How Your Food Purchase Choices Impact the Environment

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Local Fare. Buy from your local farms. Giving locally grown foods a chance can significantly affect the bigger picture. This is an incredible overuse of transport, refrigeration and storage energy that could otherwise make it from farm to table within a few days or even hours if purchased locally. Purchasing low on the food chain (especially if it is local) can assist in easing our struggling environment.

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NW Michigan: greening up Grand Traverse Resort

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In 2008 the resort was certified as a “leader&# by Green Lodging Michigan , a state organization that encourages environmental stewardship in the hospitality industry. We love The Cooks’ House on Wellington Street , which says 90 percent of its menu is locally grown. Another satisfying choice: The Bay Leaf , on Park Street , which prides itself on earthy, rustic flavors based on what’s in season from its local purveyors. | Traverse City Eco |.

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Organic vs. Local

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Standing in the produce aisle looking at lettuce – there sits the organic, next to it the conventional from across the country. If you’re lucky enough to have another option, locally grown food, then you have to make a decision. Go local or go organic. Maybe you are among the few that can get local AND organic. First of all, a lot of the organic fruits and veggies you find in the store might actually be part of a larger problem.

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Organic Panic: Local vs. Organic Food

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Almost all of the produce I eat comes from a local organic farmer who runs a door to door weekly food delivery service. So, when confronted with the constant cage match that is the local vs. organic debate, it seems clear that I have found a way to make peace between these two sworn foes buy organically grown local food and enjoy the best of both worlds. I was beginning to be embarrassed by my fruit.