Beirut bank gets Lebanon’s largest rooftop garden by GreenStudios

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Fueled by a desire to suck greenhouse gases, create heat sinks, beautify the city and even grow food, rooftop gardens may be the only way to feed our planet’s 6 billion mouths. Lebanon is often portrayed or thought of as a grey Middle East country, with occasional sectarian violence.

Greening The Refugee Camps of Lebanon

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Nina Rahal-Lott, is a trained architect who wants to transform the Badawi refugee camp in Lebanon from an ‘environmental catastrophe’ into a green haven. Lebanon Rocks Out To Cure The Green Blues.

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Musical ambassadors for our planet

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It’s the reason national anthems exist, why charity singles raise so much cash, and why infectiously joyful songs like Pharrell Williams’ HAPPY can spur hundreds of spin-off videos representing communities around the planet.

Greenstone Revolutionizes Lebanese Building Industry One Green-Roof Villa at a Time

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This villa is part of a growing movement in Lebanon that is revolutionizing the green building industry. Building standards were typically developed by stakeholders with genuine concerns about the paltry state of our planet. 3 Eco-Svelte Energy Slashing Projects Awarded in Lebanon.

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Activists at COP18 in Qatar: Islam and the Arab-world Not Eco Enough

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Arab activists from Lebanon sent Green Prophet the same message today in a press release asking for Arabs, not necessarily Muslims, to step up to the plate to be part of the solution. . Lifestyle & Culture Arabs Climate Change COP18 Doha Islam Lebanon Muslim Qatar

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Venomous Lionfish Set to Invade the Mediterranean – Are You Ready?

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The seas and oceans of our planet are full of unpleasant marine creatures; including tiny by highly venomous Irudandji jellyfish which recently killed two Australian eco-bloggers off Western Australia’s beachfront.

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Masdar Visionary Tells the Story Untold

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Born in Lebanon and now living in the UK after more than two decades in the United Arab Emirates, Ziad started his first Internet company before there was even Internet in Dubai in 1995. “To make an impact on people, planet and on profits. Even when I started thinking about the Masdar idea, I strongly believed that my projects should include a people, planet and profit dimension. He came from the dot-com market with a boom and a bust, but in the Arab world.

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Bernard Khoury’s rooftop penthouse overlooks ‘cannibalized’ Beirut

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Bernard Khoury is one of Lebanon’s most sought after architects, and now he has built his own home – a rooftop penthouse bam smack in the middle of Beirut. Related: Reconstructed refugee camp in Lebanon.

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Stray Pups Cooked Alive in China

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Examples of cruelty towards animals are easy to find these days where in the Middle East stray dogs getting shot on sight in Beirut Lebanon , and there is abuse towards animals imported for circus performances. Read more on animal abuse: Stray Dogs Shot Dead in Lebanon. Hot dog!

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The most dangerous spots in the Mediterranean for natural disasters

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Historically, severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have also occurred in what is now modern day Israel and Lebanon. The area that emcompasses Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan does have a history of earthquakes as well as volcanic activity.

Middle East Joins Worldwide Campaign For Greener Transport (Photos)

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Environmentalist in countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon joined’s ‘Moving Planet’ campaign to celebrate and support greener forms of transport. Chris De Bruyn in Iraq / Ahmed Selweq in Egypt / Kerstin Bruun-Hansen in Lebanon.

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Eco-anxiety affects nearly 70% of all Americans, new survey

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This is an important survey to note, because it will implicated how the western east areas of the world, countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria will follow. As the effects of climate change become more evident, and more awareness to it is felt, more than half of U.S.

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ISS Astronauts to Watch Earth Hour From Above

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This sky map shows the Western sky from Beirut, Lebanon during the beginning of Earth Hour at 17:30 UTC. Jupiter, Venus and the moon in the West from Beirut, Lebanon during Earth Hour. See Four Bright Planets in An Hour. It is the plane the planets orbit within.

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Moussa Beidas’ Art Installation Powered By The Sun?

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A young Dubai designer wants to install the world’s largest perpetual public art installation to send a message around the planet using the power of the sun.

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Experience the (new, artificial, and made-in-America) Middle East! Coming to Dubai in 2018

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Developers say that the “immersive entertainment destination” will feature themed lands and attractions based on Fox properties, including Ice Age, Rio, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, Night at the Museum and Titanic, and The Simpsons.

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Climate change “worst” is yet to come, UN report warns today

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Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change,” said Mr. Rajendra K. The United Nations has issued a five years in the making report on climate change, and our future. It does not look bright.

7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

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For example, Lebanon’s iconic cedar forests are vulnerable to Cephalcia tannourinensis that proliferate in warm temperatures and eventually kill their hosts. Last year we surpassed seven billion people on the planet competing for compromised resources.

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Shining a light on #EarthHour2016

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Join the fun by turning off non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for your commitment to the planet. If you’re reading this now from Egypt, Jordan, Israel or Lebanon – go flip off the power and come back in 30 minutes. Earth Hour is upon us.

2016 65

Tchensol’s LEGO and Pop Art Jewelry Shakes up Lebanese Fashionistas

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Some of the most fashionable people on the planet, the Lebanese are also very concerned about what people think of them. This helps to endear skeptics to her unconventional line of accessories that she churns out in a living-room turned studio in Adma, Lebanon.

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7 Evergreen Books on Sustainable Food for Your New Year

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Eating sustainably can make a huge impact on our planet. We all know that eating sustainably, and eating local is good for the planet and good for the economy.

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Keeping Up With the Food Blogs

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There is no doubt that home cooking is a good thing for our planet. Her take on Lebanon in an RV , and her recipes for dining in it include a Lebanese feast (yes, while living in an RV!).

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Climate change has its soundtrack! Concrete organ makes music from rising seas

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They’ve also declared 2011 to 2015 the hottest recorded time-span, linking our warming planet to stronger storms, more severe droughts and rising sea levels. Scan the southern Mediterranean, and consider impacts to coastal cities in Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon.

Beeologics Tests Its Antivirals on Collapsing Bee Populations

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Agricultural experts say that CCD is responsible for a serious decrease in the number of bee colonies or apiaries all over the world, including Israel and Lebanon. . Read more on regional bee issues and beekeeping: Lebanon’s Bees Are Freezing to Death.

2012 94

Deepest Wonder of the World About to Get Naked

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To some, this is a controversial shoot in a region already beset by political and cultural turmoil; for others including the artist, it’s a visual testament to the frailty of the planet, the Dead Sea in general, and humanities role in the mismanagement of our planet’s resources.

2011 104

Balyolu: Turkey’s First Honey Tasting Tour

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Like fruit bats – thousands of which were gunned down by unknown assailants in Lebanon last weekend – they are pollinators that ensure human survival. Anyone who loves nature will enjoy Balyolu’s week long tour on Northeastern Turkey’s honey road.

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It’s not the tide. It’s not the wind. It’s us.

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In addition to the serious combined effects that global warming and climate change have had on world weather patterns, increasing world temperatures have caused the earth’s polar ice caps to melt at rates never experienced in our planet’s recorded history.

2016 78

10 Smartphone Apps to Green Up 2013

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This ought to be basic software on all smartphones sold in tobacco-loving Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The Night Sky enables you to identify stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites in real time as you see them.

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McKibben To Environment Movement: ‘Be More Confrontational’

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As McKibben adds, fossil fuel companies that are changing the face of the planet in dangerous ways are the real ‘radicals’ The Environment Is Not Just For White People.

Turkey’s “A Few Brave People” Wins Best Feature Film at Abu Dhabi’s Green Carpet Ceremony

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Poorer or less developed countries, like Egypt, which should technically be rich, and Lebanon, are inundated with so many environmental problems, they don’t even know where to start. “Our shared destiny imposes huge responsibilities on us to protect our planet.”.

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Arab World’s Stars of Science Reality TV Show Lacks Green Vision

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One of them was Sereen Sharairi, a Jordanian biomedical engineer and the only female contestant, and the rest were men from Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia and elsewhere. The Stars of Science reality TV show would be so much more exciting if it spurred sustainable ideas.

2012 91

NASA calls Middle East drought “worst in 900 years”!

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“This paper shows that the behavior during this recent drought period is different than what we see in the rest of the record,” he said, which means that the Levant region may already be feeling the affects of human-induced warming of the planet.

2016 83

How Medicines Are Contaminating The Earth

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The dangerous implications of chemicals on our health and the planet entered the public consciousness back in the 1960′s, and was influenced (in part) by campaigners such as Rachel Carson whose groundbreaking book ‘Silent Spring’ highlighted the toxic nature of DDT.

2011 100

Young Egyptian Designers Use Fashion to Change Our Plastic Habits

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Each country has its different climate which, in turn, influences and creates different cultures, but in the end, we all live on the same planet. Y/R: Unfortunately, in some Arab countries like Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, and Lebanon, bans on plastic bag don’t exist.

What Israel, the UAE and Qatar have in common

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Ranking somewhere in the middle were Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, Iran, Syria and Libya. Aas said that when it comes to preventing irreversible warming of the planet in coming years, it isn’t a question of adaptation versus mitigation. “We

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It's The Beginning Of The End For Plastic Bags In Abu Dhabi

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ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste Food & Health » Muslims Who Breastfeed Save Planet Earth New parents and nursing Muslim women will be pleased to know the Islamic perspective on nursing is pro-breastfeeding.

Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

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Saving the planet is no longer sexy. Yes, especially for activists expecting political force to rescue the environment and the peoples of the planet. With less long-distance transportation, the planet’s carbon emission overload would ease.

2011 112

Italian Solar Company Finds a Friend in Israel: Enerpoint Acquires.

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10 Green Prophets for 2012

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A sight for sore eyes would be to see Saudi’s millions-strong faithful walk it to Mecca next year, reducing their flying carbon footprint, and enabling people from this fast-paced world to tread a little lighter on this planet. The year in retrospect has been a positive one.

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Case Study: We Measure One Family's Hajj Carbon Footprint (Part 1)

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Also how can we ‘green’ Hajj to make its impact on the planet gentler?

Amazing “Atlas” tracks Arab world habitat destruction over time [video]

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The Atlas is the latest addition to a series of atlases coordinated by UNEP that began in 2005 with the launch of a global atlas - “One Planet, Many People.”

Ramadan in Yemen is Miserable and it’s Getting Worse

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We have The Moneyless Man and Bill McKibben , we have Carboun and Save the Grace from Lebanon – all of whom, in their own special way, are trying to make up for the bad behavior of the planet’s douche bags.

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Make Greener Children With A Patch of Dirt

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And that’s where the actual subject matter of this piece comes in, which is supposed to be about teaching kids to be better stewards of their planet. A large part of that is providing our children with the tools to maintain and improve the planet.

2011 91

Israeli Reuse Conference Claims that Big Opportunities Come in.

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