Iraq and Libya For Eco-Seeking Bravehearts

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But if you are looking for really unusual travel destinations in today’s politically changing Middle East, consider places like Iraq or Libya, where archeological sites intermingle with unfinished ecological projects started by the country’s former strong man, Muamar Gadaffi.

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Libya’s “Great Man Made River Project” Could Stop Flowing

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The project is now be endangered from ongoing warfare that could be at the expense of several environmental projects that were put in place by Libya’s strong but eccentric dictator. Business & Politics Water environmental planning Libya power of water

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Swarms!!! Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Morocco on High Alert for Desert Locusts

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The UN organization is alerting North Africa’s Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Morocco to prepare for the likely arrival of Desert Locust swarms from the Sahel in West Africa in the coming weeks. Food & Health Algeria food security Libya locusts Morocco pesticides

Environmental Economics: Four paragraphs that explain how Libya.

Environmental Economics

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 05/2005 « Picture of the day | Main | Green vs. Green » February 24, 2011 Four paragraphs that explain how Libya affects U.S. Libya produces less than 2 percent of the world’s oil, and exports little to the United States.

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Libya’s Oil Reserves Pale in Comparison to Solar

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Libya has long relied on its crude oil resources for revenue, but the country possesses a natural resource far more abundant and hardly tapped at all: sun. Match this with solar irradiation that far north countries would die for, and Libya is sitting on a veritable gold mine.

Libya 111

Libya’s Oldest Mud City is Critically Endangered

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Built in the seventh century and listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1986, this clustered clay settlement in Libya epitomizes everything that makes earth architecture so worthwhile. Ghadamès is one of the oldest habitable medinas in the Sahara, and it is made almost entirely out of mud.

Libya 110

Libya’s Post-Revolution Trash and Traffic Problems

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Clear Libya’s street of trash and traffic for a brighter and more democratic future says expert. S ecurity concerns in Libya may be top of the political agenda, but more goodwill could be earned if socio-economic problems such as traffic and trash are tackled says Rhiannon Smith, who is an economic development expert in Libya. Post-revolution , Libya is struggling with pressing security concerns, disunity and division along religious and ethnic lines.

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SIWA Oasis Near Libya to Get Solar from the Gulf

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For outsiders, SIWA oasis in Egypt is a wonderful place to visit precisely because “civilization” has been so slow to arrive there. But for locals, the gift of a new 20MW solar energy plant will be received like a mountain of gold.

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Libya’s Gaddafi is Finished: What Happens to His Green Projects?

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As for the Great Man Made River, and for everyone’s sake in Libya, hopefully the water will continue to flow. :: Sky News. Read more on Gaddafi’s now uncertain green projects: Will Libya’s Unrest Trash Their Historical Sites?

Libya 90

All Eyes On Libya As Oil Prices Rise

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Home About Writers Contact Us Newsletter Countries Abu Dhabi Algeria Bahrain Dubai Egypt Iran Iraq Kuwait Libya Morocco Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria Tunisia Turkey United Arab Emirates Yemen Cleantech & Science Cars & Transportation Business & Politics Fashion & Design Lifestyle & Culture Food & Health Travel & Nature Architecture & Urban Religion Home » Business & Politics , Energy » All Eyes On Libya As Oil Prices Rise Tafline Laylin | February 22nd, 2011 | 1 Comment | Email this Share Rising oil prices as a result of Middle East unrest could send Americans back to the drawing board. The last time the United States saw their oil prices soar , really soar, was during the three month Arab oil embargo in the early 1970s. Prices hit nearly $12 a gallon and Americans sat in line for hours just to fill their cars. It was then that Jimmy Carter started the initiative that put solar panels on the White House roof (Reagan took the panels down but Obama plans to put them back with encouragement from ). A few decades later, as Libyan protesters suffer against Gaddafi’s heavy-handed reproach, and it seems momentum could unravel the entire region, Americans are nervously watching their wallets again. USA Today reports that since the turbulence ignited in the Middle East oil prices rose 6% to $95.39 per barrel. If unrest moves into other oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, it is not inconceivable that pump prices could go as high as $5 a gallon, according to Darin Newsom, senior analyst for energy tracker DTN. While this is peanuts for the people in Oslo and other European cities where fuel prices are not artificially low, Americans are said to shut down their consumption habits when prices get too high. This in turn can impact on the country’s consumer-driven economy. The paper quotes Moody’s economist Ryan Sweet: “Above $4 a gallon, we’ll see consumers hunker down,&# he said. “It could take steam out of spending just as consumers were getting their sea legs.&# AAA spokesman Troy Green cautions against trying to make predictions, while Tom Kloza, chief analyst with oil Price Information service notes that current prices – despite being 20% higher on average than last week – are still 23% lower than the 2008 highs. Other forces are also adding to escalating prices – including increasing demand in China and elsewhere. Last year we noted how the fires in Russia translated to higher wheat prices in Egypt , a strong indication of the interconnectedness of our lives. Those soaring prices were just one of many reasons for the Egyptian riots, and should have been an early warning signal. Now the riots threaten to destabilize oil prices, but that won’t be the worst that comes out of this phenomenon, since hundreds of Libyans have already died defending their right to a better life. On the other hand, if Americans have to face high prices, that could create incentive to develop more sustainable, long-term solutions. On the other hand, it could also create more demand (from the right-wing) to tap oil in sacred places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). :: USA Today More on Middle East unrest: Egypt’s Conflagration Is Advanced Warning For An Unsustainable World Egyptian Strikes Clear The Air – Temporarily The Water Behind Middle Eastern Woes image via Mykl Roventine Browse topics: ANWR , Libya , oil embargo , oil prices , riots , solar panels , Sustainable Development One Response to “All Eyes On Libya As Oil Prices Rise” Hal (GT) • February 23rd, 2011 • 4:17 pm “Destabilizing&# ? consider it destabilized. That and gold and silver. This stuff going on over there has the whole world on notice not just here. India and China are paying close attention because of their commodity needs. And European countries are running into inflationary troubles. The global economy is going to be hurting soon I think. Leave a Response RSS click here Most Popular Hijab-Friendly Ensemble From Fashion Conscience THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak Proposed Israeli Law to Reduce Organic Micro-Pollutants What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back? ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste Food & Health » A Bittersweet Test for Women with Gestational Diabetes Family values, and having children are important in the Middle East. Here is a simple test done during pregnancy that if paid close attention to can help make women more health-smart in the long run. We know that pregnancy can… Read more articles » Religion » ARC To Revive Faith In Food ARC works with major religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism to develop environmental programs. Now they look at food. It might have something to with the fact that it’s almost Eid al-Adha, where halal slaughter is carried out en masse,… Read more articles » Lifestyle & Culture » Bringing the Ancient Wisdom of Tantra to a Love-Hungry Middle East (part 2) Part II on tantra and eco-sexuality in the Middle East. There are many teachers of ecstatic sexuality, but not so many in the Israel. Ben and Efrat, together as a couple for several years, epitomize what can be accomplished when… Read more articles » Travel & Nature » High Temperatures Cause UAE Bed Bugs To Bite When temperatures increase, so do the incidents of bugs, including those that your mother sang about before you went to bed As complex, rollercoaster climate change alters life on this planet, we will confront new and unforeseen challenges. Some problems… Read more articles » Green Prophet Interviews Meet Mark Boyle - Hes the Moneyless Man Meet An Eco-Muslimah - MTVs Kristiane Backers Exclusive Solar Activist for Palestine - Meet Elad Orian from COMET Middle East He Makes Green "Sheikh" - Read our exclusive with Abdul Aziz Upcoming Mideast Conferences AGRAme 2011 March 29-31, 2011 - Dubai MENASOL 2011 May 4-5, 2011 - Morocco Recent Comments Abu said on Imam Worries Chinese Port Will Ruin UNESCO-Protected Swahili Culture : Thank you for. um, really? said on Eco-Sexy Nutrition: An Apple a Day Increases Lifespan by 10% : So the report on the. vilu said on THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak : Excellent idea, hope to see it in local supermarkets soon! dov epstein said on Make Greener Children With A Patch of Dirt : A great article, and reflects what we. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. 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At War with Libya- what's the real reason?


Eight years to the day after the US invaded Iraq, a Coalition of the US, UK, France, Italy, Canada and Qatar has effectively gone to war with Libya with a semblance of support from the UN Security Council. Gadaffi says that these countries have declared war against Libya. So despite the UN resolution explicity excluded ground forces, this group struck Gadaffi's regime on the ground with Tomahawk Missiles. Libyan TV reported that 48 people were killed and 150 were injured.

Libya 61

Debate Blocked on the Undeclared War in Libya


forces to a military conflict with Libya. President Obama committed U.S.

Libya 60

Peak Oil accentuates the Libya Effect


CBC News reports the views of David Hughes, a retired geoscientist that the rise in the price of oil is because of peak oil and not the tumult in Libya. What is peak oil? Peak oil is when oil production stops rising. It can be measured globally or nationally. The U.S. had its peak oil in 1970 and oil production there has dropped ever since, forcing it to be more reliant on foreign oil. Experts debate when world peak oil will occur. Estimates are between now and 2030. Hat tip: CBC News. "If

The Invasion of Libya - Was it More than Oil? Water as well ?


It’s been hard to justify the US, British and French invasion of Libya in a way that is consistent with those countries’ foreign policy.

Libya 72

One Third of Republicans Vote to Finish the War in Libya that Makes No Sense


The war in Libya has never made sense from any point of view. And it’s interesting to see that Republicans in Congress are starting to think that it makes no sense either.

Libya 65

Libyan Revolution Will End Gaddafi's Green Visions

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Prior to all the present confusion that is occurring in Libya, Colonel Gadaffi involved himself in a number of unusual “green&# projects, including a project to construct the largest artificial river which Gadaffi himself acclaimed as being “the 8 th natural wonder of the world.&#

2011 101

Tripoli’s Doshma Creative Hub Has a Recycled Shipping Container Core

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So many countries in the Middle East and North Africa rely way too much on concrete for their building needs, but Libya Design bucks the trend with Doshma – a new creative hub built in part with a used shipping container.

Will Gadaffi Trash Libyan Historical Sites – Along With Everything.

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Libya’s coastal archeological sites were mentioned previously as being endangered by offshore oil and gas exploration and production; including those at Sabratha, Leptus Macna (both near Tripoli) and Appolonia, east of Benghazi.

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So Libya is not a War Because No US Soldiers are Being Wounded ?


We have wondered for weeks why the Americans were invading Libya under the branding of NATO. It's a strange thing, war! The first rationale we were given was the protection of the civilian population and that it had UN backing. But we find this to be selective and we remain suspicious. So many other regimes are killing demonstrators or other sections of the population and NATO and the US have looked away.Not just recently, but for years.

Libya 50

So Libya is not a War Because No US Soldiers are Being Wounded ?


We have wondered for weeks why the Americans were invading Libya under the branding of NATO. It's a strange thing, war! The first rationale we were given was the protection of the civilian population and that it had UN backing. But we find this to be selective and we remain suspicious. So many other regimes are killing demonstrators or other sections of the population and NATO and the US have looked away.Not just recently, but for years.

Libya 46

Gaddafi Dead: Will the Great Man Made River Follow?

Green Prophet

The Great Man Made River: 70 percent of Libya’s fresh water comes from it. Muammar Gaddafi, the eccentric strongman of Libya for more than 42 years and often referred to as the Mad Dog of the Middle East, wound up dying like a dog at the hands of his own people.

Rivers 106

Refugee Relief: Firsthand Accounts of Shipwrecked Migrants in the Mediterranean.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga EU greece Lesvos libya Mediterranean migrants refugees survivalI have been deeply moved by the courage and tenacity of the people risking their lives in desperate conditions as they have allowed me to accompany them to Molyvos, the coastal town where they are first registered by the coast guard. They give new meaning to the words "survival" and "justice.".

2015 85

Climate Change Contributing to Mali-Algeria Conflict

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Climate Algeria conflict Drought environment Libya Mali political conflictAccording to experts, climate change and rising food insecurity are major contributors to the recent destabilization of Mali and southern Algeria.

Mali 109

MENA Is Changing Drastically & NASA Has The Pictures To Prove It

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Agricultural growth in Libya. With among the least renewable water of the North African countries, Libya relies on groundwater to meet 95 per cent of its water needs.

2012 113

Was the Arab Spring Good for Renewable Energy?

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Geopolicity published “ The Cost of the Arab Spring ” back in October 2011, the same month as the war in Libya ended, and concluded that “Oil exporters were winners and oil importers were losers.” ” – with the exception of Libya, where revenues had dropped by 84 percent. ” According to the same report, Egypt, Syria and Libya paid the highest financial price as a result of the Arab Spring.

Export Oil, Import Water = Risky Economics for Middle East

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The MENA region is most at risk, with the most water-stressed countries being Bahrain (1), Qatar (2), Kuwait (3), Libya (4) Djibouti (5), UAE (6), Yemen (7), Saudi Arabia (8), Oman (9) and Egypt (10), according to the Maplecroft Water Stress Index 2012.

“War-Waste” of Rockets, Shells and Morters Facing Local Libyans

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There is so much ammunition and unexploded ordnance scattered across eastern Libya that local people will face a serious threat when they return home, reports the United Nations. The government of Libya is not a signatory to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty nor the Convention on Cluster munitions.

Local 79

Radio Groovalizacion Communicates Middle East Migration Through Music

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Lifestyle & Culture Algeria art Libya Morocco TunisiaToni Polo, founder of Radio Groovalizacion explains how music and migration are shaping contemporary culture in the Middle East and North Arfica.

Gaddafi Promises Long War, Oil Up To $103 Per Barrel

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After four decades of power, Gaddafi continues to drool over Libya’s oil. Unlike the former presidents of Egypt and Tunisia, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi has no intention of relinquishing control of his country.

War 96

Libyan Violence Dampens Great Man-Made River Project

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This pipe was slated for use on Libya’s ambitious man-made river project. The Omar Mukhtar Reservoir in Libya’s southern desert is the second largest in the world, and an integral component of the $20 billion Great Man-Made River project (GMMR).

Desert Locusts Swarm West Africa Following Gaddafi’s Fall

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Desert locusts traveling southwest from Algeria and Libya threaten to decimate crops in Niger and Mali, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations warned on Wednesday. Despite border trouble, both Algeria and Libya have been trying to stem the pests.

Africa 107

Gaddafi Could Use Water As A Weapon In Conflict

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Libya’s government forces could use their control over enormous water reserves as a weapon in the current conflict between Gaddafi and rebels trying to overthrow his regime. For more on Libya and water see: Libyan Violence Dampens Great Man-Made River Project.

Water 110

CBRN Threats and the Arab Spring

Green (Living) Review

Instability in Libya and Syria creates a dangerous security situation. Is there a danger of proliferation in Syria and Libya? This report focuses on two Arab countries: Libya and Syria. Soon thereafter, information about Libya’s past CBRN programme became public.

2012 130

We Won't Trouble Saudi While We Crave Their Oil


Did we miss it, or do they believe that change is less necessary in Saudi Arabia than it is in Libya? The democracy index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit places Libya 158th out of 167, and Saudi Arabia 160th. At least in Libya, for all Did you hear it? The clamour from western governments for democracy in Saudi Arabia ?

After America’s fossil water goes dry, will the Middle East follow?

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This has resulted in the need to tap into prehistoric underground aquifers , such as North Africa’s Nubian Aquifer under Libya; and the the Disi and Wasia aquifers Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Libya’s Great Man Made River Project Could Stop Flowing.

The Tragic Story Behind Haunting Plane-Shaped Memorial in the Sahara Desert

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18 years later, family members built a memorial shaped like a plane in Niger, to which Libya contributed $170 million.UTA Flight 772 was flying from Brazzaville in the People’s Republic of Congo, via N’Djamena in Chad, to Paris CDG airport in France.

Chad 101

Interdependence & Immigration: Drawing on Buddhist Principles could Save Migrant Lives.

Elephant Journal

Smugglers continue to take advantage of the anarchy in Libya and the calm sea, packing vessels in attempts to score $90,000 a vessel on average. This is a high-risk voyage over 1,300 migrants have died in the past month! Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights WAYLON: Editor's Picks equality EU human rights immigration Mediterranean migrants refugee

Libya 74

Middle East Deserts as Seen From Space: Far-Out Photos!

Green Prophet

The Sahara Desert comprises most of Libya, leaving only 6% of its land suitable for agriculture. Libya has no permanent rivers or natural inland water bodie. The Al Jawf oasis (pictured above) in southeastern Libya lies deep in the Sahara.

Libya 106

Oil and Trouble


Did we miss it, or do they believe that change is less necessary in Saudi Arabia than it is in Libya? The democracy index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit places Libya 158th out of 167, and Saudi Arabia 160th( 1 ). At least in Libya, for Did you hear it? The clamour from western governments for democracy in Saudi Arabia?

U.S. Department of Energy Frees Up 30 Million Barrels of Oil

Eco Auto Ninja

The DOE reports that the disruption in Libya alone is responsible for a loss of about 1.5 It was announced today that the Department of Energy (DOE) along with the International Energy Agency would be releasing 60 million barrels of oil over the next month. The U.S. will be contributing half of the oil as the two groups attempt to offset the drain on available oil caused by all the conflict in the Middle East. The U.S

2011 116

Are European news media trying to incite a civil war in USA?

Green (Living) Review

I know it worked so well in the Ukraine, in Egypt, in Libya, and in Syria, didn't it, to create failed states which can then be taken over by the neoliberal elite in Europe and elsewhere with one particular person and his organizations in the forefront.

2017 152

Post-Revolution Libyan Kitesurfers Reclaim Their Turf

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For years, anyone who wanted to kite surf in Libya had a real challenge: beaches were under government control and many sports were outlawed. ” Albeit predominantly a man’s sport in Libya, there were two women on the trip from Tripoli to Farwa Island that Elwalid arranged.

King Tut’s Jewelry Reveals Ancient Comet Diamond Dust

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Long before these scientists began to unravel the mystery of Libya’s vast field of glass, Egyptians used gems made from this glass in their jewelry. King Tutankhamen’s tomb continues to give up its secrets.

2013 107