Daily demand and supply: Louisville gas prices

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I drove to Louisville, Ky to visit my sister and mother during the July 4 weekend.   However, in Louisville the price was almost $4 gallon. The EIA tells me that gas prices should have been around $3.61 per gallon ("Midwest" includes Kentucky and Tennessee). 

Save the planet: Pick Louisville

Environmental Economics

The greenest path through the NCAA men’s basketball tournament may be one that’s painted red — as in University of Louisville Cardinal red. And the one that takes Louisville to the championship game in Atlanta on April 8 produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions for March Madness. He suggested fans across the country who are environmentally aware may want to consider rooting for Louisville. Let's see, how can we make this less fun !

Giveaway: 4 Tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Louisville, KY Show, ends 1/8

Hug a Tree with Me

Get the Sillies Out is coming to the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Ky on Sunday, January 13th at 2pm and again at 5pm, we will be there and you can be there too. So does anyone know what time it is? It’s time to get the sillies out!!!! Yo Gabba Gabba live!

What I Learned from the Dalai Lama in Louisville, Kentucky.

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What I Learned From the Dalai Lama. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Yoga Dalai Lama free Tibet

“Louisville Jail humiliates Black Woman by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants.” [Adult content]

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“Am I in the Twilight Zone?” ” “Hi, this the judge from courtroom 102, how are you today?” ” “This is completely inhumane.” ” For more. But this is the must-read. This judge represents the promise of America: respect for all individuals.

Drowning in Boulder.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Boulder boulder flood video Colorado disaster floods louisville nature

How to Stop the Imminent Threat of Fracking in Boulder, Colorado.

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Green Health & Wellness Boulder County Comissionsers Boulder County fracking fracking in Colorado fracking moratorium Lafayette louisville

Treacherous Ice Storms in Kentucky—What is Gaia Saying to Us?

The Alien Next Door

Keeping with the theme of climate—and climate change—this time last year (January-end, 2008) I was in Louisville, Kentucky, unknowingly braving the devastating effects of an unseasonal tornado. I have a few dear friends in Louisville and I hope they’re okay.

The Somerset Collection: Toulouse Gets Lost in Detroit

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There was the other liquor store incident in Louisville, Kentucky. Part 2: Louisville, KY.Chambord Liqueur-the Taste of Luxury.Lightning Bugs & Kentucky Lightning.Cooking South Dakota-Storming Wyoming.Car Trouble in Montana.Waves, Spirals and the Face of God.Are you an Empath?

Picture of the day: city prices

Environmental Economics

Grass-fed ground beef is $1/lb more at a Louisville, KY farmer's market, relative to the Boone, NC farmer's market.  

Overheated Kentucky city gets serious about trees and urban forestry

Green (Living) Review

So it''s good news indeed that Louisville, in decidedly red-state Kentucky, is getting serious about tackling its urban heat island effect through increased urban forestry, as well as efforts to promote reflective surfaces and green roofs.

The highest paid economics professor?*

Environmental Economics

A merit raise of 3% sounds really good to me: James Ramsey, the University of Louisville’s president, got a lot of attention last week for his compensation after The Courier-Journal, in Louisville, reported that he made $1.67 million last year, considerably more than presidents at similar institutions. On Friday the university’s Board of Trustees still gave him a merit raise, but cut it from the recommended 6 percent to 3 percent. One trustee called Mr. Ramsey’s pay “unfathomable.”

Greenpeace Punks KFC’s HQ Over Rainforest Destruction


The skilled climbing artists on team Greenpeace (seriously, climbing stuff must be a requirement on the application) have done it again; scaling the White House-lookalike headquarters of KFC in Louisville, Read More. Animals Causes Environment News Top News

Kevin Ware’s New Pitbull Puppy ‘Scar’ Helping Heal Broken Leg


Louisville''s Kevin Ware names new dog Scar to help him through the healing process, after breaking his leg during the NCAA tournament. Read More The post Kevin Ware’s New Pitbull Puppy ‘Scar’ Helping Heal Broken Leg appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Entertainment News Sports Top News kevin ware

The Birds of March Madness

10,000 Birds

The Liberty University Flames, represented by their American Bald Eagle mascot, Sparky, were also bounced from the tournament, while the Marquette Golden Eagles, Oregon Ducks, and Louisville Cardinals advanced from their first-round matches. Louisville Cardinals. Greetings, 10,000 Birds readers! I’m thrilled to be contributing all the little tidbits I find to the Nature News beat. And there’s little that’s newsier (in the U.S.,

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My question is why John was in a dialysis center in the first place?

Environmental Economics

The rivalry between Kentucky and Louisville was taken to a new level on Tuesday when two fans started a fistfight at a dialysis clinic, according to WYMT.com. “I I think this is a first at a dialysis center,” Lt. Robert Swanigan said. The fight started when the fans began arguing about which team would win Saturday’s Final Four match-up. via tracking.si.com.

That might be the only snake that doesn't strike fear into Tim

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People always ask me what is so great about Louisville? From monkey skin coats to ivory pool cues to endangered-snake wine, Louisville International Airport has become a main battleground in America’s fight to halt wildlife smuggling. A team of nine inspectors, supported by two special agents and three administrative employees, examined 12,292 shipments passing through Louisville last year, the fifth-most among 18 wildlife ports, behind Memphis, Tenn.;

Because schools in Kentucky suck.

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" Gee, who has a history of verbal gaffes, also questioned the academic integrity of schools in the Southeastern Conference and the University of Louisville. He said Big Ten presidents would never agree to admit Louisville or Kentucky.

Polluter pays (some) principle

Environmental Economics

In response to city budget deficits:  Saying they need to stop relying on the city’s general fund, Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District officials plan to collect an additional $1.5 The district enforces the federal Clean Air Act in Louisville along with its own regulations. Louisville's general fund currently covers the other 14%.

Picture of the day

Environmental Economics

Here is the caption: Kentucky Wildcats fans jam the YUM center in Louisville for UK practice for the NCAA second round action on Wednesday March 14, 2012 in Louisville, Ky. via media.kentucky.com.

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User fees (post #425)

Environmental Economics

Louisville C-J : Tolls of $1 to $10 per crossing will be used for far more than just paying for construction of two new bridges over the Ohio River, Kentucky and Indiana officials say. That means that Louisville-area residents could continue paying tolls to cross East End and downtown bridges long after their construction debt is paid off around 2058. the Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridges Authority.

Let the productivity loss begin!

Environmental Economics

This year’s winner (using 2012-13 financial data for men’s basketball) is the University of Louisville, which won the actual championship last year. The magazine had Louisville falling to to Duke in the Elite Eight in its bracket last year.). Coincidentally I picked Louisville to win it all for a second year in a row.

Is Luhvul a climatopolis?

Environmental Economics

Even flyover cities have read Matt Kahn's book: Whether it’s an example of climate change or just temperamental Mother Nature, the evidence of more extreme weather is mounting in Louisville and across the nation. And a new, long-range planning effort called Vision Louisville will attempt to factor in climate change, city officials said.

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The least that I can do is CAIR*

Environmental Economics

Benefit-cost analysis be darned: The fallout has begun just one day after a federal appeals court scrapped a major EPA rule designed to curb long-distance drifting power plant pollution — and Louisville’s air quality may pay the price. A Western Kentucky utility told the Kentucky Public Service Commission Wednesday that it intends to abandon pollution controls that would have allowed it comply with the U.S.

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Please be patient as I try to work this out on my own

Environmental Economics

Here I go, trying to be all Aguanomics on you and all: Louisville Water Co. officials never talk about conservation — not that it has mattered. Water use has declined on its own.

Did I hear someone say irreversible development? Anyone?

Environmental Economics

As you read this, think about how many green jobs would be created: What if Louisville moved its Ohio River dam upriver near the Second Street bridge, creating a scenic waterfall that also exposed more of the Falls of the Ohio — the series of rocky rapids that helped give birth to the city?

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Plans to close coal-fired power plants in a coal state

Environmental Economics

James Bruggers: In the [Louisville Gas and Electric's and Kentucky Utility's] latest joint Integrated Resource Plan, updated every three years and made public by the PSC on Friday, the companies' experts call for adding three times as much electricity-generating capacity from cleaner-burning natural gas as the utilities retire from coal.

An example of existence (i.e., non-use, passive use) value

Environmental Economics

They found a pair of bald eagles near the site of a new Ohio River bridge east of Louisville: Among the measures being considered is avoiding tree removal in the immediate vicinity at any time, and protecting a wider area during the nesting season, [Kate Heyden, a biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife] said.

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Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

Even as the traditional summer driving season kicks off this weekend, analysts predict gasoline prices will continue to ease from a spring spike that saw Louisville stations charging well more than $4 per gallon two weeks ago. Or is it supply and demand?   Prices have been declining since and many experts say prices will fall further amid signs of increasing supply and lower oil prices. Later in the summer, as supplies increase, gas prices might dip to between $3.35 and $3.60

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I'm voting for Kentucky as the worst college football state

Environmental Economics

The University of Louisville is 2-4 and has not yet beaten a team from outside Kentucky. In this week's Sagarin Ratings, Louisville is ranked No. Get ready for a Jax State (FCS) upset today in Lexington (can you believe the game is on ESPNU ?):

Putting pollution controls on Mill Creek power plant to create hundreds of jobs | The Courier-Journal | courier-journal.com

Environmental Economics

Construction of four new pollution scrubbers at Louisville Gas & Electric’s Mill Creek power plant will create nearly 700 jobs over three years and allow the site to generate electricity more cleanly for decades, company officials said Thursday. We’re hoping many local citizens will get these jobs,” said Mayor Greg Fischer, who said the project fits the city’s goals of creating more work while making Louisville a healthier place.

Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

Supply down, demand up: Gasoline prices in the Louisville area jumped Wednesday as Isaac, now a tropical storm again, ground its way through the Gulf Coast, shutting down oil refineries.   The highest confirmed price of gasoline Wednesday was $4.19, up 44 cents from the $3.75 average at the beginning of the day. Spokesman Roger Boyd said Isaac, combined with the coming Labor Day holiday, created something of a perfect storm causing prices to spike.

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Green Earth Journey

Name: Marlon Obando Solano and Amy Shelton Shop Name: naturalezanica Shop Link: [link] Location: Louisville, Kentucky (by way of Nicaragua) Ships To : everywhere What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products?

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“Pre-War Syria was absolutely stunning.” (imgur.com)

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Share “Louisville Jail humiliates Black Woman by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants.” “War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it.”. Those who would call for macho war would lead us to hell. War is not kind to our history, or our present.

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Beware ex-ante cost estimates

Environmental Economics

Louisville C-J : Already awash in red ink, the massive Olmsted Dam project on the Ohio River west of Paducah will be even more expensive — with a total cost approaching $3 billion. The Army Corps of Engineers has a new cost estimate that adds $800 million to Olmsted’s bottom line, based on its continuing with the innovative and previously untried construction technique that was chosen about 15 years ago.

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Make Your Yard (or School Grounds or Office Building) a Wildlife Haven

Nature Conservancy - Science

Planting trees in Louisville, Kentucky. Turning your yard – or other small outdoor space – into a wildlife haven is easier than you think. Get started with Habitat Network , an online community of citizen scientists working together to build habitat to support wildlife.

The check is in the mail

Environmental Economics

They will find a significant savings over the life of the roof,” said Cash Moter, architect with the Louisville firm Joseph & Joseph, which is working on the project. When the unmeasured benefits are asserted to exceed the costs I would say no to the funding (emphasis added). It could cost as much as $3.5 million to redo the 76,000-square-foot roof, said Abby Shue, executive projects director for the arts center.

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

The Alien Next Door

Part 2: Louisville, KY.Chambord Liqueur-the Taste of Luxury.Lightning Bugs & Kentucky Lightning.Cooking South Dakota-Storming Wyoming.Car Trouble in Montana.Waves, Spirals and the Face of God.Are you an Empath?

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How to Hook Your Reader and Deliver

The Alien Next Door

Chapter B) Starfire World Syndicate, Louisville, KY. A great story opening arouses, delays and rewards. Constructing a compelling beginning—often called a hook—is a common challenge for even established writers, and one of the most important parts of a story.

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What Do The Planet Earth, the Human Brain and Schumann Resonance.

The Alien Next Door

Part 2: Louisville, KY.Chambord Liqueur-the Taste of Luxury.Lightning Bugs & Kentucky Lightning.Cooking South Dakota-Storming Wyoming.Car Trouble in Montana.Waves, Spirals and the Face of God.Are you an Empath?

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From Davos: Unleashing the Power of Nature in Cities

Conservancy Talk

In Louisville, we are working with several partners, including the city and the University of Louisville Medical School, to demonstrate the beneficial role of trees and vegetation on asthma and cardiovascular health.

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Stranger than fiction

Environmental Economics

1991: I'm in Kentucky visiting family and go to a Louisville Redbirds AAA game. Tim calls me out as I'm turning the same age as Jamie Moyer next month. Little does he know that I have a Jamie Moyer story. Jamie Moyer is pitching during one of those years when everyone thought he was washed up. From Wikipedia : Moyer was released as a free agent after the 1990 season and was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Using Cloud Computing to Untangle How Trees Can Cool Cities

Nature Conservancy - Science

1 of 4 A normal Google satellite image for Louisville. We’ve all used Google Earth — to explore remote destinations around the world or to check out our house from above.

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