A River Runs Through It

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Rainy Sunday morning, the type of weather that will keep most people in bed, but those who know the secret would have the entire river for themselves. From a dry tree above the river branch came the deep and throaty call of a pair of Common Ravens.

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Exploring East Bay and the Yellow River

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My husband and I decided to take advantage of the “cooler” weather and embark on an afternoon boat ride from East Bay up the Yellow River. Eventually we moved on, traveling from East Bay to Blackwater Bay and then towards the Yellow River.

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Go with the Flow: Using Flow Experiments to Guide River Management

Nature Conservancy - Science

A river’s form and function are profoundly woven together. Rivers and streams have seen widespread habitat and species loss, prompting extensive restoration efforts. Often, when people think of restoration, they think of a river’s form : How wide or meandering is the channel?

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UN Report: 90% of illegal logging may be linked to organised crime

Green Prophet

Illegal logging is not only killing the planet – it is supporting organised crime too. Back in 2010 we reported on the case of Moroccan activist Mohammed Attaoui who was facing imprisonment for his stance against illegal logging. Living in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Attaoui insisted that ‘mafia-style’ corruption was behind illegal logging which threatened the protected cedar of Morocco.

Berry Springs Nature Reserve and Darwin River Dam

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Then another flick of leaves and we had an Arafura Fantail flicking around on a log. I suggested that we visit Darwin River Dam next, because it was not far away and we had never been there. Crocodile warning at Darwin River Dam. Or I could rename this post… CROCODILES and SNAKES! Last Saturday we were able to visit Berry Springs Nature Reserve late in the afternoon, which is located to the south of Darwin and alongside the Territory Wildlife Park.

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The Atchafalaya River Basin: The Future of Nature?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Atchafalaya River Basin: History and Ecology of an American Wetland (Texas A&M Press) is Piazza’s beautiful new synthesis of more than 300 contemporary and historic scientific studies of the ARB. PIAZZA: It started after the disastrous Mississippi River flood of 1927 , when the U.S.

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Dead Wood & Migrating Salmon: Restoring a Southeast Alaska Stream

Nature Conservancy - Science

Streams in Southeast Alaska can’t function ecologically without fallen logs. That’s why I’m jumping over logs with U.S. For the past several decades, Prince of Wales Island has also been defined by logging. However, is putting cut logs in a stream really natural?

Fish of the Forest: Large Wood Benefits Salmon Recovery

Nature Conservancy - Science

Binge ‘Til You Burst: Feast & Famine on Alaskan Salmon Rivers. Activities that impact small streams and rivers, such as logging, development, pollutants and climate change, therefore directly threaten these species. Why Do River Systems Need More Wood?

The Power of a Healthy Watershed for Energy Security in Gabon

Nature Conservancy - Science

Notes from the field: Mb é river watershed, Estuaire province, Gabon. We were headed there for the weekend to explore the connections between the condition of the Mbé river watershed and its hydropower facilities. Mb é River: From Clean to Dirty Overnight.

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Recovery: Saving Grayling With a Carrot and Stick

Nature Conservancy - Science

And as recently as the early 20th century grayling abounded in the upper Missouri River system. Montana’s Big Hole River, the grayling’s major stronghold, drains a watershed that’s 90 percent private ranch land. Adult Arctic Grayling in the Red Rock River.

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Redgannet’s Year List 2014

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This year Redgannet has agreed to include birds on his year list only if they are logged from a site that he has either not birded before, or has not visited for more than 5 years. Brant [sp] (Branta bernicla) 12/01/2014 San Diego River – Mudflats and Robb Field. Gadwall [sp] (Anas strepera) 12/01/2014 San Diego River – Estuary. American Wigeon (Anas americana) 12/01/2014 San Diego River – Estuary.

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Wood Ducks! Need I say More?

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There is a hidden cove in Anderson River Park in Northern California where birders know they can almost always find Wood Ducks (Axi sponsa). Since I hadn’t been to Anderson River Park for awhile, I stopped by last week and found some Wood Ducks at the usual spot.

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Zalul’s App “Tests” the Swimming Water in Israel

Green Prophet

While Israel is primarily an arid country, it boasts an arterial network of rivers, lakes and streams. Major rivers such as the Alexander, Yarkon, Yarmuk and Kishon are unfit for swimming, says Maya Jacobs, executive director of Zalul.

Ashhole update

Environmental Economics

The upside: The banks of the [Olentangy River after removal the 5th Avenue dam in downtown Columbus] are being built up and extended with large, submerged logs as the foundation. The big logs came from Columbus trees.

Langi Crossing

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The closest place to Broome to get yourself beside a river is about 140 kilometres/ 87 miles along the Great Northern Highway towards Derby. The Fitzroy River is accessible from the main highway, but even better is to get yourself onto the old highway and out to Langi Crossing.

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Langi Crossing birding part one

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There is ample shade along the banks of the Fitzroy River to sit and enjoy the environment or go for a walk. There are no trails as such, but you can follow in the cattle tracks along the edge of the river or the gravel tracks used by vehicles.

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7 State Parks for Fall Colors and Birding

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The coves are populated with oak, hemlock, poplar, and the area is stream-rich (including a Class V river gorge) with lush understories and shrubs. There are 2,037 acres to explore, including miles of abandoned logging roads and hiking trails.

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Ivanhoe’s Crossing-Kununurra

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Kununurra is a relatively new town and was built to service the Ord River Irrigation scheme about 50 years ago. The Diversion Dam was completed in 1963 and then the Main Ord River Dam in 1971, which flooded the land of the Argyle Downs Station and became known as Lake Argyle.

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The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Should rivers run free? Should rivers burn? Say ‘No’ to Logging Santa Cruz’s Redwoods? On an intermittent basis, the community is faced with a choice, framed in a familiar way: should we allow logging in the redwoods?

The great green Caribbean lowlands – Costa Rica

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A river of raptors, to be more precise. After lunch, the next stop is the Selva Bananito Lodge , across the Bananito River and through three more creeks, where we find Jurgen Stein, the owner, waiting for our minibuses with two 4x4s.

Living Shorelines: The Space Where Engineering Meets Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

Scientists and engineers assess the degrading shoreline of the Narrow River. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) assessed the Narrow River’s degrading shoreline. The Narrow River team was able to get going immediately because of the Conservancy’s collaborative agreement with CH2M.

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How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Commercial logging also contributes to deforestation, and forests are cut down for development [4]. Deforestation has dramatic effects for all animals, whether they live in rivers, oceans, forests, mountains, or skies. This is done in four main ways: combating illegal logging.

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Alaska Day: Birds and the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

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By protecting 25 free-flowing Alaskan rivers in their natural state, we are almost doubling the size of our Wild and Scenic Rivers System. October 18 is a legal holiday in the 49th state. Alaska Day commemorates Alaska’s formal transfer from Russia to the United States in 1867.

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Birds of Kruger National Park and Wildlife of Ecuador: Two WILDGuides Reviewed

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There are the seven sections: (1) Birds of Rivers and Wetlands; (2) Birds of Plains and Open Woodlands; (3) Birds of Broadleaved Woodland and Camps; (4) Birds of Forests and Riverine Thicket; (5) Birds of Prey and Vultures; (6) Birds of the Air (swifts and swallows); (7) Night Birds.

St. Michael’s summer birding along the Danube in Serbia

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Actually, broadleaved forest (mostly beech and oak) and scrub cover make up about 70 per cent of the national park, while the rest are meadows and orchards, limestone cliffs, boulders and scree, and the rivers. It was only a few days ago, yet it already seems like days long gone.

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Returning to the Wilderness After Some Serious Town Time

Wend Magazine

After a break of several days in Southend, Saskatchewan we began paddling the Reindeer River. On Saturday, we got to know the Reindeer River. The river was lined by high hills and bare rock was visible here and there. The river wound through a marshy area.

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Revitalizing Traditional Knowledge to Sustainably Manage Natural Resources the Great Bear Rainforest

Conservancy Talk

In a small jet boat we bounce across North Bentinck Arm towards the estuary of the Bella Coola River on the central coast of British Columbia. Known as Sputc in the Nuxalk language, the fish return from several years at sea to spawn in their rivers of origin.

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Getting damp on the Daintree

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To the north of both Cairns and the Atherton Tableland is the Daintree River, which gives the area and the small town its name.

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Flight Over the Bas-Ogooué: Using Drones to Map Gabon’s Wetlands

Nature Conservancy - Science

A Wild River in a Wild Country. This is one of the last intact great rivers of Africa and a tremendous conservation opportunity,” says Schill. The Ogooué River drains an area the size of Colorado and feeds thousands of square kilometers of wetlands.

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Bird Migration and Conservation Meet at Selva Bananito, Costa Rica

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A River of Raptors is flowing in the Caribbean lowlands, the tens of thousands of vultures and hawks flanked by streams of Chimney Swifts and swallows. Parrots galore : Down by this one river, there were flocks of Mealy, Red-lored, White-crowned, Blue-headed, and Brown-hooded Parrots.

Recovery: Saving Lake Sturgeon, an Ancient Fish with a Bright Future

Nature Conservancy - Science

The fish that had abounded in drainages of Hudson Bay, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River as far south as Alabama suddenly faced extinction. Menominee River. Typical of its work is repair of a long-abandoned spawning site on the Wolf River, a major Winnebago tributary.

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Burlington, Vermont is Now 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

Green (Living) Review

The 100% mark was made possible when the Burlington Electric Department bought hydroelectric technology stationed on the Winooski River near Burlington’s border.

On non-use values, second best, job creation and other oddly related things

Environmental Economics

The plan is the latest federal attempt to protect the northern spotted owl, the passive, one-pound bird that sparked an epic battle over logging in the Pacific Northwest two decades ago. A plan announced Tuesday would designate habitat considered critical for the bird’s survival, while allowing logging to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and to create jobs. Previous plans had prohibited logging in areas designated as critical habitat.

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Bird Watching Rio Canande Reserve

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Our visit had two main purposes, one was to experience the exotic biodiversity of the lowland Choco forest and its birds, and the other was to gauge the state of conservation in this area that has been highly criticized due to the deforestation caused by a the logging company Botrosa.

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How Can You Help Prevent and Control Soil Erosion?


River banks and coastlines are extremely prone areas to erosive forces of moving water. In other regions, it could be overgrazing, deforestation (especially illegal logging), urbanization or mining. hay bales, logs, and silt fences.

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The Best of Cool Green Science 2016: From the Field Edition

Nature Conservancy - Science

Field biologist Evan Padgett examining one of the sycamores scientists sampled within the Sacramento River restoration. Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging with Lidar. A log yard fills a large field near the village of Long Gi, East Kalimantan. “In the field.”

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Into the Gorge for Native Trout

Conservancy Talk

This forested chasm is Pennsylvania ’s deepest river gorge and heart of the 20,000-acre Ohiopyle State Park , regional jewel of wild diversity and outdoor adventure. Down here, not far above the river, it’s carved into bedrock so that it sluices through a jagged channel of ledges and cairns.

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Ghana – Rainforest Birding on the Brink by Adam Riley

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It is situated outside the rainforest belt, offering mostly dry savanna bird species, waterbirds along the Gambia River and Palearctic migrants. Although this park was logged in the past, as a national park it is one of the few forests in Ghana that is really protected. . According to the World Bank, up to 80 percent of Ghana’s forests had been destroyed by illegal logging by 2008.

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10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


These practices mimic the natural destruction and regeneration patterns of nature and involve aspects such as establishing protected areas, create a harvesting plan and using logging techniques that are easier on the natural environment. As the human population increases and economies.

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Songs from the Forest

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But being beautiful to the ear, echoing a song off of moss-covered logs, now that is where a bird of the forest floor can really stand out and be noticed.

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Birding in the UK after twenty two years

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One of the highlights in our first few days walking down the country lane from their home was the massive flock of Black-tailed Godwits that were using the banks of the River Humber for feeding at low tide and roosting in the nearby old clay pits.

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The First Rule of Sailing | Wend Magazine - iWend

Wend Magazine

Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition! Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe iWend What is iWend? Submissions Share this: Tweet Share The First Rule of Sailing Liz Clark February 21st, 2011 The Voyage of Swell “You know what the first rule of sailing is?

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Geikie Gorge

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It is a popular area during our Dry Season and during the Wet Season it is closed due to the Fitzroy River rising to levels that make it inaccessible. As we wandered along the trail we discovered a Great Bowerbird had been busy since the river level had dropped and placed a bower against the trail. The trail ends at the Fitzroy River bank and the freshwater crocodiles were less obvious than at Windjana Gorge ! The White-faced Heron was near a log and not a crocodile!

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