Landfill by Tim Dee: Review

10,000 Birds

I have visited my local landfill for the last seven years, usually several times per winter, only to recently stumble upon a book called the Landfill! ” Landfill often made me wander off into some half-forgotten gulling experience of mine. Out of 240 pages of the Landfill, only a minor part is about birding the landfills. Well, no, if I understood him well, he didn’t meet her at the landfill.

Buying for the landfill

Green (Living) Review

However, nothing is going to change unless either the political model changes and capitalism is tossed on the landfill itself, the landfill of history, or consumers vote with their feet and wallets. capitalism green living landfills planned obsolescence recycling wasteby Michael Smith (Veshengro) With a great number of products the wear out is pre-programed. This deliberate limited lifespan is called “planned obsolescence”.


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5 Practical Ways to Keep eWaste out of Landfills

Hug a Tree with Me

It has been estimated that the world throws away approximately 50 million tons of eWaste every year  everything from computers to tablets, smartphones, television sets, gaming systems and household electronics are sent to the landfills to be either incinerated or buried. A massive chunk of what we throw into the landfills, can be left out.

Mine Landfills, Not Asteroids!

Green Prophet

” Mine the landfills instead. Instead of re-using the materials that we have on earth, so much of which languishes in landfills in the form of e-waste, instead of cleaning up our own mess, like children, we’re pretending it’s not there. Business & Politics asteroids consumer culture earth Google landfills mining Planetary Resources pollution resource extraction

The true cost of landfill rubbish sites

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We might as well be burying sacks of cash: The true cost of landfill rubbish sites It's not just dumping rubbish in a hole in the ground, you know. The act of sending rubbish to landfill sites is far more expensive and damaging as most people think, because it isn't all about burying waste in a hole in the ground and forgetting about it. The uncomfortable fact is that even dormant landfill sites need monitoring years after they close.

Landfills nearly at capacity

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics) we have less than 7 years landfill capacity left in the UK. It is, predominately, packaging what fills up the landfill sites in this country and elsewhere and it is packaging that we must reduce. Time we began starving the landfill in a rather serious way. landfills Office of National Statistics waste management waste waste reduction

A Say’s Phoebe at Edgemere Landfill, Queens, New York

10,000 Birds

When I got home and found Daisy and Desi ready to enjoy the beautiful day I was pretty pleased that Desi decided on Edgemere Landfill, the capped landfill on the Rockaway Peninsula at the southeasternmost extremity of Queens, as his destination of choice. He’s a big fan of the grasshoppers and crickets that swarm over the landfill in autumn and he actually was talking about how he wanted to see birds too.

Holidaymakers encouraged to save their lilos from landfill by turning them into designer bags

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Holidaymakers can see their unwanted lilos transformed into designer bags and pouches thanks to a holiday company that’s pledging to reduce the number of inflatables sent to landfill. When a holidaymaker leaves a lilo behind, hotels have little choice but to store them or send them to the local landfill. "We

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Prevent a Landfill Dump: Ways to Make Your Products Last Longer

Living Green & Saving Energy

Landfill dumping means several acres of land are deemed useless for other purposes. How do you prevent landfill dumping? Resist the urge to throw your products away by taking good care of them. Take a look at these tips to make your modern conveniences last longer. Your conscience and the environment will thank you. Washing […]. easy green living tip how to go green reduce waste how to go green and save money

Le Conte’s Sparrow at Edgemere Landfill, Queens

10,000 Birds

Yesterday I was scouting for the Queens County Christmas Bird Count at Edgemere Preserve, a capped landfill out on the Rockaway Peninsula, and was having a grand old time. I immediately knew it wasn’t one of the usual Savannah Sparrows that populate the old landfill. If you decide to go after this bird please be aware that the legality of being on the capped landfill at Edgemere is murky.

UK landfill sites to become solar farms

Green (Living) Review

A couple of key players in the UK''s waste and renewable energy sectors have agreed a deal to transform large landfill sites into solar power farms, generating energy for the National Grid. National recycling and waste management firm SITA UK has partnered with Somerset-based British Solar Renewables to make best use of capped landfill sites that are no longer accepting waste material.

Lebanon’s largest landfill gets blocked by protestors

Green Prophet

” The country’s largest landfill, the Naameh Landfill, receives the daily garbage and trash pick-ups from the capital Beirut and surrounding towns. A report in Beirut’s Daily Star said that large numbers of protestors, led by Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt literally blocked the roads leading to the Naameh Landfill to prevent garbage trucks from accessing it. Cities garbage landfills Lebanon Sidon

Lebanon’s “Wasted” Opportunity in Landfill Management

Green Prophet

Business & Politics Beirut Energy landfill Lebanon oilGarbage dumps roll into the sea? Rola suggests ways for energy intensive Lebanon to help ease its waste and energy problems. As Lebanon enters another waste crisis in the cities of Sidon and Tyre , with reportedly thousands of tons of waste piled up on the streets, the country finds itself once again looking for an urgent solution for its overfilled land capacity.

Massive landfill dump transforming into central park

Green Prophet

When people from far and wide think that the Middle East is a backwards, backwater place, look at marvels like this: a massive landfill site now being transformed into a 2,000 acre park that will contain bike trails, energy reclamation, and soil rehabilitation. Israel’s Hiriya Park , also known lovingly and totally sarcastically in some circles as shi*t mountain, is the one thing you’ll notice driving from the airport to Tel Aviv.

Landfill: Where Dubai’s Building Rubble Piles Up

Green Prophet

This is a landfill for building rubble. Lifestyle & Culture eco photography environmental art landfill construction in Dubai Richard Allenby Pratt Waste Management My last photo blog on Green Prophet featured one of the many sites in the Hajar Mountains from which construction aggregate is extracted. This time I’m showing a different kind of mountain on the outskirts of Dubai.

Landfills are Everyone’s Responsibility: 9 Ways to Reduce our Impact.

Elephant Journal

climate change garbage landfills paper recyclying trash wasteDespite my diligent sorting of our family’s waste into the appropriate trash, compost, and recycling barrels each week, I soon realized not only h. Enlightened Society Green Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

Landfill Harmonic

The Green Changemakers

link] Source: [link] Landfill Harmonic Alejandra Nash & Juliana Penaranda-Loftus To demonstrate that creative and simple solutions can bring powerful social transformation to the poorest communities. Creative Visions Foundation (CVF) provided Landfill Harmonic with production and outreach services from project inception including pro-bono legal, public relations, and strategic partnerships.

Cycle Dog Keeps 10,000 Pounds of Inner Bike Tubes from Landfills

Wend Magazine

Of course, this means that 10,000 pounds of old inner tubes have literally been saved from a landfill. By repurposing these tubes into our collars and leashes, we are keeping this waste out of our landfills. Cycle Dog is a Portland-based company that creates dog collars and leashes out of used bike tire inner tubing. Because of its flexibility and durability, inner tubing makes for great repurposed collars and leashes.


Green (Living) Review

A major report which sets out to stop billions of pounds worth of food being consigned to landfill has been launched in London on November 11, 2013. The report, entitled ‘Vision 2020: UK Roadmap to Zero Food Waste to Landfill’ is the culmination of more than two years’ work and sets the framework to achieve a food waste-free future by 2020.

Move over, landfills — food scraps give Massachusetts biogas

Green (Living) Review

Come Oct 1, any institution producing more than a ton of leftovers a week — think grocery stores, hotels, universities, nursing homes, and the like — won’t be able to send their discarded food to the landfill anymore. The state of Massachusetts is cracking down on food waste in a big way.

Throwaway Passover Dishes to Fill Landfills

Green Prophet

Well, you guessed it; most of them get thrown into landfills, just like the million dollar mattress did a couple of years back. The One Time Use Store is great; but what happens to all the throwaway dishes after Passover?

Stop needlessly sending waste to landfill

Green (Living) Review

Too many everyday waste materials such as metal cans, wood, paper, and food end up in landfill when there is a market for them and an environmental argument for re-using and recycling them. At Bywaters he set out the economic benefits of reducing waste to landfill. During this launch of plans the minister said: “This consultation shows that we are serious about tackling the huge mountain of waste that needlessly ends up in landfill.

Over-supply means 70 tonnes of strawberries went straight to landfill in Fife

Green (Living) Review

The issue was spotlighted in Fife this week when it emerged 70 tonnes of strawberries were dumped at Fife Council’s Lower Melville Wood landfill site near Ladybank. They had to be sent straight to landfill. Seventy tonnes of locally-grown berries had to be sent to waste because a mild summer has led to an over-supply. Hundreds of thousands of pounds could be lost to the multi-million-pound fruit industry.

Landfill Of Lettuce: Why Were These Greens Tossed Before Their Time?

Green (Living) Review

Here's a scenario lots of us can relate to: tossing a bag of lettuce because it sat too long in the back of the fridge. It doesn't take a long time for greens to turn to slime. Bag by bag, this waste adds up. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the typical American family throws out about $1,600 worth of food each year. And what we consumers toss out is just the last step in a long chain of waste. Food is lost on farms, during processing and trucking.

Plumbs Urge UK to Help Reduce Landfill Waste

Green (Living) Review

The European Commission reported on April 16, 2011 that despite the UK’s best efforts to reduce landfill waste, we are still lagging behind our European Counterparts. The European Commission reported that despite the UK’s best efforts to reduce landfill waste, we are still lagging behind our European Counterparts. The recent report reveals how the UK sent 48% of waste to landfill in 2010, a far cry behind neighbouring countries such as Germany and Belgium, who sent less than 3%.

The World without Landfills

The Green Changemakers

Though their experiences are different, they share a common cause: organizing to reduce the amount of trash—everything from cans and bottles to cell phones and apple cores—that ends up buried in landfills or burned in incinerators. Zero waste systems are designed with the goal of eliminating the practice of sending trash to landfills and incinerators. Zero waste systems are designed with the goal of eliminating the practice of sending trash to landfills and incinerators.


Green (Living) Review

For most of America, they get tossed into the garbage and hauled to the landfill. they take up valuable space in landfills, and take years to decompose. In Florida, an Innovative Waste and Reduction Grant between the State and RecycleTech Corporation is attempting to stop the flow of Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam®) into landfills. Since the first unit was placed in June of 2008, over 1,607,400 cubic feet of landfill space has been saved.

Why Are Billions of Dollars in Precious Metals Wasting Away in Landfills Around the World?

Green (Living) Review

Mining for precious metals like gold, silver, and copper is extremely costly. Not only does it require a huge amount of energy and have a devastating impact on the environment, it also puts human life at risk. Still, these metals are what enable our precious smartphones and tablets to work so efficiently, so we have to get them from somewhere. But what if that somewhere was old gadgets we no longer want instead of deep within the Earth? E-waste often contains more rare metals than mined ores.

Landfills Shouldn’t be Laundry Piles: We Are Tossing WAY Too Much Clothing

Eco Chic

Most of the clothes that we wear—81 pounds per American citizen—end up in a landfill. The installation addresses our need to buy clothes that last, clothes that are used, and to donate our used clothes in order to alleviate our landfills and the environment from the burden of our waste. The company has helped keep almost 650 million pounds of reusable items out of landfills last year. Want more ways to keep waste out of our landfills?

Gazasia develops clean fuel made from organic landfill waste for Asian market

Green (Living) Review

Gazasia , a UK company that develops waste-derived biofuels, is to begin operations in the Philippines to develop a vehicle fuel made from organic waste products in landfill. Gazasia creates liquid biomethane - a carbon-neutral, sustainable and high-quality vehicle fuel – by cleaning and refining the natural gas produced by organic waste found in landfill sites. In the Philippines, as throughout much of the world, landfill remains the most common means of waste disposal.

Ten million tons of newspaper are still tossed into the landfills

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Ten million (10,000,000) tons of newspapers are still tossed into landfills in the United States, according to reports, and I am certain that Britain and the rest of the European Union are not far behind that figure. Coming back to the issue of ten million tons of newspapers in landfills, however.

ENER-G launches Mexico's first landfill gas capture project to power manufacture of Nissan cars

Green (Living) Review

UK renewable energy business ENER-G has partnered with the Municipality of Aguascalientes to open Mexico's first landfill gas capture facility at San Nicolás landfill, Aguascalientes, in central Mexico. First Mexican municipality to generate clean energy captured from landfill. • £4.4 Renewable energy from landfill used to manufacture Nissan vehicles.

Former landfill site has been designated contaminated land

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A former landfill site that was used between the 1960s and 1990s has been designated contaminated land after gas was found to be leaking close to nearby homes creating a 'unacceptable risk' to residents. Rochdale Borough Council realised the site, which was closed and landscaped over in the mid-1990s, was producing gas in 2002.

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Easy ways to cut down on trash and starve the landfill

Green (Living) Review

When you now consider and factor in commercial and manufacturing trash, and any other miscellaneous items of trash production, the average person contributes well over a ton of trash every year and most of this trash, if it is in “ordinary” bins, ends up in landfill sites and is not reclaimed and recycled in any way, shape or form, and most of this would not be necessary at all.

The Digital Landfill: Cleaning up the Planet 1 Instagram at a Time.

Elephant Journal

To join the movement, simply pick up trash, take a picture of it and post to Instagram tagged #litterati. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only #litterati cleaning up the world instagram Jeff Kirschner litter

Down in the Dumps: White Storks Find a New Food Source

10,000 Birds

Move over gulls, you’ve now got competition at the landfills. Specifically, these new residents have discovered the ample supply of “junk food” to be had at landfills. Dependence on landfills means the birds spend less energy foraging, especially outside of breeding season. Even those storks living at a distance from the landfills were willing to travel roundtrip up to 60 miles—or nearly 100 kilometers—to, as the authors so aptly put it, “get their fix” of junk food.

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2 Diaper Recycling Solutions Offer Hope for Our Landfills

Green Living Ideas

They are piling up in our landfills where they don’t biodegrade. The post 2 Diaper Recycling Solutions Offer Hope for Our Landfills appeared first on Green Living Ideas. If you’re an environmentally-minded parent, you know that disposable diapers are a big problem. Diaper recycling would a long way toward leaving our kiddos the clean, healthy planet that we want them to inherit.

12 Ways to Keep Carpet Out Of Landfill

Eco Friendly Daily

I’ve recently had to pull more carpet out of other rooms and was determined to find several ways to recycle or reuse it so that it doesn’t end up in the landfill. I wanted to find several ways so that I can reuse all or most of the carpet instead of just a pieces of it. I found some of these ideas to be very useful. I hope you do too. I’ve mentioned this in a previous article, but one of the simplest ways to reuse an old carpet is to cut it up in to several porch size welcome mats.

Kashi Joins TerraCycle, Inc. in National Upcycling Program to Reduce Landfill Waste

Green (Living) Review

In this TerraCycle stands in a category or "landfill" unto itself. million plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

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Charcoal on landfills is an affordable and effective way to trap methane


Mridul Jerath: We all know that landfills produce methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas and when it is released into the environment it proves out to be twenty times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have come up with an easy and effective solution for this as they believe that a covering of biochar on the landfills will trap the gas in place preventing it from getting released and harming the environment.

Apple’s fuel cell data farm to run on biogas harvested from landfills


Apple’s fuel cells will be powered by landfills. Apple will use fuel cells to power the data center in North Carolina and while the fuel cells themselves will not be powered by any biogas coming from landfills, the equivalent amount of biogas will be released into the natural gas lines. Biogas will be produced from landfills and this seems like a smart way to go green as well.

Wasting Food Matters & How we can Fight It.

Elephant Journal

Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green food production food waste landfill not perfect food wasting foodWasting food is a global problem with global implications, and unfortunately, eating our leftovers just isn’t enough to successfully tackle it.

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Landfill Island? Eco Park? How About Both, Says Singapore

The Green Changemakers

Photo courtesy of World Cities Summit When we last checked in on Singapore’s island landfill Semaku in 2005, plans were in motion to retool it as a destination for eco-tourism. The unlikely landfill/eco park may very well be realized—then again, that eco-tourism park never showed up, and that was 3 years ago. by Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 11. Science & Technology Buzz up!

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