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Locally grown, in-season, organic produce from nearby farms delivered directly to the comfort of your home. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only beer Box bread cooking eat local family farm farm fresh fennel fresh fruit healthy leeks local organic Pandora produce soup squash vegetarian veggies zucchini Awesome, right?

World’s best eatery NOMA reborn as an urban farm

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Marketing ploy or another example of the global trend towards locally grown food? Noma is known for culinary excellence built upon innovative use of local, seasonal foodstuffs. And when “the world turns green” in spring and summer, the menu will go fully vegetarian, with most of the produce coming from its surrounding farm. Image from Local Denmark. Health Lifestyle Bjarke Ingels flux local food organic food restaurants urban farming vegetarianism

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Ulan Bator: a green pioneer in Mongolia

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Not a happy place for vegetarians or … gasp … vegans! Other tempting entrees: 10-grain soup, eggplant, Mongolian tsuivan (vegetarian fried noodles). Vegetables used in the kitchen, while not certified organic, are sourced locally from farmers and gardeners who commit to not using chemicals.

New Dietary Guidelines One of Many Tools for Protecting Planet

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Locally grown vegetables in Long Laay, an Indonesian village that TNC works with to implement conservation practices. We’re not advocating that everyone become a vegan or vegetarian. Agriculture Conservation Issues Environmental News Food Health Mark''s Desk Policy Uncategorized Editor''s Choice food food choices food impacts Mark Tercek USDA vegetarian diet

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

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Vegans, vegetarians, paleodiet fans and carnivores all have their own interpretation. An even simpler definition of the term “slow food” is that it is the opposite of “fast” food, and the movement – spurred by the first McDonalds to appear in Spain, is a conscious choice to buy and eat locally grown fruits and vegetables in season. New Year’s Resolutions Revisited. You’re going to be seeing a lot of New Year’s resolution lists as 2012 fades into 2013.

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Don’t blame vegans for the shame you feel about using animals


But really, it’s just a pescatarian ranting about giving up on vegetarianism because of all the typical reasons non-vegans stay non-vegan (ie: meat is great, vegan sucks). Anyone familiar with my writing knows I’m not on team vegetarian. But allow me to take this rare opportunity to support my confused neighbours in reminding Lewis that eating fish, even sparsely, means you forfeit the right to tell others you’re a vegetarian. Vegans take the blame for a lot of things.

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Eco & Vegan in Hawaii (Maui)

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Here's what I've discovered so far: Down to Earth - ALL VEGETARIAN Organic & Natural? Flatbread Company - pizza Fresh Mint Vegetarian - Vietnamese Joy's Place - "a new kind of fast food restaurant that uses Organically and Locally Grown Ingredients" Mana Food - grocery Pacific`O - contemporary with a great vegetarian dish Polli's Mexican Restaurant Veg Out Here's a great resource of vegetarian restaurants on Maui Besides eating, what else can I do that would be eco-friendly?

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Unveils Something Green Wedding Experience

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"We noticed a trend among meeting planners, who are starting to book more and more 'green meetings' - food catered by organic, local services, paper products printed on post-consumer waste. Speaking of "replanting," all foliage and flowers for the Something Green package are locally-grown. Vegetarians will be pleased to know that meat-free dinners can be customized to their, ahem, taste.

Green Convenience Stores

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While organic sections in grocery stores and vegetarian/vegan restaurants are convenient, traditional gas stations and convenient stores don’t provide much for the eco-conscious and health conscious individuals. Green Spot’s plans for the future include trying to involve local farms so that they can sell locally grown herbs and meats. Stores like Green Spot can enhance communities by taking advantage and advertising locally grown meat and crops.

Healthy Finds At Safeway: A Slideshow of Their Organic, Local, Gluten-Free and Vegan Foods!

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However, now that you know that one of their stores carries these items you can confidentially ask your local store to do the same. vegan shopping healthy finds local organic gluten-freeIn an effort to help people around the country find healthy foods no matter what stores are within reach and what the budget is, I've been exploring the options at national grocery markets. I started out with Kroger's Food Co , but wasn't able to find much at that discount warehouse.

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Three Main Areas of Your Life That You Can Turn Green

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Even decreasing your meat portion can benefit the planet as well as your health, but going vegetarian or better yet, vegan is an eco-friendly decision. Consuming natural, locally grown foods that aren’t processed will improve your health, and you might even lose some of those extra pounds too. The summer is a season of opportunity. Why not take some time off from work and enjoy the simple things in life, even if it’s just a day.

A Major Pet Peeve – Part 2

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It is not a good idea to cut meat out of your pet’s diet even if you are a vegetarian. If your dog is living on a vegetarian diet it is important to ensure that they are getting enough amino acids and vitamin d. Pet food companies like Horizon Pet Nutrition use only locally grown foods and the best ingredients to ensure your pets health and have a minimal impact on the environment by using the hundred mile diet idea for cats and dogs.

4 Fs of Eating for Optimal Sexual Health

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Others tout the value of vegan (“Vegan” is the new “Viagra” is a popular meme) and vegetarianism as best for us and our nether bits. The SLOW food movement emphasizes eating sustainably and locally grown. A plant-rich diet is best for your sexual and reproductive wellbeing. The Mediterranean Diet is often hailed as an excellent choice for those who want to ensure lifelong vitality, fertility and reproductive stamina.

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Be the change.

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More fruit and vegetables, locally grown and not flown in from thousands of miles away and then called “organic”, such as, and I know this is a pet peeve of mine, green beans from Kenya, which are only grown for consumption in the developed word, as the Kenyans themselves do not eat those vegetables. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “Be the change you want to see in the world”, said Gandhi. So, how long do we still want to wait and procrastinate.

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Have a Green Valentine’s Day

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Use locally grown fruits and vegetables from your market and create a sushi bar or black bean tacos. Tip: Vegetarian food requires simple ingredients and you and your lover will definitely have room for dessert! However, purchase your wine from a local, organic vineyard. Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14 but don’t panic…this doesn’t mean that you have to go buy a fuzzy bear and plan an elaborate evening out on the town for your significant other.

Greener pastures on Martha's Vineyard

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Seven miles from the closest mainland shoreline, the 15 thousand year-round inhabitants of Martha’s Vineyard have by necessity always relied heavily on local resources and neighborly attitudes. Nonetheless, we were still amazed to find 40 active farms, fisheries and farmers’ markets supplying fresh, locally grown food to hundreds of island homes, restaurants and CSA pick-up points. If you don’t have your own wheels, numerous local bicycle rentals can fix you up.

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Look for Green Labeled Restaurants

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Well, in the case of the Pita Pit , the owners have made the transition to biodegradable utensils, low-pressure faucet aerators, a private recycling and locally grown ingredients. The GRA designates a point and rating system, so if a restaurant starts serving cage-free eggs or converts to a vegetarian or vegan menu, it will win the appropriate amount of points for these efforts. What if you could easily determine whether a restaurant was green?

Hawaii: where to stay at the volcano

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Volcano Places: handsome Nohea Kate will ask if you have food sensitivities or are vegan before stocking organic breakfast items and locally grown coffee. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Simpler Weddings

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Fresh, locally-grown, and organic options will delight your guests. Whether you choose a caterer, some good home-cooking, or hotel kitchen, opt for quality local ingredients. Free-range and hormone-free meat will taste better, and remember that vegetarian choices are no longer restricted to a simple nut loaf or pasta. Choose locally grown varieties and opt for organic when possible.

Heroines for the Planet: Anna Getty

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The best part was recipe testing and developing, experimenting with flavors, picking through the fresh locally grown, organic produce at the farmer’s markets and building a recipe around what I came across. LB: Are you a vegetarian now? I grew up vegan and then vegetarian adding dairy to my diet and then at a certain point I rebelled and ate a lot of meat and animal products. The most important aspects of food is that it is clean, sustainably grown and organic.

RECIPE: Potato Salad with Fresh Fava Beans

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Green favas are available frozen and peeled too, but nothing compares to the taste of fresh, locally grown ones, as all lovers of slow food know. Nuclear Power Continues World Dependence on Middle East Oil Sanserif Creatius Carves A Cardboard Table With Arabic Devotion ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste Food & Health » Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment A blooming rooftop garden, or a share in a local CSA.

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Creating conserver cities

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Creating conserver cities means: efficiency replacing waste; renewability replacing resource squandering; living within biophysical limits replacing pollution; implementing socio-economic goals geared to wellbeing for all not more and more money for a few and for a limited period; this generation and those to come, the world over, getting their dues; empowering local communities within urban areas; operating a cyclic economy.