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trees, birds, giving back, coming full circle, what goes around comes around, cycles of life, trees, golden gate park, thelifeofwembley.blogspot.com (my mini labradoodle). and wanted it to have a good cause attached to it, therefore joined with treesforthefuture.com to plant trees with every purchase. so i like to silk-screen, work with wood, draw, and mostly play in the park full of beautiful trees with my puppy.

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Lone Indian Man Plants 1,360 Acre Forest single-handedly

The Green Changemakers

The Man Who Planted Trees from MrGreatShortFilms on Vimeo. Guru OnNet I read this superb story when I was in school, titled: "The Man Who Planted Trees" by Jean Giono It really fired my imagination on what a single lone person could achieve given time, effort and belief. h a huge forest of acorn trees and streams flowing. Then I saw an article on our office noticeboard talking about a real life tree-planter from Assam. That was the turning point of his life.

Meet The Mexican Muslim Tree Huggers

Green Prophet

Beginning as a meeting once upon a time in Mexico, Trees Give Life is the co-effort of Arif Malik and performing artist Mohammed Yahya. Green Prophet talks to the organisation founders about why they are planting trees for religion. Less than a year old, the Trees Give Life campaign began with a trip to Latin America , one of the latest parts of the underprivileged world to embrace the Muslim faith. ’ Green Prophet: How can we support Trees Give Life?

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