Aquaponics Revolutionizes Local Food Growing by Recycling 90% Water

Green (Living) Review

society challenged by the increasing needs for locally-grown healthy food, water conservation in drought-like conditions across the Southern and Western U.S., The result is a balanced and self-sustaining environment that utilizes natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrients. In aquaponics, fish and plants are grown together in a dynamic sustainable environment.

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Getting started with “Green Living”

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) When you talk about "green living", some people think about living in the woods having to grow or kill everything you eat and make everything you use but this is not, actually, the case, and self-sufficiency, total self-sufficiency, is not possible, in fact. Even the pioneers of self-sufficiency of the last century, such as the Nearings, never went entirely self-sufficient, as it, simply, cannot be done.


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Maui Utopia

The Green Changemakers

Then consider our 4 or 5-day supply of food and our inability to produce fuel and food locally - why do we tolerate this state of affairs? This sacrifice of self-reliance in exchange for exportable crops like sugar and pineapple has resulted in dead plantations, depleted soils, poisoned water and a minimum of locally grown food. By Mark Sheehan Ah, yes, utopia.

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How Resilient Are You?

The Green Changemakers

Here are ways to learn skills for self-reliance, build lasting communities, and take care of the important things in life, whether good times or hard times come our way. Food, shelter, clothing–the self-reliant way. ARE YOU SELF- AND COMMUNITY-SUFFICIENT? I put my savings and investments in community and regional banks and local institutions. I buy or barter the goods and services I need from local merchants, organizations, or individuals.

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Community Supported Agriculture in local neighborhoods

The Green Changemakers

Community Supported Agriculture in local neighborhoods Neighborhoods are the center of unity in many areas; interpersonal relations, emotional support, community safety, healthy recreational activities, and the provider of healthy local food for all its citizens. By bringing back community supported agriculture, local citizens would actively support local farmers who grow food organically and sustainably.

Economies For Life

The Green Changemakers

They share their dreams of a world of locally rooted living economies that meet the material needs of all people everywhere, while providing meaning, building community, and connecting us to a place on the Earth. Now we must create living economies based on locally rooted ownership and deeply held American ideals of equity, democracy, markets, and personal responsibility. Much of our food could be grown fresh on local family farms without toxic chemicals, and processed nearby.

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