Pulling Birds at Panti Forest in Malaysia

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JOHOR, MALAYSIA, DECEMBER 2012 – If you’re traveling to Singapore for birding, you might want to think outside the box or, in this case, the island. Some of the best birding in the area is just 90 minutes or so north in peninsular Malaysia, home of the infamous Panti Forest.

The Last Tree for Orangutans

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Once spread throughout the forests of Southeast Asia, they are now found only on the island of Sumatra and Indonesian Borneo , and few places in Malaysia.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Vast areas of rainforests in a number of tropical countries, including Indonesia, Brazil, and Malaysia, have been destroyed to make way for palm oil, soy plantations and cattle ranches. Report illegal logging. Thus, the illegal logging does more harm than good to the country.

The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

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Say ‘No’ to Logging Santa Cruz’s Redwoods? On an intermittent basis, the community is faced with a choice, framed in a familiar way: should we allow logging in the redwoods? A “no” to logging in Santa Cruz does not reduce timber demand.

Eco-Tourism in Chiang Mai

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Those have been saved from a previous captive life in the logging or tourism sector. Well known anecdote of the place: A well known Jim Thompson, a Thai-American silk expert who disappeared without a trace when he wandered to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

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Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago: Greater Sundas and Wallacea–A Field Guide Review

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So–the book covers islands that belong to the Republic of Indonesia and to Malaysia. But, it doesn’t cover all or Indonesia or all of Malaysia. I’ve never been to the Indonesian Archipelago, but I really like the birds there.

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Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


Other pangolins sleep in the hollows of trees or logs and some simply make a nest in the forks of trees. Malaysia. Pangolins are small nocturnal creatures. who quietly roam through forests and savannahs eating termites and ants. They are solitary and easily frightened.

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Indonesia’s Forests Loom As Green Gold

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" Even before the prospect of new revenue streams from REDD heading to Indonesia, Jakarta had been pursuing measures to curb logging in its forests. "There is serious corruption in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea," said Manoj Nadkarni, head of the forest governance integrity programme in the Asia-Pacific region for Transparency International (TI), the Berlin-based global anti-corruption watchdog. "The problem is with illegal logging.

Money on Trees

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Other countries that could benefit from a similar accord for rain forests include Brazil, Mexico, Congo, Camaroon, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Phillipps’ Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo: A Book Review

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Borneo is the third largest island in the world; politically it is divided amongst three countries–Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Indonesia (Kalimantan) and the sultanate of Brunei. The danger of reviewing a field guide to the birds of an exotic country you’ve never been to is that you become obsessed with visiting that country, no matter how far away and how expensive it may be.

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