Book Review: How To Live A Low Carbon Life, Chris Goodall


300 odd pages bristling with facts, statistics and meticulous analysis of the make up of our average UK carbon footprint and how we can reduce it to a sustainable level. The facts are fired out thick and fast: a sky box left on all year has the same carbon emissions as the average Afghani, the top 10% of travellers are responsible for 42% of transport related emissions, a pressure cooker will reduce carbon emissions by 50% - it goes on and on. This is a brilliant book.

Environmental Education for Sustainable Life

The Green Changemakers

and adversely impact on the environment through high carbon emission during this process. Therefore, with focus on sustainable development, the world today is recognising the need for adopting low-carbon lifestyles.

How to meet your 10:10 commitment


If you've signed up to 10:10, here's some guidance on how significant different actions are to the average UK citizen's carbon footprint. The numbers have been extracted and extrapolated from Carbon Detox and How To Live A Low Carbon Life (see right hand side). The average person doesn't take a long haul flight every year so I've had to scale this down to account for the fact that if you do, your carbon footprint is way above average.