Golan wolves make local farmers howl with rage

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However, a sub-species of the northern grey wolf, originating in India is actually thriving on the Golan Heights, causing local farmers and cattle herders to literally be at war with these furry cousins of domestic dogs.

How to save the Next Generation of Local Farmers with one Click.

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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents: Woody Tasch and Waylon discuss the importance of giving back to local farm and what we need to know about the Beetcoin Campaign.

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There are two kinds of honeys at your local farmer’s market.

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Note: I’m happy to update this with any info if Lazy Bee or Highland Honey have info for me. This is based on my asking questions at Lazy Bee, from their info, and my interview with Tim at Highland (below), where I learned about the true definition of “raw” and how to ensure that bees […]. Blog (always click 4 all blogs

Timberland Empowers Local Farmers and Communities By Planting Millions of Trees in Haiti

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million trees in the rural area surrounding Gonaives and continues to support an agroforestry program to train Haitian farmers to improve crop yields. We’ve always been impressed with Timberland’s commitment to do well and do good. (We We happen to dig their footwear , too.)

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3 Big Reasons to Support Your Local Farmer’s Market this Summer.

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Farmers markets have everything from kale, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, and asparagus to tomatoes and much more. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green Canada Farmers Markets local agriculture local farming Nova Scotia sustainable

Why Most of Us have Health-damaging Mineral Deficiencies.

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Many of us have severe mineral deficiencies which are adversely affecting our health, and we might not even realise it.

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How we can Use food to Connect & Heal Communities.

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In the hopes of demystifying the "how" behind returning to our roots, here are some fun ideas for taking action: Blog Enlightened Society Food Right Livelihood community farming eat local Farmers Markets food sharing gardening local food self-sufficiency

Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth Native Strawberries

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Last weekend, we got them from local Healey Farm on Saturday. We got them from the Farmers Market at Marina Square on Tuesday. And yesterday we went to the new Farmers Market at Lippit Park on the corner of Hope St & Blackstone Blvd in Providence. Go find your local farmer’s markets ( here’s who has them in RI) or go and pick your own at the farm. In RI, June means a few things.

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Support Your Local Farms!

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It’s easy to say “support your local farms.” In Rhode Island, it’s getting a lot easier to support your local farms because, believe it or not, there are so many more of them sprouting up! Tagged: agritourism, buy local, farm fresh, Farm Fresh RI, local farmers, local farms, organic food, produce, Rhode Island. After all, who wouldn’t agree with this in principle? However, spouting platitudes and actually doing what you say are two very different things.

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Fleet Farming?

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Owners keep a portion of their produce and the volunteers take the rest to local farmer’s markets and restaurants. How One Group Wants to Turn Your Front Yard into a Full-Fledge Farm. A group of volunteers in Orlando is trying to change the way we eat.

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Farm to Table – One Step at a Time

The Green Samaritan

April is National Gardening Month so a perfect time to plant a garden and/or begin shopping at our local farmer’s. Spring is in full bloom! Time to get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer. See the full post and more at www.TheGreenSamaritan.com. Green Living

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The Ayurvedic Healing Benefits of Saffron. {Saffron Face Oil Recipe}

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While talking to local farmers, I was amazed to learn about saffron’s skincare and cosmetic benefits. Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness ayurveda Cleansing DIY natural cosmetics oil recipe saffron skin care

Make This! Vegan Pear Bread


Head to your local farmer''s market, pick up some pears and try this incredible and moist pear bread recipe while the getting is good. Read More The post Make This! Vegan Pear Bread appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegan

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The Best Reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market.

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Most of the food available at my local Farmers Market is organic and unlike in large stores the organic produce is not sold at an elevated. Food Z ADMIN Food Featured Today climate change eating farmer's market food health produce vegetables

Why I Went Raw.

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Supporting our local farmers means so much more than simply buying healthy food. It means we support a way of life. We support the ethical treatment. Food Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today biodiversity factory farming feedlots nutrition pasteurized raw raw milk

5 Farmer’s Market Superfoods & Ways to Enjoy Them. ~ Carrie Ciula

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Many of the whole foods found at our local farmers'' markets offer up enough dense nutrition to earn the superfood status while being more sustainably reasonable. Food Health & Wellness farmer''s market green health healthy eating nutrients superfoods sustainable food

Going Zero Waste

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We are lucky to live in the countryside, in a village that had a local farmers’ association that sells organic produce at a reasonable price. We liked the fact that we were supporting a local farmer.”

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Tips for Beginning Gardeners

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If you don''t have someone in your family who is a gardener, the best thing to do is to find a local farmer and learn from them, you can start by visiting your local farmers'' market. Beginning a garden is to embark into a world full of joy, excitement, and reward.

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Personal Gardening and Farming Are Becoming Illegal

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Chickens, beehives and goats will officially no longer be tolerated on the properties of urban and suburban farmers, due to the protection of the Right to Farm Act being lifted from small home farmers.

“We realize a game won’t change the world but we hope to.

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The web page for this game has an exhaustive list of its ingredients , right down to the lima bean pieces sourced from a local farmer, and the Carnelian stones from Botswana.

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Weird Geese

10,000 Birds

I first noticed it 3 seasons ago when it showed up in a local farmer’s sheep field. Here at 10,000Birds.com , we love to share. We share our love of birds and birding. We share our experiences, good and bad.

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Whisky Will Power 9,000 Homes With New Biomass Plant

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The pot ale will be made into a concentrated organic fertiliser and an animal feed for use by local farmers.&#. Whisky (also spelled whiskey ) is “a spirit distilled from malted grain.&#

This tractor runs on BS — but it’s the real, eco-friendly deal

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Around the world, farmers are installing anaerobic digesters. Many farmers use the fuel for heating homes and buildings, selling their excess to local grids.

How To Store Fresh Vegetables For Months … Without A Refrigerator

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The fall season brings bountiful harvest from your own garden as well as inexpensive prices from local farmers’ markets. If gardeners find spring and summer to be about growing food, they find fall and winter to be more about storing food.

The Sustainable Spoon: 3 Ways to Lower your Restaurant's Carbon Footprint

Hug a Tree with Me

Support local agriculture This idea might get you outside of the box, so to speak. Alternatively, you can support local farmers by buying most, if not all, of your food from them.

Nkomo Sikenala Tree Nursery Story


On average, Sikenala sells 50 seedlings a week to local people. She continued to say that they are also encouraging local people on how to take care of indigenous trees by allowing the cut down tree stumps to regenerate.

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5 Ways to Avoid the Food Shopping Minefield. ~ Claire Wilson

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I support my local farmers markets, and I read labels a lot. So, what can I, a yoga teaching mother of two, do about this? I guess the simplest and possibly most effective thing I can do is to vote with my dollars. As a consumer it is the greatest and most influential weapon I have for change. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Green Health & Wellness food growing own food.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of June 2013)

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For example, the local farmers’ markets are back in action! Before this lovely June weekend began, I bemoaned the evident end of spring migration. What I failed to recognize were all the great things that happen around here when the waves of migrants subside. If you can’t get fresh birds, at least enjoy fresh produce. My favorite sighting this weekend was a House Wren at my house. Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was an easy one to decide upon.

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I went to the farmers' market today

Environmental Economics

Watauga County Farmers' Market : Come join us each Saturday morning at Watauga County Farmers' Market! The market has so many things to love: fresh and nutritious local foods, beautiful handmade crafts, face-to-face interactions with the farmers who grow your food, scrumptious breads, jams, jellies, and cheeses made by community members, meat and eggs from local farmers, and of course the friendly social atmosphere of "Boone's Town Square."

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The Little Big Year: Week 40 – Last week in CR, and The Quetzal!

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The cooperative that has been formed by the Paraiso Lodge, the local farmers and the conservation groups in this area all paid off. Our trip to Costa Rica has come to an end, and sadly, it ended with one of the best weeks of birding in the entire year.

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Futuristic dome collectors collect dew for drinking water and crops

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Roots Up is an organization based in northern Ethiopia that is working together with local farmers to help them use more sustainable agricultural methods to produce crops. Harvesting water from the air is not a new idea.

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The 701 Long-eared Owl of Kikinda

10,000 Birds

Wanting to celebrate the owl that has brought birders from many European countries, even from USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and China to their town, the authorities have erected the One Owl, a 9 ft terra-cotta statue of an owl by a local sculptor Jovan Blat.

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Red, White, and Green?

Green Earth Journey

Be Green this 4th of July with the following tips; Stay local for your fireworks. Check out your local news website and find a fireworks display near you. Buy your food from a local grocery and the local farmers market instead of a chain store. Use reuseable dinnerware and flatware at your BBQs and picnics. Opt for fruit and veggies instead of an additional type of meat.

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How to Bird by Car

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My colleague is a more aggressive driver and he had to call the local farmer for tractor assistance more than once. Avoid the main roads, birds tend to avoid them, too, and opt for local roads, preferably those with electricity pylons along them (many birds rest on the wires).

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Nature Reserve In Jordan Is Growing Organic

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The farm at the Mujib Biosphere Reserve is spread over 10 dunums and is designed to demonstrate the advantages of growing food using less water and chemicals to the local farmers. For more on food sustainability in the Middle East see: Qatar To Invest In 1,4000 New Local Farms.

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Being an Eco-Friendly Volunteer


If you want to make up for your flight emissions yourself, you can: plant some trees in your local area, improve your home insulation, do some fundraising for a trusted environmental charity … and many more! Is it grown locally? Local produce.

5 Steps to a Greener Wiener (err…love life)

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Some suggestions–head to your local farmer’s market or Green Drinks chapter , you’ll likely find a same-age/same-beliefs lover there. Our love lives can be physically, emotionally, and environmentally taxing.

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U.S.D.A. to Start Program to Support Local and Organic Farming

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The United States Department of Agriculture plans to announce Monday that it will spend $52 million to support local and regional food systems like farmers’ markets and food hubs and to spur research on organic farming. But local farmers still struggle to market their food.

Photo essay: What’s growing in West Virginia’s urban ruins?

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Local farmers warned Swan that it would all add up to spectacular failure — that if the neighborhood vandals didn’t kill the plants, the debris-strewn soil would. WHEELING, W.Va. When Danny Swan first broke ground on his West Virginia farm in June 2008, his rototiller hit a baby doll.

5 Ways to Go Green This Thanksgiving

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The Rest of the Meal – Use locally sourced fruits and vegetables that are currently in season to cut down on the energy required to transport food from the field to your table. Traditional holiday meals are already stacked with seasonal fruits and veggies like pumpkins, apples, and cranberries that you can find at local farmer’s market. 5 Ways to Go Green This Thanksgiving. The Turkey – When choosing a Thanksgiving turkey, pay attention to the label.

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Initiating Sustainability In Your Community

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A UNESCO module stated that sustainability is to be attained at the local level and the community if it were to really make a difference. In your yard or porch, offer local products to your neighbors. Buy Local. Invite friends in your community to visit a local market.

I Tried Farm Fresh To You and Here’s What I Thought

Eco-Vegan Girl

Did you know that you can get organic, local produce delivered right to your doorstep? And bonus: you can support local farmers without having to go to the farmers market. So it really does feel like a farmers market delivery!

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Tip of the Week – Donate Egg Cartons To Local Farms

The Go Green Blog

Then donate your extras to a local egg farmer. The farmers will reuse your egg cartons giving them a second life, thus helping out the local farmers as well as the planet. Tags: Recycling Tips Egg Carton Egg Cartons Egg Farmer Green Tips Reuse

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