Qualitative Growth

The Green Changemakers

While certain parts of organisms, or ecosystems, grow, others decline, releasing and recycling their components which become resources for new growth. In living organisms, ecosystems and societies, qualitative growth consists in an increase of complexity, sophistication, and maturity. It was a science of organic forms, of qualities, of patterns of organization and processes of transformation.4 18 See Lester Brown, Plan B 3.0, 20 See Lester Brown, ref.

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

The Green Changemakers

Cuba''s transition to a low-energy society has taken place by creating cycling culture, sharing public transportation and turning from a mechanized, industrial agricultural system to one using organic methods of farming and local, urban gardens. On the other hand, organic farming does not only reduce petroleum-based inputs but also improve soil quality, help building healthy land, provide healthy food for community.

The New Facts of Life

The Green Changemakers

Why is it so important to grow food locally and organically? To understand the nature of life, it is not enough to understand DNA, proteins, and the other molecular structures that are the building blocks of living organisms, because these structures also exist in dead organisms, for example, in a dead piece of wood or bone. Over billions of years of evolution, the Earth's ecosystems have evolved certain principles of organization to sustain the web of life.

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