World’s smallest reptile discovered in Madagascar


Brookesia nana dwells in the Madagascar rainforest and may be the smallest — and cutest — reptile on Earth. Related: Iguanas reintroduced to island after 200 years In 2012, researchers first saw the tiny chameleon in northern Madagascar’s Sorata massif, a damp, chilly area in the mountains. See the original post: World’s smallest reptile discovered in Madagascar. Eco Green international journal madagascar researchers smallest species the-smallest

Thinking Huts and Studio Mortazavi plan a 3D-printed school in Madagascar


International architectural firm Studio Mortazavi has teamed up with Colorado-based nonprofit Thinking Huts to propose designs for the world’s first 3D-printed school to be located in southern Madagascar.

Rare Tortoises Face Extinction In Madagascar

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Madagascar is an island of unique flora and fauna. The endemic radiated tortoise , spider tortoise , flat-tailed tortoise , and Madagascar big-headed turtle are also under severe threat. Other environmental issues affecting Madagascar include deforestation, which leads to soil erosion and habitat loss, pollution, and desertification. Environment endangered reptiles Madagascar tortoises

Study: Madagascar’s Rosewood Forests Need International Protection

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Madagascar is one of the world’s greatest treasures when it comes to biodiversity. Experts have calculated that of all species on Madagascar, seventy-five percent occur nowhere else on Earth. In terms of species of plants, it is estimated that approximately ninety percent of all the plant species on Madagascar, which number near 14,000, occur nowhere else on the planet either. Of grave concern in Madagascar is the loss of forest.

Madecasse Chocolate: Deliciously Ethical from Madagascar

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A cocoa farmer in Madagascar (that’s a cocoa fruit he’s eating, the flesh is delicious, and the seeds are what cocoa is made from). The company was started by three Peace Corps volunteers, Brett, Tim and Joe, who worked in Madagascar, and not only is it Fair Trade, but Joe told me, “we make the entire bar there, from training and empowering farmers to tying the raffia tie on the packaging.&#.

Organizations Investigate Illegal Logging In Madagascar; Majority Of Demand From China

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Madagascar is home to dozens of species which are found nowhere else on the planet. Unfortunately, Madagascar is also home to immense illegal logging. Due to this, Madagascar’s national parks service requested the Environmental Investigation Agency and Global Witness to investigate the illegal logging. The logging is thought to stem from the high demand for the wood and the political upheaval in Madagascar.

Madagascar in Peril

Living In a Toxic World

There is ongoing strife in Madagascar resulting from a recent coup. This has put the local environment at risk. Reports from the area have indicated that forests are being logged illegally and many animals and plants unique to the island may not survive. It is already difficult to preserve natural areas but in the face of civil unrest like this it is impossible.

Greening the board game industry with Big Potato Games


Through this initiative, Big Potato is planting mangrove trees in Madagascar and working toward reforestation in Mozambique and Kenya. Eco Green a-fun-reason game girls girls-the-party img-loading indie madagascar mozambique potato-games shipping transportation trees

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14 eco-friendly van life essentials every vanlifer needs


Plus, the brand plants one tree for each game sold, supporting mangrove trees in Madagascar and working toward reforestation in Mozambique and Kenya. Eco Green Recycle Business clothing green-roof img-loading library madagascar mozambique spain travel wildland-coffeeWhether you’re hitting the trail for a weekend trip or committing to van living, there are some items you need to make your time more enjoyable.

A sustainable design response to Australia’s housing crisis


Eco Green a-simple-wood community designer girls homelessness interior madagascar mozambique post-format-gallery potato-games studioDesigned by Jiri Lev of Atelier Jiri Lev, the Tasmanian House combines traditional and innovative approaches to architecture with local Tasmanian elements as a response to some of the area’s most pressing social issues. Lev is an architect focused on community values.

These floating, 3D-printed private offices have no land impact


Related: Thinking Huts and Studio Mortazavi plan a 3D-printed school in Madagascar By placing the pods on the river, there are no utility requirements nor degradation of soil. Eco Green Recycle a-floating-pod a-large-extent- a-new-reality- businesses madagascar monolight-studio office

The Green Buzz: Monday, March 18

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In case you didn’t get your fill of all things green yesterday: In Madagascar , political instability may have led to increased rates of deforestation. Africa Animals China Environmental News Green Living Insects Policy The Green Buzz United States Ask Umbra bees bees and HIV China Pollution clothing recycling Conservation Magazine deforestation energy consumption Grist Inhabitat Madagascar Mongabay Treehugger

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UK recognizes animals as sentient beings


Eco Green a-floating-pod a-new-reality- animals appointments banned-outright bbc electric-shocks george-eustice guardian madagascar monolight-studio office people world-farmingWhile anybody who’s ever had a pet knows that animals are sentient beings, the U.K. government is legally recognizing animal sentience for the first time. The new laws are a victory for animals and the people who care about them. Legislation will offer many new protections for furry, finned and feathered U.K.

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Biggest environmental news stories of the decade


In this last decade, the planet also lost Caribbean monk seals, West African black rhinos, Madagascar hippopotami and Liverpool pigeons. Eco Green Recycle alabama animals bolivia conservation environment features island kiribati madagascar mexico national plastic puerto-rico

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What big bets by Bezos Earth Fund say about climate action in 2021


The money is also supporting a big WWF program to protect and restore mangroves, small trees that grow in the brackish waters along coasts, in Colombia, Fiji, Madagascar and Mexico. Business Eco Green climate change economy european jobs madagascar money moon worldWhat big bets by Bezos Earth Fund say about climate action in 2021 Heather Clancy Thu, 11/19/2020 – 01:00 A group of 16 nonprofits dedicated to inspiring climate action has much to give thanks for this week.

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The dirty side of the British Royal Wedding

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A while back, in an article about a bizarre scheme to let people in Britain offset their carbon emissions by paying for birth control in Madagascar, I wrote: I might take this a little more seriously if the money were used to reduce the birth rate among rich Brits. Landcare doesn’t say so, but in one day the Royal family was responsible for pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than 67,700 people in Madagascar produce in an entire year.

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Must-Have Summer Skirts and Clutches from Fair Fashion Boutique Sarafina

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She created eco fashion boutique Sarafina as a way to channel her love of fashion, and promote fair wage jobs and safe working conditions in low income countries such as India, Madagascar, and Uganda. Sarafina also offers beautiful fair wage clutches made in Madagascar and jewelry from Uganda. Fair Fashion eco boutique eco fashion fair fashion Fair Trade fair wage India madagascar ugandaBita in a Sarafina skirt.

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Daily demand and supply: the vanilla shortage

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The Onion: Top vanilla producer Madagascar is experiencing a shortage of the plant due to rising global demand for natural flavorings, potentially leading to a spike in ice cream prices this summer. What do you think? “I I have this six-year-old bottle of extract in my cupboard, if that helps things.”    Don Buckley,  Systems Analyst. Edy’s can gouge me all they want for that real slow-churned stuff.”    Chet Baisell,  Unemployed. “We

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Global Warning – Shift of habitats

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Studies conducted in the mountains of Madagascar through light on this new development. Animal species that live on the lower slopes of the mountains of Madagascar’s Tsaratanana Massif, have shifted base upwards on account of increase in global temperatures. The extinction of 3 species of reptiles and amphibians found in Madagascar’s mountainous regions is predicted between the periods 2050 to 2100.

New Species Found, Nearing Extinction

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Madagascar is a hotbed for species, especially species found nowhere else on the planet. There are dozens upon dozens of species of every variety that call only Madagascar home. The species is being called the Durrell’s vontsira, closely related to the brown-tailed vontsira which is also found on Madagascar. Now scientists have discovered a new species on the island, a species which is already considered in danger of extinction.

Filling in the mystery of the newly discovered ghost whale

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In 2013, Cerchio discovered a resident population of Omura’s off the northwest coast of Madagascar. He has been investigating and assessing the biology and conservation status of Omura’s whales off the northwest coast of Madagascar and also the highly endangered humpback whale population in the Arabian Sea. The map on where to find the world’s most newly discovered large whale species is rapidly beginning to be filled in.

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The Green Buzz: Friday, June 14

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Cultivation of sea cucumbers leads to conservation efforts in Madagascar ( National Geographic ). Near extinct Philippine Eagle found to be thriving elsewhere in the Philippines – queue the R. Kelly track, “I believe I can fly.” ” National bird of the Philippines found nesting in previously unknown region, leads to conservation effort ( ABS-CBN ). The joys of teaching conservation to kids while fishing. Gannet).

Most of us are urbanites, new UN study

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On a national level, the figure of population in the hinterlands rises above 5 percent in only three countries with populations greater than 10 million: Madagascar, Niger and Zimbabwe. A town in the Faroe Islands. Rural, but pushing on urban, finds new UN study.

Dubai exposed as major wildlife trafficking hub [video]

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Posing as a wildlife dealer, Chao met with traffickers in Madagascar, Malaysia and Thailand, shadowy figures with keen knowledge of major airports’ security procedures. They know that if they can get something from Madagascar to Dar Es Salaam and then through to Dubai, they can quickly pick up another plane within a few hours, bypassing the need for an xray check,” Chao said.

What Is Megafauna: The Definition and Examples of Living and Extinct Species


Madagascar’s elephant bird was just three meters tall and weighed 730 kilograms (1,600 pounds). Megafauna are the planet’s largest animals.

Trees face extinction, too. What can we do about it?


Madagascar — with 1,842 threatened tree species — is the single country with the most endangered trees. What provides habitat for half the world’s known plants and animals, is a vital component of biodiversity and an important economic crop? If you guessed trees, you have an inkling of their importance in the world — and will be horrified that a new study says many tree species are at risk of extinction.

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


Cape Floristic Region, Southern Tip of South Africa Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa, Eastern Coast of Africa Horn of Africa, Northeastern Africa Madagascar, Southeast Coast of Africa Indian Ocean Islands, Comoros, Mauritius, and Seychelles, Surrounding Madagascar Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany, Southeastern Coast of South Africa Succulent Karoo, Coastal Region of South Africa Guinean Forests of West Africa, Coastal Western Africa.

Plastic from Methane, Toxic Toads & Robo-Crocodiles

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The Asian common toad — newly arrived in Madagascar — is toxic to many native species of predators. Un-princely: Toxic toads are threatening ecological disaster in Madagascar. Though the newcomers are not yet widespread, researchers urge quick action to prevent an ecological crisis. Photo credit: Thomas Brown /Flickr via a Creative Commons license. By Marty Downs, Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller, Lisa Feldkamp and Cara Byington of the TNC Science Communications team.

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Guitar Giant Admits To Acquiring Illegal Timber; Company Fined By U.S.

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The raid in 2009 was due to the government suspecting the company of importing illegal wood cut in Madagascar. Ebony and rosewood from Madagascar is also preferred, however, these species are not able to be exported due to the aforementioned environmental pressures. Guitar connoisseurs will tell you that different woods create a different sound and not surprisingly sound is very important to guitars.

Top 10 New Species of 2009

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Tahina spectabilis, growing at its only known site in western Madagascar) Photos courtesy of John Dransfield Name: Tahina spectabilis Common Name: Tahina Palm Family: Arecaceae How it made the Top 10 : A gigantic new species and genus of palm with fewer than 100 individuals found only in a small area of northwestern Madagascar. Each year the IISE announces a list of the Top 10 New Species for the preceding calendar year.

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REVOLUTION: Facts & Figures from the Documentary

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Filmed over four years in locations spanning 15 countries, from the coral reefs in Papua New Guinea to the rainforests in Madagascar, REVOLUTION is the response to the pleas of leading scientists who insist that by the middle of this century, we could have no fish in the sea, no coral reefs, no rainforests and a planet that can’t sustain many forms of life. Fact: Madagascar has already lost 90% of its forest. Need something to do tomorrow in order to celebrate Earth Day?

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The Other Home Court Advantage

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The money – $290 per player – is invested in clean energy projects such as hydro-electric and biomass technologies in India, Indonesia and Madagascar. Over the next month, the Boston Bruins will fly to Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville and Philadelphia to compete at “away games.”

Shining a light on #EarthHour2016

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Thousands of wood-saving stoves were distributed to families in Madagascar. Earth Hour is upon us. It comes every year on Saturday 19 March, as the clock strikes 8:30 PM around the globe. It’s a worldwide movement that aims to unite the global community on a broad range of environmental issues, working on a grassroots level to enact mass behavioral change. Join the fun by turning off non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for your commitment to the planet.

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Endangered Species Print Project: Adorably Hip Eco Art

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The Endangered Species Print Project is a range of limited edition art prints featuring animals like the Panamanian Golden Frog, the Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat and the Madagascar Fish Eagle, and 100% of the sales are donated to conservation organizations. Sales from the Indri Lemur print go to The Madagascar Fauna Group, Vancouver Island Marmot sales benefit The Marmot Recovery Foundation and so on. They’re cute. They’re modern. They’re affordable. And, they save animals.

Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains. Some 41 countries continue to be in need of external assistance for food, with conflicts acting as the primary cause of high levels of food insecurity and adverse weather conditions – particularly rainfall shortages in Africa – acutely affecting food availability and access for millions of people, a quarterly report by the United Nations says.

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Species Discoveries On New Guinea Amongst Deforestation Concerns

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The array of species on the island comes as no surprise, as fellow islands such as Madagascar are some of the richest in species in the world. New Guinea is an island home to great biodiversity, biodiversity which continues to grow as scientists discover more species on the island. New Guinea is the world’s second largest island behind Greenland, size which has benefited its biodiversity. One factor that has allowed biodiversity to flourish on the island is the rainforest.

Introducing Klima: the app on a mission to reduce carbon footprints


Causes range from reforestation programs in vulnerable places like Madagascar, Panama and Tanzania to solar power technology and research companies. Released this month, Klima allows its users to take direct action against climate change with a simple and beautiful app. The user-friendly app quickly calculates your personal carbon footprint and finds ways to offset your emissions through an affordable monthly subscription that goes straight to carbon offsetting charities.

Masdar Blows a Fresh Breeze to the Seychelle Islands

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They are an archipelago of sparsely inhabited islands off the coast of Africa north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Not content with their ambitious achievements in Abu Dhabi, now Masdar is spreading clean energy worldwide.

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7 Resources for Natural History Nerds

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To me, the frog, native to Madagascar, sounds like a rubber-soled shoe squeaking on a hardwood floor, but that’s me. Hello, bones from a 16-inch “devil frog” from Madagascar and vertebrae from Titanaboa. This post feels a little bit like a confession. Hi, my name is Cara and I’m a natural history nerd.

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Water Shortages Force Countries Outside Their Borders

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Saudi Arabia wishes to grow crops in the Horn of Africa or Pakistan, China wants to grow crops in Southern Africa and South Korea is looking to grow crops in Madagascar. Waster shortages are becoming not only an environmental danger but economic and survival dangers. Due to wasteful agricultural water habits and a growing trend in meat-centric diets, countries are being forced to grow crops outside of their borders.

CNN: The Sixth Mass Global Extinction has arrived

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These include Oregon bumble bees, Central American rain forest amphibians like tree frogs; and coral reefs off the coast of Madagascar. Whether it’s disappearing elephant herds in Botswana, dying coral reefs in Australia, or near silence of small tropical tree frogs in a Central American rain forest, the vanishing of animal and plant species all over the world is finally being directly attributed to manmade causes.

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Researchers discover new species of endangered blue whale


The song was heard from the Arabian Sea coast to the Chagos Archipelago in the central Indian Ocean and even as far as Madagascar. Researchers have discovered a new blue whale species, according to a paper recently published in Endangered Species Research. The researchers behind the paper recorded a novel blue whale song and verified it in the western Indian Ocean.

Monumental portraits of the world’s oldest trees (PHOTOS)

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Moon explored the baobabs of Madagascar, sometimes called “upside-down trees” because of their disproportionately slim branches atop massive trunk structures. Photographer Beth Moon spent 14 years traveling to almost every continent taking pictures of the world’s oldest trees. Sixty of the resulting photos – printed with luminous results using a labor-intensive platinum/palladium process – form her book Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time (Abbeville Press).

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