on Madagascar, as well as human movement in the Indian Ocean, considerably. There are other bits and pieces of evidence for earlier occupation of Madagascar, but just as is the case for Australia and the Americas, the thing does not hang together yet.

Madagascar is Getting Eaten Alive. ~ Olivia Gray

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Source: via Luca on Pinterest Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Civil Rights, Social Good) Food Free Content to Partners Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today Africa crops current events infestation locusts madagascar news plague rice UN

Madagascar: The Last Inheritor of Gondwana

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Madagascar: The Last Inheritor of Gondwana tries to walk the “all of the above” line, which is sometimes satisfying, sometimes disconcerting, and sometimes outright frustrating. Perhaps the best audience of all would be curious non-experts planning a trip to Madagascar, and lacking an overly enthusiastic buddy of their own. Putting nature on TV is a tricky business.

Orlando Bloom Fronts Madagascar Education Campaign


Orlando Bloom lends a helping hand to the education of Madagascar children. Read More. Causes News People Top News orlando bloom

Rare Tortoises Face Extinction In Madagascar

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Madagascar is an island of unique flora and fauna. The endemic radiated tortoise , spider tortoise , flat-tailed tortoise , and Madagascar big-headed turtle are also under severe threat. Other environmental issues affecting Madagascar include deforestation, which leads to soil erosion and habitat loss, pollution, and desertification. Environment endangered reptiles Madagascar tortoises

The Witch’s Pantry: Make your own Madagascar Vanilla Extract. {Recipe}

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The Witch''s Pantry: Make your own Madagascar Vanilla Extract. Food vanilla vanilla extract vanilla sugar

Walking Across Madagascar to Promote Wildlife Awareness


This week a team of adventurers will attempt to become the first expedition to walk the entire width of Madagascar from the east coast to the west in a daunting three week feat of endurance. Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and although it attracts thousands of tourists each year, in recent times it has suffered a bad press due to violent civil unrest in 2009 and an

Study: Madagascar’s Rosewood Forests Need International Protection

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Madagascar is one of the world’s greatest treasures when it comes to biodiversity. Experts have calculated that of all species on Madagascar, seventy-five percent occur nowhere else on Earth. In terms of species of plants, it is estimated that approximately ninety percent of all the plant species on Madagascar, which number near 14,000, occur nowhere else on the planet either. Of grave concern in Madagascar is the loss of forest.

Madagascar in Peril

Living In a Toxic World

There is ongoing strife in Madagascar resulting from a recent coup. This has put the local environment at risk. Reports from the area have indicated that forests are being logged illegally and many animals and plants unique to the island may not survive. It is already difficult to preserve natural areas but in the face of civil unrest like this it is impossible.

World’s 10 best ethical travel destinations for 2015

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Africa Cape Verde Chile Cuba Dominica Ghana Grenada Lithuania Madagascar Malawi Mauritius Palau Samoa South America The Americas Tonga Vanuatu best developing nations to visit ethical travel ethical travel 2015 Ethical Traveler

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Organizations Investigate Illegal Logging In Madagascar; Majority Of Demand From China

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Madagascar is home to dozens of species which are found nowhere else on the planet. Unfortunately, Madagascar is also home to immense illegal logging. Due to this, Madagascar’s national parks service requested the Environmental Investigation Agency and Global Witness to investigate the illegal logging. The logging is thought to stem from the high demand for the wood and the political upheaval in Madagascar.

The five most unique birds in the world

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The Cuckoo Roller — today found only in Madagascar and Comoros — is an oddball bird with a puffy head and a chameleon-eating habit. Birds genetics Madagascar oilbirds taxonomy and systematics What are the world’s most distinctive birds? That question could be answered in several ways, but a new paper released this month — Global Distribution and Conservation of Evolutionary Distinctness in Birds (Jetz et al.

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The Green Buzz: Monday, March 18

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In case you didn’t get your fill of all things green yesterday: In Madagascar , political instability may have led to increased rates of deforestation. Africa Animals China Environmental News Green Living Insects Policy The Green Buzz United States Ask Umbra bees bees and HIV China Pollution clothing recycling Conservation Magazine deforestation energy consumption Grist Inhabitat Madagascar Mongabay Treehugger

Must-Have Summer Skirts and Clutches from Fair Fashion Boutique Sarafina

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She created eco fashion boutique Sarafina as a way to channel her love of fashion, and promote fair wage jobs and safe working conditions in low income countries such as India, Madagascar, and Uganda. Sarafina also offers beautiful fair wage clutches made in Madagascar and jewelry from Uganda. Fair Fashion eco boutique eco fashion fair fashion Fair Trade fair wage India madagascar ugandaBita in a Sarafina skirt.

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The dirty side of the British Royal Wedding

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A while back, in an article about a bizarre scheme to let people in Britain offset their carbon emissions by paying for birth control in Madagascar, I wrote: I might take this a little more seriously if the money were used to reduce the birth rate among rich Brits. Landcare doesn’t say so, but in one day the Royal family was responsible for pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than 67,700 people in Madagascar produce in an entire year.

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Daily demand and supply: the vanilla shortage

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The Onion: Top vanilla producer Madagascar is experiencing a shortage of the plant due to rising global demand for natural flavorings, potentially leading to a spike in ice cream prices this summer. What do you think? “I I have this six-year-old bottle of extract in my cupboard, if that helps things.”    Don Buckley,  Systems Analyst. Edy’s can gouge me all they want for that real slow-churned stuff.”    Chet Baisell,  Unemployed. “We

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Happy Arbor Day – 5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Trees

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5: Madagascar Baobabs Tree. Founded by a Nebraskan politician by the name of Julius Morton, the very first arbor day took place in 1872. This day for the trees was formed to be an inspiration and a reminder to nurture, plant and celebrate trees of all kind. Without our leafy-kin, life as we know it will cease to exist – trees provide the oxygen that we breathe and detox the air of pollution. They provide crop, shelter, shade and cool.

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Being A Living Fossil Evolved Multiple Times

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Later the continents broke up into smaller regions such as South America, Africa, Asia and such, an a few smaller pieces like Madagascar and New Zealand as well. These all had their own sub population of one or more species of large land bird, and these populations, in turn, give us the large lane birds we have today, except on Madagascar where the Elephant Bird went extinct (recently).

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Auction for Massive Fossilized Egg Could Reach $45,000


Christie’s has announced that it will auction off a rare sub-fossilized egg from the extinct Madagascar Elephant Bird – which at over 10 feet tall, was once the world’s largest Read More The post Auction for Massive Fossilized Egg Could Reach $45,000 appeared first on Ecorazzi.

HOW TO JOIN ILLUMINATI SECRET SOCIETY FOR MONEY +27734818506 IN Lesotho, Namibia,Botswana, Zambia

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Where America dreams of/goes birding?

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Here are the results: 3 per cent of respondents (in no particular order): Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Tanzania, Madagascar. Kenya and Tanzania combined offer the longest tour list of Africa, South Africa with its good infrastructure and easiness of finding birds comes close second, while Madagascar is there because of its 100 endemics. I had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results.

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Sonar Mapping and Whale Stranding Linked


An independent scientific review panel has concluded that the mass stranding of approximately 100 melon-headed whales in the Loza Lagoon system in northwest Madagascar in 2008 was primarily triggered by acoustic stimuli, more specifically, a multi-beam echosounder system operated by a survey vessel contracted by ExxonMobil Exploration and Production (Northern Madagascar) Limited.

Introducing the African Birding Beat

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I have thoroughly explored vast parts of the continent as well as neighboring Madagascar, in the process seeing over 2,000 birds on the continent and all but one Malagasy endemic. One of Africa’s unique birds, a Secretarybird photographed in Etosha National Park, Namibia The Cape Rockjumper belongs to an African endemic family comprising of 2 species Madagascar, oft termed the 8th continent, has her own attractions. Friends, birders, and globe-trotters, lend me your ears.

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African Skimmers at the Kazinga Channel

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As well as being a great river to cruise for game, you can also see great birds like Water Stone-curlews , Madagascar Bee-eaters , Goliath Herons and Red Spurfowl. It’s a month to I go traveling in Africa again, but between that date and now I have a massive project to deliver, which has reached the ‘invading my dreams’ level of panic.

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Global Warning – Shift of habitats

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Studies conducted in the mountains of Madagascar through light on this new development. Animal species that live on the lower slopes of the mountains of Madagascar’s Tsaratanana Massif, have shifted base upwards on account of increase in global temperatures. The extinction of 3 species of reptiles and amphibians found in Madagascar’s mountainous regions is predicted between the periods 2050 to 2100.

One of the World's Tiniest Reptiles


Reuters report that they have found one of four types of tiny chameleons in Madagascar. The miniature lizard - "Brookesia micra" - reaches a maximum length of 29mm, and was discovered by a team of German and American researchers on the island of Nosy Hara, just off the northern coast of Madagascar. It is beleived to be among the smallest reptiles in the world.

Most of us are urbanites, new UN study

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On a national level, the figure of population in the hinterlands rises above 5 percent in only three countries with populations greater than 10 million: Madagascar, Niger and Zimbabwe. A town in the Faroe Islands. Rural, but pushing on urban, finds new UN study.

Endemic Seychelles

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1300kms off the coast of East Africa and over 1000kms NE from Madagascar is a tiny speck in the ocean. Red Fody , Madagascar Dove and Zebra Dove were all abundant. Zoom in and an archipelago of islands appears from the Indian Ocean. This is The Seychelles. The land-dependent birds here are a long way remote from their ecological heritage and have developed an exciting degree of endemism.

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Filling in the mystery of the newly discovered ghost whale

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In 2013, Cerchio discovered a resident population of Omura’s off the northwest coast of Madagascar. He has been investigating and assessing the biology and conservation status of Omura’s whales off the northwest coast of Madagascar and also the highly endangered humpback whale population in the Arabian Sea. The map on where to find the world’s most newly discovered large whale species is rapidly beginning to be filled in.

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New Species Found, Nearing Extinction

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Madagascar is a hotbed for species, especially species found nowhere else on the planet. There are dozens upon dozens of species of every variety that call only Madagascar home. The species is being called the Durrell’s vontsira, closely related to the brown-tailed vontsira which is also found on Madagascar. Now scientists have discovered a new species on the island, a species which is already considered in danger of extinction.

Save the Junin Grebe for the Price of Your Morning Coffee

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And the missed Alaotra Grebe of Madagascar. I love a coffee in the morning. I live in Wellington, a city with more coffee shops and restaurants per capita than any other city in the world. But I won’t be having my usual coffee, (flat white, large, no sugar, thanks) tomorrow. I’ll be tipping my cash to a worthwhile project in Peru, and I hope you will too. You see, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world being a flightless grebe.

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The Green Buzz: Friday, June 14

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Cultivation of sea cucumbers leads to conservation efforts in Madagascar ( National Geographic ). Near extinct Philippine Eagle found to be thriving elsewhere in the Philippines – queue the R. Kelly track, “I believe I can fly.” ” National bird of the Philippines found nesting in previously unknown region, leads to conservation effort ( ABS-CBN ). The joys of teaching conservation to kids while fishing. Gannet).

Richard Branson Creating Lemur Refuge On Moskito Island


First on Branson’s list is the importation of 30 endangered Madagascar ring-tailed lemurs from zoos in South Africa, Sweden and Canada. “We’ve been helping to try and preserve lemurs, and sadly in Madagascar because of the government being overthrown the space for lemurs is getting less and less,&# Sir Richard told BBC News from his Caribbean property. Moskito Island is back in the news!

Landfill by Tim Dee: Review

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At some stage, in the darkness with Claire and Callan, Tim Dee was stalking a nightjar in Madagascar. I have visited my local landfill for the last seven years, usually several times per winter, only to recently stumble upon a book called the Landfill! While I have written several blogs on the topic (e.g., here and here ), Tim Dee devoted an entire book to it and I just had to read it. “‘I haven’t met people who say, I quite like gulls. You’re either into it, or you’re not.

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


Cape Floristic Region, Southern Tip of South Africa Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa, Eastern Coast of Africa Horn of Africa, Northeastern Africa Madagascar, Southeast Coast of Africa Indian Ocean Islands, Comoros, Mauritius, and Seychelles, Surrounding Madagascar Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany, Southeastern Coast of South Africa Succulent Karoo, Coastal Region of South Africa Guinean Forests of West Africa, Coastal Western Africa.

Birding Greece: Black and white world

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It really puzzles me, why they go all the way across the Sahara and Eastern Africa to overwinter as far as Madagascar, instead of staying somewhere closer, in continental Africa? Madagascar must have separated from Africa long before they evolved. Winding between the old Olives, the road ahead of me veers into the hills of the Pelion Peninsula, near the harbour town of Volos. A movement in the corner of my eye… a buzzard.

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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201-400 sp: Madagascar, north African countries; European countries; Asia Minor, Arabian Peninsula, Mongolia. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where? I discovered this cover-photo map somewhere at the BirdLife International’s website. It illustrates the bird richness per country.

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National Geographic launches Birding TV Show

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His passion for wildlife and traveling has led him all over the world, from the Amazon to Australia and even Madagascar. Ok, so I’m unashamedly promoting my new show on National Geographic WILD in this post. It offers a fantastic insight into the lives of Harris’s Hawks , the Sonoran Desert and its creatures. Please see below for more details. The National Geographic WILD TV network is debuting Aeria l Assassins , hosted by James Currie on Friday, January 20, 2012.

Dubai exposed as major wildlife trafficking hub [video]

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Posing as a wildlife dealer, Chao met with traffickers in Madagascar, Malaysia and Thailand, shadowy figures with keen knowledge of major airports’ security procedures. They know that if they can get something from Madagascar to Dar Es Salaam and then through to Dubai, they can quickly pick up another plane within a few hours, bypassing the need for an xray check,” Chao said.

Plastic from Methane, Toxic Toads & Robo-Crocodiles

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The Asian common toad — newly arrived in Madagascar — is toxic to many native species of predators. Un-princely: Toxic toads are threatening ecological disaster in Madagascar. Though the newcomers are not yet widespread, researchers urge quick action to prevent an ecological crisis. Photo credit: Thomas Brown /Flickr via a Creative Commons license. By Marty Downs, Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller, Lisa Feldkamp and Cara Byington of the TNC Science Communications team.

REVOLUTION: Facts & Figures from the Documentary

Environmental News Network

Filmed over four years in locations spanning 15 countries, from the coral reefs in Papua New Guinea to the rainforests in Madagascar, REVOLUTION is the response to the pleas of leading scientists who insist that by the middle of this century, we could have no fish in the sea, no coral reefs, no rainforests and a planet that can’t sustain many forms of life. Fact: Madagascar has already lost 90% of its forest. Need something to do tomorrow in order to celebrate Earth Day?

My Subtropical Bird Garden

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Jacaranda: The jacaranda, from Madagascar, is a spectacularly beautiful tree when in bloom here in March and April. Those who follow my posts know by now that I love gardening. And I love making my little garden (some 1400 square feet) more attractive to birds. But I would never have imagined how important it would be to my emotional well-being to have a bird-friendly garden during lockdown.

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