Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train: (1) Is the log-linear model meaningless?

Environmental Economics

When dichotomous choice CVM data has a negative WTP problem, one of the standard corrections is to estimate a log-linear model and present the median WTP. With many estimated log-linear models the mean WTP is undefined.

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DIY Bedroom – Build Your Own Log Bed

Green Furniture Home Design

How about a log bed? But, you ask, how are log beds made? A log bed is a type of bed frame built totally from logs, which are cut and shaped to tie jointly with no any nails or screws. In the early periods log beds were produced from cross rails and a mattress used to top them. Contemporary log beds embrace a box spring in addition to a mattress, and thus there is no need for cross rails. Below are the steps required to make a log bed.


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Natural Hand Peeled Log Beds

Green Furniture Home Design

We have found that you can buy rustic log beds built from artfully hand-peeled cedar and aspen logs. Beds hand peeled log bed rustic bedroom design rustic modern bedroomHere at Eco-Friendly Furniture Design Ideas, we love the look and feel of a cabin by the lake, or cozy little lodge nestled on a tree-covered mountainside. Getting closer to nature is what we’re all about, but, we live in the city.

Logging Carbon by Trailing Loggers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Carbon emission performance of commercial logging in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Carbon emissions performance of commercial logging in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Big Question: Several existing studies have determined that reduced impact logging (RIL) — a set of logging practices that aims to take only high-value timber from forests while minimizing the impact to surrounding ecosystems and communities — can reduce carbon emissions under experimental conditions.

Logging Ash to Save Hemlocks

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s a tough choice made tougher by this important fact: one of the main reasons Woodbourne Preserve was established was to prohibit any logging on the property. When Francis Cope donated the preserve to the Conservancy in 1954, he envisioned a place that would be protected from chainsaws and logging trucks, forever. But these are tough decisions, especially at a preserve with a strict no logging policy. The forest pest was confirmed in two trees that were logged.

Log Cabin Recipe

Green Earth Journey

According to the pioneer cookbook, Log Cabin Cooking : "imagine yourself in 1835.saying goodbye to friends and family.loading up the wagon for adventure into parts unknown; hoping to outrun Cholera, food shortages.your survival will depend on hard work and resourcefulnes." ( buy the book ) On the heels of Reduce Footprints' Change The World Wednesday, I visited my local grist mill to purchase some locally ground flour. I purchased this book from the general store there.

More Male Ovenbirds in Logged Areas?

10,000 Birds

Interesting results from a study in Canada’s Algonquin Provincial Park. But is it just me or is the constant characterization of the Ovenbirds as “choosing” to produce more males weird? The original paper does not have that language. Asides

Wood-Mizer Releases MP100 Log Moulder Planer

Green (Living) Review

This product is anideal tool for woodworkers and log home builders. log home builders Wood-Mizer woodworkers portable sawmills press releaseWood-MizerProducts Incorporated, the world’s leading portable sawmillmanufacturer, has released the new MP100 Moulder/Planer for furthershaping and finishing cants, beams, and columns. TheMP100 can mould or plane material up to 20.5” wide and up to 23.5”tall. The maximum moulding width is 16”.

Logging Threatens Reef Fish Nurseries in the Solomon Islands

Nature Conservancy - Science

In the Solomon Islands, near-shore logging operations significantly reduce populations of juvenile bumphead parrotfish on their nursery grounds, according to new research from Nature Conservancy scientists, jeopardizing both reef health and local livelihoods. But as the fieldwork went on, Hamilton became concerned by reports from fishermen across the region that juvenile reef fish had virtually disappeared from the nursery reefs near on-shore logging operations.

Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging With Lidar

Nature Conservancy - Science

New research from Nature Conservancy scientists demonstrates that lidar — a way of remotely mapping forests with lasers — is an effective and accurate tool to measure the effects of reduced-impact logging in Indonesia, but it’s still not as cost effective as traditional ground-based monitoring. Logging damage in a recently harvested Bornean forest. Logging for Carbon. This method allowed them to detect spatial variation in carbon density over the same logged areas.

How to Make Firebricks and Wood Stove Logs for Free!

Green (Living) Review

Here’s Jamie’s down and dirty tutorial… Firebricks and Wood Stove Logs Tutorial This process only requires: Two buckets, a drill (or stabbing weapon), piece of wood (or bottom of another bucket), kinda a custom drill bit, water. any biomass material you can think of) – why not turn it into useable logs for your furnace, campfire, or cooking? Today we’re proud to present another DIY project from a fellow Doing the Stuff Networker.

Bioacoustics Reveal How Biodiversity Changes Across Borneo’s Logged Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’m deep in a logging concession in Indonesian Borneo, and I’ve just witnessed the routine harvesting of a dipterocarp tree bound for the plywood mill. Vast stands of selectively logged forest still remain, but many parts of Indonesia are transitioning from forestry to more intensive land uses, like oil palm and acacia plantations. Where Logging Reigns, Going Beyond Sharing vs Sparing. 1 of 7 Rows of recorders awaiting programming back in the logging camp.

Where Logging Reigns, Going Beyond Sharing vs Sparing

Nature Conservancy - Science

About 260 of Borneo’s 4,000 tree species are dipterocarps, and they’re also the prime species targeted by the logging industry. Once harvested, dipterocarp logs make their way downriver to a processing station, where they’re transformed into high-quality plywood and veneer bound for markets in Japan and South Korea. percent) followed by mixed concessions and logging concessions (14.8 Logging in Borneo. Hausheer) 5 of 6 Felled dipterocarp logs awaiting transport.

Amazon Rainforest Fights Illegal Logging with Tracking Devices


Brazilian authorities are installing tracking devices in the Amazon rainforest to help battle deforestation and illegal logging. Read More The post Amazon Rainforest Fights Illegal Logging with Tracking Devices appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Featured News

New Heat Logs Released by Midland Bio Energy

Green (Living) Review

Midland Bio Energy has launched a new heat log briquette, specifically manufactured to achieve high temperatures with a low burn rate for use in both domestic and commercial environments - supporting The Renewable Energy Directive and the Renewable Heat Premium scheme which offers £950 to householders converting to a bio-mass boiler. Atherstone, Warwickshire : Midland Bio Energy has introduced a new product to their already established range of briquette heat logs.

Juggling Chainsaws: Carbon, Biodiversity, and Livelihoods in the Logging Landscape

Nature Conservancy - Science

A forest planner tags trees at a reduced impact logging (RIL) concession in East Kalimanatan, Indonesia. In the tropics, where decisions about land sharing vs. sparing are most dynamic and urgent from the perspective of both biodiversity and human benefits, about 20% of remaining native forests are subject to low intensity selective logging. Both outcomes could be measurably improved with better logging practices as mentioned above.

Modeling Logging’s Impacts on Biodiversity & Carbon in a Hypothetical Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

But what’s less often acknowledged is halting logging entirely will make climate change worse, as wood is one of the most sustainable building materials. New research from Nature Conservancy scientists indicates that low-intensity selective logging can offer either the best or worst conservation outcomes while maintaining wood production, depending on both land tenure security and the use of certified reduced-impact logging methods. A World Without Logging Doesn’t Exist.

10 Reasons Why I Love My Log-Burner. ~ Amanda Burnett

Elephant Journal

Log-burner In the beginning, it was a testing relationship to say the least: the initial monetary outlay—more than a part-time English teacher, part-time aspiring yoga teacher, part-time ''I''m a writer but am struggling to get anything down on paper right now'' writer could fork out without a slight sensation of panic rising up from the gullet.

Jordan Steps Up Anti-Logging Efforts Over Winter

Green Prophet

Authorities in Jordan are stepping up the monitoring of forests to stop illegal logging over the winter months. The onset of winter can only mean one thing- the weather is going to get colder and in Jordan, that means a rise in illegal logging. According to the government, illegal logging for heating purposes and for trade increases in the cold months and so to prevent this, they are stepping up their monitoring.

Barcodes Protect Tropical Rainforests from Illegal Logging

Eco Friendly Daily

But in the effort against illegal logging, barcodes could offer an innovative solution. Barcodes are so common in consumer items that we barely notice them. Most of them probably don’t even understand its significance. A British company is working deep in the tropical rainforests of Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. It’s tagging the precious hardwood tropical trees with barcodes.

Lessons from the Log Pile. ~ Rebekah Moore-Hart

Elephant Journal

There will be few moments of surprise in the words that follow for folk who are blessed enough to have spent some part of their lives living on the land. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Meditation Yoga Yoga Practice city life gratitude karma yoga nature wilderness

After the Clearcuts: People and Ecology in an Alaska Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

This is young growth forest, trees that have grown following extensive logging, often by clearcutting, thirty years ago. National forest and tribal land account for much of the island, and by the 1980s, most of it was being logged. It’s logging that created these conditions, so it may come as a surprise that it’s logging that offers the best solution to ecological restoration. “ We need to get the most out of a log that we can.

Google’s Clean Energy Business Logs on with Serious Intent

Eco Friendly Daily

Google’s server may be burning a lot of carbon, but it cannot be denied that the search engine giant is not serious about going green. In fact, Google has a green business arm called what else but Google Energy. One of the points on its charter is promoting the use of clean renewable energy. Google Energy is a subsidiary in the search engine behemoth’s business units. The new business aims to buy and sell clean power on the open market.

Migration and More: A Bird News Update

10,000 Birds

Don’t put off that birding trip to Ghana on your to-do list—if trends continue, illegal logging may leave you with nothing left to see. News Audubon Bahamas California Condor Egypt European Kestrel geolocator Ghana International Bird Rescue logging migration power lines Prothonotary Warbler September 11th Tribute in LightWith fall migration well underway everywhere, it’s a good time to see what’s flying in bird news.

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Maybe substitute "time since I last had to open the SAS log file" (for those economists over the age of, say, 44)

Environmental Economics

An example of utility theory from XKCD : Weird. I was thinking the exact same thing the last time I opened xorg.conf.

Simple summer pleasure: golden ants on a log

Eco-Vegan Girl

However, I had to share this yummy treat that is free of gluten, soy, oil, and refined sugar: ants on a log! It's always interesting to see how your diet changes while on vacation. In my case, I haven't been eating as well as usual since I've been traveling on the East Coast. Though there are a lot of fruits and vegetables available at my parent's house, I've been indulging in a sprouted gluten, soy, oil, and refined sugar - my stomach hasn't been very happy with those decisions.

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Organizations Investigate Illegal Logging In Madagascar; Majority Of Demand From China

Eco Friendly Daily

Unfortunately, Madagascar is also home to immense illegal logging. The logging is even threatening national parks in the country in addition to areas outside the parks. Tree species and animal species are all threatened by the logging. Due to this, Madagascar’s national parks service requested the Environmental Investigation Agency and Global Witness to investigate the illegal logging. Madagascar is home to dozens of species which are found nowhere else on the planet.

Dead Wood & Migrating Salmon: Restoring a Southeast Alaska Stream

Nature Conservancy - Science

Streams in Southeast Alaska can’t function ecologically without fallen logs. That’s why I’m jumping over logs with U.S. For the past several decades, Prince of Wales Island has also been defined by logging. When a large amount of a watershed is logged, it can increase small floods and change stream channels. Logging also brings roads and associated road culverts, which can also increase erosion and divert streams from their natural paths.

Use it or lose it?

10,000 Birds

This is kind of a big deal because since the 90s logging has been banned on government land, and the government is moving to allow some of that timber to be removed and sold. It is easy to make the argument that one, extractive (hunting, logging, fishing) is bad and the other (birding, diving, hiking) is good, but to my mind this simplistic black and white view point is completely wrong. Conservation conservation science hunting logging

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Sawmills and the Limits of Conservation Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

The island had been heavily logged 30+ years ago, and today much of the island is covered in dense, uniform stands of young growth trees that are of little value to wildlife. Different kinds of research inform foresters on how to transition the logging industry on the island from old growth trees to young growth trees. ( See yesterday’s blog for an in-depth feature on this work and the science behind it ).

Mountain Woods Furniture Makers Get Rustic Right

Green Furniture Home Design

Eco Design log beds mountain woods furniture rustic dining table rustic log furnitureSometimes nothing is as comfortable or elegant as traditional wood furniture. You don’t have to go out and spend high prices on leather or fabric as wood is a valuable option. Plus, wood goes well in any environment and is generally more sturdy and forgiving than any other material.

How Green is Your Chainsaw?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Yet sustainable logging is the premise of The Nature Conservancy’s production forest strategy in the district of Berau in eastern Borneo, Indonesia — a strategy based on the notion that loggers themselves can be a critical ally in helping us maintain biodiversity and mitigate climate change in tropical forests. Logging operation in Borneo. Our new article takes on assumption 1 with extensive field data across nine logging concessions in eastern Borneo. Orangutan.

4 great ways to have an eco-friendly family holiday in the UK and beyond

Green Traveler Guides

Algarve Lakes District Portugal United Kingdom best eco-friendly family holidays in the UK eco-friendly family villa vacations UK green family holidays UK log cabin holidays| Green On Any Budget | We know it’s just as important to be green when going on holiday as it is at any other time of the year.

The horse in forestry operations

Green (Living) Review

horse forestry operations horses logging forestry horse loggingby Michael Smith (Veshengro), RFS, RFA, EcoFor Horses were very valuable to farmers and gave the farmer extra income by hauling timber in the winter. This was when the horse was in general use on farms but today the horse still should have a place in forestry for one and will, of this we can be sure, soon also have that place again in farming.

Watch: Indiscriminate logging in Latvia is fueled by Britain’s markets

Green Blog

Al Jazeera English takes a closer look at the forests in Latvia which are being cut down at an unsustainable rate in one of their recent episodes of People & Power (see the video above). “The Baltic nation of Latvia is blessed with some of the most beautiful forests in the world, millions of square kilometres of pristine woodland that support a complex biodiversity of rare species of animals and plants. [.]

UN Report: 90% of illegal logging may be linked to organised crime

Green Prophet

Illegal logging is not only killing the planet – it is supporting organised crime too. Back in 2010 we reported on the case of Moroccan activist Mohammed Attaoui who was facing imprisonment for his stance against illegal logging. Living in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Attaoui insisted that ‘mafia-style’ corruption was behind illegal logging which threatened the protected cedar of Morocco.

4 Ways to Cultivate a Vacation Mindset in our Daily Lives.

Elephant Journal

Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) everyday lives getting away log off mindset relax rest vacation workaholic In order to be healthy, happy human beings, we all need to truly get away from our routines now and then.

2014 85

This Ad Targeting Democrat Jared Polis is a Diversion From the Real Issues. ~ Teresa Foster

Elephant Journal

However, Log Cabin Republicans are only telling one side of the story. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Boulder Boulder Colorado equal rights fracking gay and lesbian Jared Polis Log Cabin Republicans politics

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30 Day Startup Video Blog, Day 2: 3 Things that Inspired Me to Shake Up My Business.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only 30 day challenge bicycle business green jeanne eisenhaure marketing V-log Today’s video blog covers the three points of inspiration that pushed me to shake up my business.

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Canary in the Cornfield: Why the Fuss about Monarchs?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Increased protections and monitoring by the Mexican government and conservation organizations has all but stopped illegal logging in the MBBR (Vidal 2012), making deforestation less of a threat. Without this many people in the area would have little choice but to turn to logging as a source of income (Vidal 2013). Continue to protect the MBBR by tightening logging restrictions (Brower 2011, Navarrete 2011) and paying people there more for ecosystem services (Vidal 2013).

2014 87

Let’s Stop the Ecological Genocide of Monarch Butterflies. ~ Jeff Kart

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green butterfly Canada herbicide illegal logging mexico monarch butterfly U.S. A drastic decline in the monarch butterfly population requires us to reduce our herbicide usage and get involved.

Citizen Science Tuesday: oldWeather

Nature Conservancy - Science

Replica of a ship’s log from the Grand Turk. Citizen scientists volunteering for oldWeather transcribe ships’ logs. Ships’ logs from this time period were handwritten. Sometimes the logs record a unique perspective on historic events. Photo by Georges Jansoone through a Creative Commons license. Citizen Science Tuesday is our weekly blog feature that focuses on fun ways you can help scientists gather data and benefit conservation. What is it?

2014 66

Day 29: One Day in Las Vegas, Things Get Weird.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only business jeanne eisenahaure Startup V-log My second to last video blog is a little weird.