Lebanon’s Toxic Sea-side Sidon Dump Gets Eco Makeover

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Not that long ago, the city of Sidon (or Saida) in Lebanon moved its trash to the local Sidon dump , where the toxic landfill and trash site washed into the sea every winter. Sidon is the third largest city in Lebanon. Land reclamation disrupts eco-systems and kills marine life.

Greenpeace Lebanon Rocks the Boat With Undercover Water Expose

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Want to see the garbage flowing from Lebanon’s waterways? Greenpeace Lebanon goes undercover to reveal shocking videos of 14 polluters (see them below). You will watch and listen to people, your people, telling their daily life stories with this damage and brutal situation.

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Thousands of Endangered Fruit Bats Were Gunned Down in Lebanon

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Thousands of fruit bats in Lebanon were sprayed with shotgun and AK-47 bullets over the weekend. Thousands of fruit bats could have used Batman’s help last weekend when one or more unidentified assailants unleashed a spray of shotgun and AK-47 shells inside a cave in northern Lebanon. Fruit bats are crucial to Lebanon’s ecosystem since they germinate fruit trees, and their droppings, called guano, can be used as fertilizer.

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Venomous Lionfish Set to Invade the Mediterranean – Are You Ready?

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A new “invasive species” of marine life may be on its way to the Mediterranean – one that is both attractive as well as unpleasant – and even poisonous. The lionfish is a voracious predator and feeds on a variety of marine life, especially crustaceans.

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Israel Floods Replenish the Med and Dead Sea

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The recent winter storm that slammed into Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, brought rain and winds of almost biblical proportions and literally swamped Tel Aviv and other cities.

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Israel Readies Offshore Natural Gas Pipeline

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The offshore natural gas fields have been the target of ongoing border disputes with neighboring Lebanon , whose Hezbollah influenced government submitted maps to the UN in an effort to substantiate its claim to some of the gas fields that Israel is now developing.

Tourists Not Terrorists: The Middle East Can Capitalize on World Eco-Travel Trends

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The region is also not lacking in strong affinity to tourism, particularly in places like Lebanon and Jordan. But for many countries in MENA, it may be too late as the fragile desert and marine life continue to be exploited.

Cyprus Researcher: Protect Sea from Natural Gas Drills

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Drilling for undersea gas in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone may have serious impacts on marine life. Another well known Israeli marine ecologist is Dr. Ruth Yahel who carries out undersea ecological research for the Nature and Parks Authority (NPA).

Walk with fish on the Turkish Riviera

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Not everyone who visits Antalya wants to go scuba diving to see the extraordinary Mediterranean marine life, but now they can still catch a glimpse of what lives under the sea’s surface thanks to a beautiful new aquarium on the Turkish Riviera.

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Israel Animals Killed By Economic Development

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Lebanon has had a problem dealing with wildlife and other environmental issues for years. In small countries like Israel and Lebanon, available land areas for wildlife are having to compete with the increasing demand for housing and other real estate developments.

This Amazing Hammerhead Shark Will Probably be Finned (Video)

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Shark conservation in the UAE is hampered in great measure because of gaps in crucial data, which Rima Jabado from Lebanon – a doctoral student at UAE University – is striving daily to fill.

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NATO’s Steel Fish To Protect Med from Oil Spills

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The Mediterranean is being affected by a number of environmental problems, including over-fishing, contamination from garbage, raw sewage, and industrial wastes being literally dumped into sea, in countries like Lebanon.

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Mediterranean Agency Could Avert Offshore Marine Disasters

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The Zalul Environmental Association and the Department of Marine Geosciences at Haifa University offered the proposal for the “Sea and Shore Authority”. And the enormous intake pipes suck in marine life. Toxic carbons would permeate the sea, decimating marine life.

Israel Approves New Licenses For Mid-Sized Solar Fields.

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Israel, the country bordering Lebanon to the south,… Read more articles » Religion » Have a Green and Joyful Sizdah Bedar (Persian New Year) If you are Iranian, now is the time to celebrate the Spring holiday.

Amazing “Atlas” tracks Arab world habitat destruction over time [video]

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Commercial and private real estate development in the United Arab Emirates threaten whales, dugongs, coral reefs and all marine life in the Arabian Gulf.

Shark Attacks Up 25% Worldwide

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Reckless Driving Kills 3 Emiratis Every Day

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Engineer and entrepreneur Mohd Shahnawaz started the Suraya Foundation in memory of his young sister whose life was snuffed out by a reckless driver.

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