Sign to Save Lebanon’s Turtles! Ancient Naqura Coast on Mediterranean Sea At Risk

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Campaigners in Lebanon are asking for support to protect an ancient Phoenician coastline which is under threat due to a port project. For more on environmental issues in Lebanon see: . Lebanon Joins CITES: Can We Stop Killing Everything Now?

A Classic Case of Whodunit Arises Over Toxic Waste In Lebanon

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Greenpeace is taking industry to task for releasing factory-generated effluent into the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast. Business & Politics Water greenpeace kerosene spill marine environment Mediterranean Sea pollution salmonella

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Israel’s Mediterranean Seacoast Severely Threatened by People

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Why have dolphins and other types of marine life almost disappeared from I srael’s shores? And why are projects such as deep water energy drilling and desalination threatening to make the eastern Mediterranean an area increasingly devoid of most marine life?

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Will Submerged Atlantis Super Volcano Cause Giant Tsunami?

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The Mediterranean Sea basin, especially that bordered by Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel will soon have a new Marine Center that will help to reveal some of the secrets of this ancient and historical body of water. Travel & Nature Greece marine environment Volcanos

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Jellyfish Attack on Israel Power Plant A Clear Sign of Global Warming?

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Every year, great numbers of them wash up on various beaches in both Israel and Lebanon, and previous Green Prophet articles have even offered tips on how to deal with the gelatinous blobs that to some people are very painful if stung by them.

Cyprus Researcher: Protect Sea from Natural Gas Drills

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Drilling for undersea gas in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone may have serious impacts on marine life. The exploitation of natural resources is inextricably linked with the environment, the food chain and sustainable development.”.

NATO’s Steel Fish To Protect Med from Oil Spills

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The Mediterranean is being affected by a number of environmental problems, including over-fishing, contamination from garbage, raw sewage, and industrial wastes being literally dumped into sea, in countries like Lebanon.

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The Accelerating Decline of World Oceans: Why It Matters for the Middle East

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War and conflict overshadows the environment in the Middle East, and oceans overlooked, now on brink of catastrophe. The news that the marine environment is in danger is not new, and may seem irrelevant to this part of the world. New Marine Threats?

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10 Green Prophets for 2012

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The following three prophets have done just that: Tattooed ecologist Tristan Reid is not from the Middle East, but he uses his “body” in all sense of the word to fight for the environment. Hardly anyone has as much knowledge about the Red Sea marine environment as Prof.

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Amazing “Atlas” tracks Arab world habitat destruction over time [video]

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Commercial and private real estate development in the United Arab Emirates threaten whales, dugongs, coral reefs and all marine life in the Arabian Gulf. Read more about development and impact on the environment: The Lagoons – Another Waterfront Development for Dubai.