Locally Based Monitoring: Are Scientists at Risk of Losing Their Day Jobs?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Michelle Venter studies whether local monitoring efforts might be just as effective as monitoring completed by professional scientists. Today, poster winner Michelle Venter explains why locally based monitoring may be just as effective as monitoring done by professional scientists.

ICLEI Case Studies - Locally-based projects that support sustainability

The Green Changemakers

[link] ICLEI Case Studies profile locally-based projects that support sustainability. Each study documents: the local context of the project the anatomy of the project results lessons learned the project's replication potential budgeting and financial issues Please note: Case Studies 1 - 55 will be available soon. Tags: Environment Water Project Sustainable-development Poverty Energy Urban Local

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Literary Fest at Gladstone Hotel May 25th

The Alien Next Door

For anyone interested in the literary arts, particularly for those thinking of a career in the literary arts, these locally-based venues in the heart of multiplex Toronto provide a wonderful opportunity to mingle with those engaging in original expression.

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Music Monday: Wild Flag

Wend Magazine

But this Monday—what might be one of the last real days of summer weather in the Pacific Northwest—I’m feeling the need for something locally-based and upbeat. Click here to view the embedded video. Most Music Mondays showcase a world or folk-style band. Said band is generally composed of members from all around the world, bringing Latin and African influence to their music. And I love it.

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Sustainable paving from Interpave at EcoBuild

Green (Living) Review

Paving for Sustainability considers a wide range of issues including precast concrete as a locally based, British industry, providing national coverage while minimising transportation and supporting local economies and communities.

Brad And Angelina Donate $500K To Tornado Victims


The locally based Community Foundation of the Ozarks will be working shoulder to shoulder with these Joplin residents for the long haul as they rebuild their lives.

2011 86

Power to the People: Community Based Marine Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’m the only foreigner here, and I’m here to help our Africa Program support community based marine conservation in Kenya. Locally-managed grasslands at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy now support thriving wildlife, including Grevy’s zebra, and wildlife tourism helps support the community.

One Planet Living - a practical solution

Green (Living) Review

And from this experience they have developed a simple approach and sustainability framework based on ten principles, which enables others to implement One Planet Living.

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ICLEI USA launches magazine Planet Earth

The Green Changemakers

The mission of ICLEI USA's new carbon neutral publication, Planet Earth magazine, is to highlight today's environmental challenges and innovative solutions around the globe at the local level. Never before has the phrase, 'think globally, act locally' been more relevant; Local governments are recognizing that their communities are often the first to feel the impacts of worlwide issues such as climate change and they are taking their responsibility to the planet in stride.

2010 40

Smart by Nature

The Green Changemakers

Smart by Nature is based on four guiding principles: Nature is our teacher; Sustainability is a community practice; The real world is the optimal learning environment; Sustainable living is rooted in a deep knowledge of place.

2010 56

FOR HUNGER-PROOF CITIES Sustainable Urban Food Systems

The Green Changemakers

It examines existing local food systems and ways to improve the availability and accessibility of food for city dwellers. Power 2000 PART 2 : LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS Promoting Sustainable Local Food Systems in the United States Kenneth A.

2010 52

Real Family Values

The Green Changemakers

Community groups or local agencies invest in homes and share the equity with homeowners. Green and locally based jobs are our best bets: Fund job programs that create and retain jobs at the local level. Invest in local jobs and sustainable communities.

2010 56

The Work Ahead

The Green Changemakers

From this view, it is understandable how a professor of agricultural business, skeptical of the small farm and local food movements , would despair at seeing a promising student take an interest in family farming and spurn the chance to have smooth, clean, un-calloused hands.

2010 52

Gaia Education

The Green Changemakers

The key program is a UNITAR-endorsed 4 week holistic introduction to designing sustainable settlements called Ecovillage Design Education (EDE), based on the GEN "living and learning" principle. Programs where people on the planet are making a difference today are, in fact, locally based.

2010 52

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

The Green Changemakers

Cubans share how they transitioned from a highly mechanized, industrial agricultural system to one using organic methods of farming and local, urban gardens. A small group of Australians assisted in this grass-roots effort, coming to this Caribbean island nation in 1993 to teach permaculture, a system based on sustainable agriculture which uses far less energy. Furthermore, without a substitute for fossil-fuel based large-scale farming, agricultural production dropped drastically.

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